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: The fuck happened to Nami?
She's still solid, still a little bit of everything except tankiness/mobility. Relic shield hurts utility support, she can misplay against tank supports and she's good at peeling but she's not dedicated to it the extend of Janna or even Morg. When I'm first pick support I do pick her because her "counterpicks", excluding blitz, can still be easily worked around, though.
: yes and yes. i mean, one of the main tactic of good blitz players is to just walk up to you and either knock you up straight out or pull you point blank. also, the silence, even if it is short, is very effective and it does a lot of damage. if thresh misses his hook, he loses the majority of his power. does he still have decent power? absolutely, but little more than blitz if the enemy team knows what they're doing.
He can flash silence into a team, knock up someone then have a secondary initiator come in during the silence. Honestly silence is one of the hardest CC's to utilize, save for Soraka's E.
: > [{quoted}](name=Kakkarotlol,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PQ2QthRj,comment-id=00080003000000000000,timestamp=2015-10-04T07:32:11.769+0000) > > QSS/Banshees/Maw? Lemme just rush any of those items as a mage. Oh wait, now I don't do any damage. Point is, there really is no solid counterbuild option available for laning against an Annie unless you're one of the mages that can miraculously afford to build Abyssal first item. And even that won't save you as the game goes on. All of those items are great counterbuild options later on in the game but you can very rarely afford to rush them.
I sometimes pick cleanse against Annie. You be suprised hwo many kills she got denied.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lao Fu the Tiger,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hEHQw1tB,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2015-09-29T15:45:36.909+0000) > > Know what's funny about specifically Zed though? If Zed presses R he easily dodges Veigar's ultimate. Is he stunned? Zed could buy a {{item:3140}} . > > There us a clear difference. Seekers/zhonyas gives amazing stats and are really easy to rush. Rushing qss on someone like zed is asking to be useless. Like I said before on this thread. Zed is an assassin that relies on his strong laning phase to not be left in the dust later. Delaying core items on the worst late game assassin is nothing like rushing a zhonyas on a champion that gets stronger as the game goes on. But you know having retarded amounts of ap and 1 shot ting everything but tanks with r is balanced...right guys...right? Like I barely can get myself to play zed anymore these days because I know he can't carry a game like other champs. Now days I find myself relying on champs like Viktor, and Yasuo. And after tring Veigar a couple of times in normals I can already feel how strong and easy he is. I'll probaby be abusing the freelo before he becomes permaban/nerfed aswell. P.s Yup down voted without a response. Typical boards.
Or Zed can bully Veigar early game and buy a QSS as a 3rd/4rth item.
: When you have a {{champion:267}}, you can be pretty damn sure she can't engage against a team with {{champion:157}} in their midst.
I don't think Tidal wave is a good formal engage because it's slow but yes, it makes peeling and engaging smaller teamfights more complicated on her part.
: I want to improve, but I don't know how.
Upgrade your trinkets. Not at 18, but at least somewhere in midgame. For a support I try to upgrade sooner than my non-supports.
: What support item increases Ezreals power the most?
Try Twin Shadows so it's easier for them to hit skill shots. Can peel for Kog a little bit better too.
Amelie (NA)
: Champions that literally cannot be peeled so you can't even support your team (unless you can help them run and/or dash) or escape 1v1. {{champion:2}} Olaf's ultimate. {{champion:78}} Poppy's ultimate. At least they're not played too often.
I usually build {{item:3069}} against olaf
Punkkee (NA)
: maybe this, but for bronze + silver only. the reason is, streamers. streamers already have to deal with huge queues. HUGE queues. enough for them to play another game. league players watching a streamer play other game, league players want to PLAY other game. league players not playing league, league not having players play league, league losing money. and popularity though the good streams are usually challenger, diamond, and plat (not including kaceytron that bronze). imagine waiting 10 minutes for a queue, only for people to get an easy dodge. whoops there's another 4-5 minutes to find another person. plat elo tends to be either the nicest elo or the most toxic elo because there's two types of plat people plats that hate everything because they're not diamond and plats that are glad the made it out of gold and are being showered by friends with skins (hehe) this is why i think plat shouldn't have this feature. plat should be a filter for the baddies to stay in it or get kicked out of it while the good ones who can deal with their teams in queue and in game is rewarded into diamond. there needs to be a cutoff somewhere, why not make it plat. Gold shouldn't have it because they dont NEED it haha. it's like the promiseland of elo. bronze and silver is horrid though. having a "you troll? kbye" feature is fine because 1. there's alot of players in there. the queue will refill fast 2. if there's this one kid (literal kid) whos trolling and the team doesn't want to deal with him, free dodge also there's less kids the higher elo there are because they have an immature mind and cannot grasp the teamwork and strategy concept that is needed to climb. (kid as in young age) tl:dr: noone wants to watch a stream with a 30 minute queue. plat should be the filter of elos, with high expectation of strategy and teamwork to move up gold is the promiseland and doesnt need it. people are chill silver and bronze need dis rito plz
Do you think Diamond can use the vote system too then, because people who are D5 clamped may not want to dodge as much.
HayRoss (NA)
: I have heard this suggestion before, and there is one thing I want to bring up, let's say that you go Lux midlane, your teammates hate Lux for whatever reason (Let's say it's their trigger word) and they vote to kick you out of the game for picking a champion they don't like. This system is far better than what we have now, but it isn't flawless
If they don't like Lux that badly requeuing will still be better. Keeping everyone on tilt doesn't help them improve and motivate mistakes they know they shouldn't be making.
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: Lucian in the Jungle
Add me, I want to see
: > [{quoted}](name=drabowicz604,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NxEhceYr,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-09-19T09:10:22.513+0000) > > Not at all, but at the very least you should have a pretty good understanding of what EVERY role is SUPPOSED to be doing, and if you cant you honestly ***SHOULD NOT*** be playing ranked games until you do. Why anyone would even want to bother trying is beyond me. i never jungled and i suck at adc yet i always got gold v minimum :=)
The unpopular answer is "support mains can get away with knowing less roles because everything else is preffed by everyone else" <3
: Not at all, but at the very least you should have a pretty good understanding of what EVERY role is SUPPOSED to be doing, and if you cant you honestly ***SHOULD NOT*** be playing ranked games until you do. Why anyone would even want to bother trying is beyond me. ex: ADC queues up only knowing 3 AD champs and 2 JG. Both roles are taken. Now they are forced to play either: 1. A Champion/role they have minimal to no exp. or knowledge of whatsoever OR 2. A champion they may know, but in a role it isn't remotely suited for. Both leaving you and your team at an instant disadvantage while probably tilting them from the second they spawn. Is it really that hard to understand? And none of this "omg this game is to have fun dont be so serious I can play this champ anywhere" blah blah blah. No, you can't 95% of the time, that's why there's this funny little thing called META and NORMAL MODE. People need to respect the other 4 people's time they're wasting and screwing over. This community is pretty toxic for sure, but idiots doing stupid little shit like this is exactly the type of things contributing to where we are now.
Or second option: 2. Dodge the Queue and take a longer time to climb because of all those -3's they are likely going to get. Meanwhile if you are a solid player who are flexible in a wide range of team comps because you can outplay many other types of comps on your reasonable champion pick size, you lose almost nothing because you gain back the -3's. According to your lolking the only champs you play within S5 meta are Leona, Blitz, and to some extent Ekko. You have a fondness for Corki and Quinn who are not the best adc tier this season. You don't have to deal with idiots that think you're inconveniencing them for lacking a peeling support if you either pick the right team or play above your elo.
Toastey (NA)
: Well it becomes an issue of whether this is a competitive game, where winning matters (which most of the community will loudly tell you); or if this is a casual game, played for fun (which the same people in the community will ironically defend to the death as a defence mechanism for their poor performance). If this is indeed a competitive game, at least in ranked, then you should very much so be able to play things you don't like but are necessary for creating effective team compositions. If this is indeed a casual game, then a) there shouldn't even be a ranked mode (or at the very least you shouldn't be in it), and b) you should very well play completely and only for fun, disregarding the metagame entirely while significantly de-emphasising the importance of winning. Now if you're one of the majority who are caught somewhere in between, ie "I play for fun, but losing isn't fun and I therefore must also be somewhat competitive", then I regret to tell you that Riot itself is also caught somewhere in between---it consistently fails to address this issue and properly define what the game is and what players should expect. League is trying to be the blanket game that does it all; you should be able to play it entirely for winning, but you should also be able to play it entirely for fun. Unfortunately, the game isn't very good at delivering this sort of performance and satisfaction. At the very least, the community is terrible at upholding that message, as I mentioned above. So many people will say, "Winning is all that matters and if you don't want to win you should kill yourself and uninstall because losing is 100% un-fun." and then turn around and say, "Well don't get mad that I'm not doing well. Chill out and have fun, that's what this game is for."
Climbing ranked for "competitive fun" is frankly the goal for the large majority of people. It is heavily unrealistic to master a huge number of champ, keep up with patch notes, absorb newly released champs, switch champs at the whim of meta and keep yourself from deteriorating because you played so many champs. Most people are also not LCS. And it's not a job...unless you're an entertainer (LCS, streamers to a certain extent) or a coach, all games will be casual. These are played largely for an emotional satisfaction often more complex than just "winning". You did refine my thread on the dilemma of balance...ideally every champion falls on the 48 - 52% winrate and that bans are based on what counters the team. At the end of the day this thread is an extreme extrapolation of a much complained SoloQ frustration: "Why are other people not accommodating to me and winning the game for me?" The simplest solution to when you encounter strange people who are willing to ADC, Jungle, Tank, Assassin or Mage Soraka is to the queue or prepare to see how well you qualify for diamond.
Toastey (NA)
: i think people just don't want one-trick ponies who tilt and underperform even on their preferred "pony". you should be able to play at least 3 champs in your desired role, these 3 champs having distinct identities and being able to collectively blanket a wide array of matchups. but hey, if you wanna one-trick your way up the ladder, then by all means go ahead
My 4rth pick eve tried to force 2nd pick Soraka into Leona because she must play carry junglers. I should have dodged =_= If they can't accomodate the team by playing tank supports or fighter/devourer/w-e junglers it's their problem they can't. Don't force people outside their comfort zone or berate them on why they chose not to invest hours learning a new set of champs they don't even like to play.
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: Just finished my daily ranked game.
I smurfed on low level accounts to teach my friends who just started, see some new concepts in action and play more relaxed. When I returned to my main account I played like I'm sedated. So yeah, be careful how often you smurf.
LoLKiru (NA)
: {{champion:90}} Does ONE thing really really well (like, DotA levels of being absolutely unrivaled at it), and is only okay to meh at everything else. Ironically he's one of the closest things the game has to a DotA character, being absurdly good at one thing; and is hard countered by an item (just like most DotA heroes)
My teammates tend to not like it when I pick Malz . They yell at me for picking him or force me to change mids because I can't dive their adc that easily. That was in silver though, maybe I should pick him up again.
: Not only is pointing to rank a terrible argument, but I also wasn't talking about skill. I said Thresh is harder to play than Janna, which could be obvious even to people who have only played one game as each.
If you want to argue on mechanics because Thresh does indeed have a irrefutably more difficult Q skillshots, I'd like to add that Janna's Q is similar to his flay; they both cancel dashes if timed correctly. However, if Thresh botches up his flay he still has a hook. If Janna fucks up a Q she loses an ult. Soraka and Sona are the "newb friendly" supports kit-wise. A Janna ult can send 5 different people in 5 different new locations and over hundreds of games, you will inevitably push someone out of major AoE ults and save them. It is never as simple as "see Yasuo up Ashe's ass press R" ...what if you need to disengage and insec simultaneously? Or what if you disengage for one person but end up putting someone else in a non-favorable position? Thresh never has to think about these but that's fine. Because he's concerned with other things his kit is meant to do which is organizing skirmishes/engages. You say ranked doesn't matter...then you have to respect that B/S/G Janna faces different challenges and that B/S/G Thresh have to deal with other things. Honestly if early and midgame adc's/supports weren't in such a poor position Janna will be considerably weaker. {{champion:67}} is not scared of {{champion:51}} anymore. Why do I need any other supports that pokes better and deals with poke just as well? And no, Janna's poke is incredibly lackluster even with a frostfang towards the lvl 8 mark because she is not {{champion:267}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:117}} and if she uses shield to migrate poke for one person then she no longer has her shield to poke back at her glorious 475 AA range. Surely, you think her W makes people flinch? If my adc doesn't care to trade then that paltry W damage is all I settle with. I'm still waiting to figure out how to deal with {{champion:119}} that lets the other team's {{champion:96}} farm peacefully while I regret first- picking Janna.
Uiru (NA)
: Are you talking about aiming a skillshot? Because Janna has to do that too. Except to get any real use out of it Janna needs to predict enemy locations 2 or 3 seconds in the future. Thresh might have more decisions to make but none of them are hard decisions (hit with hook or not, go in or not, flay forwards or backwards, ult or not). Janna's ult is probably the hardest skill in the game to utilize correctly; you are constantly weighing cost vs benefit of using it in any given scenario and you generally only have a quarter of a second to make up your mind. In the grand scheme there are probably only three or four legitimately difficult champions to play (mechanically) and neither Thresh nor Janna are anywhere near them. Bringing this up over and over is pointless.
I agree that Janna's ult is difficult to deal with because you're resetting the fight for everyone involved and one wrong gut reaction, you send a bruiser up someone else's face. I disagree on the Thresh hook as it has a wind-up. You do have to predict 1 - 3 seconds from the future. It's easier to make a hit on Blitz although I don't argue that Thresh hook is still superior when it hits.
: I don't think Janna needed the nerf at all? She has REALLY defined strengths and weaknesses. She's better than any Support at disengaging by a long shot, but she sucks in a lot of aspects like poke, hard engage, tankiness. I don't think Janna's only strength should be disengage. It clearly isn't her only strength, but why does one of the most iconic healing abilities in the game that has been long considered balanced suddenly need a nerf?
Riot goes through very awkward phases of trying to "force more skill and planning" into every champ. The change on Q won't hurt her laning phase as much given her poke is W and E. Q is usually saved for disengage or if you can organize a little more with your adc for a good trade, as W can buy time for the Q to charge. It is rarer to ult all 3 seconds for the heal and If you play Janna correctly, you should be able to maintain Mejai stacks so individual ticks of the channel are more relevant. If they nerf the base heal for her it is a bigger issue because it implies that Riot dislikes tankier build alternatives on the caster supports i.e. Sona Syndrome. The wedge between castor types and tank types are already pretty huge...but tank supports are "flashier" and they "risk more deaths". The nerfs are _not that bad_ but honestly... If {{champion:51}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:37}} have a better place I don't want to play Janna against them at all. It's just that with {{champion:67}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:222}} scaling so fast now I don't care to rush them with more kills...I'll just hang back, keep everyone alive as they are and just get carried. Instead of giving players relief for having to deal with less with one champion, perhaps it's better to make more players feel better playing _their_ favorite champ by making them somewhat relevant again.
: And sometimes when you feel like you will most certainly get hit by it, you don't. The hit circle? is weird on both cho and nami's Q
Because the bubble is technically a sphere. The edges are going to touch you last while the center will hit the floor last. I've hit people with edge or sometimes the edge will hit them and they get out anyways cuz they're 2 pixels faster.
: a long time ago people would report you for varus mid and suddenly OMG FAKER TOOK HIME MID OMGGGGG it becomes meta
To be fair, he might or someone else might have figured that Varus is probably a poopy adc and his utility/poke can still be savaged with a better item build. Unless you mean AP Varus =^)
JPlayah (NA)
: The terror of "it's not meta" HAS to stop
I heard that Annie support was started by a regular player, whom received the same treatment as you. When Annie was picked by an LCS player people assumed it is meta and that's when Annie was accepted as a support. There was no patches in between that suddenly made Annie by herself viable as a support.
: > [{quoted}](name=Krigjer,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=f1dzBNBw,comment-id=00030000000000000000000000000002000000000000,timestamp=2015-08-30T03:46:35.729+0000) > > Again.. lol. As an owner of breasts, I love being told how they feel or don't feel. > How about I explain to you what happens to your ballsack when contained within different material? Considering I've touched them before, I'm obviously knowledgeable about this sort of thing. Your first sentence is a stupid mentality a lot of times. I am sure you would tell that to doctors, family members or just random people across the internet when they're concerned with, advising something or merely talking about something to you on something you have. The point is, maybe you're into it, but I am sure the idea that you'd tape yourself when you're doing the most extreme activities of human history is neither comfortable, favourable or practical to most people. And this is a video game, which means reality shouldn't be bounding on what artistic freedom can accomplish. In other words, you imo fail at both interpreting the point of fictional reality and understanding the reality itself too at the same time.
"Artistic freedom" is an iffy subject in commercialism because it's based on what marketing believes the audience will like. It is reliant on what market segment exists that they are aware of, and what they understand that market to like. If they believe that sexy is what makes them stand out, they will reject ideas from artists that does not fit that mold. On the other hand if they are preoccupied with "political correctness" they will enforce that idea onto artists. One of my mentors worked in animation years ago and he tells stories of many young artists who chose to quit because they despised what 'artistic freedom' can accomplish in a commercial world. If they think big boobies are stupid on X character they can't voice it and if they are into the large titties deal their opinion probably doesn't even matter. The concern with sexual representation communicates to head designers that there is indeed a viable market for either spectrum of preferences. We have modern 2014-2015 games like Guild Wars 2 and Dragon Age that are very careful with how they dress or represent woman and then we have the infamous Dragon's Crown that isn't apologetic about sexuality. These threads actually open up this "artistic freedom" you like so much, as long as the corporate structure behind the game doesn't head towards like fascism. Remember, at one point women was not a market for video games and it wasn't even certain if men wanted to play as female characters. Chung Li's popularity was a happy accident when they finally introduced her out of the blue. In League, there are only 2 explicit black characters: Lucien, and Ekko. Nid is likely tanned from the amazons and Karma is more likely Thai or Pakistan. Prior to these characters, lots of black/brown people probably "don't care" but if for example Rito tossed out a comment like "We don't want to draw black/brown people because they are not fun to draw...artistic freedom and weed!", sales are going to plummet. Perhaps back in 2009 Rito felt weird about portraying dark people because of w/e cultural background and used Ryze/Eve as a surrogate but once League is set to aim high and over the globe it's hard to just "draw whatever/however you want".
: Well actually it has been found to have existed. However the fact that woman were not typically found on the battlefield meant that blacksmiths never really made any, with the exception of a few rare instances of which wealthy families wanted them for their daughters or wives. While it looked nothing like the boobplate you see in games, it did infact take into account the female chest in its design, leaving room for her bust. It wasn't made with cups, but instead had the front of the plate sloped outward to provide room. And Oriana's body was designed to appear as a woman. So of course she would have her chest plate shaped as it is. In lore that is what she was designed as. If her following lore is a problem then it is the lore that needs to be changed. And it isn't just a handful of female champions. If when you look at a female champion and you immediately think sex, than you are the one with the problem, not Riot. Just because a woman happens to be in a bikini does not means she's sexualized. She's just in a bikini. Just because a woman has large breasts and butt doesn't mean she's sexualized either, it's simply her genetics. And if you want to blame that then you need to start going to god about it and not complaining about people making fictional characters in a fictional world based in a game, that has no actual impact on anything of importance in real life.
I'd like to point out that Orianna is constructed by the father. Not trying to imply anything creepy or incest-like at all but a straight male's archetype of a woman is probably more on the curvy end. It's not necessarily a sexual reason because we tend to exaggerate what makes the "other" different from "us" or why the 'other" is recognizable.
: This is gonna sound real noob now but.. how do i mute? I know ive been playing for a long while but i never asked where the mute button was so i always just endured the chat
Press tab, press the speaker button next to their portrait. Now you're in elo heaven, in any elo because you only have to deal with the rarer afks/dcs/intentional feeders as opposed to toxic.
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Aeko (NA)
: So what's your question? Do you require advice on getting out of gold IV? If you can blame your teammates, or say something along the lines of , "I do good, but my teammates suck". Then that means you have the time to get better and carry yourself. Some general tips. -Improve your cs. -Make better calls -Dont fight pointlessly -Supporting in gold is similar to watching bronzies play; it gives you cancer. -Main a champ with potential to carry. I'm not talking about maining thresh and making wonderful plays. What's the point of landing a god hook if your team decides to watch. Instead play someone who can make plays as a carry. -Gold is the chillest of elos. Its where people have tried to climb the ladder, but realize that they are not the best.
I think my general problem is either I don't get my adc fed enough to compensate for other laners, I don't know when to roam, or I don't know how to make calls when behind. More than often I break even with whoever I lane against with. That's what I meant when I say "not spectacular". If they are really ahead, it's hard to secure dragons and it's hard to go out there and keep places warded since I risk dying.
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: Sick and tired of 30% winrate
You can start by playing support. Then the support will have sightstone.
: It's likely {{item:3718}} and {{item:3931}} need a direct nerf, but I don't think that's the only thing that could, or should, be done to bring them back in line. For starters, Devourer's only a major issue on a handful of champions whose power explodes far too soon and too strongly once they reach Sated, e.g. {{champion:102}} and {{champion:10}}, and on most other champions, including champions who'd normally go nuts with the effects it has (like {{champion:11}} or {{champion:19}}) it's a bit more reasonable. I think the other issue, and an issue that also occurred at the time of Feral Flare, is that counterjungling/invading really sucks right now. {{item:3711}} is one of the least popular items in the game, and in general there isn't that much support for anti-farming strats or champions, which means the natural way to counter hard farming in the jungle isn't well-enabled for the time being, and so stacking up Devourer carries far less risk than it should. Honestly, I think bringing counterjunglers, invaders and other anti-junglers to the forefront in a manner similar to previous jungle updates would solve most of the issues with Devourer right now, though it might be some time before we reach that stage.
The problem is you can build both devourers and poachers and just farm as you please in any jungle you wish, if you can pull it off.
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: No they actually get paid to heal.
: > [{quoted}](name=SinisterRaven,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5WGI15Tp,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-08-13T23:12:26.664+0000) > > thats why i hate him and his entire retarded fanbase. a bunch of bronze 10 year olds who spam udyr and nasus "hawhawhawhaw" "MY WAY". pretty much ignoring their team all game then complaining when their team is behind because they didnt have a jungler or top laner for 30 minutes. fucking tools lol. trick2g got to diamond spamming braindead champs and claims to hve game knowledge. i havent watched a single stream without him feeding ASS and then complaining about his team. garbage. eh, he is decent for a diamond 5 player, but he just SUCKS ASS at teaching things to people. he should get back to just BMing with nunu and GP jg.
Trick2g is also more of an entertainer where he exaggerates his raging so closet ragers can get some hardy-har-har.
: > [{quoted}](name=RiotRepertoir,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=l4fPAZ8v,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2015-08-14T15:58:34.113+0000) > > Why do you think teams occasionally picked her before, but no longer do? Is it strictly that she's been too nerfed? That she's not standing out as far as what she brings to the table? That she's being crowded out by other supports? Or something else? I think it's because in the past she didn't need gold to function at all. Her auras were just base stats, they didn't need to scale off of anything. But now she scales off of AP in absolutely everything and her base values are frankly quite poor. Her poke in particular is pretty much balanced around her picking up a Sheen at this point, which quite simply isn't going to happen in competitive play. Also, as another guy said, people are just terrible at playing against her in solo q. People call Sona easy but against a good opponent she's really not, which is the problem with competitive. Playing aggressively with a champion who's made out of paper has a ton of risks associated with it, especially against tanky supports who can genuinely 100-0 her if they land their engage in the early levels. But she's balanced around people not retaliating because solo q players are a lot more likely to run away from Sona's poke than they are to fight her back, even though after she's used her damage is the best possible time to attack her.
I have a 80+ winrate over 18 games with Sona while a 54% winrate with Janna over 64 games. This is low gold so it's just on the rim of low elo. But not that low either. People see Thresh, Braum, Naut, Leona and everyone else in competitive but they don't see Sona there. Without a reference from higher elo and not having seen as much Sona anymore, they just consistently let her poke and auto for free.
: Relic shield makes sona's poke less valuable, and makes tank supports have comparable sustain.
: Why do you think teams occasionally picked her before, but no longer do? Is it strictly that she's been too nerfed? That she's not standing out as far as what she brings to the table? That she's being crowded out by other supports? Or something else?
Her aura effects look "fun" and "interactable" on paper but at the end of the day, it only restricts her movement and independence in lane. You have a perfectly telegraphed Q aura that requires you to be close to your adc so they can do the auto-attack nuke on their adc. If you're laning against a competent post-6 annie or Leona, it's not gonna happen. They'll either kill you or heal through your "skillfully timed poke" with relic shield. Post rework Sona is also terrible for new players. When you lane with people new to the game, they are not likely to interact with Leona's or Braum's; they are not certain about the outcome so they don't want to trade/fight. But they can understand "go in when they are low" and they want the 20 ad/ap aura to help them practice CS. Sona heals and provides a movement speed aura so if she sees a gank coming she can escort the adc away, all this independent from her adc. With aura ranges so tiny she's not helping much. Getting close to her adc just to keep them out of trouble is asking for Graga and Sejuani ults when they come gank. Also consider that Karma has group speed boost, an AoE shield, and a Q nuke. Same kit, minus stun but with pre-6 CC.
: What champion do you think would be right for me? I love lane bullies that can scale into later game carries, but have survivability.
Nidalee (jungle) - Not really a "late game" carry, but you can invade the other guy's jungle easily and still be useful late game with spears/as steriod healing. You have the option to build tanky. Malzahar - can make hell for melee champs, melts tanks 100 - 0. I don't recommend him in solo Q low elo because he's designed to protect a carry and be front-line burner, not a carry diver. He builds tanky and is weaker towards poke champs. Brand - huge burst to trade in for no mobility. He does build tanky to compensate. Azir - Safe laning phase, big zoner, good damage late. Kalista- Can bully but not really a lane bully, consistent scaling, very safe teamfighter Your criterea reminds me of Draven, but he has no escape. Also look towards snowballers like Pantheon - even if you drop at late game, playing them can help you get used to ending game by 30 min. Tryndamere can be strong in lane if you can cheeze the RNG.
: Tips for building Fighters?
1) Hydra is more for lane dominance/wave management - if they are consistently losing trades you get to heal back and they are left to retreat in tower. Sustain is also an alternative to dealing with ranged tops. It's not really a pure dueling item. This item implies you want to split push or be a general dps in teamfights rather than fully committing to killing carries. Brutalizer is for when you tend to 1 v 1 and assassinate. Until its upgrade to youmous you can use this to work towards all-in's against squishier champs or to try and suppress tanks (i.e. Nasus) with sub-par laning phase. 2) Honestly, this is left to team comp and how well you're doing. If you're ballin' so hard and your team is also ballin' hard and the enemies are constantly split up trying to defend all their towers, go build 6 BT's for all it matters. If you're behind, in general you want to bulk up earlier than usual so you can be more of service to your team (tankiness = utility). This is very generic and it's better if you find advice for individual champions. 3) Don't know about Wu Kong, although Teeto and ranged champs in general are bad against all-in's. Hex Drinker/Mercs are a good idea, but also consider building sustain. If he's too hard earlier, start with crystaline flask/dorans shield/cloth 5 and just outlive the laning phase. Bring pink wards~ Vamp sceptor's can be a good earlier buy against him so you can migrate some poke. Keep experimenting with different starts and approaches.
: How do I shut down Annie?
Gotta start timing her flash now Alternatively, build mikaels if you're support and QSS if you're adc. You can also bring cleanse as a summoner spell instead of heal as an adc. It's a really underated summoner spells and denies my annie match up many kills.
: How to Use Gangplank Barrels vs Ranged Champs
: > [{quoted}](name=Wakamune,realm=NA,application-id=WEuoGbmp,discussion-id=HwtHa9nW,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2015-08-07T15:43:33.083+0000) > > So am I supposed to play her more conservatively in lane and then poke harder later? like towards 6? Usually you don't want to poke too much early on unless the enemy doesn't have sustain, Lulu has some mana issues. Towards 6 you can get a bit more aggressive because you have your ult to back you and your adc up.
: Lulu's weird in the sense that she's a poke support while also being a disengage support, so when's strong she kind of unbearable to deal with. Lulu's kinda in a bad spot imo because Janna outshines her in the disengage department right now, and that's what a lot of adcs are craving for currently. But she's not terrible.
So am I supposed to play her more conservatively in lane and then poke harder later? like towards 6?
: Support Lulu is very weak imo. She is very squishy in the laning phase and it's much better as a solo laner because you don't have to worry about your ADC. Top or mid, if you are about to be harassed you just shield yourself, if you want to deal dmg you can E + Q the enemy for an *almost* waranteed Q. AND... The W. In botlane you can use it on 4 (even 6 if the junglers come) people and you have to decide if you want to polymorph an enemy (support or adc?) or speedup your ADC or yourself (the one not getting the speedup will be caught by the enemies). So... I prefer to take her mid or top. Even jungle, take devourer, watch 1000 wolves follow you (it's a bug :p) and then Nashor's, and after that full AP.
Just lost lane against Lucien+Nami with Corki as my adc. Sometimes I thought I can shield him but the shield range seems smaller than Janna's. Not sure if Corki's early game is worse than Lucien's, not sure if adc player is derpy. Not sure if Lulu's early game is worse than I'm bad or I'm more bad than how "the lane should be going".
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: snowbally champs usually have a very strong early/mid game but they require early'ish kills to make them useful in the game. These champs are high risk, high reward so pick these champs if you main this role and are very good with these champs. Top:{{champion:114}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:107}} jung:{{champion:107}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:76}} mid:{{champion:55}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:7}} Also feel free to include champs i missed or if you disagree please fully explain why.
adc: {{champion:119}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:104}} Support: {{champion:37}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:89}}{{champion:1}} You missed out Yasuo. He hurts like fuck when ballin'
: Tips on how to get better and then carry
Dealing with negative players: I just have fun whether or not I'm winning or losing, having shit teammates or not. Stick with the teammates that do have fun, chat up occasionally if the situation gets bad. It takes a long time to get to that mental stage but I almost never go on tilt. "is it just me or did the game get more "team oriented" this season? If it did that might explain a lot." Kalista, Fiora, Teemo, Gangplank and Tahm came out, but keep in mind that having more viable tank/bruiser picks mean that it takes more steps peeling carries or getting around to killing them.
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