Falrein (EUW)
: Mmh... I don't think your first point is wrong - but I would still disagree. A normal person with a weapon could not defeat the powered individual (excluding stuff like assassination and surprise attack). I don't think the problem lies there but rather in the lack of opponent who could put up a fight against the powered opponent! I agree with the rest of what you said. The turn off power button... Well. I'm not a fan. I can see it being used once because why not after all, sometimes it's necessary... But more than that and it becomes redundant and annoying, I agree.
My first point is more about my personal preference. In what I read I prefer power to be manageable and flavorful rather than, well, powerful. Once you get to the point where someone can’t be stabbed I tend to lose interest. Mostly because I prefer stories about the people doing the stabbing. Normal people, warriors, facing off against powerful people is my jam. With few exceptions. Sandman by Neil Gaiman is just beautiful. The second bit is more about what I find good and bad storytelling in an abstract sense. In a story power level is window dressing more than anything else. What’s actually important in a story is themes, characterization, plotting, and the like. And in that sense stories about hyper powerful characters tend to fall into certain traps that lessens the impact of the story. Of which I brought up a couple.
Falrein (EUW)
: Power, magic and their place in storytelling - participative thread
Now I’m probably not really the intended audience for this post since my response to “is there such a thing as too powerful?” Is definitely yes, right at the point where a normal person with a weapon can’t defeat the powered individual. But in theory the answer to how powerful can a character be is unlimited, so long as the power is used in a meaningful way and promotes the themes of the story being told. But increased power does lead to problems in writing that need to be avoided. Especially when there is conflict between characters of vastly different powers. Because usually to make the conflict work writers will fall back on pretty annoying ways to get around the problem. Usually falling on a power turn off button, or the villain will suddenly forget to use their powers or won’t use them to the maximum efficiency just to give the unpowered opponent a chance.
hoganftw (NA)
: Top lane is for masochists.
Totally honest, I'd rather deal with every one of those champions you listed, if I could get get guarantees that Junglers would just never come top. My jungler. Their jungler. All of them. I'll fight the unfun champion alone any day.
Cevrad (NA)
: Nope, sorry you are just wrong, DFG was fundamentally the most broken item ever released, no questions asked. First buy on every AP champion regardless of role because it did Max health damage as an active item while also giving stats comparable to Rabadons for way cheaper! Shojin is like a 3rd or 4th buy on the few champions that can utilize it, its really not that bad.
I dunno stackable Black Cleaver was pretty broken for the week or two it was around before they fixed it.
: Question about Yasuo and Zed for the Lore team
I'm pretty sure Yasuo hates ninjas because it's drawing on the popular (though really incorrect) notion that ninjas and samurai were some great rival factions throughout medieval Japan.
Opop (EUW)
: Really nice, though I didn't figure Darius to be this agile
Yeah, the spinning and Naruto running were a bit much. I pictured Darius as a more grounded warrior.
: Because she's optimistic. United is for optimism, sacrificing yourself for the team, and the one who starts the comebacks. At least that's what it told me when I got it in the quiz. So they're basically the morale of the team.
I don’t really have a stake in this argument, but I would argue your description fits Braum even more than it fits Lux.
Terozu (NA)
: You make it sound like the people who like her sexy side only like her for the sexy side. We like her for being a sexy badass. She's comparable to James Bond, she can kick you ass and probably has 5 ways to kill you as soon as you're in the room but she will look good doing it and likes it.
Don't tell me. I don't care, or play MF. Go tell Riot.
: Long story short. They made one when the VO came back for GG MF skin, tested it with a few people and the response was that it didn't feel in line with MF character. I guess it's back to the drawing board at this point.
More specifically they found they couldn’t make a VO in line with what people wanted for the character. For half the MF players she is a flirty barmaid in a cheap pirate Halloween costume as seen in her in game model. For the other half she is a stone cold killer and iron handed ruler of Bilgewater as seen in the lore and Captain Fortune skin. They couldn’t find a way to make them all happy so they dropped it for a later pass.
Yara0 (NA)
: How do you deal with jgs when your in top? I hate them.
My process has always been: 1) Curse Riot for their attempt to make “Top less of an island” a few years back. I liked my private island thank you very much. 2) Ward better. Learn which enemy jungler attacks by which angle. Cough up the dough to get more wards. 3) if being camped never push your wave past the mid point, probably not even there. 4) if camped and now your lane opponent can crush you, hide like a bitch under tower. Ward more defensively. Pray that the rest of your team takes advantage of an open map, because you certainly won’t be doing much to help win the game.
: {{champion:80}} is ambidextrous thanks to his rigorous combat training which involved extensive practice with both hands. He is competent to fight using either hand to hold a weapon.
So, amusingly (to me) this is actually kind of accurate to how hoplites were trained. Now, for the wall to be done correctly, all the soldiers needed to place their shields on the same arm. So Pantheon using his shield on his right is a bit off. However, because the aspis shield was incredibly heavy a hoplite needed to make both their arms fairly equally strong and coordinated. And any left-handed member of the phalanx would train to use their spear with their right. Making them, essentially ambidextrous when using military equipment.
: I agree with WAAARGHbobo this is really thorough and full of DnD love, and I totally agree with your assessments :) Also I love discussing stuff like alignment and [MtG colour philosophy](https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/making-magic/pie-fights-2016-11-14) while we are developing [characters](https://twitter.com/Kindlejack/status/1089453748466769920).
Neat, I personally haven't played MTG since, oh, I think the end of the Invasion Block. But the color wheel was always interesting. You make any other cards for your characters? I've a bit of a wonder on Pantheon. Atreus seems pretty Red/White as the standard soldier colors. But so far Pantheon seems pure White in kinda evil fascistic sense.
: Nice! I love that you were able to break it down into all of the editions. (They just exist in my mind as a confused jumble)
Yeah it helps that I've had variations of this conversation before. The problem with playing/running 3 games on 3 different versions of D&D means you more or less have to memorize all the strange differences. And for some reason alignment always comes up, which is passing odd for a mechanic that has been getting less important over the past 15 years.
: what
Just some guy over complicating things to look smart.
: Teammates that do no actively ruin the game on purpose. Opponents that would rather play a real match than have no honor.
Impossible. Have you thought of playing a 1v1 game? I've found they drastically decrease the amount of people you have to deal with.
Seba7290 (EUNE)
: What D&D alignment would you say Sylas is?
Well first, which version of the alignment system? They're all slightly (or even majorly) different. From the originals view where it's only a wilderness vs civilization dichotomy to the more nuanced and contradictory 3e. The current 5e's alignment is similar to 3e but they dealt with the more glaring contradictions by not bringing them up at all. In the original D&D, Sylas is Neutral. Because there are only two extremes: Chaotic and Lawful, where Lawful actually represents civilization and honor while Chaotic represents animalistic, monsters, and the wilderness. Sylas is not honorable but he's also not aligned with the goblins. So he's Neutral. In AD&D, Sylas is True Neutral. The version of the alignment system in AD&D is worded in such a way that intentions matter, so because Sylas' actions are motivated by the desire to do good, he is not evil. He's also not good, because murder. The Lawful/Chaos dichotomy wasn't changed from the original so he's still not aligned with the goblins, so he's Neutral. In 2e, Sylas is Neutral Evil. In 2e we see Neutrality (on the good/evil alignment) shift into a weird morally blank running on instinct definition that does not fit Sylas. Evil, however, is defined as just not being good. Where good is defined as honesty, forthrightness, forgiveness, and being charitable. None of which describe Sylas. So he's evil. Chaotic has finally shifted away from just being a stand in for monstrous and wilderness, so you'd think one would put Sylas as Chaotic, however, Chaotic Evil is really strangely tied with being self-defeating and of low intelligence. And while I may believe that Sylas' actions are kinda self-defeating, he isn't stupid. Neutral Evil, however, fits well enough. They have no problem betraying their friends for personal gain, is in the description which describes the big moments in his story. In 3e, Sylas is Chaotic Evil. So 3e is probably the alignment with the most written about it, and the most strange oddities and contradictions. Which fits 3e pretty well, I love it, but I also avoid using Grappling rules because I don't feel like reading through it every time. In any case, 3e makes a push for specific actions being what determines someone's alignment. With certain actions, such as murder, almost being worth "evil points" the same is true for "chaos" points. The intention does not really matter as much in 3e. And Sylas by my reckoning has lied and manipulated a lot (earning a bunch of chaos points as lying is a chaotic action), and murdered a lot of people that by our standards seem innocent (earning a lot of evil points). It's worth noting though, that, technically in this edition being Lawful does not mean following the government. But it does determine how someone can act to be in open rebellion. For example, Princess Leia from Star Wars was a rebel, she was also Lawful Good. Because she strived for order and honor within her rebellion and was trying to create a lawful society. Sylas isn't a rebel in that way. He seems to rule his rebellion through browbeating people, which also is a mark of Chaotic Evil. In 4e, Sylas is either Good or Evil. 4e's alignment is weird. It really goes Super Good, Good, Unconcerned, Evil, Super Evil. Sure Super Good is called Lawful Good, and Super Evil is called Chaotic Evil, but the nuance of what makes a lawful or chaotic character is gone. In any case, Sylas doesn't really fit the definitions of any alignment perfectly. Unaligned means specifically not taking a stand, Sylas very much does not fit that. Evil is described as using rules to maximize personal gain, and nope. Good meanwhile gives a brief passage about the dangers of following laws that exploit others which seems to fit Sylas well, until you get to the part of not harming the unarmed and defending weakness. And remember, Sylas is a murderer. So he doesn't fit that either. It really depends on which part of Sylas you wish to emphasize. Though, personally, I think he's too complicated to fit into 4es surprisingly restrictive and limited system. In 5e, Sylas is Chaotic Evil or Chaotic Good. So a return to the more interesting and complex alignments, however 5e does not seek to rigorously define everything about alignments and leaves a lot to player and GM interpretation. 5e's alignment is also a bit more motivated by the emotional state and meaning behind the actions taken than 3e was. We also kind of lose the, what I consider great, differentiation between Lawful and following the government. Now the description of Lawful in general does say that being lawful does not necessarily mean following the laws, but then literally every description of a lawful character defines them by following the laws of society. So, Sylas not Lawful. The intentionality really takes effect on the Good/Evil axis. So we get things like "Good is not nice" and "Chaotic Good try to help others, without care for what people think about their behavior" which, yeah that's Sylas. But Chaotic Evil "are destructive and take pride in the damage they cause" which, yeah that's Sylas. Amusingly, he does not fit the Chaotic Neutral alignment at all which is defined by whimsy and lacking maliciousness, which is not Sylas.
: And that would be fine - if his helmet looked like that. But it does not. https://ddragon.leagueoflegends.com/cdn/img/champion/splash/Pantheon_0.jpg There is a large gaping hole in the front, where his face should be visible with a helmet of that design. You in fact can even see vague shadowing of faces on the other soldiers fighting with him wearing similar helmets.
Yes. Riot is terrible at designing armor. This is not exactly news. I personally would like if Pantheon’s armor was less crappy instead of more, but that’s just me.
: Except you don't got this. You talk about the historical adherence to his armor, yet invent some completely nonsensical interpretation of the helmet to shield his face from view - something that was never done historically. And there IS a point in show his host's face - so you can see his face move and give more presence to him as a character. He's entirely vapid as a character when he's just a helmet full of darkness for no reason. It resonates harder when you can see the face and know that Atreus, who's face it is (who Leona and Diana, knew, btw), is no longer the one talking through it. His eyes can be illuminated in the glow given to him by his Aspect, and that will tell us he's unnaturally possessed, but the remainder of his face needs to be visible so he's not so much of a fucking joke of a character and looks like he was invented in the 40s by a comic artist who didn't know how to draw faces. Hell, even Aurelion Sol's color story, he talks about how the female Pantheon's face is visible all except for the eyes that are shaded, but burning red, behind her helmet. It's not at all outside of the realm of expectation for Atreus Pantheon to follow that same look - especially since it will anchor him as a real character, and not a caricature.
Just for the record, this: https://images.app.goo.gl/et2XDrTbvv39qZs46 Is as far as I know the most complete Corinthian helmet uncovered with battle damage, indicating it was not just ceremonial. There really is not much space to see any of a persons face. So if we argue from a historical context it does make sense. Now personally, I could not care less about Pantheon as a character in the lore. But if we are going for a design that is entirely focused on being the embodiment of war, there is very little I’d find thematically more appropriate than a faceless soldier, just part of the destructive machine of warfare. That’s how battles were fought for thousands of years.
: Well based on the article, there's a chance the human side of Pantheon still exists. They're also keeping the hoplite fantasy.
I hope you're right, but honestly, I don't think they understand what that means considering the first description they use for him is "one-man army" which is the exact opposite of what a hoplite is. I except that just means they're going to have a shield block as one of his base abilities, so they can think that it's suitably hoplite-ish, then they're going to add some random star crap to the animations.
: I think your first point is a very convincing excuse for why the writers might've turned around on their idea of Atreus as a fully consumed host. Particularly about how the writers cant activly rely on the host's ignorance of what their Aspect is truly up to when Patheon is the one driving. But at the same time, I cant help but think it's just pandering to a died out outcry. Backpedal the narrative because not everyone liked its implementation. If the arc now is a struggle for control of the body and soul, the heck is the point in another character with the same dilemma, Varus! I suppose we'll have to wait and see.
Outcry is still here by the way. Pantheon’s lore is still very much hated. Just quiet because there was nothing more to talk about for awhile.
: Pantheon up for the next VGU
Been dreading it for years, honestly. But I’m glad you’re happy. Mostly I’m just tired, I think.
: Pantheon is the next VGU, Roadmap would be live within minutes
Ahh well, goodbye my Spartan. I hope others like the new you, regardless.
Sillae (NA)
: "People didn't fall in love with the Joker... because they were super "deep" and "complex"." Don't let the Joker fangirls hear you, they will rip you apart if you say he's anything but a misunderstood genius, it interferes with their Batman fanfics.
As an unrepentant Joker fan, eh? At most you can use him as a reflection of society itself. He as a character is purposefully vague so he can be used in a variety of scenarios and exploring numerous ideas and it will still make thematic sense. He is a genius. And he is a brilliant character. But misunderstood? Hell no. The whole point of the Killing Joke is a rejection of the “one bad day” philosophy he espouses.
: I liked the begginning, but really disagree with Thanos being poorly written. Sure, sometimes he could make contradicting character actions, but people in real life do that too all the time. The video started getting repetitive after a while and I think some examples could have been cut out and keep it at the 14 min mark. Also Hades from Disney's Hercules is a great simple villain you didn't mention. I think ultimately for video game characters if the character is fun you will play him/her. Some of the most popular characters Lol has to offer (like Teemo) really have no motivations at all behind him, but people find him fun for whatever reason. I think many times writer get over their heads trying to create something they think is good work because they want to push themselves, and end up overcomplicated
Not surprising I’ve seen a few of this lady’s videos she’s alright and tend to agree with her in broad strokes. But she has said some things I’ve very largely disagreed with. How can you do a retelling of the Iliad and somehow miss the entire point of the epic? In any case. Of course there is a place for pure evil in fiction. There’s a reason the Joker is often ranked as the greatest comic book villain of all time. It’s just hard. Honestly it’s easier to just give a character some motivation and pretend that equals depth. You’ll always find someone who can relate to your villain if you make their backstory sad enough. But to make someone blatantly evil but still fascinatingly entertaining? That’s hard to do consistently.
: You really telling me Camille doesn't have "normal day" legs?
I can just see her walking around in some high end fancy Piltover leaders house, only for the housekeeping to scream in rage and fear as she pokes holes in all the wood floors and tears up every carpet.
Arakadia (NA)
: Pyke is not chaotic good. He is absolutely chaotic evil and kills whoever gets in his path or whoever the Swimming City tells him to. He is literally in deep psychosis so that he can't even differentiate you from those who betrayed him.
Pyke is, in my opinion, one of the few decent examples of characters who would register as unaligned on the standard D&D alignment system, because frankly he is not in control of his actions and has been shown to be very clearly put under some kind of mind control by the fish. Now the fish doing the controlling would probably register as some degree of evil. Though, one could make the argument that they’re just defending themselves which may push them into neutral depending on how carefully they’re selecting targets for Pyke to assassinate.
Maisanai (NA)
: for the longsword champ, would something like jayce work? have them switch between an offensive and defensive stance with R, changing the basic abilities? Maybe having a dual passive as well, with each part only being active in one stance. like bonus AS in offense and bonus armor/MR in defense for example.
It definitely could, but the idea I had (and I am nothing even resembling a game dev so it's probably not particularly good), is that each base ability is a stance. Personally, I'd think something like Vom Tag, Fool's Guard, and Plow Guard. Each of these guards give a different passive ability for their auto-attacks. However, the real fun is in transitioning from one Stance to another which would create a small active ability. So, for example, going from Fool's Guard to Vom Tag would be Universal Parry which gives a quick parry style ability. While going from Fool's Guard to Plow Guard would be a thrust attack that acts as a very short dash. Like Udyr there's a universal cooldown between each ability so you can't just spam stance changes. For an ultimate, there'd be some of your basic stat upgrades, and the basic abilities universal cooldown would be drastically reduced for a few seconds.
: What champs would u want to see this year?
The same champions I always wish to see. Noxian Drill Sergeant, preferably having his design based off a Roman Legionnaire. Who just yells at his allies to buff them. I want Riot to channel the fury of every healer saddled with a bad team into this guy. “What kind of idiot just stands in enemy fire!?!” “Wow, you killed a guy. Good for you doing your damn job! Want a medal, Snowflake?” That kind of thing. Demacian Knight. I’m talking full plate with either a horse and lance or on foot with a pollax. Hell, both would be great. If Riot wants to be original with the concept of a knight find a way to also control the knight’s squire could lead to interesting mechanics. Demacian Pikeman. I want a simple soldier, with a strong view of how Demacia is from the lower class perspective. I’m picturing a weird area control tank kind of guy who’s long weapon is the area he controls. Also thinking a cockney or Yorkshire accent. Noxian Old Hag. Go full Baba Yaga on this lady. If you can get away with having her ultimate be her getting into a house running on giant chicken legs all the better. But here’s the thing, I think it would be awesome if she was the nicest sweetest Noxian ever. Demonstrating how true strength can come from helping others find their dignity. I also want her to call all other Noxian champs “chilluns” and chide them on their bad behavior. Longsword champion that can actually use a longsword. I’m hoping they get as deep (or deeper) into the actions used in a longsword as they got with Fiora’s rapier and Yasuo’s katana. Despite the frankly numerous zweihander wielding champions we have, none of them seem to know what they’re doing. Garen spins like a top, Tryndamere bashes his like a sledgehammer, Aatrox jumps around and does dance moves in the air. I want something focused on stances and strikes performed in those stances. A troll. Preferably a plague troll that took the diseases of his tribe upon himself and was then cast out by these same ingrates. But I’m really willing for anything. More trolls would be great.
Chronabis (EUNE)
: @ Riot about Aatrox
Well I doubt your efforts will lead to anything but maybe a mention and some Rioter saying how they'll try to "do better" or some other useless platitude. They might try and spin it into a positive about how their game can bring in so much passion. But to all those who lost their champion, good luck. I'm rooting for you.
: What type of leader would Swain be considered?
Technically nothing in the strictest definition of dictator, rather than its more colloquial uses, states that a dictator can’t care for his people or state. It just means that they either took or were given near absolute power over the government. This actually happens occasionally usually after a period of unrest. Where one person does win control and then uses their authority to establish a more legalistic government. And also technically a military position can be a political one. The most obvious is historical shogun. Which was really just supposed to be the position that handles the emperors armies. Only it became more politically powerful than the emperor for awhile. But anyway, if we consider Noxus a kingdom and there is no planned exit (like a term limit) for Swain’s political life, then Swain is a triarch. It’s like a monarch but there are three of them. I do not know of any triarchs historically. Though there is a few diarchs I’m aware of (rule of 2). If we don’t consider Noxus a kingdom, more an empire. Then dictator would be the root we’d have to use. Now dict means to say which implies the absolute power where whatever the dictator says is law. This is different, the three leaders need to agree to enact policy. Triumvirate seems close but that was technically never a political position, it was just an alliance between three people who held various different government offices. I’d go with something like concordator or concordor. Where concordare is the Latin “to agree” then slap an ator at the end to make it a noun. Of course, concordator sounds a bit silly. So if you don’t like it then Trifarix or whatever term Riot game has just as much legitimacy
: No they need to leave Pantheon alone, he is the best point and click adventure I've ever played
I know you’re kidding. But I kind of love his point-and-clickiness. Oh your Champion can literally jump 6 times mid fight? Fuck you. You’re still stunned. And eat a spear.
: Why is the new Darius story classified as a "color story"?
The thing to remember with English is that it’s a language that thrives on ignoring its own rules and definitions. And jargon can get substituted for accuracy very easily. Moreso, I’m told, than most other languages. In this case, you are right that color means visual hues and light reflection and all that. But because English speakers like to mix metaphor with definition. The term often gets thrown around as a means to express any variance and quirk at all. For example “local color” is used to indicate how a certain locations customs and speech patterns differentiate itself from the norm. Does this really make sense? No. But we’ve taken the concept of color and used it figuratively to mean variation. Like the different colors in the light spectrum. It’s the same here. Where the idea is that these stories add “color” to the character. Not literally. More, as an exploration of what makes them interesting.
: New lore on universe
I liked the Darius story. It felt very Caesar at Alesia, a bit of bad positioning in enemy territory resulting in the general furiously building fortifications and fighting alongside his men. It also grasped the cold necessity and almost machinelike nature of formation fighting where the soldiers are just expected to keep fighting and maybe lead the wounded to the back if able, but mostly one must focus on holding the line. Well done Ms Michet.
: Anyone else get annoyed when champions dash in general? Fuck mobility creep
In my opinion having one dash to get in is fine. Assassins may also have an additional dash to get out on a long cooldown and if they decide to use it mid-fight to try and confirm a kill that’s on them. They must deal with the concequnces. Champions that can dash 2 or more times within the fight itself are a problem.
Akrid415 (NA)
: Anyone else annoyed when Yasuos / Irelias dash?
Honestly, all characters with more than 1 dash they can perform per fight annoys me. Though yes, Irelia and Yasuo are fairly high on the list of annoying dashing bastards.
: My main issue with Ionia
The problem I have with Ionia is more that it is just Ionia. It’s a stand in for Asia which is just so boring. If you know anything about Asian history you’d know it is a fractured place full of infighting and intrigue and complexity. China, which was pretty much the dominant social force of Eastern Asia for awhile, alone united and broke apart a minimum of 5 times. Then Japan is off doing their own thing. India with its amazing natural barriers that create its own identity completely separate from China. Then there is the Steppe and the numerous peoples within. And the Middle East is it’s own flavor of fascinating. For Ionia it all just gets squashed together into Ionia. So you can’t have Noxus invading Korea and a separate story about what’s happening over in Taiwan. They invade the entire continent at the same time. Which all reacts to this invasion. Now territorial invasions are a huge deal. It makes sense that it would have a dramatic effect on the storyline of every character within the invaded territory. And since the state building of Ionia is so basic it means it effected literally every character.
: > [{quoted}](name=Warlord Dienekes,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=9f0Ejrvf,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2019-03-27T16:49:35.250+0000) > > We did. Oh, is that why they outnumber us by over 1,000,000 to one? Could one human defeat 1,000,000 ants? Sure, probably. But unless you're an exterminator, you probably aren't going to. We humans have better things to do with our time than trouble ourselves with such insignificant creatures, including nothing. I don't find it difficult to think Targonians feel the same way about mortals.
We entirely altered the world of the ants to fit our needs, we are in the process of extorting all resources we find useful. And have shaped the land they once used to our own ends. As to the ants themselves, they have been relegated to living in the scrappy between territories on the outskirts of our own and are exterminated if any group of them get too close. They are allowed to exist at our leisure and we feel nothing for stepping when we step on their ant hill. This is not what has happened in Targon and Runeterra, which seems to have actually quite a lot of mystic resources that the Aspects seem pretty interested in, from Runes to the humans themselves. Yet space Targs have apparently gone conquering the cosmos while leaving their home planet pretty much untouched. It's bad empire building is what that is.
: > Targon is basically full of demi-gods, why aren't they trying to take control over the world of League. Why do we humans not conquer the world of ants?
: Praetorian Skin Line feels underrated
Really, to me they seem about as rated as they should be. I honestly don't think there needed to be a, what are we on now? 5th, 6th robot/cyborg themed skin line. What's more, if someone wants a skin that plays up the fantasy of having their champion being a robot, it's usually at least in part to see how this new circumstance would change the personality of the champion. And, well the Praetorians don't have a personality. They just make clicking noises, which isn't really interesting. It makes the whole skinline seem like it missed the mark, with maybe the exception of Rek'sai. Whose animalistic screams actually could probably translate over to a whirring mechanical hiss pretty well.
: The boards: "I think Yasuo was a mistake to release and he is fundamentally flawed as a champion" Riot: "As a child, Yasuo often believed what the others in his village said of him: on the best days, his very existence was an error in judgement; on the worst, he was a mistake that could never be undone."
BayoNX19 (NA)
: ***
He's a narrative writer. What issues with the game do you want him to talk about? "Yasuo is too op and hard and I hate his hitboxes!" "Cool. I'll write a story about Yasuo's winds being hard to run away from."
Rioter Comments
: Moral Relativism and Resonance
It's pretty hard for me to connect with Thresh's morality. Of course, I believe he is one of the characters that most rejects Riot's stance on moral relativism. Nothing he's done really makes up for the whole getting off on killing things and taking their soul shtick. On a more complex level, Illaoi is insane to me. She follows a path that would see her kill innocents who happen to be living in the plain rut of life, while saving a mass-murdering lunatic while essentially giving him a pep talk to go out and be an even more efficient mass-murdering lunatic. It's interesting, I actually quite like Illaoi, but that is repulsive. On the positive side, I can really understand Morgana's desire to provide redemption and forgiveness. Despite Javert being one of my favorite characters in fiction, Kayle has gone too far down that path for me to see her as anything but destructive.
: Most people don't really have the agency in the world to do real good or real evil. They mostly just use morals as a way to gauge their own character, but it's very internal or sadly when it's external it's to virtue signal and gain the approval of others. Who do you know though that actually can change lives, rather than just do their part? Lifes least interesting, but most impactful Bioware style moral dillemma is do you recycle or litter. I'm of course barring random, senseless acts of violence that ordinary people are capable of enacting in the world today as that's just sadism rooted in mental illness and can't really stand up to an objective assessment of whether they are good or evil. "People are only as good as the world allows them to be" I'm actually kind of with Riot on their choice. Real world morality is boring, lacks drama, and is very functional because we live in a society that encourages middle-of-the-road, nice, inoffensive behavior and shames other views entirely.
Interestingly, the quote of yours is proven wrong during one of the two climaxes of the movie. I also kinda disagree with your argument, sure no one is perfect. But there are people in the world who volunteer at homeless shelters, take their vacation time to construct houses in 3rd world countries, and dedicate their time and energy into fixing some small part of what they feel is wrong in the world. The agency to help is almost always there. Most people just ignore it.
Arakadia (NA)
: Okay to be fair old Pantheon was literally _just_ a spartan. Sure spartans were super interesting and unique but that was lame that they just copied that and made him just a really good spartan.
There are 3 ninjas in this game (4 if you include the pikachu), a viking, and a character designed exactly like Sun Wukong from Journey to the West, which they didn’t even bother to change his name. My point being, they could have easily made a story about a particularly unique and interesting Spartan if they wanted. They instead tied him to this space crap that was never remotely what the character was involved with. I’m not saying the old lore was high art. It sure wasn’t. But then, nether is the new Pantheon lore.
: Maokai, he was created to be from Zaun, not the Shadow Isles. ... also: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/8AspKoPQCgk/hqdefault.jpg
: If you could revert a champion lore update who would it be?
Pantheon. Take a badass warrior based on one of the most unique and interesting cultures in history, and turned him into a body hopping alien that is bad at its job.
: Something that bothers me about the Targon lore...
Here’s the thing, Rioter Waarghobo has said it’s not just Pantheon. Basically when one of the space parasites choose a host there is some mix of both personalities. Leona is not just Leona the girl making her decisions. Her entire mind has been altered at least somewhat by the parasite. Now how much mixing their is and how much it effects the parasite varies. Apparently Taric is about 99% original home grown Demacian decision making. Pantheon is 100% the parasite. Everyone else is somewhere in between. Things start to get even weirder with what was said about Zoe. Since apparently Zoe was chosen specifically so her personality can in turn alter the personality of Twilight. How this makes sense when Leona basically suppresses her parasite at some point? I don’t know. One could also ask why the parasites would need to change their personality at all since apparently they can see the future enough to know that Leona and Morgana would embody the two sides of justice. But then in the lore they get blindsided by information with some frequency, so maybe this ability to see the future was a one and done deal. Really though, the aspects are one of the most poorly explained things in the lore. They seem to work based on rules that are being made up on the fly. And perfectly honest, if you go read the first released Targon updated lore there really isn’t anything about them actually being the embodiment of various aspects of the human condition. On the contrary, Sol describes them as basically just upstart aliens. This gives me the feeling that a lot of what Targon has developed into wasn’t really finalized until much later than the original Targon update. I wouldn’t expect to find consistency with the information until we actually get a reveal story that really goes into the parasites as themselves, not just when they’re in their hosts. Which will probably come with the Pantheon rework.
: Good job on Xin Zhao bio and color story
Yeah, I really liked them. Most enjoyment I got out of a Demacian story in awhile. I really liked that they recognized the weaknesses of Noxus and they touched upon why the border states would rebel, without going into real detail, but still a start. The economics of the story don't quite make sense, but, eh, that's a quibble.
: Less than 1% is still a ridiculous amount. He gave 2 billion dollars to homeless families just last year. Is giving less than 1% of your earnings (which happens to be more money than most will see in their lives) more indicative of his outrageous wealth or perceived tight fistedness? Most people give nothing so I doubt they have the right to judge or be prickly about it.
Eh, I give more than 1% and I've yet to make even my first million. It just seems odd to me to put him beside Gates who has given somewhere around 25-40% of his total wealth to charity.
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