: who's your favorite champion in terms of personality?
Jhin, because it's the right answer. But seriously though I'm not a marksman player and I love Jhin, playing him is almost like playing another game and his voice is captivating
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: > Soooooo, yeah. What do you think? It's hard to weigh in on "hilariously" weak. I think there are some things about towers that could be improved. Some thoughts: * I don't really think turrets universally just die too easily. I think if the outers especially lasted a bit longer (fewer "I lost my outer in one back" moments), however, that could be an improvement. * As players have gotten better at playing around turrets, managing their aggro mechanics and diving them has probably become too easy. * Turret damage on tanks especially feels pretty low. Tanks should feel better about taking a few turret shots than others, but it can feel over the top. Those stand out to me as the opportunities for improvement if we're talking turrets.
: Good idea, although I don't hate this meta as much as S4 top lane. Screw that crap.
I don't hate this meta honestly, the worse for me was relic meta. But I just want stuff other than tanks to be at least viable.
WarWork (NA)
: Yo riot repertoire about top
Or maybe we just need to tap tanks sustain up top (like have cho's heal on his passive come from stacks instead of instantly getting for each minion kill, ie getting a heal for like every 5 minions kills and each champ
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DyQuill (NA)
: AMA with the Kai'Sa team! (x-post from r/leagueoflegends)
Hope I didn't miss this, but first question we multiple pieces of lore about Kai'sa, but when boiled down to the bare essentials, it tells us the same thing, the void consumes and people are afraid of her. I see that as a huge missed opportunity. Kaisa's lore is more about the void than it is about herself. Why couldn't we get something telling us more about the suit, what did she eat, why her personality is the way it is, what does she think about her parents? This hurts even more because we aren't gonna get these answers till like two years from now. And 2 what makes the void different from the mist? They seem pretty similar
Meddler (NA)
: Still working on Duskblade compensation changes in general. More, including to some champs who already have changes, likely to hit PBE over the next week. Shielding - nothing concrete yet, probably something post 8.6.
Why is duskblade being needed again?
: Both can roam bot easier is my guess. Who was toplane?
Gnar and Ornn respectively
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: Yeah that's a fair assessment. I like old-school LoL, I liked the characters, story and setting, but even I can agree that a lot of them needed (some still need) some spice. Just a focus on the enjoyable themes they already have and expanding upon those. Kai'Sa is a lot like that, not completely lacking in any interesting themes, but the execution could have been stronger and more compelling. She survived the Void by fusing with a Void creature and now fights for humanity, despite the fact that they often view her as "one of them" now. The theme isn't inherently bad, its just her character doesn't feel like it fully delivers on it. It reminds me of recent updates like Evelynn, where her theme of "sexy assassin succubus" was present in old Eve but not fully delivered. New Eve takes the core concept that everybody liked, retains some of her basic visual design elements and runs with it. She's Eve 2.0 in every way, especially in execution of theme and personality.
I think another issue is that bland is the direction they chose to go with a character we have imagined and wondered about since the start of league, who is kassadin's daughter? Oh she's just some sexy girl in a skin tight suit. Also if her abilities and riot didnt tell us the suit is alive I wouldn't guess that.
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Jaredan (NA)
: /walks by. Oh, hello! Personally, from an in-world story logic perspective, I think the idea was that as Gallio is meant to nullify magic on the field, just having a chunk of petricite on a wagon isn't going to be enough against larger magical forces (as there were more of in Demacia's past). To protect a large number of troops against a large number of, let's say, bloodmages, moving something that can have a wide area of effect might make sense, even if it produced challenges in transportation. Moving large objects across large distances (though not intercontinental, as that's not really Demacia's bag, baby) is something that's been done by various civilizations since time immemorial (such as the Welsh stone used to build Stonehenge about 3800 years ago, give or take a few Mondays). So it's not like it's impossible to put Galio out to the battlefield, particularly when it's not too far beyond the edges of Demacia's territory, but the threat would need to be pretty high to make all the effort worthwhile. In regard to him not making sense, for Demacia, he hasn't made sense for quite a while. He fell into legend as, perhaps, Galio's cumbersome nature became less worthwhile as the level of magic threats deteriorated, hence him being left to sit for the grass to grow around for so long. Keep in mind that Galio's origin seems to imply his sculptor, Durand, created something a bit outside the box compared to what was commissioned. Though they didn't get what they expected, the Demacians were able to make use of the stone giant's eye-opening proportion as a magical shield and something to strike fear into enemies' hearts from above the treeline. Who knows what the Demacians actually wanted Durand to make, or why the sculptor created what he did (if he's anything like me when I'm writing a bio, he probably got carried away, or was insane, either really). In any case the happy accident that is Galio proved to be valuable despite his challenging size. Just my two pennies for the 'story logic.' Mainly I just think it's cool we have a living, anti-magic, alabaster giant thundering around when we fancy, both in-game and in-story.
Hey Jaredan, first I just want to really thank you for taking your time to reply to this. Also wanna say good job to you and your team lore really has been getting better. I wanna apologize if I sound overly negative and critical. And also gonna attempt to keep this short. But I don't really think what you said justifies why Galio is **THAT** large, I think what you more addressed was why he has to be large. I've seen a lot of comments saying old civilizations have moved rather large structures in the past, that is true but can you imagine the Welsh from 3800 years ago moving the statue of liberty? Or the Egyptians. The example provided to support the plausibility or moving Galio references objects a fraction of the size and weight of Galio (thus why his size choice is so bizarre to me). If he was modular and moved in pieces maybe. Another thing that makes moving him at his size so implausible, is how top heavy he is. How is it possible to move him over fields without him toppling over. And I guess demacia is lucky that noxus doesn't **seem** to want to attack them. Because someone half as smart as swain would wait till they expand all that time and effort to make Galio then just attack the city or somewhere else with the blood mages. By the time they move Galio, all would be lost. Or if Galio ults in lol he would destroy the whole area **due to his size** defeating his own purpose. Once again I just think it would have been easier to scale down his size than making half explanations and asking for so much suspension of disbelief.
: I would suggest looking into Stonehendge. It is every possible to move very large boulders over a long distance without magic or modern tech. Also size does not equal mass. Granted Galio is very heavy, but I would think petricite isn't as heavy as pure stone considering it was made from plant matter as well.
Very great point. He would still be insanely heavy even if petricite was as light as paper. A typical pack of paper has dimensions 2"x 8.5"x 11" and a weight of 20. Let's stack the paper by laying it flat, one pack of paper laid flat is two inches tall. A commentor says he calculated galios height to be 104 feet. 12 inches makes a foot so Galios height is approximately 1248 inches. Now let's stack the paper until it's as tall as galio. That's 624 packs of paper vertically. Now let's calculate the weight of the stacks, that's 12,480 pounds of papers over 5.6 tons. And that is just for his height in paper's imagine when you add in the other dimensions (don't have enough info for length and width) and galios pretty wide.oh and let's not forget his wings and tail. And that's if petricite's weight was comparable to paper.
: Yeah Galio IS too big. So many problems would be fixed if he was just like the size of "Le Penseur" or even a little bigger (which is already pretty big). He can still be a giant statue without being skyscraper sized. And I totally agree on the fantastical bit. I really liked releases like Xayah and Rakan or Kayn, because they felt like real people with a manageable scope of conflicts. Even if they still have fantasy elements, ground-level Champions I feel will always tell better stories than cosmic beings. Why should we worry about Sol or his problems when he's basically a god? They had to lore nerf him to even make him able to exist in the universe without just destroying it on a whim because he's sick of Targon's crap.
Yeah basically you summarized how I feel in a more efficient manner lol
: > [{quoted}](name=WarWork,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=sZXxb0xr,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-02-27T19:27:28.867+0000) > > I don't mind powerful characters, Cho could destroy they world yeah, but it feels like half the roster now can, it's not impressive anymore. Aurelion Sol can sneeze the planet out existence if he could do that then he wouldnt be slave to humans
1. He creates sun's, I'm pretty sure he's powerful enough to do that by accident. 2. He wasn't enslaved by humans, targonian aspects aren't human. Apparently they're some god like space parasites (go read Zoe's story she nuked some soldiers and she can't fully control her powers) 3. He wasn't enslaved because he was defeated, he was tricked and is enslaved by magic.
: I think Skaarl cant die from ageing but can be killed and die
I really don't wanna look for the post, and I don't know if a rioter was memeing, but I know in a post after Kleds release rioters said he's completely immortal he can't die but he's (or she) is a coward
: I'll see if there are answers I can share. Gimmie a couple of days in case folks are out of the office before I get back to you. NO PROMISES though. I could get into a lot of bother if I make promises.
Ty bio this already means so much. Wishing you all the best! {{sticker:katarina-love}}
: Well, even if they werent playable characters in the old lore, The Summoners of the Council wer waaaaaay more powerfull than any champion in the game, since they are not in the lore anymore, Riot can add op lore creatures now. And Chogath, in the old lore he was able to destroying the world if he wanted to.
I don't mind powerful characters, Cho could destroy they world yeah, but it feels like half the roster now can, it's not impressive anymore. Aurelion Sol can sneeze the planet out existence
: > how in the hell a nation that doesn't use magic or tech do this) ? People built the Pyramids, Great Wall of China, Colosseum. Don't forget the power of many people and animals working together
People build them yeah, but they didn't move them everytime they had a war
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: > [{quoted}](name=Chromatic Eagle,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=XjUZ9HdJ,comment-id=000400020000000000040000000000000000,timestamp=2018-02-27T00:54:03.074+0000) > > With all due respect, imagine Riot and fans in a relationship. To some fans, we feel like we've lost trust with Riot. Some are willing to work on getting the trust back, but for those like Warlord, the trust is gone. Others, felt like the trust was building, but things like the Varus event broke that. Some are willing to try again, but others are burnt out. I totally understand. I absolutely get that for players there are highly variable amounts of trust - some have none left due to what Riot has done, and some have a lot. I'm asking how to increase/improve that trust. As always, I'm all about what can be done now and in the future.
Can we get more replies to the controversial or nonsensical stuff you do and I don't mind memes but they get annoying when you ask a serious question and your answer is all jokes
: Part 2 That could have sparked Leona's wrath with a bit of self-loathing thrown in to spice things up. And it would have felt more true to Old!Leona. But that's a tangent. The actual important thing, is that once Leona gets possessed. She suddenly loses all motivation, she no longer wants to hunt down the one that killed her new parents and defiled her religion. That got zapped away in an instant, and now the eldritch entity in her mind says we should sit down and talk. Which trickles down to everything in this setting. The high solari priests were apparently the religious and political leaders of the entire mountain. Able to just go to a Rakkor duel to the death and call it off. So, what happens to this mountain when the entire religious and political world is destroyed? All while apparently raiders are a common occurrence on their borders? That’s an amazing story of political intrigue, hegemonic infighting, and civil war. Which, you know, to go back to Targon’s earliest roots has a really obvious [historical counterpart](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peloponnesian_War) that would have a perfect role for your Spartan soldier. But we don’t look at that consequence to the story. After Diana and Leona, we get short stories of things basically just going on as things always went on. Leona kills some bandits, Diana is off doing whatever she does away from the populace. We get a huge curveball with Sol showing that the gods we’ve just been reading about are all just petty backstabbing bastards. This is slightly toned down when some Demacian gets superpowers and is an ok dude. But then the next bit of Targon lore we get? It’s about a child who hasn’t mentally developed, despite being thousands of years old. Then she does the medieval equivalent of a nuke on some poor guards, vaporizing them. Then abandons this unarmed town which now must deal with spirits without the people who were trying to save the town from said spirits and with a world rune. Which apparently is destruction incarnate. And that apparently was how she delivers a message. The message was supposed to be “Hey guys, there’s a world rune down there. Maybe be careful about it.” Somehow got translated into “Imma kill your guards and laugh.” And that’s supposed to be the endearing character! Endearing to whom? Jhin? I don’t like this story. I don’t care for these characters. I’m pretty sure that the Targonian Aspects are basically one big example of a J. J. Abrams Mystery Box. And even if they aren’t. I’m out. The writers have already lost me. If this was a book I’d put it down and go read something else. If it wasn’t for Pantheon being involved somehow, which directly relates to whether or not I get to play my main for the foreseeable future I would not be giving this stuff a second thought. You ask for a possible synthesis of the old and the new. A way to somehow make people who dislike Riot’s story to start liking it. And that’s not going to happen. There is no easy out in this situation. I might get some enjoyment if we get Atreus kicking out his parasite, and throwing away his magic equipment and vowing to fight these “gods” that ruin everything they’re trying to protect. But I wouldn’t consider that actually good storytelling. That’s just another lore retcon done in a sloppy way. Even if I would enjoy it. But that’s the only way back from the place Riot has taken the Pantheon lore where it would even be acceptable to me. Which leads to another question that is going to contradict my entire lengthy post here. Whether I am worth catering too. Because let me tell you. I have already lost confidence that Riot can ever own up to their mistakes. That sailed past over a year ago. I don’t see that ever coming back. Not when the writers pull the kind of crap where, if they get backlash, make the completely B.S. claim that the old lore they just deleted was “essentially finished with nowhere left to go.” Which is blatantly and obviously a lie, and Rioters have used it on multiple occasions. That’s just disrespectful and arrogant that they think anyone would believe that. I’m sold out here. I like Miss Fortune, because of the political intrigue of Bilgewater. But there are more hints dropping about some dark ancient evil secret beneath the surface and the thought bores me. I like Darius, but we’re getting more hints through Swain that there’s some other dark evil magic secret power that would take up Noxus without Swain’s guidance. And that bores me, too. Targon is only about ancient magic evils (and the Protector off being cool). Darkin is all ancient magic evils. The Watchers are all ancient magic evils. Xerath is an ancient magic evil. The Void is just an ancient magic evil. Volibear is an ancient magic evil. I don’t care about any of that. At some point, Riot will just have to accept that their direction is going to push people away. I already reached my limit. When the Pantheon rework gets here if it’s a starry looking magic wielding nincompoop I’m leaving the game. I’m a sunk cost on the road of making the game their vision. I’m sure Riot will survive without me, and maybe it will be improved without me. And if Pantheon remains a Spartan, I’ll be incredibly happy, but I don’t see Riot’s lore ever drawing me back in again. My interests and the writers’ interests are far too disparate. And on a final note. I hope you enjoyed your game night. And Pandemic Legacy? Nice choice.
Man I really love this post and hope you see this response. I have problems when it comes to expressing what's on my mind clearly to others, especially writing, in a way that's easily understandable. But in two posts you've basically summarized so much about how I felt. One big example was the galio update. It felt to me they only made him gargoyle enough to pass as Galio. And what I hate about the new lore is that they introduce some new ideas that have just simply put, logical problems and almost never address it, answer questions or if they do they respond in memes and jokes. Back to galio as an example, he was built to be a mobile anti magic shield (all in his lore) , and this dude comes back with a statue of liberty? How do they move this? Demacia doesn't use magic and from what we can tell they aren't technologically advanced so how did they expect to move him? How was doran not put to death??? And on another note about galio, in his stories with Lux, how does he move and leave the damn city, without anyone noticing or being concerned? How is this not an issue and go unnoticed or without consequences??? Especially in a notably magic-phobic state? I think Galio was just made too huge, his stories and lore would make a lot more sense if he was even just 20 feet. Something that big moving in a war doesn't just disappear into folk tales, that makes no sense. And I think another problem with lore, is that it feels too fantastical. They are too many Gods and unbelievably powerful/ nigh all-powerful characters in the lore now. It's hard to really feel a sense of threat with so many godly level characters running around. There is too much magical powerful beings. I hate Zoe's lore, so much, she is a literal child given the powers of a God she killed people and we were supposed to ignore and say oh well you know she's a child and was defending herself. With the Zoe incident I can see why demacia is so magic-phobic. Lol she literally nuked some guards with families and that's never addressed. I much much prefer Annie's story, she's more relatable and when she killed that lady there it more sympathetic. Changes today feel like just for the sake of change. The Varus change solidified that in my mind because in posts and videos they said they knew it would have been controversial. I don't mind having a 3some character, I just don't think they needed to kill varus to do it, they should have just made a new champ that would have been the perfect win win. The people who defend and love the new Varus would have loved him all the same if it was a new champ, versus the old varus fans who loved his old lore who lost their champ and riot (I know/ hope they not) basically saying sorry ducks to be you ** I haven't completely given up on lore** the I do admit I tend to hold out hope too much. I'm sorry that turned into a rant about Gallo, I love the way you think and hope you reply to this.
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Korios (EUNE)
: New Noxus lore lads! Get hyped!
Love the new noxus, just love it. But question, what's the life expectancy in noxus like because based on their beliefs it looks quite low
DyQuill (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Foucz,realm=EUNE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=z1dTsaQ6,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-11-30T16:29:39.262+0000) > > I wish someone could explain how new varus lore makes him more relevant than his old one. On the most superficial level, he went from being corrupted by an unrelated, ambiguous magical force to being corrupted by a darkin. He's now part of an ongoing conflict that involves multiple champions and regions. The choices he makes are no longer just about himself + the Noxians that killed his loved one, but also the future of the darkin race in Runeterra. I wouldn't go so far as to call him "irrelevant" before, but he's definitely a more connected and central character now.
> On the most superficial level, he went from being corrupted by an unrelated, ambiguous magical force to being corrupted by a darkin. He's now part of an ongoing conflict that involves multiple champions and regions. The choices he makes are no longer just about himself + the Noxians that killed his loved one, but also the future of the darkin race in Runeterra. That either doesn't really answers the question or dodges it. This could have been done by actually updating his lore and just making the corruption a darkin in the first place. We are asking about all the other changes you made ** NOT THE DARKIN ONE** we had already considered Varus darkin from Kayn was released.
: If they expanded Varus' existing lore, he'd be Lucian 2.0. We only need one emo ADC hung up on a vengeance trip over his dead wife. Changing Varus to be what he is now is better for League because it wouldn't be duplicating an already integrated story that exists in the game and spans several characters actually in their voice overs.
> [{quoted}](name=Oleandervine,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=YH57eNnn,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-12-01T16:32:30.720+0000) > > If they expanded Varus' existing lore, he'd be Lucian 2.0. You do know he came out befor lucian right?
SatomiKun (EUW)
: I discussed this in an own thread: letting Varus lore as was and just adding that the pit inhabited a Darkin wouldn't separate him from the other Darkin. The current version has a new dynamic which the other Darkin don't have. Let's assume that Varus lost wife and child and goes into the pit. There are 2 possible outcomes: Varus gets overwhelmed by the Darkin or he is strong enough to fight him on his own. These 2 dynamics exist already. First case is the same like Aatrox, the second one is exactly like Kayn. The current version has a new dynamic: 2 individuals, who are too weak to fight the Darkin on their own, are able to resist him **together**.
Not really i see your point, I really do. But that's really due to the limited nature of Darkin themselves only 2 options are available either the human(s) or the Darkin wins eliminating the other or they work in harmony. And the "new dynamic" I dont see it the way you do, the new lore states that every person that varus kills the weaker the other 2 get, and in his story he already killed a lot of people. So I see him as after Kayn but just along the way to being like Aatrox with another person along for the ride.
Rebonack (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=JacctheInsomniac,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Q0hN6NhG,comment-id=00000004,timestamp=2017-12-01T14:52:41.363+0000) > > The hints about Pallace's moral ambiguity within his judgement, if expanded on, could have provided that different dynamic. > > It could have been a lens through which to humanize and empathize with the Darkin, especially if you factor in the parallels to Varus's own motivation. > > Who's to say that Pallas _wanted_ to consume Varus. What if it's genuinely a creature you come to empathize with, in spite of the evil you know it's capable of. > > To imply that Varus's story could have only gone one way is a gross simplification of the plot threads that were established, and then abandoned by the update. That's one thing that really irked me about this change. The thing in the pit was sympathetic. It was dangerous, yes. And wholly alien. But something that you could relate to. It had fears and desires and it was trying to be *nice* to Varus, understanding what he had sacrificed to free it. The new Varus (Vaarus?) has no motivations beyond DESTROY ALL HUMANS. And the reason why it hates humans? Because humans defended themselves from extinction at the hands of a Darken invasion. That isn't a sympathetic creature at all. The exact opposite, in fact. It's a bloodthirsty hypocritical monster that got off on torturing people. And unlike someone like Tahm or Eve, who can't NOT be demons, the Darken probably have a choice in the matter. They could choose NOT to be jerks, but they don't.
{{sticker:sg-kiko}} YESSSSS this this and so much this. Exactly how I feel about the new lore. I think a lot of new champs have been feeling very unrelatable lorewise. But yes this just make the Darkin seem like simple malevolent petty creatures. Like lil kids that complain when they are punished for doing something right. I love demons though as the acts they commit is the only way they feel, they are the side effects of others actions rather than crying cuz they messed up.
: It seems generic if you only know the old lore by surface level. Varus old lore painted him as the attempted hero who tried but FAILED in his DUTY. After his FAILURE he risks possibly everybody who is left alive's life for the sake of revenge. He's a "Ghost rider" effectively. Diving into his Lore shows how riot made a good spin(that was original) of the "started a hero but lived long enough to see himself become the villain" character
I really agree with you, I think a good number of people who called his old lore generic, didn't actually read it and instead only know some key points of the story.
: His old lore was the most generic revenge story ever tbh. It had been done a thousand times, at least this has only been done like... ten times.
I don't see how it being generic was a real issue. I think of it being more than necessary in the world they live in where your country get invaded suddenly, people will lose loved ones and revenge, it was a war. I think a character like old Varus was a needed and unavoidable circumstance. And also Batman's story, by those standards, would then be the most generic backstory ever and well, it's **BATMAN**.
: I would like to call Lucian to the stand, as well as Xayah, Rakan, Taliyah, Illaoi, Garen, Katarina, and Zoe. ALL of these champions have their sexuality expressed in the game - heterosexuality is still sexuality. Heterosexuality is the most represented sexuality, to the extent that people forget it is an expressed sexuality, as you have obviously demonstrated. Other sexualities, such as homosexuality, are vastly, vastly, vastly under-represented and under-expressed in almost all forms of major media, and video games are the worst culprits for this lack of representation. Because of this, this is why homosexuality needs expression and representation. Gay people exist in this world and are more prevalent than most would believe. They need to have icons and characters in major media to represent them, so people engaging in that media have someone they can personally connect to on a much deeper level about those parts of themselves. This is why representation is necessary. If someone, like a young gay man, is grappling with the negative stigma of his homosexuality in a society that often condemns it, he may turn to despair and depression. But if he sees that a major, pivotal, well beloved character, such as Albus Dumbledore, is gay, it would change his world view entirely. This young man would realize that life can be better, that being gay in and of itself is not a damning thing, and that being gay doesn't stop you from greatness. This is EXACTLY why representation is extremely important in societies that suppress and persecute those who are not in the majority. This is exactly why someone being expressed as gay in a video game is important, because it will reach people in a medium that has characteristically low numbers of representatives, and give them solace in knowing that they are acknowledged as regular, normal people just like everyone else.
Conversations like this are really what I was trying to avoid and why I hate the fact that homosexuality ws brought into such a polarizing change, it perverts the conversation to something that was never an issue. The post has nothing to do with representation of homosexuality, that's a different topic altogether
: I get what you mean, OP. It does show no champion is safe from a "surprise" retcon. Varus' old lore was very, VERY compatible with the current lore and minor tweeks to Pallas being a Darkin could have easily fixed him. There really is a sense of "shut up and like it" mentality on the lore. Whereas Riot is extremely open to feedback in gameplay, skins, and other areas, Narrative is like a hermit department that basically doesn't like to take community suggestions. They pretty much only show up to clarify or hype up - never to say "wow! that's a neat idea!" They're very adverse to fanon.
: I get what you mean, OP. It does show no champion is safe from a "surprise" retcon. Varus' old lore was very, VERY compatible with the current lore and minor tweeks to Pallas being a Darkin could have easily fixed him. There really is a sense of "shut up and like it" mentality on the lore. Whereas Riot is extremely open to feedback in gameplay, skins, and other areas, Narrative is like a hermit department that basically doesn't like to take community suggestions. They pretty much only show up to clarify or hype up - never to say "wow! that's a neat idea!" They're very adverse to fanon.
: I cant really see what people liked about his old lore,it was so generic
I guess you don't like Lucian's lore either
SatomiKun (EUW)
: I discussed this in an own thread: letting Varus lore as was and just adding that the pit inhabited a Darkin wouldn't separate him from the other Darkin. The current version has a new dynamic which the other Darkin don't have. Let's assume that Varus lost wife and child and goes into the pit. There are 2 possible outcomes: Varus gets overwhelmed by the Darkin or he is strong enough to fight him on his own. These 2 dynamics exist already. First case is the same like Aatrox, the second one is exactly like Kayn. The current version has a new dynamic: 2 individuals, who are too weak to fight the Darkin on their own, are able to resist him **together**.
I don't mind the idea of his new lore. My problem is the level of change means his is essentially a new character. And as for you darkin point, he still could have been different from the others. Aatrox has already completely taken over his host body, and more to him is coming in his update. And Rhaast is in the process of trying to take over his host body and might fail. I saw months ago on a speculation comment about darkin, soon after Kayn's release two possible ideas; 1, where the Darkin instead of trying to take over Varus, instead choosing to live in harmony with him to help him achieve his goal and 2, where Varus won the struggle of power over the Darkin. And the second one isn't exactly like Kayn, the main focus of his character, is that his journey is not over either he or Rhaast can win. I don't mind the story if riot had put it on a new character, I bet no one would be this angry and not that many people either. You might have thought his story was generic but many people were attached to his old lore and it was just deleted, the champion (lorewise) that they love is now essentially dead.
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DyQuill (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=TerraRising,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=z1dTsaQ6,comment-id=000000000002001c,timestamp=2017-11-30T23:19:55.484+0000) > > So, instead of a story of a man who sacrificed his humanity for vengeance after his family was killed, we have the story of two... "blood brothers" for lack of a better term... who unwittingly unleash a long buried evil and now have to act like a conscience? > > This goes beyond just "being corrupted by a Darkin." This takes someone that most people can relate to and turns it into something farcical. "Varus, the ultimate evil... except for two mortal souls who occasionally stop him." I don't understand if there's a chance for redemption here. Val and Kai are destined to give up at some point, save for when Varus interacts with an _actual_ champion and plot requires them to stop him. Varus - the being at the end of the comic - is as much Val and Kai as it is the darkin. Varus is the name because of how dominant the corruption/darkin element is, but the idea was that the noble Ionian who sacrifices himself in tragic desperation is still there. And there's absolutely a chance for redemption - kinda the whole point. Varus isn't doomed to vengeance anymore - there's a real question about how this struggle for control turns out, and the consequences that the eventual victor will have for Runeterra.
I don't get this, he's as much val and kai as he's varus but he goes by varus, because he's dominant? Isnt that contradictory?? And also the story doesnt show this, it kinda might contradict it too. In his story varus the darkin (this is so confusing to talk about by the way) seemed to be mostly in control with the humans being like an annoying voice in the back of the head. And the story also states specifically that after each kills the humans get weaker, and he killed a lot of people in that story alone. What kinda struggle is that, seems more like a matter of time till varus is just varus
Whren (NA)
: Honestly, the champs (and champ update) team folks have been killing it -- my contribution is via the Worldbuilding team, so we'd have conversations about how the update or new champs will relate to what's established for Runeterra, and how we can sync designs up :) Like in Swain's case, we talked about options to make Swain jive with the new Noxian look instead of the weird green robe he had on before, and then they went off and came up with the amazeballs in the teaser. I take the stance of, "these guys know what they're doing so my ideas are going to be like selling ice to eskimos". The iteration and thought they go through is inspiring and incredible, and I'd hazard to say I wouldn't want to throw a wrench in their engines. That said, are there some burning ideas you have for champion changes? What's burnin' a hole in ya?
Honestly, I'd love to see J4 and Xin get this treatment as they are the least Demacian looking demacian
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Meddler (NA)
: I'm not particularly a fan of Sunfire because of how it homogenizes its users. It means they all get at least a moderate amount of waveclear and get pushed towards 'just stand in the middle of everything' in team fights. Couple that with an always useful stat line (always going to want health/armor, especially on non carry melee) and I think the game's worse whenever it's strong. Having said that, it is satisfying, it does have some gameplay to it beyond just stats and it's certainly cool.
You ever thought of reducing the ambient damage to a small ammout then adding a new passive then you land hard CC it boosts the damage and subsequent hard cc refreshes the boosted damage's duration?
: Because skins often depict alternate universes for League of Legends, _Tango Eve_ and _Tango TF_ are still totally a thing, and we wanted to keep it that way :)
Who's dat in Masquerade Eve's splash
Reav3 (NA)
: Demons are intrinsically motivated by killing humans. Eve has some of her own sadistic motivations as well but I won't spoil that now. As for contracts, all demons have a requirement for them to be able to harm a human. Tham is all about the human sins of greed and gluttony so his requirement is a contract. Evelynn is about lust and physical pleasure and has a very different requirement in order for her to feast on a humans delicious misery and pain. She created her human form for the purpose of getting humans to fulfil that requirement, that's why when she is invisible she goes back to her demon form as humans can't see her so she has no need for the "bait"
Wait, so what did demons do before humans came about?
Sharjo (EUW)
: Evelynn: Agony's Embrace - Champion Teaser
@Reav3 I know it may be too early to answer this; but being a player who likes to build {{item:3147}} on eve after runic echoes, will she still have hybrid scaling/ damage?
: Oh wait a sec she's no longer tied to Shadow Isles?
She was more trusted into the shadow isles because she belonged there more than anywhere else. Shadow isles is mostly undead (and spiders) this Eve is a type of demon
Sharjo (EUW)
: Evelynn: Agony's Embrace - Champion Teaser
Damn riot gj{{sticker:sg-kiko}} I think this is already successful that the only complaint seems to be her splash's face. I can't wait to see the skins and gameplay. I'm gonna make guesses on her kit now. This rework is supposed to be a modernization and so I'm gonna guess the two things they kept were "perma-stealth" and spammable q. I'm guessing her passive is very much like her old with some new interactions, windows and counter play. Her q will probably be spammable, but probably not as much as old q to add something new. She looks like she has her charm built into some multihit passive. And when she reveals her true form to attack I'm guessing that's her ult.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: That's because you were expecting a broken OP champion, sure Riot did release those kinds of champions like 2 years ago, but not anymore, Camile was the only last release that was broken OP on release and needed multiple nerf patches to become normal.
No, that's not the case i had no problem with Ivern and h came out weak. Riot built up Ornn a lot if you followed the boards. THey saying basically he was the star vanguard basicaly, that he chooses when fights start, they so excitd for him, and he came out weak. Kayne wasnt op and i love Kayne h is what they said he would be. Infact Ornn is just plain weak he had to be hot fixed his first week out, he has bug fixes, his items geting a time limit before they can be purchased because they bait bad builds, and the first patch after release he has changes to all of his abilities. But tl dr. Its not about whether he's broken or not, he is just simply not the champ riot teased.
: You clearly didn't read yesterday's PBE notes. Volcanic Rupture (Q) Pillar spawn lowered from 1.25 seconds to 1.125 seconds "has a small push on it when it spawns" Bellows Breath (W) "W length and width inc by 50" "W also sets your speed from 35% to 50%" Searing Charge (E) No longer knocks back on charge through. Call of the Forge God (R) Ram max speed increased from 1050 to 1200
The post is more talkin about the original release and whethr he was over hyped for it. But no I didn't see them.
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