: **6/21/18 Update** First, I want to thank you all for the feedback, especially for you who have had a chance to try him out on the PBE. I'm trying to read it all, even if I don't have time to respond to it all. I'm going to try to summarize the broad themes of feedback I'm hearing from you all, and my brief thoughts: * **"Revert Fizz's W to pre-Assassin Rework"** * We aren't planning on doing this, since we believe that this model isn't particularly healthy, especially with a high AP assassin. While I agree that the deceptive damage and 'whittling-you-down' feeling around the empowered bleed do feel "tricky" and playing into Fizz's nature, we ultimately want to make Fizz's windows of power and burst more clear and consistent to Fizz players and opponents. * **"Make Melee Range Shark Viable/Revert the Shark changes"** * We aren't bringing back the old R, but we intend to make your melee range ult a bit more effective with these changes. In the case where you do land a melee range ult, you can unload your W burst immediately, which should make this case feel more powerful/give you more options. * **"Will this change make Tank or On-Hit Fizz crowd out AP Assassin Fizz?"** * We will be trying to make sure we aren't shifting too much power away from AP Assassin Fizz. You'll notice in some of the changes below we're shifting more power into his AP ratios. * **"His Damage Seems Low"** * From the PBE testing we've seen, we think his damage numbers are around where we intended, but it doesn't feel as impactful, due to the missing health execute damage on the second W. I'm trying an iteration below where we remove this in favor of just flatter damage on his second W. * **"Without the W reset on kill, his laning/farming under turret is going to be terrible"** * We tried some iterations of the new W with this, but they either had really unintuitive interactions or gave him a lot of strong wave-clearing power with no real downtime for his opponents to play around. So we aren't currently planning on adding this back, but want to make sure his laning phase and ability to farm still holds up without it (even if it might be less safe to just farm with it under turret). Below I'm increasing the mana refund on his W, and I'll be looking for other ways to increase his farming ability if we find it insufficient - keep in mind, the second cast is free, so this change will effectively make it mana neutral for him to last hit with it. Here are some changes that will land on PBE tomorrow: * Mana refund on kill with W: 10/14/18/22/26 >>> 15/20/25/30/35 * W2 Damage: 35/50/65/80/95 + 50% AP (+0-100% increased damage based on enemy % health missing) >>> 35/50/65/80/95 + 90% AP Thank you again for your feedback so far. Over the weekend, please give it a shot on the PBE and let me know how it feels. I'll likely have another update like this sometime next week.
Speaking as someone who just started really picking up Fizz, I think your proposed changes are very scary to new fizz players. Most cases I'm not winning lane and his W makes last hitting under pressure easier and a little safer. I don't like farming with E when not ahead because id be scared to get ganked or punished. Tl;dr. I think your changes only help already experienced fizz players or the games where you were already ahead. And based on what I'm seeing on the boards better fizz players don't like this change to W either
: What's your favourite champ or the typical character the champ represents
{{champion:19}} - Fav champ Werewolves forever and the feeling i get playing and hunting as him {{champion:154}} - Because of his heart warming personality {{champion:136}} - Naturally. But because of his conceitedness and sassiness {{champion:202}} - Becaus eof how he get's into my head when playing him {{champion:33}} - OK
: Hey Meddler just wondering what are your thoughts on {{champion:92}} in her current state?
She has a rework on the pbe lol
: -The biggest problem i have with the list are the bard and kindered rankings... Kindred are not death..they are a spirit that is drawn to death thats why a lot of people see them before their demise..Like other spiritual beings (janna ) their power is tied with the human perception...if people beleive in them they grow stronger if not they will wither away! To clarify : **kindred** can warn people about incoming danger that may lead to their death ( the story with the actor ) however they are not the ones to cause the death...if the actor choosed the wolf she would have died by the thiefs that killed her friends...by choosing the lamp she choose to die naturaly ! Until we get any real feats kindred for me is below janna as far as power is concerned! -Now lets open the **bard **rabbit hole as i like to call it .In bard's case people like to assume..a lot! From what we know bard can travel through realms of exisence..and while that is impressive in terms of power he hasnt shown a lot! propably mountain level destruction ? and i think iam generous..Also riot has confirmed that ''Despite the lack of a physical form, Bard is not omnipotent. He can be banished and/or imprisoned by powerful magics, even so far as a force equally or more powerful possibly spelling his ultimate end.[9] '' source : http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Bard#cite_note-8 Yea bard CAN be more powerful but we dont have feets to support that yet! Now as far as the rest of the list is concerned : **Human** power levels vary ...Ryze for example is an immensly powerful mage and i quote :''Armed with immense arcane power and a boundless constitution, he tirelessly hunts for World Runes—f**ragments of the raw magic that once shaped the world from nothingness.** ''. Also unlike many others ryze has feats to support his power : ''. Yago seared Ryze’s flesh with what felt like the power of twenty suns. '' -We also have** shen** that can literally kill spirits..and **leblanc ** that is ancient! -When it comes to other creatures **zyra** takes the cake as she can endlessly expand her terrority ...however we still dont know if she can deal with beings like the ascended! And now that i mentioned the ascended: they are not all equal ! Unbound xerath is propably the msot dangerous being in runeterra as he combines brute force with an immortal body and a cunning mid ( he twisted renektons mind and assembled followers) . It basicaly doesnt matter if 1 or 1000 pantheons attack him he will always emerge victorious..personaly i would put him only below aurelion as we dont know if xerath can withstand his attacks ! ** -Yordles **can not die by psychical means but most of them can not inflict any real dmg either...compared to other beings on the list they get bodied..yes they can deal with normal humans but they stand no chance against the most powerful humans. -**Demons **vary in power as they rely on the consumption of certain human emotions...they are stronger that yordles (evelynn can deal real dmg!) and they as well have the spirtual body perk..yet we know that someone like shen or karma can kill them for sure while other powerful mages will be able to hurt them as well! **Vastayashai'rei** : we only know about shapeshifting abilities ...honestly not that impressive! I would even put normal vastaya like ahri above them! ** -Nagakabouros ** is an odd one...If he is so powerful why he cant destroy the shadow isles ? I thought it despised the undead...Also why his tentacles are spectral like?( well in fact nagake may be a secret ally of the shadow isles but thats a theory of mine .) Given that nagakabouros can not achive island level power feets he is on the same page as orhn anivia and voli in my book. **So here is my list** : 1) Aurelion sol ( celestials had to trick him in order to capture him./ whatever lies in the void 2) True celestials (aspects) 3)The original Darkin ( before imprisoment they had their own bodies) , xerath(unbound) , ryze 4) Anivia , voli , orhn , nagakebouros. 4.5), armies upon armies of targonian avatars! 5)karma ( endless reincarnation..combined knowledge and power of her previous forms) 6) greater spirits like bard janna and kindred! , full power demons( if global conflicts took place/chaos dominated the world) 7)ascended , zyra , syndra. 8) galio ( size + magic nullification up to a point) , mordekaiser 9) powerful vastaya (ahri) and powerful humans(mages ) 10) yordles/human heroes 11) the rest of the vastaya 12) the rest of the humans honorable mentions: ** shen** .Although he can dmg spirits he is still susceptible to magic and psychical dmg! **Leblanc** and **zilean** : we dont know enough about them ! i hope i didnt forget someone... edit : i would prefer to read the entirity of my post before criticizing the list ty !{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Never said Kindred weren't spirits, I only said they were powerful and I still stand beside that, I definitely think they are more powerful than just appearing before people before they die. It seems they are omnipresent and that is quite a powerful ability. And Bard I can't remember the post probably an early one after his release or maybe I'm just wrong, but I can almost remember a red saying he's powerful but he basically only care about his duty. And so far in lore there is no omnipotent character and you say bard isn't that powerful because he can be bound, so can Aurelion Sol and you have him as number 1. About Naga k, I think it deserves more credit than you give it. It is at least on a higher level that ornn etc. Even Astro say he will need time to learn how to kill naga k. And Xereth is powerful but I doubt he's that strong, I think he's on the same level as azir at least plus riot has said his false ascension isn't complete and ascends themselves are already below the level of gods. I have a theory that Yordles and demons are two sides of the same coin, thus me ranking them together.. And human champs power varies so much so I tried to put as little of them on the list as possible because when you put some where do you stop?
: Where are the Shadow Isles on this list? I would assume they’d at least be above the Vastaya.
I just honestly didn't know where to place them they are more like minions (like Pyke) unwittingly and uncontrollably serving a purpose. They are some exceptions like Morde, he's potentially massively powerful but waiting for his rework, and Karthus and thresh seem to be in control of their actions
Cetri (NA)
: For me, it's less that he could beat them, and more that he seems harder to kill. The Ascended are powerful and long-lived, but not immortal. If you got the jump on Nasus or Renekton and had a good enough weapon you could slit their throats and that'd be that. Pyke would just dissolve into mist and then slit your throat. Getting into more speculative territory, it's also worth mentioning that I see a lot of parallels between Pyke and Ivern, as incarnations of nature's benevolence and nature's wrath, respectively. There's also the fact that the source of Pyke's powers has some sort of connection to Nagakabouros, which in my opinion puts it a tier above sun disc magic.
I think while Pyke is powerful, he's not over level. Remember pyke is an unwitting servant to some unknown but powerful force, and Pykes feats are limited to disappearing and appearing it seems, he probably has some level of strength and speed, but Ivern let's not forget he is the God willow currently his potential strength is incredible, the only thing limiting him is his extreme pacifism. And also I don't think the source of Pykes power is pykes himself he has no use of it
Spookster (OCE)
: From what I know, they were true shapeshifters and had much more of a connection to magic, which would logically rank them higher on the list. Thought Im not sure if they should be higher than the ascended, but then again we dont know how much stronger their connection made them. But basically, we don't know much.
I was just spit balling with the lack of info. I just figured they'd be more powerful than the vastayah and I know the ascended can be crazy powerful, Air can raise cities and Xerath is living energy
: Wait a minute... We do know anything about the Vastayashai'rei aside from being the "fathers" (or mothers) of the Vastaya? And about the Voidborn, it is hard to rank them all in a same tier: a lion is not he same as a cat even if both are felines (i mean, we could say the same about demons, humans, yordles, vastaya, etc... but the diference between one and other voidborns can be really huge). And technically, the Targonians are more powerfull than the Aspects, because an aspect is a human with the power of a Targonian as far as i remember)
I agree with you about the voidborn that's why I didnt rank them because you have from voidlings to Chogath
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: Thanx. I kept radio silence mostly because I knew people were reacting to a very, very tiny part of the picture. But even listening to his full VO script back-to-back distorts who he his. The VO was designed around creating a changing experience for the Aatrox juggernaught, top-lane player while playing the game. (I go into the details of how his vo works in another post) 2 A's for ever Thanx {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Why the accent tho I feel that's the elephant in the room. Love his voice, lines and personality.
: Thank you so much. I realize a lot of people don't see it that way-- but I spent a looong time looking at who Aatrox was and trying to craft a personality (thru lines and maths) that captures --not who he was, (because the kit and gameplay role has changed) but who players might want him to be and feel like now. thanx
I really agree with that a lot actually. A lot of people really did attach a lot his personality that wasn't there already. I had mixed feelings about the interaction lines but when I heard the full VO, I am hooked. The only thing I don't like is the random accent.
: I agree. You'd mainly be doing it to trade back when they're trading onto you. The size increase is currently cosmetic. We're exploring the possibility of increasing his auto attack range during ultimate, though. We tried it in a previous iteration but it wasn't too noticeable.
I'd love it, and I think other player would too and would help the ultimate just feel better
: > the players tend to save it for when they are about to die or getting ganked, it's rarely used offensively and mostly a defensively tool. He heals for more the longer he's in ultimate. Using it as more of a Zilean ultimate isn't quite as effective, in my experience, versus using it offensively. > Is that really the case though? SoloRenekton only says his Q is really easy to walk out of, unless you flash or E it into them and the cooldown for Q is short enough plus you max it first that I doubt there will be many times you're fighting and your E is up but your Q is on CD and if it does happen, I just see the Aatrox player holding the E till Q is up. > When your Q is down, there's a window of opportunity for the enemy top laner to all in you. You could definitely hold your E until your Q is back up but your trading pattern would likely be better if you use E (while disengaging) and trade back with an auto or two. The AD increase makes the trade a bit less punishing for Aatrox.
> When your Q is down, there's a window of opportunity for the enemy top laner to all in you. You could definitely hold your E until your Q is back up but your trading pattern would likely be better if you use E (while disengaging) and trade back with an auto or two. The AD increase makes the trade a bit less punishing for Aatrox. Didn't think of it like that tbh but using your dash like that could be unsafe just for 15 more AD on an auto (15 AD at 1 point E according to wiki and trading in laning phase means most likely there would only be on point in E) Also is the size increase cosmetic or does it increase his range?
Rioter Comments
: Aatrox' ultimate is a high moment for him. He's supposed to go in, go ham, and eventually die (and resurrect). In testing, we found that the revive actually felt awful because he ended up being countered by something like Caitlyn cupcakes and Zilean bombs. We decided to introduce movement during his resurrection to address some of the playing as pangs as well as encourage potentially going deeper into a fight as he comes back up. His ultimate can function as an escape tool, yes, but it's a relatively long cooldown early game and does provide a 20% tAD steroid. It actually feels fairly bad when it gets used this way I'm doubtful it'll be used more consistently as a defensive spell than an offensive spell because of the sheer damage increase on the Qs. As for why his E gives him AD, it encourages utilizing the Q in conjunction with E, shifts the E to a more aggressive spell (rather than a defensive spell where you hold it for when you need to escape), and makes trading patterns more interesting for him when his Q is on CD.
Idk about that I've been watching PBE playtests and as they played Aatrox more, the players tend to save it for when they are about to die or getting ganked, it's rarely used offensively and mostly a defensively tool. I would really prefer the AA rang over the AD as I see good players just kiting you as soon as you pop your ult (and kiting seems like a hard counter to new Aatrox unless he's already on you) and at least the extra range will help dealing with the AD. Because when it comes down to it, what's the point of the extra AD if you can't hit anybody or just running away anyway? PS i love that he can move during the revive I don't think it's Op he moves at like half speed :/ And about this; > As for why his E gives him AD, it encourages utilizing the Q in conjunction with E, shifts the E to a more aggressive spell (rather than a defensive spell where you hold it for when you need to escape), and makes trading patterns more interesting for him when his Q is on CD. Is that really the case though? SoloRenekton only says his Q is really easy to walk out of, unless you flash or E it into them and the cooldown for Q is short enough plus you max it first that I doubt there will be many times you're fighting and your E is up but your Q is on CD and if it does happen, I just see the Aatrox player holding the E till Q is up.
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GreenLore (EUW)
: Well the thing is that he sees his "masters" as beneath him and knows that their control over him is weakening,so of course he is sassy,he is sure that he'll be the one to get the last laugh. Also Sol is as old as the universe itself,so a few thousand years of slavery is honestly not much of a big deal for him.
That's all assumptions and your last point is wrong, in his lore it pretty obviously states that being enslaved 'was kinda a big deal' for him
: > [{quoted}](name=WarWork,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=WUEZpgxW,comment-id=00010000000000000001,timestamp=2018-06-13T00:20:14.283+0000) > > Basically Sol is a Sassy slave i think that's the contradiction His bindings has nothing to do with his personality. It's not like he has PTSD. Besides, his voice over makes it seem like he's been freed and is looking for revenge / a little fun
I think being bound and forced to do stuff would affect one's personality, and he's not free yet, he's getting there
: Juggernaurt are fighters that are hard to kill. They also are tanks. Aaotrox is were hes always been, its just now he's able to not be kited
That really isn't true based on the gameplay Ive seen (rich boi redmercy) He states that this current Aatrox is kitable esp if he's not already in your face
GreenLore (EUW)
: How does it contradict with Sols theme? Yes he is a giant star creating dragon,but does that mean he has to be a serious dragon? Sol seeing everyone and everything else as a joke and not taking them serious fits his theme actually pretty well,because he is just so much more powerful than almost anything else. Though I understand your overall point I just disagree on this one arguement.
Basically Sol is a Sassy slave i think that's the contradiction
: His lore isn’t out yet.
True but this is all taken from his lines and it is confusing. He says he's a god killer and also says he doesn't know how to that's confusing
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: > [{quoted}](name=Emperor Churger,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=TEE8aVk0,comment-id=0003000000010000000000000000,timestamp=2018-06-12T00:49:51.364+0000) > > I don't think that's what he meant. I think he meant if you're already that intimidating and powerful, you don't need some bendy, fancy sword to cut someone in two when you could have a weighted greatsword. Aatrox's old sword was more of a tactical-ish sword that had most of it's strength obtained through it's ability to bend, extend, and then retract, which is more useful when cleaving flesh. New Aatrox's sword is clearly more meant to just break someone's spine in half and crush their skull, possibly in one swing. > > Also, the sword is usually meant for extra reach and the ability to put more weight behind a swing than you yourself could do. The sword Aatrox has there probably makes an enemy's armor work against them by having it cave in with every swing and mess them up real good. > > There's also the fact Aatrox himself is linked to the sword. Exacltly. You don't need a sword to do any of that. An axe would be more suitable. Or just a huge cleaver. Anything some bug mindless brute can lug around. You're just talking about anything big for cutting and hacking. A swordsman isn't a big mindless thug. They're usually trained and skilled with the weapon, favoring stances, shifting of body weight, intricate maneuvers, etc. Doesn't even necessarily have to be "elegant" perse. The thing is, anyone with huge arms and just slam a weapon onto somebody. Doens't take much skill or sense. I think his initial wording as a "machine" was quite fitting to what you both have described. Just a giant, beefy, mindless machine that slams a weapon on somebody. You can easily replace the sword with a club because the only thing that will change is the effects from a cleave to a smash. You don't need to know how to use a sword to do that is the piont.
He has a sword because he was sealed in a sword. (If my understanding of Darkin lore is correct). Also he could have a sword just because he likes swords. And not all swordsmen were all about Grace and technique look at barbarians and Vikings. And clubs and axes are not the same as swords, I'm pretty sure swords (like aatrox 'S) has reach over those weapons
: > [{quoted}](name=Emperor Churger,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=TEE8aVk0,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-06-11T19:22:53.996+0000) > > I think two words can be used to describe new Aatrox from looks alone, and that is "gritty" and "organic". > > His sword actually has a heart beat. The stone-like structures on his body are more rigid and rough. His wings actually look like they are made of something that's not really messed up silk. His muscles were buffed to a thousand. Finally, his sword is no longer a weird bendy noodle lookin' thing. It's thick and it looks like it has some SERIOUS weight behind it. > > All in all, great job. If new Aatrox looks like this in-game, I'll say that he captures the spirit of a "Demonic Entity of War and Carnage" 100% more than his old look, which looked like a gothy cosplayer that might have been a little menacing given the right circumstances. Why though? Why was his old look so bad? Why goth? I mean how would it be any different if I said this new looks is just some metal-heads wet dream and he's pretty just one ginormous bicep. I liked his old aesthetic because it looked as if he had some dynamic ability with a sword, not just hacking away like a big dumb lumberjack.
IDK about Goth, but the reason for the bulk up was for clarity with his new kit. They (roit) said they wanted his new gameplay to match his looks so I'm hyped for some powerful stuff. And as someone who loves the previous Aatrox design, I'm looking forward to what this new version has to offer.
: Yes, I always assumed he had dark hair. It's not yet clear if his white hair is because he's getting on in years... or because DEMON. Maybe we'll explore more of his backstory soon.
Sancre (EUW)
: They are probably going to change nautilus's story to relate him to Nagakabouros, giving his old story to Pike, similar to what happened with Varus and Kassadin They might dare to confirm that Nautilus is actualy 73 midgets inside a diver suit along with a darkin
You forgot the targonian lol. I think they've been shifting his lore from revenge story and more of a force of nature. This video kinda touches on that, i think Naut's revenge lore has been retconned https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpJOTFKaiRQ&t=1113s and I don't mind i'm super interested in Pyke now
: One of our designers was looking at a few Talon bugs last week in some time between tasks. Some were proving pretty tricky - I'll track down where we landed on those last week. I know 1 fix for sure is going into this patch (his Q range will no longer be bugged), but there was also some weird behavioral bugs when flipping over walls he was investigating. Wukong ended up getting put on the backburner for a short amount of time while we re-evaluated the function/success of mini updates/roster scope updates. We'd been exploring him around the same time as the Xin Zhao rework, and there were a few lessons from that release that we wanted to learn from and apply to some of the champions like Wukong that share some similar thematic space and gameplay desire for players (we've seen that Wukong has a similar fantasy that Xin Zhao players and a few others share). For the time being we have him on one of our short lists for the champion team designer to pick up when they're looking for an additional smaller scope project to take on while waiting on iterations for their main project. I can't promise any timelines as usual, but there's only 11 champions on that short list, so I hope that information is better than no thing. Sorry we've been so silent on Wukong, there just hasn't been much to share recently that would feel particularly great, but I realize silence doesn't feel super splendid either. FWIW I think there has to be a better passive for him, and I'd be really interested if we could make him less bound to lethality in order to be viable in a game. Right now if you can't delete their squishies quickly, you don't bring much to a team comp that you couldn't get elsewhere. (Wukong has been one of my higher played champions in seasons past).
I happen to lov Wukong so RIot, thak you so much. This post provides clarity and hope and i'm grateful and apprecite this. Plz continue the good work and please PLEASE don't let comments like the one below discourage you.
: Do I cease to be British just because I live in California? ;-) My accent suggests otherwise...
I was waiting for a comment like this, then change Kayn to noxian then
: Swain assumed power 7 years ago, and withdrew the armies of Noxus from Ionia. He lost his arm at the Placidium 3 years before that, and the war had been going on for a while even by then. So it's fair to assume that Noxus invaded Ionia "more than ten years ago". :-)
I hope we get even a rough story line for my sake, it's getting confusing personally to know when all these stuff take place and where we are now
: i highly doubt Shyvana would like living in Noxus
: No one knows she's a half-dragon, except for Jarvan IV, his soldiers, and the villagers that were nearby when she helped kill her mother. Jarvan IV promised not to tell anyone she's a half-dragon and vouches for her to stay in Demacia, while the soldiers are under oath to Jarvan and the villagers are too grateful to tell anyone. So, really, it's more of character development for Jarvan IV, with him seeing past the typical Demacian view, than it is a plot hole.
Once again lol, Purple, Scaly and Yellow eyes. I think you are insulting the intellegence of this Anti magic nation.
Elfezen (NA)
: This can be said for almost everyone, even for Lux since she is a mage and Noxus is open to any type of powers as long as you act for the faction's profits
What forhonor321 said PLUS lux story is kinda about that. The fact that she is a mage in an anti magic kindom, her fears of what will happen if the greater populus discovers her secret. And also SECRET. Shyvanna, once again, is purple, scally with beastial eyes. There is nothing lorewise that suggests that she can appear human.
: I doubt that she would abandon Demacia in favor of Noxus on a dime. With how the story is, she's forever grateful to Jarvan for helping and vouching for her into their home. She may not feel fully welcomed but she's lived there for some time to say that she is one of them. Now if her story went from her dad "go to Demacia" to "go to Noxus", then I could see that happening. Kind of a 'what if' scenario.
Overall I am not saying that she will leave Demacia <- That. Plus she is kinda purple, and scaly I think Demacians wouls suspect something. Thats why i don't like that they leave these questions.
GreenLore (EUW)
: Honestly I think you are right about this,however I don't think it is much of a plot hole and more of an opportunity for an interesting story.I mean what will happen once she realizes this herself? Will she abandon Demacia in favor of Noxus?Or will she remain at Jarvans side instead?
I'm sorry if i said or implied pot hole. I just meant that we not gonna get an answer to this for years and I think her nations reaction to her for being her should be important especially if it's antogonistic. It's like if Irelia went to Noxus bought some peaches and that's the story they dont address the elephant in the room.
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Sharjo (EUW)
: I think it'd be logical to assume that Aatrox would be, at the soonest, after the next champion to be released. Just feels more logical, at least from where I'm standing, to go VGU, New, VGU, New, VGU, New, which in this case would be Evelynn, Zoe, Swain, Kai'Sa, Irelia, ???, Aatrox.
I think they teased Akali and Nunu in the last roadmap
: Camille has a slightly delayed burst, and you can dodge most of her abilities. You can only dodge vi’s q, and that’s if she didn’t just ult you outright
Camille's ult is also undodgable, point and click. And after you're hit, you're stuck unless she is removed from her ult
: TBH, im kinda glad she is out of the meta. Playing against her felt like such horseshit, as once she hit level 6, she was pretty much guaranteed a kill, or at least would force you to use a summoner. Because of that pressure, she wouldn't even have to gank, as the sheer thought of her coming to gank made people play extremely safe. Granted, she isn't as strong lategame, but the overall pressure she could give up till lategame could easily tilt games in her team's favor
How is she worse than Camille?
penguin (NA)
: these are experimental changes designed to test if she can function in top lane that are separate from regular gameplay changes (read: standard buffs/nerfs to numbers)
I'm just a pleb with no balance degree, But how about giving her Q a small refund for hitting champs? I think this rewards good Vi's and gives her a chance to escape (tank damage after a successful engage they have an option to q out). Having the CD only proc on champs so her clear doesnt get too ridiculous. And for the passive, after reading Twin Tails comment, why not increase the size of the shield but have it only proc on champs and large monsters? Maybe even throw in some AD scaling to help warrior vi
: I would like to see the Lore from the past shape the decisions and actions of the characters as they advance the narrative. So far we haven't seen an advancing narrative
Rioter Comments
: Generally agree for pro play specifically. They're so coordinated that frequently when they decide to do it, it's because they know they can melt it quickly. We've talked about adding some decaying up front defenses to Baron or increasing its mid game defenses or something of the sort, but we haven't committed to any direction. If we do anything about this soon, we really need to be sensitive to the realities of normal play, where the differences in coordination on a team make this feel like less of an issue (not a non issue, just less).
have you guys tried to make barons attacks more impactful so taking Baron is less auto pilot? Basically with Baron all you need to think about is can you kill it before it kills you, where as with rift herald at least you have to dodge it's attacks
: GGMF Skin causes invisible HUD elements, freezing, and bugsplats.
Lol even the client knows she isn't a real ultimate skin
: We talked about him in patch planning for 8.7, and while we aren't taking him on immediately in lieu of other work, we put him in a "bucket" of champions that we can pull from if we finish up some of our other planned work in the patch/get good progress on some of our stuff slated for the next large patch. When we do work on him I can't confirm whether it'd be a buff or small reworky type stuff, but he's definitely not forgotten!
I had an idea that karthus has been pretty weak, but I am so afraid of his ultimate getting gutted just so he can have a more interactive kit. I mean I really want him to get updated played more etc, but I'm not sure if I'd love it if it means heavy changes to his r. His ultimate is what makes karthus, karthus
: who's your favorite champion in terms of personality?
Jhin, because it's the right answer. But seriously though I'm not a marksman player and I love Jhin, playing him is almost like playing another game and his voice is captivating
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: > Soooooo, yeah. What do you think? It's hard to weigh in on "hilariously" weak. I think there are some things about towers that could be improved. Some thoughts: * I don't really think turrets universally just die too easily. I think if the outers especially lasted a bit longer (fewer "I lost my outer in one back" moments), however, that could be an improvement. * As players have gotten better at playing around turrets, managing their aggro mechanics and diving them has probably become too easy. * Turret damage on tanks especially feels pretty low. Tanks should feel better about taking a few turret shots than others, but it can feel over the top. Those stand out to me as the opportunities for improvement if we're talking turrets.
: Good idea, although I don't hate this meta as much as S4 top lane. Screw that crap.
I don't hate this meta honestly, the worse for me was relic meta. But I just want stuff other than tanks to be at least viable.
WarWork (NA)
: Yo riot repertoire about top
Or maybe we just need to tap tanks sustain up top (like have cho's heal on his passive come from stacks instead of instantly getting for each minion kill, ie getting a heal for like every 5 minions kills and each champ
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