: Junglers are buying Knight's Vow, Toplaners are back to being a living bait for enemy ADC
Ok first off... > rent Second, Deaths Dance doesnt give damage reduction... you know better. Lastly... It sucks how much power keeps getting thrown at ADC marksmen. The only thing you can counter them with is a lot of ganks sometimes. Theyre supposed to start out kinda weak, and then grow into a strong champ. Sad part is they still outperform other champs most of the time early with the same gold value. They ramp up way to quick. Im a support main, and when your ADC is sht, not much you can do except call in ganks to shut down the enemy marksman so they dont feed on yours. As for tanks/bruisers getting support items... I still dont completely understand the tank itemization rework. More resist less HP I get, but the added AD to items was for what? I mean, just... Itemization is being handled extremely poorly more now than ever in my opinion. We have too much offense + defense as it is on AD items, then they come in with the bone headed Banshees rework giving AP MR and a spell shield... At this rate were going to have 3 Moonblades for everyone that give 50 AD 50 AP 50 MR and 50 armor, one will give spell vamp, one life steal, and one a spell shield and those will be paired with the Omnijewl (incoming item Im calling it now) that gives 500 health 500 mana 30% cdr so you dont have to think at all when it comes to itemization. Riot really needs to make people make choices on itemization. You want huge AP? Or a lot of CDR? A lot of AD? Or a lot of resist? Getting double dipping on so many items is making the game even more of a challenge to balance.
Sub HeroCro (EUNE)
: yes unless you pre cast it which is not that hard since his ultimate is telegraphed by his Q I can just R>flash you from fog you wont do anything for the said 2 seconds. Unless by some miracle you are correct. At which point no EUNE high elo players ever do anything once amumu ultis them because of placebo effect where they think they are stunned... But I dont feel like making an NA account
> [{quoted}](name=Sub HeroCro,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LXE2apIO,comment-id=00010001000000000003000000000000,timestamp=2017-06-20T12:35:50.325+0000) > At which point no EUNE high elo players ever do anything once amumu ultis them because of placebo effect where they think they are stunned... I started in season 5, and when Amumu ulted me I just stood there doing nothing cause I thought I was stunned. I would frantically click to get away. I was playing a fair bit of Lux at the time, and one time he ulted and I was hammering my Q cause he was really hurt and ulted out of desperation. I was shocked when I Q'd and he died immediately. Been using abilities ever since. Iv known about this since season 5... Also why would they do anything, like you, they think theyre stunned. The reason bots are a good test is because once theyre Amu ulted they dont "shock" like people; they react like machines and start pounding you with whatever is off cooldown.
Sub HeroCro (EUNE)
: Why the fk would I have a NA account you are willing to bet against an ex chall player which has 15 000+ league of legends games? Think it through dude I can make NA account if you are willing to bet Eventhough i would have 12313k ping 100-300 euro bet or you are wasting my time
Here is why your "bet" is ignorant as fuck, and Im not wasting time discussing it. Im right, and when you find that out you will just tell me to fuck off... so your whole "bet" thing is flimsy without a trusted 3rd party to hold our cash. You disregarded the wiki... I mean youre delusional is the problem, its updated constantly and Iv never seen out of date information on it. Furthermore, since you were so adamant, I decided to check after asking if you had the NA client... I set up an Amumu vs Lux and Brand bots and ulted. Sure enough they used their abilities on me. See Im not a clown that forms their opinions and then argues what they think. I argue what I know, and if I dont I try to keep my mouth shut. So if youre ping would be bad, set up a game with bots, get Amumu, watch them use abilities on you. Id gladly make a video, but I know you will cry hacks or whatever. Do it, you wont cause youre wrong and you dont want to find out. If you do live in the EU region there would be to much latency for a match together. FYI, the only persons time that is being wasted is anyone that tries to hammer reality into your fortress of beliefs.
Sub HeroCro (EUNE)
: That moment when 99% of comunity has no idea what amumu ultimate does I have been stunned by that shit 203913912391831903 times you cant use abilities in that ulti. Unless you already started a channel (Example Katarina ultimate being a katarina main) I AM 100% RIGHT Willing to bet 300 euro at this point. Anyone wants to? It doesnt block QWER actions... AKA active stuff like anivia R, fiddle W, Katarina, R I dont care how it is called I explained what it does multiple times Cant use abilities,AA,or move But it doesnt stop channels Aka a stun in 99% cases doesnt stop like 1% abilities in game Now they kept changing the name of that cc for whatever reason
I honestly think your trolling... Iv got the perfect challenge. Lulu. At level 6 I stand mid, u walk from turret and ult with Amumu, then I shouldnt be able to do anything for 2 seconds right?
Sub HeroCro (EUNE)
: Wiki is innacurate or you are interpreting wrong Where is my money?
I see this message is less than an hour old, you got the NA client? .... so send me a friend rq and you get amu and ult me Il use an ability with any champ you pick. I know Im right, you just think you are. Im sure we can just pick any champ, say Kat Q, or maybe Lux Q... according to you I wouldnt be able to throw those.
Sub HeroCro (EUNE)
: I was challenger top 150 EUNE I am playing this game since season 1 **AMUMU ULTIMATE IS A STUN which doesnt stop channels** You cannot use abilities such as katarina Q / fiddlestick Q Yes we clearly need tutorial this level 30 players could use it Willing to bet 100 euro unless you are to much of pussies
Its an Entangle.... http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Entangle#Entangle Entangle combines the effects of Disarm, and Root. If u consult the chart, movement spells are blocked by roots, auto attacks are blocked by disarm, and neither blocks champ abilities, such as; Q, W, E, R. If it doesnt block QWER actions, how is it a stun? I cant QWER when stunned. Where do I pick up my money?
: the only fucking cc i dont know how it works yet is mumu ult wtf does it do
Here is a full explanation if you need: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=http%3A%2F%2Fleagueoflegends.wikia.com%2Fwiki%2FEntangle%23Entangle
: We need a tutorial for what certain types of CC do
At this point they should just alert players that they will be woefully uninformed about basic game mechanics and other important information and refer them to some wikis. Im not kidding. I mean just tell people its a complex game and there isnt enough internal documentation and if you want to "be good" or "know stuff" then you will need to read 3rd party websites to do it.
DelexPSN (NA)
: If it makes you feel better i have also never met a single nice jax, shaco, riven, zed or fizz player
Riven players... I started in season 5... I honestly thought there was a cult that you had to join to be allowed to play Riven, and you had to be a profesional asshole to join it... Im joking. For real though, they just attracted the worst kind of players. I learned what this communities most toxic levels could reach be being exposed to Riven players. That said... Just the other day I had a match where we had a Riven carrying hard. At the end I reminded everyone to honer Riven, and thanked them for the carry. Then the Riven player said... I shit you not... They said... "No it was you guys that carried with all the shields that made me unkillable, LMAO." They just humbly denied credit for the carry, and cast the glory to me and the mid laner (morg sup/ori mid). I was stunned. As for Fizz, Shaco, and Fiddlesticks (when hes viable) Im pretty sure 91.7% of them are total pedophiles and should be avoided... Im probably joking (Im not, avoid them!!).
: Yasuo Players
> [{quoted}](name=The Final Crit,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PK6idwwe,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-06-18T07:01:05.554+0000) > > I've met a lot of cool and nice yasuo players, _**including myself**_. I... I mean this is just every Yasuo player in every lobby when it comes to their own self image. This is what I imagine goes through their heads: "Im really great at Yasuo! I know cause Iv seen lots of great Yasuo players... INCLUDING MYSELF!" Im joking around about the OP mostly. MOSTLY! As in 70% joking. I mean its nice to have a positive self image, but not too positive... dial it back a bit. When you start self proclaiming coolness and niceness its gone perhaps a bit too far. Anyway, good luck with the toxic asshats out there, its summer the kids are out of school and the game always gets a little worse when that happens.
: PSA: If you're a laner, cover jungle entrances at the start of the game
I made a video about how to help protect against invades by placing control wards at certain locations. While it wouldnt have helped you in this situation because it was at the beginning, it would help after the first back. Its very important to for people to understand the match begins where people can start impacting the next several minutes, as far as gold per/min, starts as soon as you can leave the nexus. Where you go, what you do, what you can get away with all have an impact... you can choose to do nothing (go afk at tower till minions spawn) or prepare and ambush, invade, or steal an enemy camp. Many people just go afk at towers, and thats why the clever and bold take advantage and try to get ahead with invades. That jg coverage video I mentioned. Helps reduce repeated invades, and ganks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBRyTLoXpTQ *Edit: Also thank you for making an actual PSA instead of treating it like a meme and just stating an opinion or minor rant, upvote on that alone.
Elsewise (NA)
: {{champion:63}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:115}} "Supports." Although, to be honest, Xerath isn't really seen in the support slot because Vel'Koz does it better.
Yeah I know about "supports" but we really need a term for this... I advocate for "misplaced mid supports" because most of these people doing this just didnt want to wait for the midlane que time. Im still certain thats not what the OP was talking about. Clearly there are AP items for AP damage... He is referencing SUPPORT items. Zekes is a good example. It was an AP item, of reasonable price, now AP supports dont really have that option anymore. A Zil playing as a support instead of a misplaced mid support would probably rather build previous patch Zekes than AP mid laner items. A "{{item:3089}} {{item:3003}} {{item:3157}} " shitpost doesnt adress the issue that there arnt a lot of choices for support items where the support doesnt have a heal/shield. Zil has a stun, speed up/slow down, rez, but what support items (not just plain AP mage items) can he build? Thats his point. Thats why a shit post response to this topic listing 3 AP items is so ignorant. It ignores the issue brought up.
: He's talking about supports that scale w/ AP. It makes sense they should get items that give AP. Also: Deathcap...early? Where the fuck did I say to build Deathcap early? Zilean specifically wants to grab {{item:3070}} -> {{item:3003}} early as possible. And go ahead and do the gold math to back up your "match would be nearly over" claim.
I agree, I get tear on Zil when I play him even before sightstone (almost never delay sightstone). Deatchap early issue, no you didnt say that... you didnt say anything, just made a post with 3 items... no nothing; deathcap being the first of those items. If you dont start deathcap early, you probably arnt building one. Most matches I get {{item:2301}} {{item:1001}} (insert upgrade on boots){{item:3174}} {{item:3107}} and the match is nearly over by this point allowing me to finish maybe one more item {{item:3504}}. Its rare to hit a full build on support, and deatcap cost almost as much as 2 of those last 3 items together. I was clearly talking about deathcap being dificult to finish, you either playing dumb on purpose, or have a natural strawman instinct to bring up Aa staff a cheaper item with a good build path.
: {{item:3089}} {{item:3003}} {{item:3157}}
What shit post is this.... hes talking about supports. No real support will build deathcap early, and if they did build it on a supports income the match would be nearly over by the time they finish it... probably losing too because the other support finished a support item a long time ago and is contributing with the utility the item gives. Do you have like a dozen other accounts you upvoted this post with cause its so ignorant to suggest a support buy those.
: {{champion:34}}'s R, {{champion:41}}'s R/W, {{champion:18}}'s explosion...
Are you suggesting that abilities can be cast into the range of a turret are the same thing? That seemss to pretty much be the point your making while either completely missing my obvious point or trying to miss it on purpose as bait. Anivias R? Fucking really? Thats about as legit a counter point as "Swain can ult under your turret hurr derp derp." Many champs have pets, traps, or objects they can place and caits traps are the only "thing" not a spell that has its aoe inside turret range for some period, that get to sit under your turret like it belongs there somehow. But if Caits traps cost as much mana as Anivias R, or happened as much as GPs R, or needed the time investment of Trist W, then maybe it would be fine, but she gets to invade the turret area for much less mana investment, out of range of turret fire, and much more often than the champs in you shit post.
sobi999 (EUW)
: Can Caitlyn not trap you under your own turret?
I made a thread about this a long time ago about how cait is the only champion that can place too much influence into your turret zone. No other champion can have their (insert thing here) inside your turret range. Caits traps going under your turret was fine before her rework when they had a cooldown, but with the ammo system they get dropped in quick succesion and all of a sudden you cant get out from under your turret without her poking the shit out of you or killing you. Now I have spent a lot of time thinking about this. Iv come to the conclusion that it may be ok if the turret didnt destroy her traps. What I think would be a good idea is if the turret targeted her trap (low priority, basiclly when nothing else is around) it "knocked the trap out of turret range."
: Pinging your mana should also show the actual amount
Most people... and I use that logic because we dont have dozens of deaths every day from people walking into traffic in each city; so some amount must be present.... Most people have the common sense to get a hint that when someone is pinging a mana bar they probably doing it as an indicator that their mana is low.... most people. Its true we need the mana bar ping to look like: {{champion:127}} 140 mana (14%) I know that a mana bar ping with less than 40% is an indication that the player is concerned about their mana amount, and would prefer to avoid a fight.
: PSA: We Rengarmains actually DO NOT care about oneshotting
How is this a public service announcement? People see "PSA" then some kind of words, and think its a meme they know how to use. "Dont drink the water for 3-4 days due to contamination" is a PSA. Clarifying your feelings on a champ isnt... have a nice day.
Illâoi (EUW)
: Could Teemo get a Tracking mechanic?
Scouts dont track things so much as go to places, observe, avoid capture, and occasionally kill those who try to stop them from returning with their scouting info. Teemo is a scout theme champ, not a tracker. Hunting people down is more of Warwicks thing. Teemo shouldnt be fighting Warwick for Warwicks theme.
: Remember when mana conservation used to be a thing?
Honestly not really... I started in season 5 and {{item:3028}} existed. So mana management was a pre sustain item thing... honestly you cant spam nearly as hard as you could with the old {{item:3028}}. I mean you basiclly couldnt go out of mana with it in most cases. Honestly, this thread could more easily go the other way and be "remember when mana conservation only mattered until you built chalice?"
: Perxie wants to identify as a wolf
Here is an idea... We get the Perxie they showed in the video for ranged champs, and we get the wolf for melee champs... Sound good? I think so, accepting all upvotes if you want riot to make Perxie and Growlzie (or insert wolf familier here)!
: I didnt learn what a "Gank" was until level 10 when a friend said "im gonna gank you" and im like" uhh okay and recalled and he's like wtf dude that means im coming to your lane to help. You mean a flank? Its called gank here oh Like riot, or someone in the community, should make some newbie videos to explain concepts like CSing properly, ganking and pathing, and vision control.
> [{quoted}](name=StarGuardianWeeb,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Ui1UURIG,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2017-06-06T20:28:17.954+0000) > > I didnt learn what a "Gank" was until level 10 when a friend said "im gonna gank you" and im like" uhh okay and recalled and he's like wtf dude that means im coming to your lane to help. > > You mean a flank? > > Its called gank here > > oh > > Like riot, or someone in the community, should make some newbie videos to explain concepts like CSing properly, ganking and pathing, and vision control. Im old, been playing online games since you had to do it with phone land lines (56kb) stuff. Anyway... first your friend said it wrong, hes not ganking YOU. You dont gank by yourself either, because you cant... Have any of you ever wondered why the word "gank" is used for the concept of someone comming to your lane to help you 2v1? Do you think someone just said "Ima come help you fight that guy, and we will call it a sissydonk... no a trugin, NO WE WILL CALL IT A GANK!" Thats not how it happened, it has a history. Its a [Portmanteau](https://www.google.com/search?q=pormantu&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8#q=portmanteau) of **Gan**g and **K**ill. Its an old term people would use whenever they want/needed to gang up on something/someone to kill it, and you know you had to type everything back then so all the shortening and combining of words hails from that time. Then a new generation of people who inherited online gaming would hear these words and learn the concept but not the creation/origin. Gan(g) K(ill) - Gank - ganging up to kill a target with superior numbers. Anyway, I just like to pop in and give "gaming jargon" history lessons like this from time to time. Enjoy the rest of your day everyone.
: Riot if you don't find any ideas to refund runes
500,000 is probably a bit more than you really spent... If you could buy 30 runes for a page, and they cost 2,000 per rune you would spend 60k per page, and if you couldnt reuse any of the runes you could still do this 7 more times (8.3 60k rune pages). Of course you have to buy rune pages, so probably just 7 of these 60k rune pages, but 7 pages at 60k is only 420,000 IP. You start with 3 pages as I recall, so you can buy like 12 rune pages with that... This of course assumes each rune cost 2,000 apiece. Well one thing is clear, you dont know the exact number, but If its over 500k, I would honestly be shocked unless you were buying full rune sets of tier 1, 2, 3 runes before they lowered the price on 1/2 tier runes to 1 IP. Not calling you a liar, just seems mathematically improbable. A realistic extreme price for a rune page + "expensive" runes to fill it with would be 29,055 IP. That would be 3 Quints @ 2,050 IP, and 9,9,9 Marks, Seals, Glyphs @ 820 IP, and one rune page @ 6,300 IP. Last bit O' math: 500k / 29055 = 17.2 Thats 17 potential rune pages where you cant reuse any of the runes. I really am curious if you have full sets of tier 1 and 2 runes, or you have been just buying full sets of all the runes, or what. I really am curious.
GGLineaR (NA)
: Sucks, too. If he had a better passive, he might be more common.
I like him. Hes my go to tank, but whenever I get taken down I find myself saying "OK, lets see if I can at least tag someone with muh zumbi." I think it would be slightly better if any champs in a certain radius were feared for 0.2 seconds before the zombie spawns, and the zombie needs like 50% tenacity. Even with those buffs, it would just make people move away from the zombie more and laugh at it less.
: Free Runes: Good. Idiotic Runes: Bad.
For the most part, it seems like Riot is just scraping runes and putting a second Mastery system in its place.... Am I wrong?
GGLineaR (NA)
: tbf, A good Sion makes his passive worthless.
...rarely uses, a good Sion rarely uses... its best worth is cheesing an enemy buff at level 1 and beating it to death with your zombie passive. If it wernt for that, just a 10% slow is enough for anyone to evade it making it pretty worthless always.
: "PSA": My ban is mine, you have your own, I am not banning for you.
When did "This is MY PIZZA! Get your own" become a PSA? Public Service Anouncment... people really need to stop doing PSAs if they dont know what a public service is... This is more of a PPR, or a Pet Peeve Rant. Remember, a PSA is a SERVICE for the PUBLIC, not a "DONT IRRITATE ME WITH YOUR BULLSHIT!" lecture about your feelings on a subject. I dont have a problem with you expressing your views on bans though, just the total misuse of "PSA" just muddies the meaning of things as this isnt a PSA. Really we can just chalk all these NOT PSAs up to "kids getting it wrong" like someone who jumps a couple of cars with a dirtbike and puts their hands on their helmet and yells "Look no hands" while doing it. Later their little brother does the same trick, and also yells "Look no hands" but had their hands on the bike at all times. They just thought thats what you did when jumping cars on a dirtbike, not that it meant you didnt have your hands on the bike.
: The balance team deserves an honorary Riot bro-fist for patch 7.11
Lets try not to celebrate the firefighter that sets fires to be a hero when they put them out... it just makes them set more fires.
Zielmann (NA)
: PBE Changes to Locket, Athene's, and Redemption - Feedback
> But when you start buying items to augment other items, it feels like your kit is playing second fiddle to items themselves. And of course it limits choice of itemization for supports. Build x, y, z or lose is a thing many roles have to contend with, but is even more annoying when you have an 800 gold sightstone shaped roadblock in one of your item slots. Supports dont get to build many items often due to low income, and it sucks that its only a handful of functional items and nothing else really. Good post, solid analysis, upvoted.
: it's more about gameplay section that is supposed to talk about improving this game that i love, being ruined by kids flooding it with threads talking about their **PERSONAL** ban that nobody gives a fuck about do you care about me permabanning ivern lulu cait? i don't think so
Personal? Only a fraction of the people that play visit and comment on the boards.... overwhelming number of people playing the game ban Yasuo... Less "**PERSONAL**" and more "**PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER ONE**." I mean people really hate Teemo, but I rarely see him banned like I see Yasuo banned not because they think he will carry, just so they dont have to put up with his ass. Anything that brings up how awful he is is legit in my opinion.
: PSA: Remember, Blue Team - Yasuo | Red Team - Lee Sin
Remember the helpful mnemonic: Blusuo / Red Sin.
: Complaints about how the team is playing, is not the same thing as flaming.
Had a match just a little bit ago. I was trying to inform our Eve of the mistakes they were making. They of course take it as me saying they have floppy titties and an ugly face. So "Eve when the other lanes are losing, and bot is doing ok by comparison you need to be camping bot to snowball" is received as "Gank bot you dumb bitch!!!" When they come bot, and ADC/sup, and Eve all die and enemy mid gets away with 100 HP, the Eve says "almost" and I reply "Well its your first time bot, keep trying Im sure you will get it eventually," to be fair that was an actual flame though. I had grown impatient with their excuses for dying and getting caught out. Still we won by staying focused and by some of us... avoiding mistakes that got us to that point. http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2514034975/225715083?tab=overview I often comment to my ADC when were up against a strong poke lane that they should get a {{item:1053}} to offset the poke. Now I say "Get a vamp scepter to help soak the poke, so u dont have to back so much." What I think they hear is "Learn to build you clownish piece of horse-jizz soaked shit pie!!!" They dont take advice well because it seems to result in an ALL CAPS response about how they dont need build advice and what I can go do with myself. What we have to remember is a lot of kids play this game, and they have literally childish reactions to things. So we cant expect to much progress on this topic. Though I do agree with the sentiment, take my upvote OP.
: Nobody is ever going to ping again...
To the title, Im sure I will ping in conjuntion with my voice chat. Something like: Morgana ganking mid;{{champion:25}} (on my way ping) also stuff like: Yi in bush... (! ping on relevent bush). Hey jungle, lane bush is warded, (double ping bush). Pings will accentuate voice communication, and we may get new pings to help with this. ------------------------------ As for screaming kids with emotional issues... People always forget that players can report other players that abuse game features, and they will change their behavior or be removed... That is if we can get people to actually report misbehavior, and not just someone who lost lane and had a bad game ended up feeding a bit. Riot will certainly add a "Abusing microphone: playing music, screaming, always open channel;" to the report options... USE IT. Reporting in this game is difficult for some though. Its like some guy doesnt want to call the cops on his pervert neighbor for taking pictures of his little boy, because hes taking pictures of the girls soccer team. Cant stop the pedo perving if it will get you in trouble so the pedos run free. Thats this game, toxic shitheads acting like total asses go free because people want to do the same toxic stuff in the next match.
: Again with that stupid 'oh wow words haz no meaning gg' strawman. It's pretty clear you actually don't know what your talking about.
You have been arguing that objective can be subjective, two words meant to describe virtually opposite aspects of a thing/subject... I also see you have been downvoting my post... why. All that does is lower the post below others in a thread... oh and make salty kids feel better as a manner of catharsis... its now clear Im dealing with one of those. The incoherent arguments, the pointless downvotes I feel foolish for bothering with this now. Make your petty downvote and retort, Im done with you.
: It's been 7 and a half seasons and people can still troll champ select without any consequences
We need some people who just sit and ghost observes prematch lobbies. Then when they see someone acting like an asshole, they kick the player out of the lobby (this will allow a remake) give them a 24 hour ban and a note that says "Your behavior in prematch lobbies is out of line with acceptable standards." I find that the "Hand of God" punishment leaves a lasting impression on people. If they cant figure out how it happened, they cant know if it will happen again and have to make the choice to change how they behave. Would also be nice if we had some people that could spectate matches, watch behavior, flag toxic players. This sort of policing is often done on first person shooter game servers where admins can spectate a player to observe for cheating and poor behavior. You never know if an admin is watching you, and if one is and they catch you doing something, its a temp/perma ban from the server. The report system we have clearly isnt working well. People in my matches are emotional children (probably literally children though) making threats to: feed, afk, open mid, calling out our junglers location, refusing to back despite being at 17% health, refusing to use any of their skills over than E as a form of self handicap to facilitate feeding. All manner of bullshit behavior is getting into my matches and people either LIKE having trolls in their matches, or wont, or more likely forget to report. The worst part is if we win, they "forgive" whatever behavior has transpired.
: >Whatever, you win, language and words have no meaning because "Hey let's make a new language, sphere means tree!" is the level of debate were working with here... because you're pretending that the random sounds that come out of your vocal chords and scribbles created by a pencil have some sort of inherent magical meaning handed down by god or the universe, when in reality you really just have a terrible grasp on what 'objective' and 'subjective' means, and a terrible grasp on how languages work in general. >I feel like if this was 2+2=4 you would be saying "But what if there was a decimal in front, then it would be 0.4, or what it it was 2 houses, and another 2 houses but one was a duplex, that would be 5 houses! Wrong, that's what you'd say, because it's *sooo subjective*, unless you arbitrarily decided 'four' is objective, then it only has *one* meaning. Why? No one knows. Again, when people say 'the word is subjective', they mean, 'the definition itself that fits this context represents a subjective concept', not, 'this sound has multiple definitions'
> [{quoted}](name=TeCoolMage,realm=OCE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zMFRzbIG,comment-id=00000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-29T12:09:23.380+0000) > unless you arbitrarily decided 'four' is objective, then it only has *one* meaning. Why? No one knows. Wow... its like a robot programed to argue with nonsense till the human gives up... Again, you win at the internet, words mean nothing... clearly.
Scrub64 (NA)
: You're free to have your opinion, but that doesn't mean a champion should be left under powered because they are "cancerous".
Being underpowered because theyre horrible to play against is {{champion:6}} whole existence since Iv started the game. {{champion:157}} is an exception because he sells more skins than Urgot, so $ bias.
: >Then "objective/subjective" has no meaning with that logic. It does. It's just not your meaning, but it still has a meaning. >The "ball" example, was a few ~~subjective~~ uses of "ball." Its subjective because the MEANING of BALL is SUBJECT to the context in which it is used. The context is not the only thing that matters when communicating. There are traits that are inherent to the concept the word is communicating regardless of the word itself - 9 meters can mean 9 units of distance by the metric system, or 9 measuring devices (9 thermometers, 9 photometers, 9 spectrometers). What matters is that the concept of '9 units of distance by the metric system' is (supposedly) constant, and the word '9 meters' communicates that concept, hence 9 meters is objective regardless of the fact you can throw semantics around. >If I said "go to the sphere" there wouldn't be any confusion because that's an objective point of reference. I can also go to a phone called 'the sphere' or a cafe called 'the sphere', or even go to a completely different sphere from the one you're referring to. Or maybe just a few moments ago I said "Hey let's make a new language, sphere means tree!" and you said that and there was a sphere a few meters away from a tree. >So while people can use the same words, and often wrong, across differing levels of education its not responsible to just accept it. It is. Refusing to accept the usage of certain words based on one's own knowledge leads to pointless conflict and separation between elitists who insist their collection of noises is somehow more 'educated' (when in the end they're the minority) and everyone else. >The more rapid you allow people to bastardize a language, the more quickly communication fails. The more this happens the faster a society falls. Not only is there no evidence of society somehow failing from this, but a majority of bastardization that happens in a language is when people fail to understand the (psychological) workings behind culture and linguistics and try to pigeonhole slang into the dictionary-framework. Why some people do it is beyond me but my guess is that the idea of a rigid and possibly obscure definition for every word gives off an aura of intellectualism and elitism, so it appeals to the desire to be more rational than the average person when someone goes against intuition and interprets something literally. The only time something is a 'bastardization' is when it falls into these categories: - A formal term is used incorrectly in a formal sense (Scientist: The brain is composed of Newtons!), pretty obvious why. - People choose to misinterpret a non-standard form of communication (*sees typo* Sorry I'm incapable of reading this. *everyone else corrects the writer but still continues reading and understands the intent*), the failure of communication is created by the person reading, although spelling mistakes are important to correct. - An informal term is incorrectly assumed to be formal (Sir the engines are clocking at around 101 LOLs per second) It's fine on the other hand for people to use formal terms incorrectly in an informal sense (as long as it's understood), and for people to disagree on meanings as it shows new uses that have possibly become widespread already (and in turn that allow us to make a choice between going through possible meanings of a word when it's used in an unfamiliar manner, or policing the usage of the word in hopes that it'll revert to a more 'correct' state by choosing to be unaware of the alternate meanings). How this works is simple - people who have to explain the exact meaning of their usage tend to switch to avoid explaining after a while. In the end it naturally breaks down into a few definitions that have stuck because of intuitively sounding better, were the original, or were spread around better (though if they don't sound better it tends to be an 'I know what you mean but people don't really say that often' scenario). ------ But going back to the original low elo example Concepts are subject to the subjective-objective categorization, not sounds with lines associated to them (words). 'low elo' as in 'elo that is below the 50% percentile' is objective regardless of other 'low elo' definitions 'low elo' as in 'elo that I consider unskilled' is subjective regardless of other 'low elo' definitions 'low elo' as in 'low(er) elo than a certain person' is subjective regardless of other 'low elo' definitions and there are probably many other definitions of 'low elo' I'm not aware of (either stupid and people will constantly ask the speaker to clarify, or reasonable and me not knowing even on an unconscious level is an exception) **TLDR;** Words are arbitrary and you can't categorize them like the concepts they represent. A word can be both subjective and objective in that they inherit traits from multiple concepts that would be opposing or exclusive if applied to exactly one concept.
> I can also go to a phone called 'the sphere' or a cafe called 'the sphere', or even go to a completely different sphere from the one you're referring to. Or maybe just a few moments ago I said "Hey let's make a new language, sphere means tree!" and you said that and there was a sphere a few meters away from a tree. Whatever, I just quit reading after that. I feel like if this was 2+2=4 you would be saying "But what if there was a decimal in front, then it would be 0.4, or what it it was 2 houses, and another 2 houses but one was a duplex, that would be 5 houses! Whatever, you win, language and words have no meaning because "Hey let's make a new language, sphere means tree!" is the level of debate were working with here...
Paradòx (NA)
: Yeah, okay, done with you. I've got nothing more to explain to you since, yet again, you're extrapolating on what I've said in this thread. "You sound like a fucking child cranky cause it didn't get enough sleep", then you continue making kicks so far out of proportion to what I said, it's ridiculous. On top of it, you consider what I said a threat? You're a pretty funny person. Then you're here trying to "establish" that I'm a child based on... what? Now, all of a sudden I'm emotionally unstable because I said, "If you take this seriously" and you interpret this as "How dare you take me seriously". Seriously, whose the emotionally unstable one here? Don't kid yourself. If you have THAT much of an issue, then how about you report the thread and leave it at that? If you're an adult, and I'm a child, how about you act like one because you're only proving the point that the reason children are so shitty is because of all the immature adults on the internet. Lmfao.
"...done with you." Proceeds to write two paragraphs at me... heh. As for the threat... "If you bitch to me for holding/freezing your wave, _**I'm shoving that entire wave and idc how bad of a position it's in when I'm done**_ with it." That sentence details a consequence for your resultant anger at a person who does something you dont like... A threat of an action with a potential negative outcome to the target. You say "Do this or I will (insert threat here)," pretty clear. I guess you have to have a greater logical capacity to understand that... and also to avoid saying "done with you" at the start of an unstable emotional jab at someone. As for "...reason children are so shitty..." it sucks to point out their poor behavior and they act like what youre doing. Oh... It is I who is done with you, but Im sure this will result in a retort of some kind despite being "done with me," please have your last word.
: Something can have both an objective and a subjective definition - usually they're unrelated but in rare cases they are. A ball can mean a formal dance (and to have a ball means to have a lot of fun) A ball can mean a perfect sphere A ball can be a misshapen sphere Likewise, a lot of scientific words are used in everyday language When people say 'it's just a theory', it's subjective in that it's based on their perception of the truth (even though it's actually a hypothesis), but a scientist can objectively categorize information into theories and facts. In this case, low elo is both referring to the lower half of the ranking system made by a person called elo, and a shortened form of low(er) elo.
Then "objective/subjective" has no meaning with that logic. The "ball" example, was a few **subjective** uses of "ball." Its subjective because the MEANING of BALL is SUBJECT to the context in which it is used. Sphere on the otherhand, will mean the same thing to everyone who knows what a sphere is. If I said "Go to the ball" and you could choose between a large sphere down one hallway, and a dance down the other... you wouldn't no what I meant without context because the meaning of "ball" is subjective. If I said "go to the sphere" there wouldn't be any confusion because that's an objective point of reference. There cannot be an objective meaning that changes based on a different viewpoint. That would be the opposite of objective. So while people can use the same words, and often wrong, across differing levels of education its not responsible to just accept it. The more rapid you allow people to bastardize a language, the more quickly communication fails. The more this happens the faster a society falls.
Paradòx (NA)
: Telling someone to grow up when you come in here throwing a hissy fit is hypocrisy. Take your own advice. I'm not demanding anything. If people don't understand that the gist of this thread is to show some gratitude, those are the real toxic people that need help. I'm really not going to screw anyone over for being a dick. I wouldn't have made it as far as I did by being a dick. Stating what I FEEL like doing isn't an offence. If you actually took this seriously, maybe you should check yourself.
... Explain where I threw a "hissy fit." So Im to blame for believing you when you say you will do something... Some self checking may be in order, but I dont think its for me. I mean the whole "How dare you take me seriously" sentiment should be a clue that youre kinda unstable emotionally.
Sw4g3tti (EUNE)
: Riot is afraid of people perma banning certain champions
Lets assume you buy skins sometimes. If a champ you like is perma banned... would you buy skins for that champ you love that you can never play? $$$ Thats why.
: > [{quoted}](name=archerno1,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zMFRzbIG,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-05-27T13:19:18.253+0000) > > Isnt it subjective? For challengers everything under D1 is low elo. For bronze, everything silver and above is high. For plats, Dia and above is high elo and gold and under is low elo.... Only person who can look at it objectively (basically who isnt ranked anywhere) can really tell what is low, what is high elo. Plat elo is top 10% of playerbase, so statistically, its high elo. No, it's objective, but it depends on the context/definition. Both are true. Low elo is technically bronze/silver because that's where the vast majority of the playerbase resides. Low elo is still anything "Lower" than your elo as well.
Ummm... Things that are "objective" dont need context/definition variations... We derive the term from the classification/observation of OBJECTS. Like "This is made of metal" or "This is made of wood." A ball is a sphere ALWAYS and objectively; because it isn never a cube on a Friday when its raining if youre a girl instead of a boy when its October. Its status as a sphere is not "subject to change" based on alternate viewpoints. Subjective terms can change by being "SUBJECT" to certain conditions. Like the meaning of words... an example: A %%%got in a thong; isnt a homosexual wearing revealing underwear, its a bundle of sticks lashed together with a cord or string. Because language is subjective and its meaning changes depending on who uses it, when, where, and what its about. So objective things never have a "Both are true" situation. Objective things are what they are, but subjective things can be affected by your point of view. Because of the limitations of the word "Low" it can only mean "less than average" in the context of rank, and therefor the corresponding word in the other direction would be "High." There is an unspoken "average" in-between. This average would be a bell-curve where the majority of players reside. Players that fall below the curve would be realistically "Low elo." It comes down to this; we have established that "Low elo" is more or less used as a relative term of reference to Bronze/Silver, and with regard to ones own rank standing it is rather subjective in most cases.
: You forgot to look away from the mirror son.
I think youre trying to harass me now, feel free to prove me right. Stay on topic. You havent read it, you said so yourself _"No I don't want to read your whole line of text, I get the gist of it."_ Youre obviously torlling now, its really sad. An admin needs to delete your post in this topic I think.
: > [{quoted}](name=Weasel Kensei,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RRxcxrFP,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-05-27T17:18:23.622+0000) > > These are my teammates saying this to me... may want to read the whole thing, kinda self evident that its MY TEAM TILTING and being toxic that holds them back is what this was about. No I don't want to read your whole line of text, I get the gist of it. You are proud of yourself and you think that you're the special one of the bunch because you managed to climb to gold 5. Congrats. You do realize that a large chunk of players are smurfs, correct? So when they say "stay silver" or whatever, they genuinely don't care about which way the game goes. Since you care about climbing and proving yourself so much, you should realize that you are the one tilting, not them. If you care about the win, just mute them. No one is holding you back except you. Stop blaming someone else :) Stop over psycho-analyzing random insults on the internet and taking them at literal face value. Someone telling you that you're a bronze pleb reveals nothing about their character other than they have just insulted you. Just as you typing in CAPS LOCKS doesn't necessarily mean you have autism.
Wow, reading the original post would have helped you not look like an clown typing all that. I guess you having "Lazy" in your name encapsulates your issue. If you had bothered to read it, you would understand how all that stuff you typed sounds so ignorant. Good day.
: Lol you're taking an internet insult too seriously. People aren't personal when they say "stay bronze" or whatever. It's just there way of holding a "win" over you based on mmr or rank or whatever. Vast majority of players will stay silver though, that's just a fact.
These are my teammates saying this to me... may want to read the whole thing, kinda self evident that its MY TEAM TILTING and being toxic that holds them back is what this was about.
: I agree. I started playing Annie mid yesterday and I was able to get from Bronze 5 to Bronze 4 in 1 day. My goal is to get to gold of course but not tilting makes it much easier.
Good luck then. Up here in Gold they give out free snacks and there is a fireworks show every Friday. Jokes aside, thanks for the comment.
Rioter Comments
: For how well she scales into late game, Fiora has a very strong lane.
This was the artical that acompanied her rework release: > Riot - > > Compared to a few of our recent updates, we launched Fiora pretty darn recently. Still, she’s one of them tricksy melee marksmen/fighter types who was supposed to be a fleet-footed fencing duelist, but who, once she had a few items, could just lunge up to the other team’s squishies and smack ‘em for a quick and easy - and unstoppable - kill. That was her single gear, really, and because Fiora was only good at killing, when she didn't have the damage to do her single job, she couldn’t do much of anything. > > Changes were needed, so we added in non-damaging tools to help Fiora and her team, then balanced that out by reducing some of the undodgeable killing power in her kit. She’s still all about outplaying her opponents, but now has the tools she needs to play from behind or help her team out in ways that don’t involve straight up slaughter. Voila, or whatever. The offending portion being: "...but now has the tools she needs to play from behind..." What that means is, when shes behind shes even with YOU, when shes even she is AHEAD of you and will send you to the grey screen, when shes ahead she was ahead when she was even now shes basically CRAZY FED. Here is my other issue: "...could just lunge up to the other team’s squishies and smack ‘em for a quick and easy - and unstoppable - kill." Except she does it to tanks too.... so yeah, fucking amazing rework Rito.
Paradòx (NA)
: PSA: If You Die To Your Lane Oppenent
You sound like a fucking child cranky cause it didn't get enough sleep. "WHHHAAAaaa dont talk to me like that or I WILL SCREW YOU AND ME AND EVERYONE OVER (jumps up and down making angry grunts then falls to the ground wildly kicking the air). WHAT!? OK IM SHOVING THE WAVE FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU.... you like that, now I hope you get ganked haha." Thats you. Pretty much every jungler that goes and starts farming wants to get as much gold and XP as they can then go back to their jungle. Almost none just sit around last hitting so you just need to accept their concerns and roll with it. Lastly, that is not a PSA, it's a demand followed by a threat. Since we've established that you're pretty childish I guess its only par for the course you would use terms you dont know what they mean. Grow up a little.
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