: tsm beat c9
Even though i wanted c9 to win i have to say, honestly they deserved to lose. Winning 2 and then throwing 2 games by trolling is just stupid. Like honestly if they played drafts like they did in game 2 or 5 odds are they would have won at least 1 of the last 3. But noooooo lets make a mistake you see in bronze and silver every day and pick zed into 3 tanks an icebourn ez and a stop watch user. Im pretty sure i heard one of the analysts saying something about them not having any kill potential late and i was thinking the same damn thing what exactally was their game plan? their only win condition that game was MABYE get sneaky fed out of his mind in that losing game. I play quite alot of zed myself and im only gold but even i know i wouldnt be carrying that game. Try and get picks and get the lucian ahead so y ou at least have some win condition to play around but instead they camped mid. That has to be some bronze clash team level prep right there. The sad part is ive watched c9 do the exact same thing for years. Like when they picked lucian top a while back into HUNI of all people. the dude that pioneered the champ top as if he wouldnt know how to play against something he played first. And back in the days of hai mid picking zed into bjergsons chogath mid. I just dont understand how a team with so much potential to win every split just constantly shits the bed when it actually matters. They have done better than any other league team in the regular season and always fail. And by that i mean they almost NEVER go less than 3rd or 4th place. Some teams like clg or tsm used to be great but have lost their consistancy. C9 have only finished under 4th once in like 5 years. Theyre consistantly a top tier team but every single time they get a chance where they can take it they just drop the ball on their own dumb decisons. Like picking viktor leona bot in worlds and sven running it down top in quarter finals. seariously tsm earned this WTF c9
BigFBear (EUW)
: Best example why matchmaking is broken (in lower elos)
LOL i have the same problem though my "high and low elo" isnt the same. I peaked in mid plat 2 seasons ago and got to lazy to get any better sense the rewards arent really worth the effort after gold so ive been hovering mid gold for the last 2 seasons. In mid gold i just play what i like for fun and it just feels like an entirely different environment. I dont really have to ever go "tryhard" unless im duoing with a friend and dont want to drag them down. But then i played with one of my smurfs with my friends to try to help them with their bronze 1 to silver 4 promos and MY GOD it was aweful i had to do it like 4 times. i was playing mid and id be winning pretty decently but next thing i knew my bot would have fed a vayne 11 kills my top sion would be sitting there like what do i do now and my jungler will not have made a gank till 15 minutes in. Ive seen things like trinity singed jungle and spear of shojin teemo. What worried me the most though was the fact that the enemy team in his b1 promos to silver had a silver 1 and 2 bot lane a silver 3 yi and the rest where silver 4. Meanwhile on our team it was me, 3 bronze 3's with average 30% win rates and him and i ended up having to go tryhard adc/sup mode on jinx/lucian+braum or ashe/kench or vayne and it took so much more work than playing in gold. Honestly how on earth are actual bronze and low silver players expected to climb and get better if a mid gold smurf has to spend 3 to 4 attempts at promos just to get to s4. Its just like op playing from diamond into gold 1.
: That's the beauty of an immobile melee champion. You always know exactly where they want to run. You can usually just wait until right before they are going to catch their target and root them.
or the classic fake out act like youre going to bind someone then hit a different target all together so they dont try to dodge. get so many kills like that in bot lane.
: Actually, Zilean is insanely OP if the game goes on long enough. One of my friends main that champ and lemme tell you... we rarely lose a game past the 25minute mark.
i dont main zilean but he is one of my favorite mid or sup picks. Nothing more satisfying than landing the 3+ man stun in a late game teamfight and then throwing the ult on a fed jax/yi/yas
: It's funner to play Morgana against Immobile melee champions, IMO. It is borderline impossible for champions without a dash to chase someone with a Morgana present.
as long as you dont miss lol. i always get a good laugh seeing people that suck at skill shots trying to play morg. If you cant skill shot just stick to point and click lulllll. her bindings are broken though.
: Champions that i will always regret not banning if they're picked
{{champion:105}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:23}} my personal cancers. Either their on my team and basically dead weight (yasuo) or just aids to play against.
: Riot - Cashing in event tokens for BE is the shittiest process ever.
: > [{quoted}](name=SS Pappino,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KHlp7UjX,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-09-08T05:24:28.160+0000) > > Zed is one of the few champions who's kit allows the player to be better with each game, but never truly master the champion. This is what's hard about him. Champions with similar attributes: {{champion:64}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:41}} But you don't have to master him to be effective, and I just want people to embrace that and stop living the lie that Zed is a remotely difficult champion to play.
there are no difficult to play champions riot made their game with your average joe in mind not everyone is korean. Playing at a very high level you can use your shadows to dodge other champions ults and abilitys not just add damage. Any silver 5 player chan just press R but just as often as not they ult the wrong targets and get caught out. And in pro play they barely if ever play zed because he brings nothing to the table mid to late. cant kill tanks, cant kill ga'd adcs. Sup and mid are either tanky, also assasians or have zhonyas. The only time i play zed is in premades when we do things like 1 3 1s so i have a mid late game plan for split pushing. Zed has win conditions just like every other champ in the game. You have to get fed and snowball or youre useless. And even IF you snowball if the rest of the team is not at least breaking even you still have no late. IMO LB is much more of a problem than zed rn because her late game burst isnt as much of a risk
: Zed is way too over played, can we all finally admit it is because he is very easy to play?
i mean hes strong in lane but it dosnt mean anything lategame when everyone has a ga, zhonyas, or is a tank. With zed if you dont win lane and use your early mid spike to snowball bot or top odds are at 40 mins you will be useless in just about any teamfight senario
: How 2 counter Akali: Pick Darius, walk into center of smoke ring, Q.
> [{quoted}](name=Bouncemaster Zac,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=cwgjQlJr,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2018-08-10T04:17:08.380+0000) > > How 2 counter Akali: Pick Darius, walk into center of smoke ring, Q. i just pick things with aoe like veigar brand and so on and just spray and pray lol. only lost to an akali like once and they where diamond 3 while im gold 4 so i feel that was expected lol
: Both Teemo games were played by Griffin's Bot Laner Viper and both into opposing Ezreal. The two games were versus MVP (Game 2) and Jin Air (Game 1)
Thanks that saved me alot of searching i appriceate it
: LPL better more hard and skill things being played.
> [{quoted}](name=PERIMITION,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=V2JHdVJE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-08-06T08:39:43.028+0000) > > LPL better more hard and skill things being played. Idc about gameplay and skill i mostly watch bronze streams like salty teemo its more entertaining.
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: Do promos actually give you worse players on purpose?
yeah its been that way sense i started in season 3 and probally longer than that.
Rioter Comments
Perish3d (NA)
: Competitive Bronze Team Looking for Mid & Top!
I dont know if you want smurfs on your team or not but if you dont mind i have a b5 account i play on and im only gold 4 on my main account so its not THAT much diffrent from bronze. Anyway i am looking for any team at all that will have me for now because i barely have any friends so here goes :p Main Role: Mid / ADC Champion pool for main role: Zed veigar ryze morganna vlad brand ahri orianna ekko and syndra (best are zed syndra and veig) and Ashe cait sivir jinx lucian MF and ezreal for adc Off Roles you can play(keep blank if none): Support/jungle. Janna Morgana nami and thresh. Jungle i play mostly tanks Time Zone: Arizona Times available: Mostly 10am to 3:30 pm though i have 2 days a week off from work when ill be avalible all day Pros: Played in several local tournaments and took 2nd place in one of them as my teams shot caller. Played for years and have good macro play and game knowlage and dont get tilted easily Cons: Work in retail so im mostly only avalible before 4pm so i would fit better as a reserve player or filling roles when you have only 3-4 avalible to play Why we should consider you on the team: I bring good memes. Bronze is a meme, so logically the team with the strongest freshest memes will win
Rioter Comments
: holy shit. first time i've ever seen this.
> [{quoted}](name=Odysseus263,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=oVpcXopn,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-04T20:35:43.133+0000) > > holy shit. first time i've ever seen this. probally scripted. Only a 5 man premade would all honor a yasuo
: Men have something in their eye that allows them to better detect movement which helps a lot in a close fight. Also men tend to make more logical desicions while females make more desicions based on emotion. This comes from my health class btw i really dont know if its right. Im sure its just that no girls are good enough at the game to compete with the pro males.
> [{quoted}](name=dolphinosplash24,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=EPXEU93W,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-03-25T23:56:17.253+0000) > > Men have something in their eye that allows them to better detect movement which helps a lot in a close fight. Also men tend to make more logical desicions while females make more desicions based on emotion. This comes from my health class btw i really dont know if its right. Im sure its just that no girls are good enough at the game to compete with the pro males. Lol everyones downvoteing you but i find it amusing. i was ganna say there are no female pros because you cant play in the lcs from the kitchen but there is that too
: Everyday I Imagine a future where I can be with you
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsgrCaJ14KU Get your piping hot meme cancer here ~
: There are no troll comps. There are merely new strategies to consider, nothing more. Trolling is what Bronze/Silver elo babies say when they see something they haven't seen before and immediately judge it as bad because they haven't seen it before. Don't be them.
My trinity nunu mid or draven jungle will see pro play, someday. And the update has made my morganna jungle less of a trollish pick
: A suggestion to Riot regarding unlocking champions
Ya kinda silly that champions that have been out for years are still 6300. Jinx vi braum lucian and some others have been out for a really long time now and all 6300 still. Dosn't really make any sense. Its not like they price it off populairity or yi and yasuo would be like 15k blue ess and its definatly not meta based
paisy (NA)
: Your first born child
He may not mind that on closer inspection his summoner name is failed abortion
Vahn65 (NA)
: For Everyone Crying About Irelia's Ass
It's not the butt that people dont like people just say that because its a meme like better nurf irelia. The skin itself looks like crap its basically just seju without the boar.
Rainfall (EUNE)
: they had to reuse art from sejuani
> [{quoted}](name=Rainfall,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=1MgNokOK,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-03-21T18:44:14.213+0000) > > they had to reuse art from sejuani times are tough man art majors dont make much
: That is exactly what happened. Thanks for the help Walmart Porn!
You're welcome, Mr.Retarded Poro.
: Same thing here :/ no response from any support at all yet even though it's been nearly 24 hours edit: I got it back
Idk i got mine back now it took 2 days. Just be patient they probally got alot of requests to work through because it seems like alot of people got this issue
: Ban Appeal
Lol it probally wasnt even you look at the boards. Lots of us have been banned by a random @125.com email taking our accounts or something and i looked into it for like 30 seconds and got a bunch of chineese results. Not to hard to figure out what happened here. Go to your account settings in your boards profile and check the email registered to your account you may be in for a surprise, see this was mine and ive literally only used gmail for league. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support/diA7c4Ap-wierd-ban
: what is happening? someone got access to your account and changed your emails. i recommend getting better anti-virus software, and be more wary of things u download and link u click on. google the term "phishing" that is likely what happened to you
i know what the term phishing is. but its unlikely because i keep up with my stuff pretty well and i dont download any third party softwares out side of things like game clients and so on. No 1000th visitor free tablet pop ups for me.
: Is there someway we can message eachother or talk because mine is exactly like that
Well theres not much i can do about it because im not a riot employee. whatd id do is just make a support ticket to riot- and point out that the email domain comes up as chineese and youre clearly a north american player so it should be an easy case to prove its y our account and recover it. Make sure you include a screenshot of the email thats on your account now to them. here is the link to make a direct ticket. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
: What's your discord the exact same thing is happening to me.
https://prnt.sc/itzqqp see thats whats on mine even though i literally only use gmail. and i dont use discord or any other 3rd party stuff either so i have no idea how that'd affect it
Shiznyte (NA)
: yeah! its something weird like that... hopefully its a bug. kinda lame though
well i googled it and got some chineese nonsense so its likely hacked. id make a support ticket about it.
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Shiznyte (NA)
: No e-mail recieved
Ya it seems like theres several cases of this going on was the email with yours also a ****####@126.com or something?
: Ive been Banned for zero reason.
Ya mine too i went into my account and it said my email was changed to something ive never seen before it was like ****1775@126.com or something. And considering i only use gmail theres no way thats mine and i looked it up and got some Chinese crap. Try making a ticket in support its what im doing rn
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BubbaV (NA)
: now i dont like c9 lol
Took the worst player on tsm smh. granted i wasnt even going to watch lcs this year but still... how much did tsm have to pay c9 off to take their garbage
: League of sellouts
Diddnt read but upvoted for unicorn thunder
Sparkle (NA)
: Usually people are chill and just treat me like a normal Silver scrub. :) That being said, these are the most common 'Rioter' things I think I encounter: - "What do you do at Riot?" or "What's it like to work for Riot?" (Always happy to answer these Qs) - "A Rioter! Better be good or she'll instaban you lololol" - Requests to nerf/buff different champions - "Give me free skins" - What I call the 'global taunt' where an enemy team will specifically kill me over and over (which is sometimes like good for winning games because I play a lot of like, Braum haha)
Lol i am guilty of that last one. But in the match i played with my friends the rioter was playing kog adc so we just focused everything on him every time and he ended the match like 3/14/ and some assists it was pretty funny. In our defence it WAS an ardent kogmaw so if you ignore it for even a second or two they will probally wipe your team off the face of the rift
: At correct circumstances, it could actually be perfect trolling. "Oh, great, 7 minutes in and we already lost bot tower" **"Stay positive!"** "Please surr all three lanes lost" **"We can do this!"** "Plz Lux stop leaving us just to three-ward the river" **"I want to see everything"** "Lux ur support, why build Rabadon" **"Pushing my limits"** "Maybe If Lux actually hit one ult once..." **"Keep believing"** "Lux, MF why are you in that heavily unwrded part of jungle" **"Curiosity is going to kill one of us"** "Lux wtf is that build" **"A beacon in battle"** "Shaco plz uninstall ur noob" "I am not, just bad game, I deserve challenger" **"Never deny who you are"**
More like: {{champion:267}} come on team theres only one control ward on the map please buy some! My team : {{champion:81}} Who needs a map?!?
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: ***
Hes not that hard to play aginst just pick something that can match the wave clear and dont dive. I just take ori or syndra and farm. Then when i teamfight i have much more presenxe bexause my ult will destry anything that isnt a 3 or 4 item tank. Heck on syndra you can just grab his dongers and throw them away.
Lol this is what i have trouble with. I play flex solo just to try to get it up a little and i dont really uave friends that play it, or if i do theyre all like silver 5 or so. I am plat 5 in solo with 49 lp but b2 in flex. Every time i que up for flex solo i get a wierd mix of medium silver and high bronze on my team, and the enemy team has a mid gold average with one plat/diamind player. My last match was me as ori aginst a p3 syndra mid which went even. But everyone else on my team was b/s and they had 1 s2, and 3 gold 4s. Idk if its matching me with lowers expexting me to carry Every ones weight or what but on my silver 3 solo q smurf i have silver 4 flex que. Idk why flex just mixes a bunch of ranks together and says good luck unless you have a 5 man. Its a pain in the butt. Espically sense im mid gold skill level at most lanes. Got plat abusing ardent janna/nami/raka/sona with the twitch/trist one tricks
: Is it just me or is it just pretty cool to be in a game with a rioter? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
> [{quoted}](name=FullMetaIchemist,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=WJPlGOfo,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-11-08T16:48:56.614+0000) > > Is it just me or is it just pretty cool to be in a game with a rioter? > {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Ive played thousands of games across several accounts. Only happened 5 times so far and once they where actually pretty toxic when i was beating them in mid telling me picking zed was a noob champ and such lol
: Players should stay in a soundproof room imo. Ppl (especially supporters) are a bunch of exploiting kids and only cause problems to the players with their screams.
nah an easier delay would be to have the viewing screens on a 30 second delay or such like twitch. Any advvantage gained would be lost by the 15-30 reaction time
Kotex (NA)
: Starting to see what everyone says about Froskurrin
I just dont like her voice honestly its annoying. any time shes casting i just mute it and watch the game. Honestly idk why riot hired a tumblr reject
: People actually voted for SKT?They looked really shaky compared to SSG.If faker falls,they all fall.
Lol thats what they said for the last two years. Oh Kt looks better this year, oh rox tigers are a real contender. Oh china is looking really strong this year. they say it every year but its always the same result. zzz
: No, a Galio ban would've been the most reasonable.
No not really. We where literally banning singed just because that was the main threat to their kog that costed them 2 games. If theyre banning the kog diver its pretty obvious what theyre going to pick. they could have just taken cait/janna banned kog /rakan and then been fine.
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