: Junglers' Feel "You want me to help you, I gave you everything"
if your mid lane takes your wraiths and he's not a god hes a dick
: Please help Garen with aftershock
Or you could like read the runes you chose and realize it was a shit choice m8, riot shouldn't compensate for your own stupidity
: At least level 1 mastery with a champ for ranked
Nah bro I only queue ranked for the most part unless Im doing 5 mans with irl friends so
: So disappointed in my Snowdown shop.
legacy teemo skin is cool tho
Bobovich (EUW)
: Just played a Gold ranked game with a new to ranked, unranked player on my team.....
If you are in low elo just op.gg your whole team and make sure they aren't unranked new players during champ select, if they are and they are shit in their match history dodge, only suggestion I can offer
Bârd (NA)
: League should start using phone registration for season 8.
even if this was a thing you know there's programs for pc that generate phone numbers and people would still find a way
: PSA: Lux is not a support.
lux support can end up doing the most damage in the game if the lane wins so you're high my dude
Bultz (NA)
: The assassin 1 hit meta needs to go
either join them and play some bullshit like that or play tank thats what im doin ahah
: I don't understand how to play this game anymore.
just spam singed and say fuck your team and perform the triple proxy, 50/50 chance you carry
: Request lift on ban due to medical reasons
Sirsir (NA)
: Good counters to Zoe?
best counter is ban
ee tt q (EUW)
: Game play is way too complicated right now
Okay OP, let me understand, you make a thread complaining about the game being complicated, in an incredibly vague fashion, and then you just downvote everyone who gives you feedback? I guess EUW really is cancer
: Bot lane getting smacked or fed every single game? Or is it just my imagination?
If botlane gets 1 kill advantage they will just stomp lane and win unless some huge play turns it around
Yaseeda (NA)
: New report option for people who bought their accounts.
Can't ban people based on IPs because what if somebody has a VPN? Too many negatives could come of bringing IPs into account
ee tt q (EUW)
: Game play is way too complicated right now
maybe if you're mentally challenged, gameplay is pretty simple, if you are struggling with the concept of how to play I suggest watching high elo streams
: You'll eventually get M6/M7/an S on a champ if you play them long enough
I mean if you play a champion enough to get mastery 5 and don't get S ranks then you're dogshit I would hope you could get mastery 6 and 7 on the champs you main
Barkley (NA)
: Someone do the math on Allstars
DracoFox (NA)
: Tibbers and Syndra's W
download OBS and record it and upload it
: Why do toxic players still have their accounts...
I think we should ban people who use the forums but can't spell "offense"
Mîsêry (NA)
: Fiddle is sitting at a 45% winrate
he just doesn't fit into the dynamic anymore, everyone is so mobile and does so much damage he just gets shit on until he can afford zhonyas
: Poll: Blood Moon Kindred
cuz hes an ugly ass goat human lookin boy
: Syndra should get her Q scaling back, E scaling back down, and W radius reverted
I don't think we should buff a champ with a point and click 1 shot ultimate but that's just my opinion
: except that he doesnt need help with any of those things maybe if his range wasnt just better than rakans range and maybe just as long that could be justified. Marksmen are supposed to have other classes do that for them and that is supposed to be their weakness
: With an average ARAM game length. I'm not playing anymore tonight, 'cause I already know I have a train of losses incoming.
aram is casual though haha
: When You're on a Win Streak
At least is was only aram
: 14 day ban for asking the flaming support who he said Kys to...
This is the problem with having this automated
Sweetiex (EUW)
: I watched a recent replay of one of my games...
upload clips here without showing summoner name
Dear Ren (NA)
: The BE System for leveling feels more of a punishment than rewarding
It may seem less rewarding because you don't get IP per game, but the fact you don't have to buy runes anymore, and can still get 4 free champions through special offers you end up making more than you ever would in the old system,
: How is there not a system to deal with AFK players or LEAVER???!!
Because if you got loss prevented from having an afk teammate what is going to stop you from having one of your teammates afk and you not losing elo, it is too easily abused and it is better to just punish the individual who went afk
: To those who honestly don't think smurfing is a problem, click here.
You get better from playing against better opponents, so the idea that they miss out on learning is not true
: The current issues with the top lane meta
All dependant on matchups, ornn is pick or ban though for sure Top tier toplanes rn ---> ornn, mao, shen, jayce, rumble, gnar
Abibyama (EUW)
: Did you know that Varus' bow used to glow purple when killing a champion
Gay varus realized that that shade of purple is, like, totally not his color oh my god
Barkley (NA)
: So I just won a game as tank Jarvan...(Colossus Default bug)
Or instead of crying on the forums, you could, you know, check your runepage before the game starts
Mr Video (NA)
: Hiring a Coach? Yay or nay?
If you are in need of help with gamesense etc. I'll help I would just need to know what you play and some game clips
Feel Apathy (EUNE)
: If those Sona nerfs stay like this, she'll FEEL and play like the Evelynn of season 1
Terrible comparison imo, old evelynn was literally useless you can still hit R and win the game with sona
: So lemme get this straight...again...
Yeah her lane sucks more now but shes still a braindead press R to win champion so I don't know how much her winrate will dip
: Oh shit the enemy team got a Support and ADC in Aram
Aram isn't that serious, if you take aram seriously get a life
Jashery (NA)
: Riot, Please Revamp The Mistreated Legendary Skins
party fiddle sticks is fine imo, I am not familiar with the draven skin though
Troxic (NA)
: New Rune System...total failure IMO
My only complaint would be a lack of playable variations, I also miss being able to choose defensive stats along with my offensive stats in my runes but I think you're being a little dramatic
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