: "Pick 5... let me show that you have no reason to be in this discussion, you obviously have a fundamental lack of understanding of AP itemization, or just dislike AP champs and have a dont give a fuck attitude about their items. Kinda like an anti-cilvilrights person. You dont care about others oppression, and cant wait for them to shut up about it." What the actual fuck?! Lol. Okay, yes, I don't care about their itemization, but that's all the more reason for me to be in the discussion. If you can't convince the people who don't care, you probably don't have much of a case. And "oppression"? Having mediocre itemization is "oppression" now? Very dramatic, so believable. If you're exaggerating, don't bring super polarizing things like that up. If you're not exaggerating, you're an idiot. "OK, theres 5, and virtually no mage will ever win with that." Not really, that's a lot of AP and some health. If you hit six items, you'll probably win 50% of the time. Most champions have close to a 50% win rate at the 40+ minute mark anyway because they aren't particularly early or late game. Now, if you are saying the mage player will not CARRY that game with at build, perhaps not, but this is a team game. You work together as a team in a team game. A mage player should be more concerned with dealing AOE damage form afar and softening up the enemy team before his divers go in than he should be about killing one person
There is a lot of shit the breakdown here... You dont care about itemization of AP champs... so anything you say about it will be talking out of your ass... > And "oppression"? Having mediocre itemization is "oppression" now? Very dramatic, so believable. If you're exaggerating, don't bring super polarizing things like that up. If you're not exaggerating, you're an idiot. What I wrote: > Pick 5... let me show that you have no reason to be in this discussion, you obviously have a fundamental lack of understanding of AP itemization, or just dislike AP champs and have a dont give a fuck attitude about their items. _**Kinda like an anti-cilvilrights person.**_ You dont care about others oppression, and cant wait for them to shut up about it. The oppression was in reference to the "Kinda like an anti-cilvilrights person." Its a metaphor... you know what a metaphor is? If not, fucking Google it so you get a damn clue. Let me give an example. "That guys fights like a lion;" and what you read is he used his claws and teeth to slash someone up because you have poor reading comprehension coupled with the lack of understanding of metaphors.... then you called me an idiot... wow. The key word is LIKE, as in not exactly.... just google metaphor Im not here to educate you on language it will obviously take too long. > "OK, theres 5, and virtually no mage will ever win with that." > > Not really, that's a lot of AP and some health. If you hit six items, you'll probably win 50% of the time. Most champions have close to a 50% win rate at the 40+ minute mark anyway because they aren't particularly early or late game. Now, if you are saying the mage player will not CARRY that game with at build, perhaps not, but this is a team game. You work together as a team in a team game. A mage player should be more concerned with dealing AOE damage form afar and softening up the enemy team before his divers go in than he should be about killing one person OK... you have proven youre clueless on the issue and have no reason to be in it again. The items in question: {{item:3089}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3151}} First... No mana, no mana regen. Any mage that builds that will have to be in a lane where they have little more than their auto attack because they will be out of mana after a few abilities. With no mana, you cant fight back vs an all in and you will lose heath and be forced out of lane... or feed... making building those items a fantasy since you couldnt farm because you dont have mana. Second... no cooldown reduction. Enemies will have their ult up for every teamfight, you may not. You will only be good for one rotation in a teamfight, their AP will be good for two, maybe even two full rotations for your every one skill rotation. Not viable in the least for teamfighting, and you are very vulnerable between key cooldowns for much longer than your opponents are. Third... A mage enthusiast would be lucky to get out of Bronze 1 building that shit if they want to maintain a 50% winrate. Yes this is a team game, and when one of your team members is building a troll build they arent pulling their weight when the enemy AP champs are building properly. If one team has someone building full attack speed items on Nunu, and the other has a Master Yi doing the same... one of those is troll building something that wont be effective and the rest of the team has to make up for their stupid build... so yeah, we agree its a team game, and part of that is your team building items that work... its why you dont see ADCs building 5 random AD items with no lifesteal, attack speed, or crit items, its not good. With no mana regen, or extra mana, and long cooldowns you wont be very effective at... > > A mage player should be more concerned with dealing AOE damage form afar and softening up the enemy team before his divers go in... It takes multiple (mana burning) skills to "soften" the enemy, and they do a lot of lifesteal and regeneration between the cooldowns of a no CDR build... so this build cant even accomplish what you think mages should be doing... have I thoroughly pointed our how clueless you are on AP itemization yet? What was it you said? > You don't want options, you want POWER. So the problem is you have formed an opinion... an opinion that is based in a complete lack of understanding of what youre talking about. Changing the opinion of people who talk about subjects they dont know much about is impossible, theyre either trolls or simply think they know everything and therefor they cant be told anything. _Side note, I grew up playing online games over telephone land lines cause thats what there was back in the day. We called new players newbs cause they were new, and people who talked about stuff like experts while being clearly wrong noobs. Newer generations of gamers came around and conflated the two and would say they were "noob" and needed help when they meant newb..._ So here you are talking about mage itemization, while being clearly wrong about it... noob.
: You just received three brand new AP items with the mage update. AP items: {{item:3116}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3030}} {{item:3152}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3165}} Pick 5. It's not hard.
Brand new AP items? {{item:3030}} {{item:3152}} are new... thats really all thats new. Very minor changes to some others, but their role/function remained the same... Also only a few champs do well with them or can use the play-style they offer. Pick 5... let me show that you have no reason to be in this discussion, you obviously have a fundamental lack of understanding of AP itemization, or just dislike AP champs and have a dont give a fuck attitude about their items. Kinda like an anti-cilvilrights person. You dont care about others oppression, and cant wait for them to shut up about it. {{item:3089}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3151}} OK, theres 5, and virtually no mage will ever win with that. So it isnt as easy as randomly cobbling together items that have an AP stat. You have to have a combination of items to get a functional mage and the only combination that works is... well really the only combination that works... and thats why AP itemization is not really doing it for people that like to play mages. In reality mage itemization is pretty much this: {{item:3020}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3135}} Work in one of these when you can {{item:3151}} or {{item:3146}} or {{item:3285}} or {{item:3027}} You may need 10% more CDR depending on runes so one of these {{item:3157}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3102}} Theoretically you want to build this (but its build path is harsh and only offers damage and no utility){{item:3089}} and most games dont last long enough for it to get built... Without rehashing all the points made many many times, Zon has been nerfed (and it needed a bit of a nerf) enough that its only good on champs that do damage while in stasis in most cases, or you need to live vs a Zed ult. We see more L.torment now that Rylais isnt a universally good mage item because mages still need HP, and its passive helps with tanks. So while it may seem like we have choices since I listed multiple "work in one of these" and "10% CDR" items, it really comes down to what champ your playing in a lot of cases. Playing Victor, get L.bane, enhance his aa ability. Anivia, RoA all the way. Velkoz, Ludens of course. Playing vs Zed, Zon will help you not feed him, but if youre Swain or Fiddle then Zon will be a great item... more or less. So when your choices are "large caliber sniper rifle" and "smaller caliber sniper rifle" with no other discernible differences, you can make the "choice" to get the smaller, less effective rifle, but then why would you make that choice? If the choice makes no sense then its not a choice, its the illusion of choice. When every game is: {{item:3020}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3089}} and an item that is based on the champ youre playing but is probably {{item:3151}} {{item:3157}} then there is no diversity. There are no choices to be made. Personally I run 20% CDR worth of runes to give myself the option to build an extra "work in one of these" items, but most often it looks like: {{item:3020}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3135}}{{item:3151}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3089}} Maxing magipen is mandatory, for "reasons" Riot gave everyone in the game scaling MR now, so not building it just makes mages fall off more. I know telling people theyre wrong on the internet is roughly like herding cats, basically impossible and you look like a fool for trying, but you again either dont play mages, or just dont care about AP itemization and want those who do to shut up.
: AP champions do have options. You can build Protobelt, you can build Archangel's, you can build Zhonya's. You don't want options, you want POWER. You want new AP items that have 80-120 AP AND interesting new effects. You refuse to build other items not because they don't offer your character alternate playstyles but because you are not willing to sacrifice AP for those options.
If you have to sacrifice so much AP that you cant win fights, is it really an option? If you had the "choice" to build different defensive items, and one was just not strong enough to rationalize using an item slot for it... would you still get it? Choices in games arent choices if one of the choices is objectively weaker and cant stand up to the same challenges as the other choice. That means you have one option, and one trap. Dont tell people they only want power when AP is disappearing from the game constantly. The list of items that have had AP reduced is nothing compared to the list of items that have had AP removed, or changed into another item that doesnt have AP.
Xenohaz (NA)
: Can we just repeat this mission once a week forever from now on? It could keep going after Worlds, give people a tiny amount of essence or something. Anything to get people to buy control wards.
I like that idea. I like wards tho, Im a bit biased since I make the occasional warding video. This is my Control Ward vid: https://youtu.be/fBRyTLoXpTQ
: as a support main I was in confusion as if this was suppose to be a challenge at all
: I wont be buying any emotes
> IMO not something that's needed in this game at all That^
: Option to mute ALL Emotes
My problem is the emots seem to come with a high-pitched noise (that I find annoying) and would rather not have to listen to 4 other people spam over and over the second the game starts. Rito gave hyperactive kids a noise button seemingly designed to be irritating. This is just Star-guardian Jinx ear piercing sound effects all over again, this time for everybody...
: finally got into gold
Yeah, had a similar experience. Gold 5 is fully of moronic shitheads that think they made gold so the other people next to them (who are gold also) are somehow bronze. Checking a stat sight usually shows a negative win% on those people, as in they somehow placed in gold, or got boosted and are on their way out back down to silver 1 or lower. My first 5 matches in Gold had two people on my team with lower than 45% win rates. When I got to gold I had a 63% winrate on Morgana, I quit playing at a certain point, moved over to Flex... Flex has its own problems, but it was nice to stop playing with salty gold future washouts.
Flay (NA)
: Ill give it 1 full week hopefully. Really hope they do something nice for flex and not just a random ward or icon
theyre not doing anything FOR flex, theyre giving out rewards for people who reach gold rank... in either solo or flex. Its people who reach gold in both ques thats where the rewards differ.
: It's not about "teams at worlds play as a group and you should too." It's about people in solo trolling others to force them into helping with the mission. You don't have fun gathering 5 people, but I don't have fun going into a lobby to see "PICK ONLY MELEE OR I FEED".
Then maybe... and this is just a thought (common sense to some), Riot can NOT make missions that require everyone in a lobby to do something very specific that is unlikely to happen... Riot can lack common sense in certain actions, season 6, but they can work past it and just not make 5 man premade missions, and consequently not make 5 man melee missions. If Riot were a person running around hitting children with a stick, and several people stopped them and said "HEY! Stop hitting kids with a stick." If the responded with "If I cant hit kids with a stick, who will I hit with a stick then, animals, women!? DID YOU THINK OF THAT!?" The response is of course, "Nobody. Dont hit anyone with a stick." So your statement: > You don't have fun gathering 5 people, but I don't have fun going into a lobby to see "PICK ONLY MELEE OR I FEED". Is of the assumption that we HAVE either 5 man premade missions, or we have trolls trying to force people to all do one thing... and like the stick issue, we dont have to have SOMEONE getting hit with a stick, we can just not hit anyone with a stick. It really is that simple.
: This is why I don't play top lane.
In almost all my time playing, most duo bot lane pairs that ask to people to give up roles to they can play bot together are trash... Now I know reading comprehension and logic are weak, and many of you read "youre trash for playing duo bot" but, thats not what I said. Those duo players that like to play bot together, but dont get it and are fine with another role usually arent a problem. Duo bot players that NEED to play together... those players... MOST of the time, like 51% or > are trash. When I que up support, I dont give them my role anymore cause Im sorry every time. The "support" is a no sightstone full damage (AP/AD) nonsense pick with a gimmick the two thought up and they end up feeding. Long story short OP, I feel you. I too have given up support to go top only to be flamed by moronic botlanes. My advice, just dont do it. Those people will perform better 5/9 times if they arent doubling up on their codependent dullard scheme they cooked up, and your team has a real support.
ShiraZen (NA)
: Can we get a pre-game vote for a full team dodge to get rid of trolls/ autofill crybabies?
Didnt read your post, dont have to. We will not be getting a "KICK" or "FREE DODGE" option. I know you said avoid trolls, but "I dont like Karthus top, therefore youre trolling, therefore dodge you vote." Totally abuseable, RIot isnt going to introduce an abuseable lobby mechanic, they know better, people have brought this up, it always gets the same thing "Someone is showing Teemo intent/pick, lable them a troll and dodge." This is also to avoid the player that called the vote not getting their way and just trolling themselves cause, LIKE FUCKING BABY, they didnt get their way and they have to tantrum now and "punish" the people they are now enraged at before the match even starts. Dont think that would be a thing? It would be a thing... Now lobby terrorist, trolls, and crybabies are a problem that needs to be adressed, and Iv been saying for a while we need: Dodge and report. If the troll wins and runs you off with their threats to feed, you shouldnt have to go to the trouble of submitting a ticket through support to report them. Put a button somewhere that says "Dodge & Report." Then players can hit that button, checkbox the people the person(s) they want to report, and then fill out the little box for each person while they endure the dodge timer. Yeah, you dodged, got the dodge timer, but once this feature gets rid of this behavior to some degree; (either by banning the people who act up in lobby all the time) or a few asshats get the warning about terrorizign the lobby) then you wont have to use the dodge & report as much.
: do your bans reset?
Try this... 1. Get a post it note. 2. Write "Do I want to get banned?" on it. 3. Stick it on your monitor somewhere on the edge near where the chat box is. 4. Look at it when youre about to hit the enter key on the extremely salty/toxic thing you just typed. 5. Hold backspace once you calm down.
: > No character is going to get their own damn "theme song" when engaging with them in any way.... thats bullshit and you know it. {{champion:240}}???
Cause a short bit of cavalry charge music, like 2 seconds worth, when a champ uses their ultimate is the same as "when chasing Singed" the OP was talking about right? Would you like some straw? You could build a little man out of it. ...and you even qouted me... > No character is going to get their own damn "theme song" when engaging with them in any way.... thats bullshit and you know it. Kled ult music for charge doesnt play when OTHER people do stuff, it plays when he does something. Chasing singed is something others do... Activating an ult that comes with a bit of music as a sound effect is so immeasurably different than the equivalent of Peters wish from Family Guy where he wished for is own personal theme music everyone had to listen to when they were near him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPM1o9QKw1Q So yeah... if you want to pretend that Kled "has a theme-song" then Im not going to get into a 3-way brawl with me, you, and reality. Let me know when you and reality are done, then we can pick up from there on the subject.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: A play I made in a ranked game today
Hey... that made my nips hard... I just want to no vision aa steal the baron now too... Well played sir.... well played indeed. BUT IT STILL DOESNT COUNT YOU DIDNT WIN, NOW GO BACK AND DO IT WHERE YOU WIN...GOOD DAY SIR!!
: Because this is a thread relating to a new skin and how it should be modified before release in order to better impact gameplay. Just because the skin is of meme status does not mean that a topic of it is just a meme.
First No character is going to get their own damn "theme song" when engaging with them in any way.... thats bullshit and you know it. Second There is no reference to a skin in your topic anywhere... The title reads > Dear riot (Important) Can we please hear Korsakov's Flight of the bumblebee followed by > whenchasing singed There is no text in the topic other than that title > [{quoted}](name=T3H UB3RN07,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zl6npxAh,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-09-11T22:08:43.769+0000) > > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYAJopwEYv8 > > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8T-NTj62oR4 ... just youtube links. No skin is talked about, and if it is a suggestion... we have Concepts & Creations to offer that kind of stuff.
Du Ma Mi (NA)
: I mean, it's not a meme, nor is it a game. It has to do with gameplay - a sound effect for a champion. Makes sense it's in this forum imo
The suggestion that any champion gets their classical musical theme when being chased is impossible to be taken seriously... therefore, if it cant be taken seriously, its obviously silly. Being silly isnt gameplay. You are attempting a VERY wild justification for this.
: > [{quoted}](name=Moonfall Saber,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yHVnP5B0,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-09-11T21:27:48.716+0000) > > TOP: {{champion:67}} {{champion:133}} > MID:{{champion:42}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:110}} EDIT: {{champion:236}} ALSO > BOTTOM: ALL > JUNGLE: {{champion:29}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:67}} OVER {{champion:203}} > SUPPORT: {{champion:21}} EDIT: {{champion:22}} ALSO > > WHAT THE FUCK RIOT FIX YOUR GAME Don't knock Ashe support, especially when with Stoneborn pact.
I think you seriously missed the point... If Ashe can be a good support... as in a viable, superior support than other supports... either Ashe is overpowered, or the supports she can outperform are underpowered. This is the concept for marksmen being viable in other roles... for each one that is viable in both bot lane, and somewhere else it either means that marksman is overpowered, or the champs theyre replacing are underpowered. So your claim to: > Don't knock Ashe support Is completely pointless... no one was. The point is marksmen are too good and taking over more and more spots, all while being mandatory in bot lane.
: Dear riot (Important) Can we please hear Korsakov's Flight of the bumblebee whenchasing singed
Im amused... no really, I also think the Benny Hill music is reasonable for Singed chasing... I cant help but ask though... the same question I asked about the Santa Braum library topic from a while back. WHY THE FUCK IS THIS IN GAMEPLAY? Can the mods do their job and put meme topics in the memes section? I click over there and read funny stuff from time to time, but when topics like this get left on Gameplay for days I wonder what the point of forum sections is. This is kind of a perfect example of Riot tho.... Dont swear at or direct slurs to people and you can break any other rules you want in a match, so long as your non-gameplay related post is cute it doesnt get moved to Memes & Games.
: Catch-Up Experience Is Unhealthy for Competitive Play
> The way I see it, catch-up experience in the jungle is just a giant safety net for bad junglers. Then they would need to fix autofill. As best I can tell it still will autofill people into roles that other people in the match qued for as secondary simply because the que time went long enough for it to autofill someone. Autofill is autolose enough already, so I think some forgivness mechanics should be in place. That said, I think the catch up experience is too high. It really only takes like 6 camps for someone to go from whatever level, to caught up it seems. I think catch up XP needs to be slowed down. Do also consider that catch up XP is a thing thats supposed to be around for supports who fall behind leaving a lane to ward. If catch up goes away it would be pretty harmful for them also.
: Coding for getting hit with a shield is just stupid in general frankly. It's inconsistent, and makes no sense. Kayn "had a glitch" where he could ulti someone if he only did damage to their shield. So they "fixed the glitch" and stopped him from marking people when he only did shield damage. Next patch they remove that because it's dumb and people complained, yet here we are months after Rek'sai changes and that's still a thing with her ulti marking system her, unless I missed the patch that changed it. (Edit: I did, but it was still like that for a few months) Honestly getting hit should just count as getting hit no matter what. Shield are good enough, why do they need random bonus perks.
> [{quoted}](name=Verarticus,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=btfeXNTg,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-09-11T06:30:00.461+0000) > > Honestly getting hit should just count as getting hit no matter what. Shield are good enough, why do they need random bonus perks. My thoughts exactly.
: Well duh the cs is the adcs not the supports, kills imo are free game.
Not sure why you think kills are fee game. Answer this question. If for some random reason 15 extra minions came walking down a lane, would you say "Oh, well those dont belong to you, Im going to take those extra minions?" Keep in mind that a kill is roughly 15 CS worth of gold. So if youre gunning for kills, as in you will get that kill if you can get it first, then youre either playing with a duo partner that doesnt care, or you will stall out at Silver 5 tops with that kind of attitude. Iv killed my fair share of champs as support by accident, or because an opponent had to die now or risk my teammate dying, or because my ADC was a potato and the gold was better in my hands. All that aside, I dont go into a match thinking "Ill get kills if I can get them first, they are fair game" as a support, and you just hurt your team by doing that.
: I got in trouble because Santa Braum is NSFW
WHY THE FUCK IS THIS IN GAMEPLAY? I mean its funny, but for fucks sake, GAMEPLAY!?
: Why does the Star Guardian event Alienate Solo players?
Riot is in firm belief based on market analysis that people who have friends that play the game will keep playing it longer, and therefore have a higher likelihood of buying stuff since they play it a lot, because their friends play it, and their friends buy stuff cause they play it alot, cause their friends play it. So theyre trying to force you to find 4 other people to be "friends" with so you play together, cause you want stuff. Theyre worried about player retention like lots of game companies are, and they trying to CRAM HAVING FRIENDS THAT PLAY THE GAME IN YOUR FACE based on your desire to get stuff.... you know... by alienating solo players. Let me put it this way. If there was a club called "League of Legends" and in that club were 8 people who didnt know eachother, and 5 friends were waiting outside... Riot would push those 8 people out and let the 5 friends in. Riot feels that the 5 friends will stay longer and buy more drinks, so fuck those 8 strangers. Solo players have been second class citizens of League for a while now, and this is just one more bullet point by Rito letting us know that we dont count because we dont fit their "long term player retention scheme" and we can just fuck ourselves out of missions and other stuff because were playing solo. Sounds like Im being mean to poor ol Rito? Im not, you people are numbers to the corporate lords and masters, and if this game isnt making money then someone will be fired. Its how a business works. They do not care if you think something isnt fair if they think they can get money by doing something a minority of payers dont like, they will do the thing that makes money. So to the OPs point again: Why? $$$$$$$$ they see represented by the extension in play time over years that a group of friends playing a game, thats why.
Eedat (NA)
: That doesnt really prove anything about ELO hell. Flex queue is an absolute disaster. I did the same thing as you and somehow dumb lucked my way into Gold (with a 44% win rate kek) and will never touch that monstrosity of a "ranked" mode until next season
I agree, flex is a total disaster. Just saying that those kinds of people are in both ques, and always of lower elo in solo q and people have to suffer them to climb. My thoughts on elo hell is that it does exist, and that people can leave it, but that they may have to play more games than they have the willpower or time to play to get past a really unlucky streak of baddies or strong opponents. My belief is that its a time thing. Most players who climb know losing streaks happen, and they can be long, but if you stick with it you can put the climb back on track.
: PSA: Juggernauts are not tanks.
I instantly upvoted because the topic title was an actual PSA. I always tell people "If they dont have disruption in the form of 2 hard CC, then they probably arent a tank. The honest solution though is understanding that people who think jugernauts are tanks are stupid, and stupid people are too stupid to know theyre stupid. Just mute stupid people because no amount of trying on your part will "unstupid" them in the middle of the match. Briefly I want to point out a set of words that younger gamers inherited and used wrong... ------------------------------------ Noob, and newb. Newbs are NEW at something. They dont know things because they lack knowledge and experience. A Noob; however, is also new but talks as if they are an expert at something. They tend to not fully understand things, and state their ill-informed opinions as well known facts. An example: "Why arent you building Illaoi/Darius full tank? Why play a tank if your not building like one!? Report our top, theyre trolling!" That would be a noob. A noob is an insult because they are people who talk out of their ass and sound like an idiot trying to talk like they know stuff. Bonus fact, Nub is a "Non Useful Body." These are people who do things like afk farm the jungle and never gank, or in a shooter game sit up on a hill with a sniper rifle and never kill anything. They take up space but arent useful. ------------------------------------ That said... #PSA: People who think jugernauts are tanks are noobs. Just mute them. You cant fix people over the internet.
Rioter Comments
: Okay, don't mention that mages have way longer range on their waveclear. That's not an important piece of context.
Oh ok, you want some context? Ziggs can blow up like A WAVE further way... The Q AoE isnt really that big and the E is about the same size. That said, once I use my Q, with 5 points speced, and have 40% CDR I can use it again in 2.6 seconds.... Then you travel down lane and throw out another Q and the {{item:3085}} {{item:3087}} ADC is already hitting the wave, and with Q travel time the wave is gone, then the next wave... for really good wave clear Ziggs has to use his E, and with 40% CDR its up every 9.6 seconds. In a situation where range isnt important, such as you need to push a wave to get to a tower cause you killed the enemy laner(s) marksmen do it faster, and without mana. I consider Anivia to be one of the better wave clear mages, kinda obvious why, and if you had a race between her and a marksman, she may be able to start further away, but with cooldowns and mana cost the ADC would win. Another side issue with this is mages can get more AoE out its true, but oftentimes this just leaves a big portion of a fat wave really hurt and then the ADC procs {{item:3087}} and gets all the farm too. These items have been overbuffed and are messing up the game balance.
abdul569 (EUW)
: How would people feel if we remove items that give ADCs their AoE?
I hate to say it, but yes... Iv already said a few times that ADCs have better wave clear than AP champs. My example was the time it takes my E, Q skillshots on Ziggs to travel to a wave, a marksman has crit cleared it with {{item:3085}} or {{item:3087}} . I mean should they have great single target DPS, and AoE wave clear that mages cant keep up with and cost them mana? Kinda silly right? {{item:3085}} is part of why mages are suffering. Why bring AP wave clear when they cant keep up with the ADC?
: A QoL change I think everyone might *actually* agree would be nice:
Semi off topic, but very related. Can we get a little gold 1/4 circle in the bottom left (or wherever, half circle top middle maybe) on a champ portrait that indicates "you have this champs chest." Sometimes I forget who I have chest for as I only check every 7-8 days.
: CC creep is a thing you know, najority of the new champions have multiple cc and many of them are knock up/knock back/displacement which isn't effected by tenacity.
In Riots mind, the CC creep is to keep those pesky mobile champs in check. You would think, "Why not just dial back mobility?" Good question. Its almost like they have questionable elements within the balance team and champ designers that are in some weird arms race mentality. "Gotta design the most mobile champ in the game with unique mobility to stand out with their mobility!!" VS "Gotta design a champ that can lockdown back line divers so they have value to their team, must have 2 knockups, and A NEW KIND OF CC!!" Here we are the players stuck in the middle suffering from... everything creep.
: > My comment obviously was a reflection on saying "gg ez" when you lose is "acting stupid, saying stupid things, or bein an idiot on purpose" being confused with being clever. You said they were "being an idiot on purpose" > Second... Insulting an entire generation of people... If an entire generation thinks acing stupid on purpose is funny; then its not an insult, its a description. Insulting an entire generation to describe people very much counts as harassment. Hiding it behind "oh I insulted others too so its k" doesn't change that. > There was a topic on a player named "I hate the Jews" and I got all manner of replies on one of my comments; people replied saying making bigoted memes and jokes about the jews was no big deal, and one guy just posted a picture of some guy with a weird face saying "triggered" and that shit flys, but saying "Some people think acting stupid is clever" no we better delete that instantly. If you see something that violates the rules, please report it. We cannot see everything that is ever posted on the boards, but if you report it we will see it and can handle it. However, whether anyone else breaks the rules is irreverent to whether or not *you* broke the rules.
> [{quoted}](name=Laughing Fish,realm=NA,application-id=6heBIhQc,discussion-id=EIsB5T8m,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-09-02T20:58:08.582+0000) > > You said they were "being an idiot on purpose" No... I didnt. I said... but somehow a younger generation just behind me somehow seriously confused acting stupid, saying stupid things, _**or being an idiot on purpose**_ with being clever It was prefaced with an OR, as in it was an option. They could, or could not be; being an idiot on purpose. I never said that person was an idiot. You both say I insulted them, and a generation at one time... cant be both, pick one... which is it? If I said it to him, then I said all 3 of those things to him, but obviously I didnt cause I referenced a generation. So it was a blanket insult, or a directed inslut... but it was neither. I think this is clear evidence you infered something in my comment that wasnt there. IF the comment chain was: (Them) It's only funny if you say it right before you lose. Typing ggez right before they bust my nexus it the best time to say it. (Me) When you type that youre being an idiot on purpose. They yes, that thing you said would be accurate. Its not what I said, and youre just splitting hairs. > Insulting an entire generation to describe people very much counts as harassment. Hiding it behind "oh I insulted others too so its k" doesn't change that. Still had to spend some time figuring what your on about. Where is the insult? Define it. Did I say "An entire generation is stupid, says stupid things, and acts like idiots? No, that that would probably be offensive and would be a reasonably negative thing to delete. I said they confuse acting stupid, saying stupid things, and acting like idiots on purpose with being clever. The operative verb is "confuse." So saying people confuse one thing with another is an insult? I said they confuse one thing with another... thats what I said, the description I labeled an entire generation with is confusion... So anyone who says "youre confused" from now on needs to have that comment deleted? Also... an inslut on a group? Ok, every "Bronze and Silver players are bad" comments are getting deleted now right? I mean ugh... > Insulting an entire generation to describe people very much counts as harassment. So insulting an entire Division or two to describe people should also very much count as harassment? Can I quote than when someone says "Bronzies are bad because they make stupid choices?" > However, whether anyone else breaks the rules is irreverent to whether or not you broke the rules. So we got me for calling him an idiot... which I didnt do. Also, saying people confuse one thing for another, aka confused acting stupid with being clever; thats an insult... Saying people confused. OK, well admitting that one is wrong is the hardest thing to do because it involves pride... one of us is wrong here, but only one of us has power.
Cowseed (NA)
: Are you insane. How does anything I say prove that? >Why do you people try to make yourselves look bad Clubbing baby seals? Really? Do you really lack enough arguments for the topic that you have to stoop to talking about beating defensless baby animals to try to justify hating people who do things you don't like. People like me will never acknowlege this as a real issue because of these types of comments. If you have something to say then say it instead of trying sound cool or whatever.
Ugh... fine. Ill engage you; ONCE. Try to take my point in, think about it. I realize you will ignore the substance, detect that I tried to counter your logic, and just type something back at me. Do consider that this is a moment to see the world past your own perception and just the very attempt of doing so is the definition of seeking enlightenment. No one should EVER brag about clubing baby seals. They dont put up a fight. Braging that you did it is pointless. Its like saying "I breathed a lot of air today, more air than any of you, Im the best air breather!" No one cares, and trying to convince others that you did either of those things really well makes you annoying, because neither is hard. Saying "gg ez" is being compared to the aforementioned "braging about clubing baby seals." Yes, you won, trying to add some layre of celebration to your victory by braging that it was easy just makes you a prick. People dont like assholes usually, though some assholes will group up to avoid beatings or to expand their assholery (gang mentality) such as a %%%%-ring. So you saying: > People like me will never acknowlege this as a real issue because of these types of comments. Would be akin to me saying something like: _ Youre attempt to justify a refusal to take toxicity seriously means people like me will never acknowledge beating defenseless baby animals as a real issue._ The point here is that YOU, got offended at something someone typed.... in this case, the reference to seal clubbing. That seemed to anger you. You got up on that soap box and told them whats what of that thing that set you off... Others... and this is the moment to see the world past your own perception I talked about... Others are offended at the toxic nature of people spewing "gg ez" at them. Because, like what you did, they can be offended at the idea of things people type, and then they read. So you shouldnt say "gg ez" and you shouldnt brag about beating baby animals, because those both make you a bad person. You also shouldnt say "I refuse to acknowledge your emotional reaction to an issue" because youre having an emotional reaction to something someone said about the issue. Now either this comment has planted the seed of empathy within you, and you will eventually become a different person, or you ignored it and are calling me insane again... either way good luck with life.
Cowseed (NA)
: >and you just proved my point.. thank you You know someone is delusional when they try to say you justified their point when you didn't even mention it :/
They did... > i honestly don't care for it its meh what ever but like you just proved yourself. simple little things rile people up and get them upset. That was their point... they mentioned it.
Rioter Comments
: ***
> [{quoted}](name=Hemulen Magi,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Kn2Xw8yZ,comment-id=001600010000,timestamp=2017-09-02T16:23:29.661+0000) > > I know what GG EZ is used for, and it's harmless banter. > There are also people who get offended by "GG" and the "DEFEAT" popup at the end of a match. They'll reply with "dont u dare say gg! it was bg! look at this master yi 2/7 9x report pls!!" > I'm fed up with the complaining. Just disable your own chat or stick to singleplayer games if your internal filter doesn't work. > PS. I only mention short-buses because I know it will offend the type supporting this thread. You are... this is funny as fuck... You are "fed up with the complaining." You know why thats funny? Some people dont like others saying "gg ez" and think its toxic. You dont like people complaining about it.... So here you are on the forums complaining about other peoples complaining.............................................................. I mean DO I HAVE TO SAY ANYTHING ELSE!? So ugh, maybe if they can disable their chat... maybe you can just block the forums page in your browser... take your own advice if you dont want to see people complain.
: In either case, "GG EZ" is harmless banter unless you choose to respond by raging/tilting, in which case you gave them exactly what they wanted and it's on you.
When it rains... I piss all over the door handle you use to get into a car. I piss all over things you touch... I just do it to make you mad. No harm, the rain is washing the piss off. When you sleep, I drag my nuts across your face... youre asleep, no harm was done... I do it just to make you mad. You know when I leave a single pube hair just on the corner of your mouth. Its your fault if you get mad, not mine for doing it. Perfectly harmless. Nice to know your totally legit with people doing shit thats only purpose is to irritate you so long as no harm was done.
: Why do people think it's cute to say gg ez at the very end?
A lot of teens play the game... and sadly teens are pretty childish. Proof in point some teenaged person just read that and said "NOT ME!" which is the childish thing to do. A more mature person would have initiated some introspection and considered if they behave childishly. The more childish they are the more likely they are to read this comment and downvote it because they sense that they are offended by the notion of not being perfect in every way including emotional maturity. The MOST childish people who read this comment will upvote it because they think it will be a way to "troll" or poke at others in their age-group and TRY to offend them. Dose that mean you are or arent childish if you upvote/downvote this statement? No, it is based on your motivations for why you do things. Like if you just agreed or disagreed with my overall statement and emotions wernt involved. For a lot of these kiddies that say "gg ez" they see other people do it, and want to get in on it. Monkey see, monkey do sort of thing. Their still forming minds somehow cant understand that saying that is toxic. There is a thing called a sore-winner, and no one likes a sore-winner. If you tell them they are violating the summoners code, they dont believe you. People who do it enough tend to eventually get a warning about their reports, and a suggestion to modify their behavior. There was a time when you would see it from like 3 people or more every game... its died off a lot. Reports work. I report when I see people do it, even on my team, even if they carried. Its toxic. To some extent it comes down to a form of bullying. They have some kind of problem, someone pissed in their soda and made them drink it, and now they desperatly need to feel "above" someone else. So winning isnt enough, they need to make some kind of emotional jab at their opponents. They need to imply to their opponets that they are supperior to them to build their self image up. That or theyre just a really bad person and need to spread negitivity to others. So why do they do it? Something is wrong in their life, or they just dont know better cause theyre a childish asshole, or theyre just a hateful prick that would make the world a better place if they died. Usually one of those because there is never a good reason to say it.
: While the name is funny, I'm more interested in the fact that he has no border which means he was banned last season.
How the fuck is the name funny? Please explain your acceptance of intolerant bigots?
: > [{quoted}](name=Weasel Kensei,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hwyhy8Zw,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2017-08-31T17:37:56.400+0000) > > snip Oh please, even before season 5 you'd have 2-3 people on your team warding. "Only support ward" is a fucking meme and always has been, no one outside of low bronze actually believed that shit, and the people there wouldn't benefit from wards anyway.
> [{quoted}](name=Theorchero,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hwyhy8Zw,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2017-08-31T23:27:00.293+0000) > > Oh please, even before season 5 you'd have 2-3 people on your team warding. "Only support ward" is a fucking meme and always has been, no one outside of low bronze actually believed that shit, and the people there wouldn't benefit from wards anyway. What are you on about? I think you read something else than what I wrote? I think you read some kind of internal bias, and changed it inside your head into... IDK. What I wrote: > ...you couldnt gank unless you had a pack of assclowns... This means ganking was hard unless... there were some less than intelligent people that... > ...had "ONLY SUPPORTS WARD" nonsense mentality. What you wrote: > ...you'd have 2-3 people on your team warding. So... yeah, my point is that ganking was hard because youd have 2-3 people warding... and to get a gank off... it ugh... it took a pack of assclowns with a nonsensical and ignorant mentality to get past vision to gank... and thus why they would spend 20 min afk farming the jg to power farm to get Devourer stacks. I think if you went back and carefully read what I wrote you would find there was no need for your response. Not trying to be condescending, just seems like you over-reacted to a specific part of what I wrote and then backed up my point...
: I understand. I just don't like the fact that champions are allowed to break free from his execution. Especially not after reading his R's description, which clearly states: "_The channel can only be interrupted by Urgot's death_". It almost feels like they were trying to create an ability that was supposed to depict a certain death, but ended up with something that is not really as scary as it appears to be. Being able to remove his chain while the target is still above 25%? - Sure, I wouldn't have anything against that. But, being able to get out while being reeled in? Now that's a problem.
> The channel can only be interrupted by Urgot's death. The channel isnt getting interrupted by GP eating an orange, it just ends early. Lets use an analogy. Youre reading something, no one has the power to distract you. You "channel" you thoughts into what youre reading and nothing can distract you except death. Then you get to a part where the pages are blank, and there is nothing to read.... your focus isnt broken, you dont have anything to focus on so you stop reading. In Urgots case, the channel wasnt "Interrupted" by silence, or displacement, or stuns... the target has simply escaped, and therefore the channel is focused on nothing, therefore it ends... Just like you stop reading because the pages are blank. Neither of you was "interrupted" there was just nothing to channel on anymore so you both quit early.
: It's fine if they're expending an ultimate to do so, such as Olaf or Tryndamere (It makes sense thematically, too, since they're supposed to be virtually unkillable organic machines of destruction), since they're giving up a valuable ability to do so. An argument could be made for QSS, since I'm certain it has a shorter CD than Urgot's ultimate. But it's really _not_ okay for GP to just orange the ultimate. That seems...cheap. I suppose you could either stand right next to him when you ult (meaning no time to react) or force him to use his W beforehand...But this really seems unfair. Stopping an ultimate with another ultimate is fine. Stopping it with an ability on a 10-20s CD is not.
The problem with GPs (questionable) Orange eating prowess to cure scurvy and CC is that if he couldnt use it durring suppression and stuns, then he wouldnt be able to use the abilities main purpose... I dont particularly care for GP, and during the even when they disabled him, I was like "Good... fuck that guy... meh, they shouldnt do that tho... bad Rito!" See I dont want other champions getting treated in ways I wouldnt want my favorite champs to get treated. I say that to say this, I dont care for GP, but GP gets out of CC with magic oranges... and Urgots ult is CC.... CC that GP is allowed to "cure" so he gets out of it. Just one of those things...
Saïx (OCE)
: Meddler, could you PLEASE reconsider the removal of stealth wards
I both agree and disagree to some extent. While it is harder to keep vision up, its still manageable. In season 5 you couldnt gank unless you had a pack of assclowns that had "ONLY SUPPORTS WARD" nonsense mentality. This would lead to the junglers sitting and power farming their infinity scaling Devourer for 20 minutes in the jungle playing near other players, but effectively in a separate game till the two collided. Now vision is taking a bit too much of a beating from {{item:3147}} in my opinion. Disable and reveal of wards every 90 seconds... Kinda toxic when its often carried by the kind of champs you need wards to protect you from. Vision sub game is something Iv spent a fair bit of time on, and I know there was too much vision available to allow for much pressure from junglers, and furthermore the "purchasing of wards" was making supports the "ward bitch" or "ward mule" that made them fairly unfun to play for a lot of people. Now I make warding videos, and they are the most popular videos on my channel. Vision is achivable, it just takes more effort/skill now, and more importantly, a bit of team mentality. I can tell you right now were not getting purchasable stealth wards again, and even if we did it would drive away a decent amount of players form support making them more rare than it is now, and Riot is pretty much forcing players to play support with autofill to keep que times down. When I saw the vision changes, I knew it was going to let a lot of jungle ganks threw, and I hated that. I also like the idea of unburdening supports with the "bag of wards" nonsense. Top and midlane suffer the most, and many of the more potent junglers have seen nerfs to curb their dominance. I know it sucks when a feature in the game changes in such a way that you cant appreciate it, but if you could have a perfect circle of vision you have to think how that would make jungler players feel. Sure youre thinking "Sucks I cant ward enough to see that jungler prick!" The thing is when you have that perfect circle of vision, it makes the jungler think "Sucks I cant get past that warding pricks vision!" So I think a decent balance between vision and gaps in vision was found, at least until {{item:3147}} started punching a few too many extra holes in vision.
xelaker (NA)
: but the dives!
You know what... You made me think of something with that... Off subject and all, but WHAT IF!? What if Riot forced every player in Bronze 4 to build an {{item:3056}} as their second item... I honestly think it would cause many of them to go up to Bronze 3, and create some turnover between B 3 & 4. Obviously cant help the Bronze 5 people, they are nothing but trolls that try to get there, and ragers who belong there, and a few afk people with cats walking across keyboards... thats all Bronze 5 is. The B 4 people though, they kill themselves with turrets so much it would actually be helping most of them!
xelaker (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Corsair Sion,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Q93rEkAO,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-08-29T17:11:21.566+0000) > > is* > > So can we PLEASE change these corny categories into something more relatable? > > Something like: > > "Built ardent censor" > "Carried the game" > "didnt play ornn" > > any other ones? what if i played ornn, build ardent censor and carried?
Then you would be in a game with people who have trouble working doorknobs efficiently, and then your team may have MEANT to honor you but would be confused by the honor screen and would randomly honor someone... On top of that I wouldnt be surprised by some Plastic 4 division baddie building an Ardent Censor on Ornn... and an Ohmwrecker... as a jungler before building a jg item.
: Is it me, or do AD "late game hyper-carries" have a lot of early game pressure?
Youre not too far off. Remember the "Tank update?" Had a supprising amount of AD update in in too. Specifically {{item:3086}} and its items. -------------------------------------------- **[Patch 7.9 notes](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/patch/patch-79-notes)** Zeal COST ~~1300~~ gold ⇒ 1200 gold Runaan's Hurricane BUILD PATH ~~Zeal + Recurve Bow + 300 gold~~ ⇒ Zeal + Dagger + Dagger + 800 gold (total cost still 2600 gold) _**Removed**_ ON-HIT DAMAGE No longer grants on-hit damage SECONDARY BOLT DAMAGE ~~25% total attack damage~~ ⇒ 40% total attack damage Rapid Firecannon DAMAGE TO CHAMPIONS 50-160 (at levels 1-18) ⇒ 50-120 (at levels 1-18) _**New**_ RAPIDITY Attacks become Energized 25% faster Statikk Shiv DAMAGE TO CHAMPIONS ~~50-120 (at levels 1-18)~~ ⇒ 60-160 (at levels 1-18) Now all those "finished" items have the same cost, but they were also buffed, and in R. Hurricane case its build path was improved with cheaper items, and in all cases Zeal was buffed with 100 less gold cost. May not seem like much but that means it became 114% gold efficient. Yeah, buying a Zeal gets you 114% of your gold spent in stats. R. Hurricane is 95% efficient when built... without its passive (you know that 2 extra bolts thing that gives them 3 AA at once). That means R.H. passive only cost 130 gold... and that could probably be worth more. I mean would you pay 130 gold on any of your classes items to have AoE AAs on an item that has stats you want anyway? Lets not forget these either Essence Reaver COST ~~3600 gold~~ ⇒ 3400 gold Infinity Edge COST ~~3600 gold~~ ⇒ 3400 gold Remember this was changes in the "Tank update." If your marksman builds those items, then they get to build them earlier. Also remember these changes were only patch 7.9, and were up to 7.17. Thats 8 patches ago... after the new and shiny wore off from the tank update, and after Gargoyle S.P. {{champion:31}} Zac underpowerd, Zac overpowered, and other tank stuff wore off/died down, we started hearing a lot more "supports are making marksman too strong" and now the more obvious "actually marksmen are just too strong!" Its not hard to want to try and blame supports, even though people didnt have a huge hate on for {{item:3504}} in the beginning of the season, remember that Zeal changes came in the middle, and also remember that Patch 7.5 nerfed the hell out of {{summoner:3}}. Many argued that it needed it, and I thought it was fine that it lost its resist debuff, but removing all 30% of its attack speed debuff was going to be a mistake. So without the atk speed debuff of Exhaust to keep marksmen attack speed in check, with the buffed and very efficient attack speed/crit items they build, and cheaper AD items, then yeah they have so many advantages that its harder to keep them down than it was at the beginning of season 7. Many people ran with the "ADC 2017 LUL" meme, and it was slightly true, but mostly exaggerated. The biggest problem ADCs had was that other classes could carry games, and ADCs were a popular target with the weak towers and no fortification on bot tower, and the tower first blood and what not ADCs had trouble getting going. Alright, enough writing for now...
Eedat (NA)
: A possible major factor in snowballing that's been completely overlooked
> I'm just having a hard time understanding how all these anti-snowball features have been added over the years yet the game still feels snowbally. I stopped reading right there... Are you serious? For any anti-snowballing feature, the have stuff like the Rift Herald (largely a luxury of the team thats winning and in control) around to shorten the time it takes to get to the enemy base. Can you really not "understand" the Rift Herald and its "snowbally" nature? I know that sounds kinda condescending, but ugh... that thing is pretty much good for taking out 1.5 towers on its own, and fast. You honestly dont see how anti-snowball mechanics are undermined by bigger snowball mechanics? For Riot and snowballing its simple case of 2 steps forward, 2 steps back. For every couple of things that change to address an issue, a couple more change to keep it a problem.
: Minions can smite?
Come talk to me when the Baron uses Ignite on you... {{summoner:14}}
: Honour system turned into something that was about skill
"Best KDA" "The only non-toxic player" "Laughed at my joke"
: At high elo's, it's because her damage/tankiness is to low to make up for the low range and **VERY telegraphed **gapcloseing. You can't even dream about getting that ult on a priority target without getting balls deep into their team(and even for that you usually need flash), which means you need zhonya's to not get popped imidiatly. However, with an early zhonya's, your burst is pretty weak, so you do need good follow-up to kill a target. And if you want just reliable CC as a setup for good followup damage, a tank like mao simply is the better option. She can work well as counter to squishy melees like yasuo(i find her to be one of the best picks vs pant aswell, you just shove him in and harras from save range and post 6 he can't all in you in any way while beeing a free kill for your jungler.), but most of the time her strengths do not compensate for her weaknesses once you face opponents that play around that. And as a counter to squishy melee's, malz and anivia both are stronger atm.
This is the correct post. I was also going to say to the topic creator to try her in ranked and see how it goes... The topic creator seems to play primarily in Blind Pick, and no offense but that que is almost completely filled with people who are new and dont qualify for ranked/normal draft, or are just dicking off for funziez and being polite enough no to do it in ranked. What works there should be taken with a grain of salt. I like Liss, she has some good deletion potential, and is a reasonable counter pick to some assassins and melees: Zed, Fizz, Kat, even Yasuo. The problem is the price you pay for decent laning against them you pay for in range. She can delete its true, but you can do the same things with Lux or Veigar and do it from much further away. Annie has less mobility, but a bit more range, and can disable more than one person with her stun, its part of why you see her more than Liss. The short of it is, there are better versions of what she has to offer...
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