Ququroon (NA)
: Adding simple recalls to older champs
this is pretty cool! nice little touch.
: Adorable! You wouldn´t mind drawing a cute Syndra? :D
thank you! I've drawn Syndra before, but probably not a cute version of her....so maybe sometime!
: While trying to fall asleep, she counts herself
omg, that's great
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Awww... {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
glad you like it! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
gileskd (NA)
: would twitch be rat in the hat? and I guess tibbers could be a bear {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} edit: on second thought lets give it to voli :)
yes! a bear kigu for volibear!
: Think you could drop the idea to the skins team to make more skins with champs wearing pajamas?
hmmmm, I could always **[develop the idea more](https://twitter.com/lucipeach/status/823078086161874945)...**
: This is so cute, thanks for sharing!! :D
thank you, and no problem! I'm glad you like it!
: *COLLAPSES* Cuteness...too much...diabetes...acting up...
oh no! would soraka healing you help? or would her cuteness just make it worse.... ...either way I'm glad you like it :D
boo910 (NA)
: wish i could draw like that this is awesome
just takes practice is all, thank you though ^^
: Adorable! :D
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SlownD (NA)
: [Skin Idea] Dark Star Lissandra
lovely design! I'll definitely have to check out your other work. ^^
Trias000 (EUNE)
: That would be kinda redundant with her default skin.
not necessarily, at least from a visual standpoint.
: Very nice. :->{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
thank you!! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Jon1174 (NA)
: Looks really good
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: Risen Lissandra (Concept Art)
I love this! you did a great job with it, and I think adding the rocks around her were a good choice as opposed to just leaving the sand dune as is. always nice to see your work!
Swordfish (EUNE)
: Yes, we need moreelderwood skins
yes!! :D I'm thinking about drawing up an elderwood soraka too
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: It's just that this gag is too overused. And no, I don't think Omega Squad fits him at all. I could think of several other skins that would fit him and it's not some pajamas (Panda and cottontail) or recolors (Recon and badger).
well, to each their own!
: I wasn't agreeing with your post, I actualy dislike people seeing Teemo as evil... Please.
its just cause he can be annoying in game, I don't really think he's EVIL, I even play him sometimes. don't hate him at all, this is just a joke. :p and omega squad kind of fits his character, so I'm not sure why you think its bad? I appreciate your opinion but there's no need to say a silly little doodle I did is bad just because you don't like the general opinion/jokes surrounding the character :0
: Between Two Turrets - Come chat with illustrator Suke! [COMPLETE]
I love your work! I was wondering, do you think it's particularly difficult to become a concept artist for Riot Games, or a concept artist in general? And did you attend a school or classes to learn or are you self taught? Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions! I followed you on deviantArt and can't wait to see more of your amazing work!
Elfezen (NA)
: that's Human Torch Teemo
omg I guess it is...
: Like Omega Squad wasn't bad enough...
: They should make it so that if you set off a shroom, it has a very low sound of fire crackling and the wails of damned souls screeching out.
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Thuban (NA)
: If words have no meaning, then why bother communicating? I read it as Malzahar STRIKING DRAGONLINGS. It gets weirder the more you use it. If there was no meaning then forums need to be removed, newspapers, every form of communication. If words should have no meaning then why do you write and/or speak words? Maybe words should be meaningless, empty, that way they could get removed, and I could enjoy my solitude peacefully. Assuming I'm caring either way. Honestly just bored because I need to work in the morning.
why are you taking this so seriously? also since when did fuck mean strike
SSJTribe (NA)
: Why not one that already exists, Professor Ryze?
: and who/what race is the human?
udyr's race I guess. its probably his skin.
1Acer (NA)
: Maybe a star guardian jinx then?{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
star guardian for everybody!
Mynxin (NA)
: Need a full team of jobs. Farmer Nasus Top, Baker Pantheon Jungle, Dog Walker Thresh Support, Walked-Dog Kog'Maw ADC (Or maybe Hairdresser Draven? Playwright Jhin?) President Veigar Mid/Flight Attendant Anivia Mid/Circus Performer LeBlanc Mid/Dancer Orriana Mid. I can't actually think of any good ones for mid lane >.<
Arie (NA)
: Community Skin Spotlight
ah, fan skins!! I love fan skins so much, really glad to see some featured :D I've even made some myself!
: 4word.deviantart.com
thanks! I'll definitely check it out! mine's princetteaiko.deviantart.com if you're interested
: Right? I'd like to see a Shurima-themed team. And with Azir's skating, and Thresh's pulls and lantern.. the sands would be alive!!! MUAHHAHA. lol
omg yeah lmao I might draw a bit based on this if I get the time, would that be ok with you?
: Yes :)
do you have some place you post your art, like deviantArt, tumblr, or twitter? I'd love to see more :D I love meeting fellow artists!
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: Shurima-themed Thresh Skin: Warden of the Sands
this would definitely be interesting!!
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: Woad Scout Soraka Concept
these are great, I love the idea! did you draw these?
Horidas (NA)
: Woad Scout doesn't SEEM like it'd be the proper term to me - why not Woad Shaman or Healer?
: Pool Party Illaoi
YES!!! absolutely!
: Ahh only if I was good at art :/
you can get good with practice!
Xaoney (NA)
: The next "Boss" skin ideas
oooh, I love this!!! I might doodle some ideas if I find the time, would that be alright?
aítch (NA)
: Yeah but imagine 10 players on Summoners rift trying to navigate through like that shit would be funny to spectate but other than that...
yeah, that was kinda my thought. it might be chaotic and hilarious at first but the novelty would wear off really fast and it'd just be irritating for those playing it. like either change the map or...maybe the changes I suggested? > [{quoted}](name=Wannabe Doom Bot,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=mgIulXW3,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-02-14T05:31:26.878+0000) > > make it a mode where people have an extremely limited vision radius and can place more wards and I'm all for it. > > or > > or > > day and night event! that mode is night and day could be the reverse, with no fog of war instead of ALL dark, just limited vision. and let everyone place a shitton of wards. (plus you know, opportunity for a day/night event)
: TF would probably be a pretty consistent pick, Susan doesn't really play w/ the team much anyway, Teemo shrooms Caitlyn traps nidalee traps would all still grant vision(at least to the owner of the trap)... eventually I feel like a meta would develop around champs like these, either those that grant vision or those that focus heavily on there own micro play and split pushing.
I doubt riot would ever implement a mode where a player is so isolated as that, league is supposed to be a team game. I don't think this would bring anything new and exciting to the table.
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: New Gamemode Idea: All Dark
make it a mode where people have an extremely limited vision radius and can place more wards and I'm all for it. or or day and night event! that mode is night and day could be the reverse, with no fog of war
: I thought based on the title that it was just permanent nocturne ult. I want a game mode w/out shared vision and wards being useless/not for sale.
I feel like that would be a little TOO limiting to be a good game mode, you wouldn't be able to work with your team and make plays and such. the chaos might be funny at first but the novelty would probably wear off extremely fast and leave people irritated with their inability to work together properly.
: wait, poros explode?! what?
if everyone on both teams of an aram match feed the same poros, it explodes into a bunch of little poros!
IvanRez (EUNE)
: Swamp Monster skins
with some tweaking I think this could be a good idea! maybe I'll doodle some if I get the time uwu
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