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: Ekko is flashier than Naut, therefore Riot buffs him because they want to influence the pro meta and give 0 fucks about the rest of the community. Obviously... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Yes that is why tanks are being played top and jungle and supports are healers flashy champs amirite
: I've played Lucian mid before. I've played Lucian bot to. I didn't like Lucian bot as much tho. I like him in mid because his dash (pretty sure it's his e) makes it easier for him to move around mid lane since it's shorter. Also, the rest of his abilities are just easier and more fun in mid since it's harder for the enemy to escape. Although, Lucian mid isn't as consistent in terms of wins as Lucian bot!
This was posted 5 months ago why are you here
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: Ardent censer is so fucking busted that adcs are sharing gold with their supports in order to get them to ardent censer faster.
: ? there is, not for every post though
For no posts there are, what you talking about. There is a total amount of upvotes and thats it
: Putting it out there: I hate ADCs
Putting it out there: Not every adc is like that and maybe you should try to hate the player not the role
: @Riot, so what's Nasus counterplay?
Camp him because he has no escapes.
: autofill=supp
"yes i choose autofill because i shouldnt have to lock in something else." what does this even mean
: What's the deal with true % health damage?
If someone gets ahead, you want them to not be able to kill you because you got health? What kind of balance would that be
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Tace36 (NA)
: Cant tell if english is your second language or if you are just trolling
"matchmaking is shit" "game is shit" You are silver 3, you are silver 3 because you suck. Not because of anything else stop complaining about matchmaking and the game
Kloqdq (NA)
: Let's Theory Craft Azir
: lets discuss
nerf ardent or change the jungle meta from tank support
: I really like the shop!
oh yes zed and yasuo how scary
: No I understood the first part of what you said entirely, the second part had typos and didn't make sense to me.
Im saying you arnet stuck in whatever division you are in because of these games
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: Questions for the owners of LoL or have you stopped caring?
who cares if they care about us, people enjoy the game still
: Make Energized attacks fall off out of combat
Tace36 (NA)
: You basically have to play billions of games because not only is matchmaking shit but the games pretty shit atm.
matchmaking isnt shit everyone in your rank is shit and you just get lucky
: What?
"How am I expected to climb in an environment like this?"
Dr Poro (EUW)
: Ardent censer effect is too narrow for a class defining item
if a janna lets the mid laner die even if the adc is fine then they are trash. If the adc and mid laner are about to die then protect the adc
: Who cares about those support pussies, the issue is the bias: when other mage gets played support: insta help. Zyra get's played support (second time now): nerf nerf nerf forget.
: 4 games today making me question why I reinstalled
You climb by playing more games you lose the game because bad teamates you arnet stuck in your shit rank because of it
: Suggestion; Make the minimap show semi-global ultimate's range for your allies when you ping them
: league of legends skins
Wow smite has a skin thats a meme thats really awesome dude. First heros of the storm skin on google is the champ or hero painted with an american flag. Just awesome get ur shit together riot
: Malz got his voidlings reworked from scratch, Brand's getting a creep-kill buff to help him mid
: I know flex is kind of a joke, but why is the matching so terrible?
The statistic probability of teammates being bad is 1%, please tell me what math you used to find this lmao The reason matchmaking sucks is because flex mmr is different from solo, so im plat 2 but I got silver mmr
Sasanok2 (NA)
: I just can't even begin to start winning games for some reason
I went from plat 2 to plat 5 because of unlucky games. I am now climbing back up steadily, just keep on performing well and you will climb eventually. Bad teamates are the reason you lose a game, not the reason you are stuck in a division
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What are you talking about? After you get baron you should reset and before you back you can clear the jungle
: PSA to ADC's from supps <3
This is one of the worst posts ive ever seen
: Slow down on AFK reports...
If you start losing because of an afk, they deserve a report
: Not really. His kit as a whole is good to have a stun that damages and awesome aoe burst with his Q and passive attack speed for split pushing and empowered autoes every 3 attacks ( Making the fourth attack empowered I don't count the empowered one lol ) His Ultimate in beneficial for his team as a whole and makes up for his immobility because he it makes go to surprising places with a gold card ready to insta stun and burst any enemy laner whilst giving true sight on every enemy champion. So I don't think his ultimate is the only thing making him viable. He is just balanced and cool the way he is. I just thought of other cool stuff that I fancied him having that's all.
No, his ult is the only thing that makes him viable. Annie can do everything twisted fate can do much better except for the fact that twisted fate has his ganking potential
: How did/do you carry out of bronze?
: Twisted Fate Love Here <3
Twisted fates teleport is what makes him viable
: I'm currently looking for a champ out of the jungle that can access and kill adc during teamfights.
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