: Ping Rises when others watch youtube/netflix?
The only way I can think of is in the router settings. If you are able to access the admin settings to your router you can set specific programs for the router to prioritize in terms of the bandwidth stream. At least that is the case with my Linksys router.
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: Macbook Pro (early 2011) 2.3 GHz intel Core i7 16 GB RAM AMD RADEON HD 6750M 1024 MB
Nice, so not much different than mine. I'm on a mid-2010 MBP, so you're probably right that display settings don't do much.
Lycra (NA)
: I want to verify that graphic settings are completely unrelated to the issue. I've lowered my graphics all to the lowest setting (I play on the highest setting normally) and there was literally no difference.
Lycra (NA)
: When is the mac fps issue being fixed, this is ridiculous.
Upvoted, and bumping. If Riot is willing to invest the time to create a native client for OS X then I would think they would want to maintain it to keep the player-base they've established. I've had no issues until this patch with FPS, but now teamfights are unplayable even with my display settings on the lowest they can go (very low) and sound disabled. Simply acknowledging the problem would go a long way to assure us weary mac users that we've not been forgotten.
: Patch 6.6 FPS issues (MAC)
Ditto, running a 2010 Macbook Pro on El Capitan and had no issues with fps until this patch, and now teamfights periodically become unplayable. Upvoted.
: {{champion:104}} Graves comes out of Brambleback camp at level 2 with the most health I've ever seen on a JG champion. That is saying a lot considering he's a Marksman. EDIT: I don't consider Graves a Marksman anymore. I consider him an all-in Fighter or JG champ at this point. His kit is more of a bruiser/off-tank than a Marksman. He is not meant to last hit since he basically has the Cleave passive on all basic attacks.
Is that at his base levels or are runes also possibly a factor? Just curious since I use Shyvana when I rarely jung and definitely thought her health was higher at that game stage.
: [NEW] Having issues Patching 6.5? Click Here!
Does the GeForce driver patch only apply to Windows users or do Macs with this card also have to download a fix?
: [2/26] NA Login Issues - RESOLVED
Most recent deployment seemed to fix it for me. Thanks for the diligent work, Riot!
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: when people in the new champion select..
When people in the new champ select don't lock in their pick 5-6 times in a row.
Xorcist2 (NA)
: Initial download
Agreed, not to mention the download speed is averaging 200 kbps when my internet has capabilities far greater than that. Very frustrating.


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