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: > [{quoted}](name=RageTheWolf,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=xxhRTl1N,comment-id=00f7,timestamp=2016-09-10T02:05:44.308+0000) > > ...stale meta.....I DON'T CARE I JUST WANT TO PLAY THE CHARACTER I WANT IN URF!!!!{{champion:25}} Probably a dozens of these "ZOMG I DON'T GIVE A FKZ BOUT STALE I JUST WANNA PLAY MY CHAMP WHO JUST HAPPENS TO BE AMONGST THE TOP TIER OP LIST O URF CHAMPZ", but the point is its alot easier for people to 'focus more on fun then just steam rolling the match' by figuring out what the champ does and then go nuts when its kit turns into a monster that destroys everything. Take for example {{champion:72}} , you don't get to see him that often in regular mode but in URF he is balls to the walls crazy because he can basically spam his enhanced 'auto' attack and keep his 'crystal power buff' all the time so he turns into this insanely fast move and attack speed, especially since he can fire off his E every 2.8 seconds right at rank 1 and which lets him marks anyone hit with 'crystal venom' for 5 seconds on top of slowing them and if he basic attacks them he stuns them for 1 second. Did i mention while he has his 'crystal power', he also gains large move speed and attack speed which level scales from +70~120 flat move and +43%~160% bonus attack speed by the time he hits level 18? Oh and he cuts the cool down on Fracture by 1 second when he stuns someone with it and 1.75 seconds with his ultimate instead so technically he can use Fracture every 1.8 seconds which means he could effectively keep you in a stun lock once he is on top of you. Point is in URF mode, you could pick a super spam champion like Sona, but then you are pretty much scared for your life when someone picks a champion like Skarner and they will be a insane train wrecker who could just build god tank in URF and be literally impossible to have any chance of dueling against and ruin any chance for a team fight since he can just remove your 'main damage dealer' from the fight with relative ease.
I think that's what riot doesn't get. There may be a solid "20 most played" champs, but literally half the roster is broken in that mode and can be built in a viable way. People will learn without being forced into random selects.
: I feel like this ARAM URF concept is gonna flop hard. A lot of people like playing URF because either some of their favorite champs have some overpowered ability(s) that they enjoy messing with or they want to try out some champions they may not play too often who have some interesting kits for the mode, like for me the only time I ever play Shaco is on URF. I cant play Shaco normally but URF makes him easy and fun. But what is to look forward to if there is a 1 in 131 chance I'm going to get to play Shaco? and what if I do finally get him and get placed against a bad matchup, and end up being able to do nothing all game, the one time i get to play my desired champion. plus we have to accept that there are just a lot of champions whose kits are just not viable in URF, they weren't designed to be played that way and they cant keep up with certain other champions. At least with regular ARAM the champions are all balanced enough that it somewhat doesn't matter who you get, but in URF if 1 person gets the right champ its GG. This whole concept kind of sucks and I think taking the players choice out of URF is going to be a big mistake.
The day I get random'd hecarim, and the other team gets random squish, you will see tears. 1v5, under their double towers, making it out at the end. It has happened before, it will happen again. Making it all random will do nothing for actual balance.
: It was fun for the people playing it. Not the people on the losing side, i presume.
_psst_ there are only six bans and ten players, there's plenty to go around.
: I won't play the new Dominion when it's in RGM. They took something that was fun a few times every few months to something I don't even want to think about queuing up in. lulz
I was so bummed when they killed dominion, the queue times weren't even that bad and the community didn't suck.
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: I could be mistaken, but I'm fairly certain that game modes in RGM do not count towards your masteries. If they do, they could always disable it if they saw a skew happening with specific champions.
when they first implemented RGM you could rank above 5, it's how I got my {{champion:39}} to 6. They stopped that real fast. it's not an issue for ranks, maybe they don't like the easy box and key drops? My money is on it draining players from normal and ranked queues though.
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: This is an interesting point, and one I never thought about (not being familiar with WC3 and DotA). If this truly is the case, and the trend they are seeing, I wouldn't mind URF still being limited and not a permanent fixture in the game, but it still doesn't answer why we should have random champs instead of playing the ones we want. I don't want URF to take away from the core game, but at the same time, it's meant to be enjoyable and silly.
so less people play it. if it's random it might hit a queue time closer to aram (which is still usually under a minute) and poach some of those players instead of normals/ranked. If you want to go full tinfoil, wait and see if they release random urf as a full mode or trial mode, if it pulls enough of the aram crowd over to make long queue times for both they could cut both and site low interest, forcing people back into SR.
: Ask Riot URF Champion Update
I've been playing LoL since late season 1, and I think this is the first time I've commented on one of these but I really need to get this out there. I've never been too into SR. The group of friends I used to play it with has moved on and I don't care for the length of the matches or the community attitude towards "serious mode". It's ok, don't get me wrong, but it's not my favorite and it's never been what keeps me coming back to this game. Treeline is fun but I can't stand to solo queue it. I started getting back into SR a little bit with team builder since I didn't have to fight for roles but then that went away too. For a very long time, my go to was dominion. Even with 5 minute queues on a slow night, it was a fun mode that people didn't get too serious about, and the community that was there was pretty good. And then it got taken out. I'm still not sure why. How many resources would it really take to just leave it up as an optional game mode? I know there was minor balancing done to it, but it's not like domi was your esports darling, it didn't have to be perfect, but no, just gone. At that point official ARAM was a thing and honestly that's the only thing that kept me playing for a long time. I don't even use a smurf, I have every champ by virtue of the age of my account and there are very few I reroll on sight. It's a fun mode, but it gets a little old sometimes. For that reason, the weekend modes have been a welcome change. I particularly liked urf (obviously) hexakill on treeline has been great, ascension is pretty good and I even liked nemesis. The siege one is neat, but having it 3 weekends in what, six weeks or so? was a bit much. Mostly though, every weekend I was hoping for URF. It's just silly fun. Yes people picked the overpowered champs all the time. Guess what, half the roster is broken on that mode in one way or another, so what. It's urf. Now this brings me to my point. It's been months since we've had urf, which is clearly an incredibly popular mode, and now we're told it's getting swapped around and still on hold but it'll be back soon(tm). ARURF could be fun, I'll definitely play it, but it's not the same, and it points to a suspicion I've had for some time. It seems to me, that the devs are actively hostile against anything that isn't ranked SR. It sounds unfair, and probably is, but after years of the things I actually enjoy getting changed and removed over and over and over, it really does seem that that's the case. URF is just the most recent example. Know how you could be everyone's best friend? Just throw urf in the queue once a month. That's it. Once a month put it in for a weekend and let us have at it. You can still play around with new modes, and hell, if the queue timer on it ever gets over two minutes you can pull it, but you wont. I suspect it's because there's too great a culture of change for the sake of change, but it really does feel like it was a case of being too successful. It competed with the e-sports darling, and now it has to go. If you've made it this far, thank you for reading.
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