: Does anybody actually miss Kalista?
I quit League a few months ago and gave Riot alot of shit for the stunts they pulled this season. I gotta stay, beating Kalista with a nerf bat, dragging her corpse through a nerf mine field, and blasting her corpse with 384 nerf rockets was easily one of the best things they have ever done. Im sorry i didnt appreciate it, thank you Rito.
: Lol, these people are an extreme, extreme minority. If you were a business, who would you cater towards?
If you think for a second Riot can just tell every pro player who hates DynamicQ, "Fuck off and get over it." and there not be any consequences, you are insanely naive.
: "not allowed to stream" pretty much means "don't show our failed work to the word" good job riot, you ruined esport and your competitive game is no longer competitive.
Na, its not that. They dont allow them to stream because they want them to play on the main ladder to promote the game and such. It is basically blackmail. But dont be shocked if Riot just does yet another band-aid fix and just tells pros "Stahp it." with no further reasoning.
Aír (NA)
: Please don't hate me for this comment, I am just playing devil's advocate here. >.< But if DQ is designed to increase interest in the casual and newer players in ranked gameplay, then doesn't that generally do its job in lower elos? I mean, don't get me wrong, I am a Plat support main aspiring to hit master by the end of the season (I can see you judging, I can at least try), but if DQ truly is a way to increase the amount of casual players particularlly in lower elos (since casual players are probably not gonna hit higher elos) and higher elos (Diamond+) is generally more competitive and in want of something like old solo queue (which was less geared toward the "casual") now that there is a potential autofill option after long enough queue times and only solo-trio being allowed. Just a thought. From what you said, it seems like they are heading toward the right direction. >.<
DynamicQ honestly isnt that bad for bronze-platinum. The problem is your rank means very little now, as now when that deuchebag Plat V player calls you a "Fuckin Bronzie", even though he has a silver border, you have no way of knowing if he got that Plat V rank himself, or if he just played with a bunch of diamond friends on smurfs who boosted him, or if he just straight up got boosted by an actual booster. This means there is very little incentize for solo lower elo players to better themselves and climb because rank doesnt have any personal value at this point, even in masters/challenger scene people dont care about your rank at this point. And while Higher elo is more similar to old soloq....it is done in the worst possible ways. Theres alot of people who played with friends to get to Diamond this season (because lets face it, its pretty god damn easy to get there premading), who know cant play with their friends because they worked well together. LCS teams can now no longer queqe up together and play, which while i think is a good thing, it is definately a negative for them. And the atrocious autofill system gets rid of LITERALLY the ONLY and i mean the ONLY positive thing about DynamicQ and the new champ select at the moment, especially for higher elo. Do you really think Bjergsen wants to get autofilled into Support? Not to mention there is several masters+ players who have spoken out about losing games because people got filled in roles they simply cant play and get stomped by people who have played literally thousands of games on it. Also, if what i said about higher elo doesnt convince you, a lot of pro players have actually stopped playing DynamicQ and have their own personal soloQ going on Tournament realms, where they sacrifice their ability to stream games. So now there is no pro players in NA dynamicQ outside of smurfs and a choice few others, and there is no streaming going on. Its a complete shit storm.
Kudrov (NA)
: In the Video, Lobbster, the main dev for DynamicQ said : "we never had that much peoples playing ranked right now" to trying to tell us there never been that much players playing since DynamicQ come out like it was a great thing. well no shit sherlock whats left? SoloQ GONE, Ranked's 5 GONE, TwistedTreeline ranked GONE, TeamBuilder GONE, Dominon GONE. is it me or the next STEP is League of Legend GONE.
You forget to mention that Riot has neglected ARAM as much as possible this season. It STILL doesn't have champion mastery, which i can 100% guarantee is done only to influence players away from it.
: you forget 1 thing the extremely awkward and horrible new player experience i bet you half the new players leave before hitting level 10 and alot of the ''new'' players are smurfs
Actually, youre quite wrong. I let my brother play my account for a few Coop vs AI games, and Dear God, the amount of bots in those games is absolutely astounding. Out of the 3 games he played, the first one had 2 bots, the second legitimately was all bots other than him, and the third one had 2 as well. Its been this way since they changed leveling and removed dominion, the new player experience is just flooded with bots that dont do anything but feed, say random words like "push" and sometimes dont even buy items.
: I still win and lose about the same amount all i'm saying is that if it really is THAT BIG of a problem i think i would have run into it by now
Your account is unranked, and the only games in your match history i see are bots games and rotation games....have you played a single game of dynamicQ? {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: We call this the "World of Warcraft" curve.
Sadly enough, when Blizzard released Raid Finder and more casual friendly options, it was when my interest in the game dropped and i left it alltogether quite shortly after. Also sadly, my interest in League has dropped ever since DynamicQ was released, and i have played one game in the past 3 weeks, and i didnt even enjoy it regardless of the fact i carried and won. I dont even watch pro games anymore because its literally the same champions over and over and over again and the constant stalling out of games.
: So let me get this straight, it's going to be completely impossible to have a 5 man team in diamond+
DynamicQ was only made to have people who are relatively new to the game get their friends to play with them to bring a wider source of income to Riot. Its not for comepetitive integrity, or the possibility of reducing toxicity. Just like Hextech crafting, it is not something to be done out of the good of their hearts, but is done in hopes of lining their pockets. Its a cash grab to get people to play with friends which means those friends tell their friends and promotes an increase in the playerbase. What Riot fails to realize is that these people are only going to really be hooked by their friends, rather than actually enjoying the game. This is why many veteran players both feel alienated and have began abandoning this game as it has abandoned them. Riot is essentially trading 1 loyal, die hard fan/customer who has likely spent hundreds of dollars on this game over the years over 3-5 people who may not spend anything at all.
C00LE5T (NA)
: Essence for mastery? Uh.... why?
*Makes rainbow with hands* "Cashgrab."
Kr1sys (NA)
: At least Yorick really is a known issue and they want to work on him. Meanwhile {{champion:35}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:19}}
You say that, but Yorick actually got pushed back behind Ryze, and i think Warwick is ahead of him if im not mistaken. Riot is going to put him off for as long as humanly possible.
spombjop (EUNE)
: Bring back Solo Queue, SOLO!
I hope you know SoloQ is confirmed to not come back.
: League now hell for solo players?
The game became less and less enjoyable for me ever since Preseason, and DynamicQ was a nail in the coffin. I went from playing multiple games daily to usually playing one or two a day. Now that i found a new game i can put alot of time into i realized something... League kinda blows now. Havent played since Tuesday and i have little to no desire to play it anytime soon.
Akaviri (NA)
: I feel like there is a growing problem with ADC itemization right now.
Youmoos is just too strong of an item atm. ADC itemization isnt great because its late game oriented, but being a god at 40 minutes doesnt mean much whenever almost every meta champ is a god for the first 20 minutes and end the game before you even finsih your IE third item.
: Teenagers least favorite LoL mechanic?
Was expecting first blood, this is much better.
Abussos (NA)
: How does it make sense that Champion Mastery has to be partially bought?
Because people are stupid enough to spend 10-20 on chests to get some essence and some throwaway skins just so they can have a blue mastery icon. And Riot knows they are dumb enough to do so, so they happily take their money.
: When the ADC complains that Veigar bursts them down in two abilities.
When your {{champion:236}} complains about {{champion:238}} being picked all the time and unfun to play against.
: every single urf game is people picking the most broken shi and just tryharding.
People enjoy winning and feeling op. Its nothing about the playerbase, thats human nature.
Sasogwa (EUW)
: I see a lot said about DynamicQ VS SoloQ, but nothing about the old ranked team
The thing is people wont use the ranked 5v5 because its so easy to climb in DynamicQ as a premade, why wouldnt you just go on the main ladder when basically anyone can get diamond on voice comms?
Jxg (EUW)
: Riot why are you nerfing Boots of Switfness AGAIN?
Boots of Swiftness are still clearly op. High elo players are taking swiftness on basically every single jungler, adc, support, and even MID LANERS are taking swiftness, amongst all the top lane bruisers. The item is crowding out other options.
: 10 reason why your jungler don't wanna gank for you
1. Someone typed "____ lane ez gank" whenever they are literally under their tower and enemy has full hp.
Enosetc (NA)
: tying champion mastery to hextech crafting is one of the dumbest decisions riot has made this season imo
Its yet another cash grab, enticing players into buying a bulk of chests to maybe get some free skins while they get some worthless champ shards to disenchant for the dust.
: I have seem trundles shit on quinn and teemo tops, and it happens very commonly.
Teemo actually is quite good against Trundle, except he has to be very aggresive to make it work otherwise his passive will just nullify Teemo's poke. Quinn on the other hand is pretty weak at the moment in most peoples eyes, and Trundle can just beat her to death if her E is on CD.
Hatsuma (NA)
: Super Secret 'Solo Queue Fix' Hinted at
To be honest, the only reason to play ranked at the moment is to rid yourself of the cancerous hellhole that has become normals. I have never seen so much rage, toxicity, afking, and disconnects in my entire life. Dont even get me started on the people who just pick Shaco Top or Teemo Support because they got their main role taken because of their potato computers loading 9 seconds into champ select. I still hate the living hell out of DynamicQ, but normals have legitimately become unplayable due to people losing interest in dynamicQ, so all the frustrated individuals migrate to it.
: I don't know of a single high Elo top laner that doesn't complain about trundle
Trundle is a tank counter. The top lane meta is tanks. Yeah, i could see why people who abuse the overpowered duo of {{champion:245}} {{champion:57}} every game for the freelo could be upset about a champion that is basically designed to shit on them for the entire course of the game. He has an incredibly strong early game, but he also has no escapes so if he plays aggressive, like he always will, hes a pretty easy gank target.
: http://i.imgur.com/MWBJsLG.jpg This explains my reaction perfectly, they have fresh jungle camps and they just wander into lane like they left their phone.
You have lane farm, but laners dont seem to mind taking my camps either, even though i actually get more gold and experience than they do for it. Better yet, some ADCs will just last hit the camps from you as you do it.
: When the jungler randomly starts farming in your lane while you are in it.
Funny thing is if someone made a gif pertaining to "When a laner takes your wolves or raptors even though you are literally within screen distance of them", itd be downvoted.
: so can laners but the enemy jungler that ganks stops that from happening.
If all youre doing is farming, you should be letting the wave push to you and likely attempting to freeze it under your tower. The chances of you getting ganked are actually quite low if youre doing that, so im not sure what youre point is...
Swanepoel (EUW)
: FFS, Lucian is not op, the others adc's are just garbage and he's the only one playable atm (with Sivir and maybe Ezreal). You nerfed Corki so hard cause Corki midlane, Kalista is completely useless atm, hypercarrys just take too long to scale in a 30- minutes metagame and a large etcetera. As a huge fan of competitive playing it's really sad to see a midlane pool of 15 champions and only 4-5 on the adc role. Bring back Jinx, Kalista, Tristana, Twitch, Ashe instead of taking down Lucian please.
You want all these other adc variety champions to come back, but you honestly think that it makes more sense to buff 5+ champions (some of which already have decent winrates), instead of nerfing one champion who is CLEARLY problematic? Your logic is astounding.
Tentaku (EUNE)
: Riven is also weaver, probably more so than Lucian, and she doesn't bother to build spellblade items as well. Reason is simple, spellblade has internal cooldown and they both weave to fast to proc it.
Riven doesnt have mana...of course shes not going to build an iceborn gauntlet.
Arakk01 (NA)
: [Balance] @Riot: Aurelion Sol Nerfs- And WHY they're unacceptable.
I really dont get how Aurelion has such high winrates and is getting nerfed..this champ looks and feels like hot garbage to me. I legitimately dont think ive ever seen it do well, whether it be in my games or even watching high elo players feed on him.
: I support your side that some jgs do nothing. However, we should also have the ability to hold our own lane as laners ourselves. If you can't escape a gank, then it's not the jgs fault unless they saw it. However, two things piss me off about jgs. They don't gank when enemy nearby and this enemy overextends a lot. Also, some jgs don't even have proper pathjng. I've seen some just running to whatever camp they can find without planning. I think that jgs should never use the excuse that they were far away because if you saw the enemy pushing a bit in, it's possible to readjust your pathing to help, but no, they don't. As a mid laner, sometimes I have to gank to help them and when i do, it hurts my cs sometimes. I've had to leave a fukin veigar alone in lane to put pressure on top and bot, which wastes a lot of time. I just believe that jgs should strive to do the possible or at least try to plan it out.
You complain about losing cs to roam as a mid...geuss what? Junglers have to farm to, and the farm doesnt just freely float to us on a silver platter like it does for laners. Also, as hard as you have to work for your farm as a jungler, you have to roam constantly and the saddest thing is you will get less farm than the laners, simply because of how jungle gold and experience works.
: the "blame the jungler stereotype" created an even worse one.
If everytime you play ranked, chances are SOMEONE will try to tell you how to do your job, youd probably get pretty annoyed too. "Oh hey random mid laner, you should contest that guy everytime he goes to last hit." "His cooldowns are down, SMACK DAT ASS." "Missed a cannon, fucking shit mid gg open."
: the point is, you can't take one story as proof as to why DQ is so terrible. Shitty things happened in solo queue all the time and no one complained SQ should be taken out.
Because people actually liked SoloQ, atleast moreso than DynamicQ.
: One time i had a premade who carried my solo playing self, they were using teamwork and were only talking to me when needed to without pointless banter or hate. We won. Does that mean DQ should stay cause my experience?
You completely missed the point and compared it to not only a completely arbitrary situation, but one that is downright ignorant. Are all premades horrible? No, of course not. But the point stands that there is CLEARLY no short supply of negative ones, and Riot is obviously not going to discipline them as they are their marketing target at the moment.
Kuroi86 (NA)
: While I agree Zed is strong and would survive some nerfs, I'm not convinced he's as ridiculous as a lot of people are saying. I get what you're saying, my stance is a bit different though. I want more risk/reward thrown at him. Right now I don't think he risks enough for his reward, I'd like to see his mechanics tweaked some to offer more risk/reward playstyle with him. Just imo.
Zed has been a pick/ban champ in Korea for ages, even when Ekko top had a 60% WR there. When played by somebody skilled, Zed is an absolute monstrosity of a champion. He is a high skillcap champion with alot of outplay potential, options, decision making, safety, and assassination potential that has literally no outplay other than buy a {{item:3157}}. The problem with this is that his absurd safety and mind numbingly high damage at level 6 makes it so almost anybody can play him. When high skillcap champions have positive winrates, its a good indicator they are too strong. For example, Nidalee having a 52%+ WR in Plat+ even though many agree she is the single most difficult jungler in the game. Zed is just simply too overloaded and is extremely oppresive in lane, there is really no arguing that. The person you are talking to is absolutely correct in saying that Zed is not need in need of a "Buff this, nerf this". If QSS is going to no longer be an option, his ultimate needs to be nerfed. Plain and simple solution.
: How's Zed doing , Stronger, Underwhelming or Same? (I can't really grasp it in game since I'm a really experienced Zed player and win anyways).
100% stronger. Comps are also going 2-3 ap every single game so Zed can rush a Maw and be a god for the first 15-20 minutes, also Black Cleaver got buffed. Zed is still the irritating, hard to deal with AD assassin who can rush a Maw while his enemy has to rush a Zhonyas as they have no mana, while Zed just throws Qs at you and spam taunts.
Meddler (NA)
: 6.9 balance hotfix going out soon
Its pretty easily debatable Malzahar is on the strong side, but out of all things you nerf his ULTIMATE? Really? Good fucking lord, his ultimate is complete and utter trash damage wise, why make it lower? Just weaken his W, the thing that is OBVIOUSLY problematic, and maybe put some more power in his other abilities, as his W is clearly making him an abusive jungler and a frustrating laner.
: What is the most hated champ
At the moment, its a tie between {{champion:238}} and {{champion:16}}. Zed for low elo, Soraka for high elo.
: @Riot: How Toxic was Urf?
The reason URF was toxic was A) It is on the weekend, so many children and adults with issues will be on at the time. B) Because of the fact your ranked mmr isnt taken into account, so you have a bunch of cancerous silver players mingling with you.
: Why is this season so rage inducing?
Because its not fun. When youre not enjoying a game, of course its going to be frustrating. Interest in the game is dwindling, and que times in ranked are showing it.
: " im willing to bet 90% of the people who complain about him cant even play him at an average level" So.... if I can't play a champion, I can't complain about them being op?
My argument is that people who complain about Lee are typically at such a low level in the game they dont understand anything other than "Burst is op omg". If these people tried to play Lee Sin, and failed miserably inevitably, theyd realize hes quite weak.
Poske (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=WadeWilson1337,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4kfB05TA,comment-id=00080000000100000001000000000000,timestamp=2016-04-25T17:39:46.527+0000) > > {{champion:103}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:43}} Mid, not support {{champion:55}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:143}} Ahri - yes. I will mention however that dft is good with her e and w but she really needs bigger snowball potentional Azir - deathfire touch (100% sure as azir main) bard - yes donger -deathfire touch and thunderlord is even it all depends if towers proc deathfire touch Karma - you actually want the shield thingy Katarina- Deathfire touch gives her 213123193810 more dps.. so of on this 1 kennen- Idk he is thunder guy but dft should still be the best (Not sure on this 1) LE BL- Deathfire touch now this seems odd but dft is good if champion has single targeted abilities it gives her so much dps because of q and e 100% sure Lissandra- She can use dft since she is spammy but she can also use thunderlord Lulu should get the shield thingy. Not sure how pixie interacts if one basic = thunderlord then thunderlord Lux- Yes lux goes thunderlord orianna- Dft unless you are bad. If a champion spawns all the time dft is better.. and i never stop using abilities with her.. Riven- Warlords actually I hope boxbox swapped to it its better Syndra- DFT she never stops casting.. = dft Twisted fate- yes thunderlord Veigar -DFT has 50% ap scalling on a champion who can go up to 1200 ap its easy to explain viktor-dft single targetd abilities multiple isntaces of dmg and dots.. Xerath-When the fk you ll use all 3 abilities. Against bad midlaner who lets you e? Zed - well you go thunderlord since there is no better option ziggs - dft zilean- IDK zyra - Depends how plants react
If you take DFT on Azir, you are a boosted and should not main Azir anymore. Donger instaprocs Tlords with his W, it is by far a better choice. Karma - If you take Windspeakers on Karma mid, this conversation is officially over. Katarina - See Azir. Kennen - Tlords is 100% better. LB - ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME, Please for the love of god do not take DFT on Leblanc. Lissandra - Tlords is simply better. Lux - See Karma. Orianna - See Lissandra Riven - Debatable, but Tlords is better. Syndra - ...Pls for the love of god, read Lissandra. Veigar - Decent argument, but Tlords helps his abyssmal laning phase too much. Viktor - See Lissandra. Xerath - See Lissandra. Ziggs - See Lissandra Zilean - See Lissandra Zyra - See Lissandra
Poske (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=WadeWilson1337,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4kfB05TA,comment-id=000800000001000000010000,timestamp=2016-04-25T13:44:53.849+0000) > > Saying Thunderlords is weak is just silly. Its not op, its just in a good position. Theres a reason people default to it when they dont know what other keystone to take. Name a champion i ll tell you what to take Thunderlord users are pretty much sheeps who are late to the party
{{champion:103}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:43}} Mid, not support {{champion:55}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:143}}
: Remove the stun from Lee ult.
Are people really complaining about Lee Sin with how weak he is at the moment? im willing to bet 90% of the people who complain about him cant even play him at an average level.
: That's because almost no ranged champs build tank, and it is a tank mastery.
And youre arguing ranged can take Grasp for what reason then...?
: You can totally get grasp on ranged champs
There is not a single purely ranged champion that takes grasp consistently and does well with it. Not a single one. Taking grasp on a ranged champ just doesnt make sense, Warlords is the better option for them.
Poske (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=WadeWilson1337,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4kfB05TA,comment-id=0008000000010000,timestamp=2016-04-24T15:56:51.881+0000) > > Stormraiders has a very fine niche, but 9/10 champions will just rather have Thunderlords. Except that thunderlords is really weak atm....
Saying Thunderlords is weak is just silly. Its not op, its just in a good position. Theres a reason people default to it when they dont know what other keystone to take.
: First Item. After you get it, you basically mow everything into the ground. Jungle camps, minion waves, enemy champions, etc. Don't be afraid to flash in and tower dive. It doesn't matter that you're squishy if the enemy is dead. Plus your W gives you just enough tankiness to survive the early game. After the early game, you're golden. Not even cancer champs can kite you when they blow up in 1/10 of a second. Think like {{champion:55}}.
Honestly, you do enough damage where Youmoos rush just isnt necessary. BC makes you tankier, and gives a surprisingly similar amount of damage and mobility while the health is actually EXTREMELY noticable. Id rather rush DD than Youmoos, because the sustain or tankiness is just too good to pass up.
: So you waited until the mode was over to share your build so people wouldn't ruin it for you? That's a crafty idea, right there. Or at least it would be, if URF wasn't coming back in around a month. I know players have short memories, but we've gone longer than that between patches in the past.
I believe they said URF will be kept very rare, twice a year. I just didnt want anyone taking it from me or my team or risk the potential of it starting to get banned.
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