: Getting Blue essence takes waaay too long
try being on a new account, level 18 own 2 champs spent well over 24 hours playing the game....Lulu and maokai over 20 games in the past day feels good man.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ralanr,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qY4B50LV,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2018-03-24T22:49:07.783+0000) > > _Compared_ to fighters sure, but compared to actual late game champions, they do not scale well. Such as Jax for example? Jax pays for that late game power by being among the most item dependent champions in the game, along with having the most expensive itemization. In comparison, tanks have the cheapest itemization and are the least item dependent. If they were allowed to scale as well as Jax they would be broken. Tanks are also much easier to fit into team comps, whereas you generally have to build around champs like Jax, Fiora, Kayle, etc. Their tradeoff for scaling so hard into late game is having less flexibility and more binary gameplay. Personally, I find the hyper-scaling champions to be too much of a gamble, as they're typically pretty easy to keep down unless they're overtuned or are abusing some item/keystone.
Um if you play a tank and it gets to end game or even if they have a fed adc you are utterly useless.... The only tank I can think of thats not useless when they have a fed adc is malphite I guess naut too but still. Just played a game where I had 220 armor at 15 minutes and the enemy adc had 4 kills guess how many aas it took that tristana to kill me? 6. Now please keep talking about how tanks are too op and how they shouldnt be allowed to scale
: Can't wait until all low skill too safe tank ABUSERS are purged from top lane
What I main riven....I just want to see going a tank that isnt nasus or sion a viable option top lane xD act like im a bad player because I disagree with how a class is in the game right now....
: If you're gonna buff Ahri's Charm, you should fix her Hitbox first! (Pictures and Videos inside!)
NemeBro (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=WardBaronFFS,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E71MWVOV,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-03-24T02:16:17.827+0000) > > Look at tank win rates compared to the trio stompers of top lane Camille, Fiora, and Darius. https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/platinum/plus/champion/Sion/Top/ https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/platinum/plus/champion/Fiora/Top/ https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/platinum/plus/champion/Darius/Top/ https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/platinum/plus/champion/Camille/Top/ Interesting.
Whats interesting is how you cited one tank, a tank thats used as a lane bully.......Now can you cite other tanks? Or can you only cite sion? Im sorry but if your only evidence is a champion thats a lane bully and has 0 solo carry potential then check your privilege. Look at play rates aswell fiora with a 10% pick rate and a 49.5% win rate is absurd given how she is considered a high skill cap champion such is camille, and have you checked the carry potential of a fed fiora compared to a fed sion? No you havent now please educate yourself and stop talking.
: Tanks have been the dominant top laner for a long time now. Not Bruisers, and carry was when Camille first came out. Nothing but Shens, Maokais, Ornn, Sion with a couple exceptions
Man father forgive me for I have sinned. I want the class I enjoyed playing the most back in the game. May god have mercy on my soul I liked playing maokai and providing utility and tank to my team peeling the carry who although wasnt exactly 1 vs 5ing was able to do damage with my help.May all those who witness my deeds be brought forth and repent their sins for they have enjoyed watching a competitive experience. My place top lane is jumping the adc every game as a bruiser and nothing else. Forgive me brother for I have thought that tanks should have a place in the meta. Kill me please I just liked being able to take damage for more then 2 seconds without dying to a fucking adc. I didn't like playing a brain dead lane bully or a bruiser that was able to kill everyone, guess I have to now hello riven good bye memories of playing maokai and sej. R.I.P season 7 I loved you and the community loved you, adcs bitching wins every time im sorry but I guess I have to say good bye to you and league itself is missing its fun.
: We've had League of Tanks for 3+ seasons now...
Lol tanks havent been dominating for a while now, Im having nostalgia of the days of picking a tank top was optional instead of suicidal simply because of the fact every class now has a defined way to deal with tanks, yet tanks can only stat check to deal with their counter picks....
: i feel like this is a troll thread.
Look at tank win rates compared to the trio stompers of top lane Camille, Fiora, and Darius. Now tell me competently that tanks are busted and this is a troll thread.
: {{champion:14}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:58}} beg to differ. also you kinda cant blame the class that directly counters you for having itemization to kill ya.
Maokai isnt strong anymore, Renekton is a bruiser, Singed is in his own little category, Sion isnt strong anymore, and if you read my description they all match the "instant burst to them" atleast read the god damn post before you comment for the love of god .
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Kei143 (NA)
: hmmmm ... if you made a new account and acted like that right from the start, the game will probably treat you as a bad player that doesn't know what they are doing, and of course you won't get punished, unless it was super obvious. There also is no such thing as troll picking.
Oh so when someone gets filled with support and they go nunu int 3 kills down mid and then go to lane and afk farm so it appears they have a less then worthy game its ok? Its happened to me several times over and over again the game doesnt recognize casual inting as long as they dont go 0-20 with mobos.
Kei143 (NA)
: F @ G G 0 T Does not get dodged by the system. Inting is a very subjective term. It could be a bad game, it could just be that they suck and matched against people that are stronger.
Inting as in you go a troll pick feed only a few kills to a lane and then go back to your lane is never EVER PUNISHED! do I have to make statistics of this? Do I have to make an alternate account to sit there and do such things to prove to people the fact that you dont get punished for trolling.
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: If I get knocked up I can't possibly get hit while in the air
First thing being pregnant doesnt defy the laws of gravity lets get that out of the way first second thing getting hit in the air is at a constant since the air is constantly around people all over earth aka YOUR JOKE SUCKS
: You have zero proof that your mmr hasn't raised. You will still gain and lose the same amount of LP until your mmr increases/decreases dramatically
So you are saying unless I win like 20 games in a row I will still lose more lp then gain everytime? Shouldnt it just change overtime based on your wins and losses?
: "describe your favorite champ badly"
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: do you not know any girls or something? because 99% of girls put on makeup almost entirely regardless of what their job is, and besides, wearing makeup doesnt mean youre spending money out the butthole on it. as far as her uniform goes, again, this isnt meant to be realistic, its meant to make money, and somehow i think that a cutoff t-shirt on a hot girl will sell better than an oversized polo shirt tucked into the waistband of an awkward, acne-ridden teenage girl also, as a side note and to reply to one of your other comments, in my own experience pizza delivery drivers are usually not awkward teenagers. there are plenty of attractive young people just like there are plenty of unattractive or awkward young people, and just about all of them are working starting jobs like that. to answer your last question you posed, "would you feel safe going to a strangers house dressed like that as a young female", yes, yes i would. if i were an expert fighter like sivir is. youre trying to make this way too realistic, literally the entire purpose of video games is to be an entertaining escape from your reality. and for the record, i think sivir is supposed to be in her early 20's if i recall correctly, just like many young men and women who deliver pizzas, who also take care of their skin because its a basic part of hygiene and health and thusly have no or minimal acne.
Why the fuck am I arguing with this im going against mass opinion im going to lose either way.
: fun fact! being a teenager doesnt require being awkward and having acne, and besides theres plenty of people who work as pizza delivery drivers who arent teenagers. and either way, its a game, which in fact specifically doesnt need to be realistic, run by a company who wants to make money and knows that attractive skins will make more money. very few people actually want real, most just say they do and then when they get it they ignore it because its not as attractive as fantasy
Real quick tell me if you worked a job for a quick buck how much money would you spend on make up to deliver pizzas? If you are a young attractive female why would you dress like that and deliver pizzas? Would you feel safe going to strangers houses dressed like that as a young female?????
: > [{quoted}](name=WardBaronFFS,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=vubsMKtt,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-03-07T22:39:41.837+0000) > > Pizza delivery sivir makes no sense shes too pretty....Give her some like acne or something so shes more conveyed as a teen trying to make a buck like pizza delivery people should be instead of models checking how it feels to have a normal job. > > > > (edit: Downvoted sad life but Im right) Prove that you are right then,instead of saying ``im right``.
Do you want me to like pull up statistics? Like how do you want me to prove this? From my personal experience pizza deliverers are teenagers who have acne and are delivering pizza to make money
: > [{quoted}](name=WardBaronFFS,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=vubsMKtt,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-03-07T22:39:41.837+0000) > > Pizza delivery sivir makes no sense shes too pretty....Give her some like acne or something so shes more conveyed as a teen trying to make a buck like pizza delivery people should be instead of models checking how it feels to have a normal job. > > > > (edit: Downvoted sad life but Im right) Yes sad life, but no you aren't at all right You obviously never lived in a college town. hot girls deliver pizza, and acne is a thing of the past. this also looks nothing like a model, just your average hot babe. time to rethink life as you think you know it.
Jesus man delivering pizza to pay for your acne medication oof. I live in a college town hot girls dont deliver pizza awkward teenagers do.......
: Are you sure about that Riot?
You dont have to play league to balance it xD
: > [{quoted}](name=RiotRepertoir,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QVEZ37ME,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-03-08T00:54:15.756+0000) > > Anyone have insightful commentary on today's version of Rageblade? Interested to hear it! Sure! I'm still hesitant about hybrid Rageblade (I've never liked it), personally, as it contains a passive that enables a lot of on-hit builds, and the hybrid nature of it effectively locks out a lot of characters from being able to cleanly access the item. I feel if making it a trade-off is intentional, it would be better to double down on that by weakening the item in general rather than having a subset of characters who simply double-dip for massive power while a vast number of others have to spend money on AP they care nothing about. I'd love to feel less bad about this item when I purchase it on the likes of Aatrox, Master Yi, Warwick, Nocturne, Shyvana, or any other poor AP-user who has innate on-hits, builds BoRK, or builds Bloodrazor. If this creates itemization issues for those characters who DO build hybrid or the few AS/AP characters (thinking Teemo, Jax, Kayle, on-hit Orianna here, primarily), I'd consider the possibility of adding a new hybrid item that doesn't lock out a build-style-enabling passive, or adjusting Nashor's Tooth to share a Guinsoo's style effect. I actually like the on-champion effect, as it makes it less of a constant threat in-lane, but I wonder if adding "Towers, Large monsters, and Epic monsters" to the list would be worthwhile. Unless the interaction between BoRK / Bloodrazor and Guinsoo's on objective speed was an intentional nerf here?
Lemme just say ap shyvana one shots you arent wasting it on her for sure.
Onotori (NA)
: I mean, I wouldn't say it feels like bullshit. I let her hit me, and I pay for it. It's like walking into any skillshot.
Yeah its like walking into a.......Give me an example of a skill shot that does 40% of your hp at level 6 with no items real fast so I can have a simile
: im convinced people treat you poorly based on the character you play
When I play riven I have people like garen or darius spamming all chat saying riven is skill-less and that im abusing an op champion as they outscale, have more utility, and build for tank
Mix234 (EUNE)
: Thicc?
No shes just another ahri look alike! Seems nothing like a pirate nor a captain just a pair of tits
: Why did I tell get a report for telling my teammate "kys"
Shhhhhh you shall trigger someone here as someone whos dealt with depression and suicidal thoughts most of their life it doesnt really bother me too much personally but on the other hand *whispers* snowflakes
: Silver has waaaay worse players on average. In bronze, people actually want to get out. In silver, people have accepted their fate and play troll champions, first time champions, feed because 'they feel like it', or go 0/9 by 15 minutes and then claim they're just having a 'bad game' (their match history says otherwise). Silver is comprised of players who should either be placed in low Bronze, or Gold and just don't play enough to climb. There is no in-between.
People go whatever the hell they want and do whatever they want every game when the sej is diving to the second tier into 5 people right before a team fight when her main job is to cc kat or trist when they go in and instead they want to dive the kat and die over team fight it makes it nearly impossible to win and climb.
: I mean no offence, but if your mechanics and positioning are great, you require literally no other skills in order to play ADC to a silver level. It doesn't require macro, map awareness, engages, playmaking, or much matchup knowledge (you can generally rely on your support for all of this). I understand it's popular to imply that toplane is powerless- but it's not so powerless as to force all toplaners into bronze, and perhaps focusing on these areas of gameplay will lead to the improvements that allow you to play what you love.
I do all that but if the bot lane doesnt do their part the game is lost automatically..........Its why I have to go back to maining adc in the first place, its why I mained it in the first place not because I wouldnt go 10-4-16 as warwick but because the 1-6 jhin and 1-8 karma held back me a 17-8-12 riven and a 15-7-9 akali......
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: i agree with this
why are you saying you agree with your own post it makes virtually no sense...
Terozu (NA)
: Lets bring this back.
A is dominating this jesus christ.
: It is not the same, and it is almost the same as raising a child religiously, you influence them with your own belief and force a lifestyle on them which they would have probably disliked if they had a choice later on
> [{quoted}](name=Child of the Pit,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=gkXRtpYq,comment-id=000900000000,timestamp=2018-03-04T13:48:47.711+0000) > > It is not the same, and it is almost the same as raising a child religiously, you influence them with your own belief and force a lifestyle on them which they would have probably disliked if they had a choice later on Sadly you are right but the people here would rather hold onto their own religious choices in my religion you arent showed it till you reach 12 you live as an atheist doing whatever you want religiously till then and when introduced you dont have to follow it since spiritual freedom is a building block of it.
kurnubego (EUNE)
: Sure, whatever makes you happy.
Thanks I mean you should just delete your original comment since it was proven that you have no evidence, have no argument making it mindless spam.
kurnubego (EUNE)
: I've concluded that attempting to have argument based conversation with you is not worth my time, because we can't agree with starting presuppositions, and going through them would require very extensive coverage. Now you going bananas seems to indicate that general attitude is also a bit off, so I'm correct with my call.
I've concluded the fact you dont have the proof to back your argument so youve decided to dodge the question and go for personal attack on me specifically over actually having a comprehensive argument.
kurnubego (EUNE)
: To express disagreement to your 'counter' point, since there is no conversation to begin with. It's just you explaining why you think you are correct in your estimation. :D so yeah, what's else left to do?
The conversation is there you just believe you will lose it so you would rather provide yourself with a stubborn remark instead of actually putting in the effort to sway someones mind with factual evidence and numbers. Your entire point has been lost since the only thing you care about is sounding like you are right and making me sound like I am wrong. Heres a taste of your own medicine. "Your original point was, least to say invalid but it's obvious your mind is solid on this ridiculous "arms race" ideal when in truth its more of a restricted itemization strategy that isnt utilized in many elos simply because of the fact they would rather ignore then deal with the problem at hand." Except wait thats too civil and has a point more your speed would be " You ignoramus youre wrong and im right hahahahhahahaha"
: Yes, lets powercreep the class notorious for stat checking everything because their main counterplay is "don't stand in melee". Post Juggernaut Patch Darius after he got buffed again? Fun times were had by all since he won EVERY SINGLE MELEE MATCH UP top lane meaning that all you ever saw up there was Darius and Gnar because Gnar was the only champion remotely viable against him. Picked a tank into Darius? Melee. You got drained and penetrated on. Picked another bruiser into Darius? You see that's another melee champion which means you are in his statcheck zone constantly so as with tanks you get drained and your shit kicked in. Bruisers aren't allowed to be super strong because almost all of them are balanced by "just kite them" except.....other melee champions.....can't kite a melee champion. Especially melee champions that buy Phage and have a fairly high movement speed despite being "immobile" (340 is on the higher end and one of the most common move speeds for melees).
Lol Darius lowkey sucks, I play riven, a champ that is known to be countered notoriously hard by darius yet, I havent lost lane to darius once in the past 5 games ive played against him. The way you win against darius is simple just wait till he uses an ability in lane then go all in, or you can go into him to prevent Q damage or go out of Q range OR you can dodge the E and go all in OR afk shove his lane so he has to use an ability which makes him super easy to kill.If you need help against darius or counter tips as any champion just ask I think the darius buffs were unjustified considering how laning against him is an experience sorta thing so its more or less about how skilled you are other then how skilled the darius is or what champ you are playing. Apart of the problem when facing darius is certain runes/items/build paths that makes it into a more of hes a lane bully get wrecked nerd.Being honest the only "Lane bully" out there that I honestly think is oppressive is post 10 illaoi and renekton overall since his combos are fast and deal tons of damage.
kurnubego (EUNE)
: I'm not sure there is a point to continue conversation. You fault me for not providing arguments while you just dismiss the crucial element of arms race in itemization pathings, because 'end-game'. Therefor it leaves an impression of you being here to state and explain why you are convinced that you are absolutely correct on your estimations. Not to dig on stuff. So what's the point of talking if you intend to keep to your opinions no matter what. I rather just acknowledge you have them as a response and express disagreement. Not holding it against you, though.
Then why reply at all in the first place? If you arent going to contribute to the conversation then its more or less spam saying such would be considered mindless spamming and a sarcastic condescending remark.
Thimes (EUW)
: ***
Ahri can kill people in a single rotation fed or not I dont think youve ever fought an ahri....have you ever had an ahri E Q W you or no?
Jobriq (NA)
: Master Yi ultimate update
: What do you call an attack speed mage?
: THE BATTLE: Meta(the pros do it) vs what you're good at
PLAY THE META IT MAKES YOUR TEAM LESS TILTED. If you one trick a one bar champion play the meta and play tons and tons of one bar champions if you one trick riven pick up fiora too and stomp everyone collectively One tricks need a second champ to counter their one trick and counters of their one trick XD SO SIMPLE! YET IM SILVER 5 AND SUICIDAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: 100% agree One of my qualms is when placed low and performing well, you play consistently against higher elo players while being 3 or even four tiers lower. My problem here is that **if im being considered by the system to not be eligible to play against players of my own tier level, i shouldnt be at that tier level at all.** Matchmaking should be constricted much harder than it currently is within tiers, but that makes for extreme wait timers and people hate that.
Thats also my problem when im on a wins streak im fighting and playing with gold players which makes jungling easier since they dont throw leads as often or as hard but hwen im on a lose streak I have to fight and play with bronzies which means jungling is damn near impossible since if you give your mid laner 30 kilsl they will try to 1 vs 5 every other 5 minutes instead of work to carry.
kurnubego (EUNE)
: Well. You're entitled to your opinion. :)
You just down voted me over actually provide a logical argument dafuq bro atleast try to argue and prove your point over jsut a You're entitled to your opinion. :) thats sorta a bitch move its not a strategy everyone knows how to counter it but most of the time if not all of the time greivous wounds is over thrown by healing
: stop hyperbole
Its not a hyperbole watch the replay for the love of god I had to go tank riven so I could be some what useful and no its not a hyperbole at all it legit happened to me not exaggerating
: Dude..... Kog'Maw is a _child_..... You should have chosen {{champion:421}} here....
Rek Sai being the sexy momma she is would be out of his league shes a fucking queen why would she settle for that weird purple dude.
kurnubego (EUNE)
: I guess black cleaver invalidates champions who have armor? The idea is that opponents have to itemize a certain way to be able to deal with you. And that's usually just one guy on the team who can do that. No need to dumb down the system by streamlining healing / healing cuts into kits. Currently it's part of arms race / strategy game. Removing that will remove in game depth.
No it needs to be changed the arms race you speak of is no existent if its end game. A soraka who Ws and heals the adc for full hp when you have executioners call as an assassin is too much say whatever you want healing overall isnt a very balanced mechanics and honestly I would rather have all the heals be replaced for shields so atleast you dont have the same duration of forever after using your ability. The amount of effort that is put into killing a target even building around them with a executioners calling just for a support to hit W or hit R or hit E and have them get shielded/healed for more damage then your combo is with a shorter cd is bull shit.
: @meddler: health sustain vs. grievous wounds
I fucking hate health sustain and healing and grievous wounds doesnt cut it most games, last game I was super fed as riven but couldnt kill the support soraka or quinn or mid lane or top lane or jungle because of the sole fact everytime my ult was up so was sorakas if I caught someone out they would get 600+ hp since 20 minutes in making me utterly useless so oppressive takes literally no skill and my mortal reminder didnt do anything to stop it....
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