Vanra (NA)
: Braum should trade his "invincible door" for an actual shield.
You have zero clue of what you're talking about. I think there's a gas leak in your room, even.
Toadwart (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=tires,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=LVyAi2Xo,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-30T21:33:29.813+0000) > they 3starred their Veigar and gave him shojin + hextech. > > And y’all no matter what I did this lil Veigar would not die. Morellonomicon, Red Buff, Morganna or Glacial and hes dead. There are a number of ways to deal with healing.
Did you just fucking give items as a counter to a build in Tactics? Are you going to next tell him to buy it from the shop? And Good luck hitting him at 60% dodge rate. Real Iron comment there Told-wart.
: riot wtf how do i get 6 brawlers in tft
Brawlers suck. Don't waste your time.
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: How are games so unbalanced? Where is the Match Making Team at?????
All the draconian bans for the slightest offense happened. Then everyone rerolled accounts (me included) and just played lower level games.
: Pyke should not be able to execute through shields.
I don't think shields should even be in the game. There's nothing interesting or smart with shields. But go ahead and downvote me because you have no counter argument, person.
Hotarµ (NA)
: 1 - How is this game "for children"? There are many aspects of this game that require skill such as efficient CSing, vision control, counterpicking, counterjungling, invading, ganking, teamfighting, and much, _much_ more. If you think the game is bad then you're entitled to that opinion, but it is most certainly not simple. 2 - How does adding animation cancels improve the state of the game? In a MOBA that means burst champions would kill faster, the overall state of the game would speed up, teamfights would be more chaotic, and slower paced champions would suffer _heavily._
Watered down garbage. Stop defending it. Theres zero depth compared to dota.
: Am i the only one on these boards that likes Qiyana
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: Near 50% win rate and gets counter picked pretty easily Yea nah m8
Whats the 'counter pick' I'm curious
: TK top needs to be hotfixed
I've played him 3 games top now with TK and hes utterly dominating. I don't play high level games but the kinds of ganks that kill top laners would in fact kill both the jungler and the other top laner instead of you. You can counter him or just ignore him but his harass and kill threat draw so much aggro that he ends up creating an insane amount of space on the map and in team fights. Plus hes still technically a support with abilities that provide utility. Also Killing him doesn't slow him down if he brings teleport and items are just gravy for him. Could solo anyone with one defensive item finished. Disgusting and I DODGE every game I see him in (I don't play ranked, not with TK like he is).
AyreBiRabak (EUNE)
: While many are complaining about Qiyana's appearance...
Braindead design. Throw 12 options into a kit and call it done, that's Riot's new model nowadays. We're in Street Fighter territory with all the combos, jumps, dashes, blocks, and zoning abilities. Why not make something with a powerful niche dominance but has to consider weaknesses that detract? No, the dash shield meta must go on.
: Brand is a lot weaker now than he has been in a long while. Despite popular belief, his early game damage is not enough to warrant him being picked anymore compared to healers or a couple enchanters. Landing a 3 rank W only does like 8% of a squishy's health bar of burst damage. Sona is out damaging Brand right now and she can heal, shield, and speed up. Sona can deal about 40% of a squishy's health bar in burst damage with no items. Janna also did more damage with her point and click W before the recent changes. Late game Brand? Yeah you are right about that. Then the argument becomes, "Does Brand deserve to be this strong if he makes it to late game or gets really fed for some oddball reason?"
I don't think you know what "zoning" means.
: Tips on TF?
Skip playing him entirely. Everyone here will give constructive criticism but lets be real here: TF Is bottom tier trash with weak options. High risk low reward.
: Bans are not to "remove broken champs from the game". Riot isnt bethesda and u aren't a modder.
You're ignoring the option of a new game mode that isn't shit. Draft procedure is not sufficient.
: 100% agree with the topic - current minion block / pathing is comedically awful. It's really exacerbated with larger champs. I took a break through most of 2018, and when I came back something had been changed for the worse with pathing and minions. Whatever was done to pathing in 2018, just undo it already.
I've already posted about this but there needs to be defined mechanics in this game and glitchy collision isn't consistent for any strategy. This is Riot's chance to make an interesting mechanic with minion blocking.
SeanGoku (EUW)
: Current minion block is horrible
Yet another problem Riot is just realizing; Dota solved this problem 20 centuries ago with phase boots. Make phase boots and change minion collision to be even bigger. Maybe then the laning phase will require more skill.
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: Tahm was already toxic champion to most top laner champions and now he toxic to ever champion
He's beyond broken top lane and needs a nerf. Shield runes benefit him so hard. Insta-ban or pick in my opinion. Tanking tower 20 tower shots at 20 minutes in a row while doing damage of a mid laner?


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