iSennª (NA)
: Is Jax ever going to be looked at?
Jax may be a little overtuned ATM but is definitely not broken as a champ. In the years on this board I've never seen anyone complain about his kit until recently. By your logic, Xin, Udyr and Yi are broken too because they're right click melee champions with target spells. His kit is fine. It's ok to have simple kits in this game. Not everyone wants to play an extremely high skill cap champion, and sometimes, there's more complexity in a simple kit than at first glance. For example, how many times have you seen a Jax use a ward hop mid teamfight to dodge a CC skillshot while putting himself in position to get the kill? How often have you seen a Jax bait someone into a good fight for him by letting himself get low then using his ult to turn the tide? A lot of the simpler kits are like this, which I'm sure you're aware of being a Quinn player. Why no hate for Udyr? He's not much different than Jax and is even stronger right now. Maybe you're just salty because your normal right click trading patterns aren't the most effective against this melee champ who actually has the tools to deal with Quinn.
: What do you know, Ahri back up to highest playrate AND winrate midlane in Plat+
Hush hush,Sion has been god-tier top/support for the entire season but people don't cry about it. Hmm...
: Here's the absolute best tip you will ever get to win more games.
Stop fighting is such a good tip. People see someone and always try to fight, but they don't think about what the kill is going to get them other than gold. It's why well executed tower dives are better than ganking a pushed up enemy. If you tower dive you can at least get tower damage. If you gank a pushed laner you can usually only push lane. Getting a kill isn't about getting a kill, it's an advantage that allows you to control and take objectives.
: I think zed is a balance champ
So from this it looks like Zed ulted, e'd, auto'd and procced death mark and electrocute. Then landed another auto, e, then another auto (with passive damage) and ignite possibly? While being ahead two levels with a rank three ultimate and no doubt a fair bit of gold while building armor pen/lethality. I really don't see what the issue is here. Please explain.
LP gains/losses are not based on a single games performance, but many. You gain more/lose less based off your past performances. If you are consistantly playing well, you'll get more with a win and lose less with a lose. Additionally, KDA is far from being the only thing that affects this. How often are you involved in taking obectives? What are your CS numbers like? How often are you leading in gold? How is your KP opposed to KDA? How much emphasis do you put on vision control? Back when I really cared about climbing in this game, I was generally getting >25 LP per win and <15 LP per loss. This was due to several things. I had an extremely high objective involvement (80-90% would not be an exaggeration). I would end the game with the most gold the majority of the time (and usually most CS) by quite a bit of a margin (usually 2,000+ gold). I often had high kill participation and I pretty much always used 3+ control wards a game plus trinkets. Even when I had games that I played bad and definitely cost my team the game, my LP losses were minimal, and this is because the majority of the time I hard carried my team. If you are consistantly out performing your peers, you will have bigger gains and smaller losses. The system is built like this so people can't climb by getting lucky enough to be placed on the winning team most of the time while underperforming themselves. So bottom line, even if your team is a bunch of monkeys and cost you a game where you were playing well, if you're losing 24 LP as opposed to 14 LP for a lose, it's because you have not been playing well enough over the past X amount of games to warrant bigger gains and smaller loses.
: Counterpicking isn't counterplay.
How about accepting you have a losing matchup, get as much cs as you can, don't feed, and do better in teamfights because you have better teamfights and Talon is behind because he hasn't snowballed. THAT'S your counterplay.
: Why does every duo play like shit?
Not all duos are that bad. Me and my buddy do mid/jungle duo. When I'm with my duo of course I'm gonna spend more time playing around him; I can trust that between me and him we can carry a game (which is the case in 60%+ of our games). The DIFFERENCE is we're smart enough as a duo that when he is having a bad game and is losing his lane I stick him on an island and play around our winning lanes. What you're describing is a really bad jungler. For those of you that don't know; a jungler should play around the winning lanes and snowball your leads NOT try to patch up your loaing lanes.
Kelg (NA)
: So what would the game look like if it was actually good?
The biggest problem with this game is the toxic community tbh.
Amoc (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Anags,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vhdgT42g,comment-id=003000000001,timestamp=2018-07-03T16:14:29.999+0000) > > Burst has existed in this game similar to this for quite some time. > > And even when it wasnt burst it was being killed with no recourse. > > At a certain point you are bitching about league being league. And That probably means you should take a break. > > Especially when the OP is complaining about a win. It's crappy gameplay. Period. There's no counterplay to that. It's not fun. It's not interactive. It's just lousy balance math and needs to be changed.
Again. The counterplay is GA. If you're around your team and you have GA, the assassin basically used his tools to proc your GA and die. This thread isn't about "there's no counterplay to this"; this thread ultimitely boils down to "I should be able to pick a squishy, build them full glass cannon, and not be one-shot by champions whose sole purpose is to one-shot me". People want to be able to pick marksmen, build full glass cannon, and be able to 1v1 any champion in the game, which in fact would be unhealthy gameplay. If you don't want to be destroyed by assassins, either build GA and stick with your team (if you die then, it's because your team's bad, not "unhealthy gameplay") or play a different class of champions. So you guys can keep complaining that assassins diving marksmen and one-shotting them when the marksmen are building full glass cannon and are caught out is "unhealthy gameplay", but if a marksman could 1v1 an assassin without building resistances, the class would be beyond broken.
Nipsahoy (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=l Ryden l,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vhdgT42g,comment-id=0030,timestamp=2018-07-03T00:59:47.899+0000) > > I get that people say that damage is so high, but if damage is high, then you should be doing just as much damage as them? Right? > > **BUT DON'T TELL ME!** > > "There damage is high-**ER!**" > > And as far as I can tell from your 6 pixel by 2 pixel .gif, you're a Jhin who's in Nocturne's vision. That's basically asking to get one shot, c'mon dude, you're ~~Diamond~~ **Ex**-Diamond, this is what Nocturne does, you should know that. The point he's making is no champ should do that. I don't understand what people don't get about that. How is it okay for him to die with 0 counterplay. Like to me that's the problem with this game entirely. They claim ok we have to nerf marksmen because they do too much damage and it's unfair. So they nerf them and now most of them suck unless they get 3-4 items yet some champs just take their place deleting you in 1 seconds with minimal counterplay yet the champs doing it now have more mobility and more gap closers and more survivability. I mean if champs that can engage from 1 screen away can do it then there's 0 reason that marksmen shouldn't be able to still.
This arguement comes down to... GA exists. There's your counterplay.
Yenn (NA)
: How the fuck can anyone on the balance team think this is healthy?
So many things that could've made this not happen. First off, not a single person on your team was focused on keeping you alive. Rakan shield/knockup/ult, Darius pull, WW ult/fear. All great ways to keep you alive. The moment Nocturne started his ult, they should have been ready to use any of these for you, and not a single one did. Secondly, no GA. If you're playing a marksman and not taking a GA against an assassin, you deserve to have this happen to you. There's plenty of counterplay there. You just choose to ignore it. Literally if you just had GA you wouldn't have died. Noc would ult you, blow everything to proc it, then die while your team collapsed on him (considering they're not COMPLETELY braindead).
: One week suspension because of my name
I honestly think that rioter is just discriminating against you based on his own personal beliefs. Your initial name is arguable at best (like I _guess_ I can see how some people might be offended, but they would have pretty paper skin and are the same type that would go off on you for calling "maroon" red). But to say "Marxist", which is a school of thought, is offensive tells me this is nothing but discrimination on that rioters part. If you truly have never been reported for having an offensive name in game, this is a gross misuse of power by some rioter who is using his own personal beliefs and philosophies to control the game.
: Junglers' Feel "You want me to help you, I gave you everything"
You haven't experienced the worst yet though. I got flamed the other day after a SUCCESSFUL gank because my laner "wanted the kill". Like, he COULD'VE got it, but I GUARANTEED it. And like, he's gonna get a free wave and a half of that and come out ahead regardless.
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: What is with the guys looking for girls so much on here?
Honestly, it's kind of nice to have a chick to play with sometimes. They're often way more chill then most dudes and don't rage nearly as much. It's also nice to have something other than usual guy's bs to talk about and to have that different perspective. At the same time, most people that play this game are just young boys who are desperate to have a girl in their life, and even more desperate to have one that they can play games with and will probably be pretty pushy on most girls that do play. So for that, I can see why most females that play don't want it to be known who they are. You just get bombarded by all the kids.
Salron (NA)
: What League sounds give you an eargasm?
The sound of a Jinx reset is awesome. I get so hyped when I hear that
Psyrik (NA)
: Want to get out of Bronze? I'll coach you
Would you mind taking a look at one of my games? I'm only silver 5 but I just switched to playing mid over jungle.
Sciela (NA)
: Give me champs that can 1v9.
I think Orianna has the potential to do it when ahead enough. I remember winning a 2v5 teamfight with her by letting the other guy soak damage. One good ulti with her when ahead enough could give you what you need to wipe an entire team off the map by yourself.
FâgLord (EUW)
: How does Ahri and Orianna take skill?
Ori takes a lot of skill because she requires a very high level of micromanagement. Being able to position both her and her ball effectively takes a lot of practice and game knowledge. On top of that, being able to use her skills most effectively (who to w or e, or when to use them for damage or utility) takes lots of game knowledge. All three of the champions you play have MORE kill pressure on her than SHE has on you, so if you're dying against her, you're straight up disrespecting her or getting outplayed. Additionally, she is weak to ganks because she has no escapes. Surviving a gank on Ori is all positioning, correct skill usage, and most importantly, how good you are at dodging skillshots. Lastly, hitting a good ult on her can be quite difficult in a well organized teamfight. Typically, anything less than a 3-man ulti is a bust, and doubly so if you get no squishies. Unless your squishies just walk within range, getting into a position where she can ult them means she's putting herself in a position to get locked down and blown up by the frontline. Edit: I'm a Mastery 7 Orianna player. I've been maining her for the past few months and almost exclusively play her when I play mid. While I consider myself better than most everyone I've seen play her at my elo level, I concede that I am mediocre with her. I still have trouble with max ball range, don't get the most out of her e, and have difficulty with certain matchups. She takes a LOT of practice to be even a competent Ori player.
: What I want to know is how come, you can make a post complaining about a perma ban, in which most cases even with provided chat logs, player lynch mob you into downvote hell. yet you get upvotes. BUT WHEN I MADE IT with a 14 day ban where I only said 1 trigger word (the f word that you call gay people) and complained that, that was super harsh for one word out of context, I got downvotes into hell. sometimes the league community makes no sense, I complain about an unjustified 14 day ban (shouldve given me a chat restriction at most to tell me, "HEY dont call people %%%g0ts anymore" but nope my warning was a 14 day ban..... basically: you probably deserved it, if i deserved a 14 day ban for one word, and i cant wait until you get smote with other chat logs
Difference is yours is hate speech, even if you had non-toxic intentions. What is posted here is not toxic, even if it isn't exactly moral lifting. He was not aggressive, didn't use any foul language, and didn't flame. So yes, his claim is more valid.
: Is it bannable to mute everything in the game? and not help jungler start blue?
Tylically junglers aren't trying to make you take any damage; they're trying to kite the buff so they can clear more efficiently. It bugs the hell out of me when I'm trying to kite the buff, only to have my helper stand there and tank damage. Think about this. If I just stand there while I take my buff, that puts me at a disadvantage. If I stand there instead of going to the edge of the buffs movement range, two big things happen: 1. I take more damage. It's just like kiting as an adc. If they stand there, they're going to get killed quicker than if they kite, even if someone is in their face. 2. I waste time. If I stand at blue then go to gromp, that's an extra 3-4 seconds. It doesn't seem like much, but take it from someone who mainly plays jungle; those several seconds make a huge difference. Those 3-4 seconds can be the difference of being able to counter-jungle, being in position to countergank, get the jump on scuttle for river vison, etc. Also, you taking damage and missing cs puts you at a huge disadvantage, so never sacrifice your cs or health for your jungler (unless he ganks you and gets you a kill, he's allowed to take a FEW cs then :p). If a jungler moves from their buff as they take it, they're more than likely just trying to be effecient. If you practice leashing effectively, you won't take any damage. Don't assume otherwise, but if they are making you take damage, GTFO because they aren't worth it. Edit: I forgot about the first part of the post. Muting all is actually very beneficial, especially if you're prone to tilt. It'll help keep you from getting emotional about the game and you'll focus more on yourself. You'll learn to make your own calls. You stop following people into suicide plays because you won't care about their flame afterwards. You'll learn to pay attention more. Instead of getting mad at your teammate for not pinging the mia Thresh that ganked your lane and got you killed, you'll be upset at yourself for not paying more attention to the map. It'll promote self focus which will improve your game overall.
: Hiya! I'm new to the game too (level 12) and I made a post about this myself xD and I got a few answers, but the main thing ive learnt by playing versus it, you don't have to kill your laner, to win your lane. I got that mostly from Heros of the Storm, since that's a game I play quite a lot. as long as you soak the exp for yourself and try and get yourself some gold you should be fine^^ you wont ever really be able to beat them so don't try to :v atleast I'm never able to beat 2 people.
This exactly. If you dont die you've won lane. Some champs are better for a 2v1 lane than others ({{champion:26}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:21}} to name a few). You just have to make it through laning phase and hope your team gets strong
: leaver buster is really a pain when you have bad internet connection
I doubt it's riots fault. I pretty much never have even the slightest hiccup, but I also have great internet. If your internet is causing you to have extreme ping or dc's, either upgrade your internet or don't play League. It is unfair for your teammates to have to play with someone who can't actually contribute because they are either lagging too much to do anything or can't even connect to the game.
: this is a joke, but, at least this post gives me a voice to put to every mid laner who fucks me with no follow early game. So dear mr "i cant follow" here is a junglers main way of seeing it. Let me just debunk your reasons 1. I was forced to back - No you werent, and if you were, its because you failed to juke poke, failed to stay out of range, failed to counterpick, failed to kite etc. Staying alive on a 1V1 lane is extremly easy in range of early game lvl 1 - 5. And even if as you said, you play scaling and your enemy is an assasin, if he leaves the lane to go help his jungler who is 1v1ing me (your jungler), you must follow him. No, he cant kill you, because he wont focus you, he is going to help his jungler, if he focuses you its good becuase that means jungler gets no help and most likely dies, and all you do is simply flash out when it gets dangerous. Even if you cant deal as much dmg as him, you helping the jungler STILL does something or, if the enemy mid is comming to gank top, once again, comming does something since its a 2v2 instead of a 2v1 for your top laner. 2. "im a noob azir" and zed can kill me. First of all, Azir is not a good counterpick to zed, not even top20, but lets asume he pick zed after. If you are a noob azir, or noob on any champ, dont play that champ in ranked. Ranked is a mode that determines ones rank, and victory is very important. If you know you cant play azir good, and still play him, you are intentionaly giving your team more bags to carry, resulting in unnecesary hard games or lost free wins. Dont try new champs you dont know how to play or just bought on ranked, get good with them on normals. Ranked isnt a place for "first timers" 3. The jungler will come. Yes, and you will want that. As a teamate you have to do anything to help your team, if you see enemy mid rotating bot and there is a chance even the enemy jungler might join for a total of 4v2, do follow your laner. If they turn on you 2v1 in middle of river simply instaflash out. but i dont wanna waste my flash. Well you are not wasting it, you are making the enemy mid and jungle waste their time on you instead of going bot thus keeping them safe. Flashes arent just for getting a first blood or pulling off that one bush flash thing you saw on youtube. 4. Teleport ability / global ability. True is that following these isnt easy, but still you can chose to try to predict and interupt. Like for example when i play vs a TF mid, i watch other lanes for low hp allies, and when i see TF randomly back to his turret when my jungler isnt comming and there is still minions to farm, i know cardboy boutta teleport, so i go through the cs and take 1 or 2 turretshots just to get that canceling CC or zoning. Once again, worth becuase you help your team by giving them time. If the TF does teleport and he didnt just Q kill and walk away, still go to the lane. He might be forced to dive and take dmg or etc, and you can finish him off. also a little PS:. dont you dare say "WTF" if your jungler refuses to give you blue when you are 0/4 on lane. We all know that blue will be gone in 10 sec if we give it to you
Wow this is just all so wrong. If the enemy laner has kill pressure over you you simply cannot follow them into an unwarded river. There's no reason a control/poke mage should ever be folloingg an assassin on a roam when they don't have vision of it. If you die it's your fault for not paying attenetiin to the map, not your midlaners fault for not following.
: What are some safe blind picks for each role?
Top: Can't help you there, I never play it. Jungle: {{champion:254}} {{champion:154}} Vi is a pretty safe pick imo. She is strong at all points of the game, has good clear, good duelists, versatile kits and build paths. Shes can counter jungle well and can be hard to killl 1v1. Zac is super tanky, can do damage if you build for it, has cc for days and can escape well if you're getting coutner-jungled. Mid: {{champion:103}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:134}} Honestly, I dont think anyone hard-counters these four champions. At the very least, you can afk farm lane and sit under tower. They go in order from most safe to least safe. Ahri is pretty easy to pick up, but the other three are pretty difficult. ADC: {{champion:51}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:81}} Cait is probably the safest adc. She's hella strong in lane, has great range, an escape, and has zoning with her traps. Trist has a free escape, and has scaling on her aa range so she gets even safer as the game progresses. Ez is super safe, but is highly mechanically challanging and requires a ton of practice to be even decent with. Support: {{champion:40}} {{champion:412}} Your adc has to literally int to die if your playing janna right. Shes the queen of a farm it out lane. Thresh is pretty good too, with enough tools to deal with any situation.
sej twen (EUNE)
: this happens so much, but that's because i mainly play normals hehe xd
That's the thing. If it was just normals I wouldn't care but it was a ranked game. It's like my team didn't even want to win. They were more interested in playing team death match.
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: Junglers, please don't camp your pre-made and ignore the other lanes
It's fine when it actually works. I'll do this with my buddy when we duo and we straight carry most games. However, you gotta know when it's good to ignore your premade as well. If he dies twice early I'll snowball someone else and win through them.
: And for 10 - 5 pentas, S+, no deaths in a single game? :D But seriously you gotta go for KDA instead of being a teamplayer, or have a full premade team dedicated to saving your life(or atleast decent support) to get 0 deaths, good farm, alot of kills, some assists and wards placed(it matters where you place wards also).
This reminds me of the game when I got mastery 7 on Caitlyn. I was in a premade and literally the entire enemy team was trolling and my boys were like "who wants an S?". They let me get so fed lol
: Well, I got another two-week ban. (An introspective and informational look into behaviour here)
First, you need to recognize your triggers. What are the specific things in game that make you flame others? Find those and you can begin fixing it. What it boils down to most times is expecting more out of your teammates. I've learned to have the mindset that all my teammates are talentless, brainless plebs. With this it makes my anger much less towards them because I expect it. It goes from "wtf why didn't that retard follow up" to "I shouldn't have expected him to follow up my play". Helps pull the focus of your frustration from your team onto yourself, which will also help you improve as a player. Sure there are some games were you have an 0/8 toplaner and a combined 5/18 botlane, but you expected them to be trash anyways so it's just business as usual.
: if you don't intend to play seriously
So yeah... the whole point of a video game is so everyone can have fun playing it. Full on tryhard isn't fun for everyone, nor is only ever focusing on winning. For some people, having fun is doing things that are off meta, or doing dumb things in game. Just because you don't agree with the attitude doesn't make it wrong. The only game mode in this game that should be serious/tryhard is ranked. ARAM is a fun game mode. Winning gains you nothing. Same with normals. People get to live their lives the way they choose to and for you to be telling someone else how they should be living their life is completely unnacceptable. Get over yourself, take a step back, and look at reality for what it really is. You're never going to get people to change who they are. The only thing YOU can change is YOUR attitude.
Awhegark (NA)
: They downvote you and keep being noobs, I upvoted you because all you say is the hard truth.
Lol so very true. Legit Annie is the one who doesn't really have "outplay" potential like the others. I always find it really funny that the champs with some of the highest outplay potential are the ones people will say they don't get outplayed by. Like if you're gonna say a champ killed you but didn't "outplay" you at least throw up this guy {{champion:33}}
: What is with people not reading properly? It has fucking nothing to do with taking like 2, 3 max after getting an assist or flash. It's about clearing an entire wave and pushing for no reason which literally offsets your laner even farther behind in terms of wave advantage and risks him getting killed by the enemy jungler gank and forced to play unsafe or risk losing a lot of CS.
I mean I sypathized with you. I'm just stating the proper ways to do it
: I agree with Crewx.... If I come "a gankin" and you get the kill, the least you can do is spare me a few Cs for my effort. If I get the kill, then I should let you get the Cs and if needed push the lane. What I don't like is when I have to cover for a lane's turret after YOU DIE or leave lane, and then you ping me to tell me "dont farm" TOO BAD... that is the cost of wasting my time to cover your lane.
This exactly. If I, as the jungler, spend my time coming to your lane to get you an advantage, I'm going to get gold out of it. My typical rules are: 1. If I get a kill, I take no cs 2. If the laner gets a kill, I'm taking at least three 3. If I get a flash, I'm taking one or two I understand the frustration though, some people tax TF out of lanes for no reason. If your jungler does get you an advantage though, you owe him some gold.
: played 4 support games this morning
Junglers are the true abused child of the team.
Piggi (NA)
: Help me i'm so toxic
Realize your team mates are all useless, talentless plebs and that you should never rely on them to do anything. They'll never let you down, and you will absolutely love them when you actually get some good ones.
: Thresh support
Thresh is an extremely versatile champion. Each ability of his can be used to engage as well as peel. With his Q (Death Sentence) don't expect to hit it like you hit other skill-shots (using mechanics I mean, like Blitz hook or Ez mystic shot); you land it using mind games because of its wind-up. You have to get people in an area where they can't escape, predict where they will dodge to, etc. His E (Flay) is probably his single best ability IMO. It's more difficult to use than you would think so you may want to smart cast it at first. Also be aware that it will cancel dashes, so make sure to save it for things like Tristana jump and Lucian dash. His W (Lantern) can be used in many unique ways. You typically think of it as an escape for another, but you can also use it to bring people to the fights. It's also a good mind game tool. Don't be afraid to throw it back like you're bringing your jungler when they're not there and walking towards your opponents to zone them. Also, do not underestimate the shield it gives. His ult is pretty self explanatory lol. Thresh also has some pretty good damage which shouldn't be forgotten about. Make sure you're harassing when you can with him. Depending on your lane match-up you can be aggressive or passive and be effective at both. For example, if you are laning with a Jhin, you have insane kill potential level 2. In this lane, Flash + Ignite is a very good option. When you hit level 2, don't be afraid to Flash + Flay + Ignite + Death Sentence. You can chain all this with Jhin's W, and if it's executed properly, will AT LEAST get you a flash on the other side. Be sure to also practice pulling people to enemies. This is done by hooking someone, throwing back the lantern, and pulling them with you for an engage. This can be amazing depending on who you have on your team (delivering a Skarner to someone so he can deliver them to your team is sooooo satisfying). Thresh, IMO, is a carry type support. If you play the game well enough, you can absolutely carry your team with your utility. He can single-handedly win team fights if you make the right plays. He is definitely difficult to pick up and master, but when you put enough time into him to get at least decent, my goodness is it rewarding. Good luck my friend :)
: > [{quoted}](name=WamboCommando,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EvJ0zEqv,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-04-03T12:57:53.044+0000) > > Can people stop crying about her traps every few days? It's not hard to play around, like seriously. Zoning people is kind of her niche. It's like saying you should take the stun off of Ashe's ult because an adc shouldn't have engage. I get that zoning people is her thing but she shouldn't be able to make a permanent mini wall around her enemy's turret, preventing them from leaving if she gets just a bit ahead. If there was a way to deactivate her traps I'm sure they're would be zero complaints, but as it stands you're forced to step on it and take an enhanced auto from her if you want to remove one. And the unbalance of not being able to remove them really shows in all the other maps as well. I'm aware that bringing up other maps isn't exactly a fair thing to do but it still feels extremely dumb that she can create immovable walls in aram and any other game mode that doesn't lesson her CD and force people to die if they want to remove one, when she can already do the same thing in Summoner's Rift. All I'm asking is that there be a way to remove them. Is that too much to ask?
OK so here's the thing: 1) They are not permanent. They sit for a fixed time before they go away. 2) Even at 5 traps it isn't that hard to not step on them around turrets. Honestly the only time you step on them is when your not paying enough attention. 3) Spellsheilds are you're friend against Caitlyn. 4) I understand that you're upset they can't be removed, but think about this for a second. Almost every champion has a "broken" mechanic about them. Ryze can teleport an entire team plus minions. Kayle can make someone invincible for a period of time. Jinx melts everyone late game. Karthus can one button kill people from anywhere. Without letting each champ have some sort of broken mechanic, this game becomes a lot less fun. Caitlyn's ult is very underwhelming when you really think about it, so it's not that bad to me for her traps to do what they do. I know they can be frustrating, but I love them. They create a very unique gameplay element to have to play around. Every champion should have something about them that changes the game. If you think about it, the rest of her kit doesn't really do it.
: Isn't that mia pinging already a sort of funny meme ingame? Like your buddy failed something and you make fun of him.
Lul me and my friends do this constantly. I'll spam ping them for the most minute things like missing a cs/skillshot.
: can we fucking do something about caitlyns traps?
Can people stop crying about her traps every few days? It's not hard to play around, like seriously. Zoning people is kind of her niche. It's like saying you should take the stun off of Ashe's ult because an adc shouldn't have engage.
: Yes. {{champion:22}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:127}} They'd be competing for your cuddles rather than passing you around like sex slave traders.
I can only wish that's what they would do to me :)
: Getting Grade S- or more for the first time in the season with a champion doesn't give you a crate
Saewin (NA)
: Your three highest masteries are your waifus. how screwed are you?
{{champion:51}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:254}} Is there a better trio to be a boy toy for?
: >Honestly point and click CC is the only thing that can reliably deal with him. Yeah... despite be isnt enough cause he can dodge with his Q
He can't really dodge point and click with his Q. I prefer to just wait for him to alpha then CC him because you know where he will be after it.
: If you're not at least Plat 3...
I'm tired of this elitist attitude just because someone is a higher rank. Yes, in general, most plat 3+ players have better game knowledge than a bronze/silver but that isn't always the case. I know every champions abitlities, playstyles, relative damage outputs and relative distances of abilities/autos. I know how to prioritize objectives, how to properly set them up, how to rotate etc. I know how to transition leads and I know how to play around win conditions. My success in this game is probably 85% game knowledge and good decision making and 15% mechanical skill. Unfortunately, this can handicap my gameplay because my team doesn't always have the same objective focused mindset I do. I can't tell you how often my teammates will recall when we can take a free Baron, or how often they just keep running it down mid when we could easily be rotating/splitting to take objectives. So yes, even though I'm silver it's possible for me to understand balance. It's possible for me to understand why Quinn was OP a few patches ago (ability to one shot a squishy when she couldn't be CC'd because of Edge of Night's sheild) or Rengar (one shot squishies building only two damage items with the rest tank) or even Graves now (pretty similar to Rengar, crazy burst, tankiness, and fitting into pretty much every teamcomp in the current meta). So while most low elo players don't have much game knowledge, some definitely do. To say that none do is pretty generalist and is simply not true.
: It's also aram though, there shouldn't really be a competitive side of this game mode because I amongst many people only play it for funsies and to get away from the toxicity that is Ranked, I wasn't insulting anyone and never made a direct statement. just some distasteful jokes/comments, and I'm sorry that the other team took offence to it badly.
"ElmoBePimpin: i called you a %%% ElmoBePimpin: the only cum you'll be getting back is whatever i left in your moms mouth" You are making insulting, direct statements right there so I don't see what you're getting at. You're either in denial or trolling if you cant see that.
: How to counter Master Yi ?
Honestly point and click CC is the only thing that can reliably deal with him. I guess you can kite him when his ult is down. Anything with grevious wounds might help as well if he has lifesteal. You're gonna need the whole team to focus him and blow him up the moment you can.
: Not a Ban Appeal just a question
Well, you're extremely toxic. Nothing you typed in chat was constructive to the game. You may have been trying to "poke fun", but you're being toxic with the aggressive hate speech/sexual comments. I understand wanting to taunt the other team but you can't say things like that. Most times a simple "?" or "thx for the leash" Is more than enough to tilt someone if thats what you're going for. Personally I think you should just focus more on playing the game and less on in-game chat.
: If players don't call Mia who's to blame?
Ultimitely, it's each individuals job to know where all 5 members of the opposing team are.
Ørdeal (NA)
: "It's not my job to help your lane"
Honestly the junglers job is to win their lane, just like everyone else. Sometimes they can't gank or counterjungle, and all you can really do at that point is outfarm/countergank.
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