: (ADC MAIN) How do I beat fizz his ult is not dodgeable unless you have flash
zhonyas, bashees, Magic resist, Barrier, Get good, Poke him out of lane early so he doesn't snowball, play a mobile champion.
Nhika (NA)
Idk I just wish New champions were disabled for ranked for 2 weeks. So people don't first time pick her in ranked. Theres no reason to permanantly disable a champion form ranked.
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: Make Jaurim’s Fist items share a unique passive or something
omg my opponent bought 6 jaurims fists against me and i lost. it was an impeccable strategy
: Bounty System directly hurts assassin champions?
the bounty system is just so jank right now. Im playing adc, we are down one tower. I am bullied out of lane, I have 75 cs and my opponent has 100 which is about 500 gold or so ahead of me. We are all 0/0/0 in bot lane. My jungler comes bot i pick up two kills worth 300 each . I now have a 600 gold bounty on my head despite probably being even in gold with Cait. She kills me so now she is back ahead of me by 500 gold again because her 1 kill > than my 2.
: Thoughts on this? (Zyphyr Return, and Wits End Change)
Yikes. Definitely feel like this item is over statted. Same attack speed as stattik shiv, 40 base armor and magic resist, then up to 70 total while in combat, 50 ap damage on hit, 35% tenacity and it only costs 3300. This will have r%%%%%ed synergies with rageblade. Be a must have on jax, yi, shyvana, maybe yasuo, and kogmaw as well. Too much attack speed to be paired with that much MR and Armor. Plz nerf.
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Bultz (NA)
: I like the new zephyr rework
Your first item give you a base percentage then each item or rune after that is a percentage of your remaining percentage. So Merc treads at 0% tenacity would give you 30% after this if you build {{item:3172}} would be 35% of the remaining 70% which is about 24.5% So your total tenacity is 54.5%. If tenacity was addative you could easily get 100% off of items and runes making you immune to CC
Moody P (NA)
: Top lane is shrinking to range tops and the fighters/tanks who can deal with them
Riots aproach to champions and their lanes is actually r%%%%%ed. {{champion:266}} and {{champion:39}} got completely gutted for being spammed in the mid lane especially by pros. Riot wants them top they cant go anywhere else. {{champion:164}} jungle? No thanks she was intended top so lets nerf her jungle potential completely. {{champion:112}} top? Nice! that's new and very healthy for the game! {{champion:26}} top with klepto? Better nerf support items. Makes 0 Sense.
: (Poll) Old or New visual of Morgana
everything looks really clean and smooth on the new morgana
Fkn Gjdyr (EUW)
: Spam gank Jungle meta
Why bother farming jungle when the xp is complete shite rn. Might as well just farm laners.
: Which System Do You Like More?
Here are issues with the new system. - Takes way to many games if you want to climb in all roles. - 40 games to be placed in all around. - If someone gets filled into a roll they really dont care about they literally just don't try, and they dont have an incentive to try. - People literally just troll in their off roles. - a 1 trick getting autofilled will feed 90% of the time. - losing a game in off role still affects your main role. - Winning a game in your main role affects all the other roles but who cares if you don't care about a certain role?
: Why have alternative builds all died down?
My favorite was the old AP rengar. Just running around and using your W to burst people down.
: Know what is funny? Not having a proper Keystone, yet again.
Might be time to go back to aery. Electrocute can still kind of work. Fleetfootwork but it doesn't offer any damage unforutnately.
Marcua (EUW)
: Looking for champions with weird kits to learn
I can think of a few champs with "weird" kits like {{champion:68}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:517}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:157}} However most of them aren't jungle or support. I do have a ton of fun playing champs in roles they really aren't designed for such as {{champion:60}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:106}} in the support role or thinkgs like {{champion:223}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:107}} in the top lane.
Kat XD (NA)
: Let's play "Is that acceptable banter?"
The problem is different people have different opinions. Quite frankly I don't really care what my opponent says im not as soft as others. IMO if it isn't insulting someones race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation then it is perfectly ok.
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: You think Sylas works with Gunblade?
Risky. Gunblade offers no HP, No cdr, and its expensive. There are better things to spend your gold on.
: Hey homies can anyone tell me how the hell do I play against Irelia
just abuse her early. She is garbage until she gets a trinity force. She can only dash multiple times if her dash kills a minion or champion, or if she dashes to someone marked by her E or her ult. Her w spinny shield thing only reduces the amount of physical damage she takes.
5050BS (NA)
: This is what a RageBlade AP item would look like
LOL imagine cassiopiea with this. Her E would go from throwing a handful of sand at her opponent to firing a laser.
Sëtíer (NA)
: Ryze Ultimate + Karthus Ultimate.
How dare they allow counter play to an ability!
: Bounty system is Garbage
Im 0/0/1, I have 300 cs 30 minutes in, I have a 1,000 Gold bounty, :v
: You didn't address Illaoi in the comment, just brushed her aside in order to nerf Ezreal.
You can take Klepto on literally everyone. I can take it on zilean, soraka, thresh, lee sin, zed, whatever. But all those champions have much better keystone choices. Against someone who's ranged like kennen, jayce, ryze, etc. illaoi will never gain anything from klepto. Against a tank i would much rather take conqueror, If i'm in a bad match up I would much rather take grasp. Im not saying nerf EZ im saying remove kleptomancy.
Kalikain (NA)
: Devil's Advocate
False. There is way too much burst damage in the game ATM and not enough constant DPS or sustain damage. If a burst champ rotates through abilities and and someone heals up then the burst champ has nothing.
: How do you verse a Yasuo Mid?
He has bad match ups. A GOOD jax, renekton, garen, darius, nasus, riven, and a few others can easily beat him in lane. At level 3 he either has 2 abilities learned or he has 3 and one of those is completely useless against someone with no ranged abilities. His q which is the stabby move can be canceled by cc. A lot of yasuos like to push wave super fast so he is usually open to ganks. Exhaust can be suprisingly helpful. Edit: i just read the title for mid oof. Fizz, zed, malzahar, brand, and ekko can do well against him. If you are playing a ranged champion try to poke him the first few levels with your auto attack. It can help you take control of the lane.
Sillae (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=WeeWeeBojangles,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yf5hn3Ad,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-02-12T20:18:36.951+0000) > > Honestly get rid of Klepto. No need for it. 1 chmapion uses it really well (Ezreal) Then the rest of the people who abuse it are ranged ap top laners like viktor or now zilean and karma. Everyone else who uses klepto doesn't maximize its potential whatsoever. Illaoi and GP
*See response to the other person that mentioned the same two champions.
: Let us see what exact runes people are using directly in the new loading screen.
I mean you can usually tell the moment they enter lane and what champ they are playing.
: Seraph's Embrace VS Luden's Echo
Seraphs staph is for sustain damage champs. Like cass, ryze, kassadin. Champions that spam abilities. While Luden Is more burst focused. You don't usually build both on the same champion because they are designed for the complete opposite reason.
: > [{quoted}](name=WeeWeeBojangles,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=yf5hn3Ad,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-02-12T20:18:36.951+0000) > > Honestly get rid of Klepto. No need for it. 1 chmapion uses it really well (Ezreal) Then the rest of the people who abuse it are ranged ap top laners like viktor or now zilean and karma. Everyone else who uses klepto doesn't maximize its potential whatsoever. Bankplank and Illaoi beg to differ friendo
Gangplank is in a tricky spot. Grasp is way better on him. Helps him sustain through the early laning phase where he struggles. Klepto GP is only good in a GP favorable matchups which are very few and far between. Even in a matchup where GP is favored I think grasp is still better. And Illaoi is Ok with it but I feel she can make it work but shes still not cashing out nearly as much as Ezreal. Anyone can take Kleptomancy but like i said nobody really benefits from it anywhere as close to ezreal. Unless its some cheese ranged into melee matchup.
Doge2020 (NA)
: Nasus and the top lane tank victor phase would also like to argue that they are both good users of Klepto too.
I literally said "ranged ap top laners like **viktor**" come on people lets read more than the words we just want to read. And Its terrible on nasus. Sure it procs on Q but the purpose of Kleptomancy is to maximize your laning income. Nasus would much rather focus a q on a minion than using it to gain 5 gold.
: Why not just make Klepto users unable to buy a gold item?
Honestly get rid of Klepto. No need for it. 1 chmapion uses it really well (Ezreal) Then the rest of the people who abuse it are ranged ap top laners like viktor or now zilean and karma. Everyone else who uses klepto doesn't maximize its potential whatsoever.
: Can we change the "None" ban option to "Pass" please?
Can we also agree to perma ban people who don't use a ban then end up losing the game.
: Sylas' Kit is OVERLOADED and if you can't even slightly agree, you're a Riot slave.
Guys pls help! Riot has me locked in their basement for weeks now. They force me to do so much labor.
Because i know how to face yi. But do the other 4 idiots know how to deal with him?
Saezio (EUNE)
: ingenious + protobelt is pretty nice for that. We are talking mostly top shaco btw. Sure he is way weaker as AP , I am not saying he is a very successful pick.
{{item:3152}} yeah but this is only ever 40 seconds tiamat is every AA and the active is up like every 10 seconds.
: > [{quoted}](name=WeeWeeBojangles,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1QWYP0Aj,comment-id=000100010000,timestamp=2019-02-08T04:16:31.624+0000) > > All crit items only give 25%. RF, Hurricane, stattik and pd all got their crit items reduced by 5%. Thats not that big sure the attack speed nerf was pretty significant. GA is NOT better than PD lets compare. > > PD is 2600 gold. You get 30% attack speed, 25% crit and 5% movement speed. Then you get the 2 passives ghosting and lifeline (90 second cool down). Statwise it is the same as rapidfire canon. Now most ADC's are rushing IE first and a zeal item second. So the nice thing about PD is it fits into 2 of the 3 criterias that an adc wants to meet, and thats a higher critical strike chance, and attack speed, the bonus movement speed is always a plus. Whether an ADC is ahead or behind they always want to be a high dps threat. > > Now lets look at Guardian Angel. For 2800 gold you get 45 AD and 40 armor. GA has a unique passive: Upon taking lethal damage go into stasis and revive with 50% of you hp and 30% of your mana (300 second cooldown) I can guarante you that After IE nobody is considering into rushing into a GA second item. Its pretty gold inefficient to go GA second. Doesn't give you any crit chance, any attack speed, and the armor is useless against a heavy ap team. When behind in a game as an ADC GA is never a priority item. GA is sort of a third party item so to speak. Similar to Merc scimitar, Maw, Last whisper and blood thirster. Situationally those items can be useful but its not a core item to the success to a strong adc. > > So in short PD is good against both AP and Ad burst. The cool down on lifeline is 90 seconds compared to the 300 seconds of GA, Crit and attack speed is crucial to most adcs, armor is not. AS and crit is always good to build whether ahead or behind. GA is only good to buy when ahead, its a poor item when your score is 2-8 The problem is oftentimes doing a bit more damage might have saved you in the first place. I’m not going to imply it isn’t a decent buy, but it being so cost ineffective _can_ set you behind. Furthermore, I would argue that this item is once again “a poor item when your score is 2-8.” Building defensively is a “when ahead” move. If you’re behind, building more defense is going to cement your loss. All this will do is ahead adc’s will be able to bow fit GA, mercurial scimitar, AND a ~~sterak’s~~ phantom dancer shield into one build. A rough build many crit adc’s will potentially be going now is PD, IE, scimitar, GA, last whisper upgrade, boots.
Yes often times dealing a bit more damage Might have saved you in the first place. However, You arent doing any damage to the talon, rengar, leblanc, khazix, or whatever assassin that kills you in under 0.07 seconds. The new PD wasn't designed For dueling. It was designed so that adc's dont get instantly killed whenever an assassin has their ult up. PD isn't supposed to be a core item on an ADC. It's supposed to be a situational item if your opponent has a champion with a lot of burst.
Saezio (EUNE)
: AP shaco is not meant to assassinate. He is meant to confuse the enemy and splitpush while being able to make easy escapes and be safe behind his boxes. They need to simply revert the champion. AD shaco is just no fun for anyone
Ok well whatever the reason is to build ap chaco, it still struggles to wave clear,
: Hard Question: Is LoL's Early Game Making things More or Less fun?
Im a fan of going to full build and constant team fights. However it is nice that early game dictates the pace of the game. Nice to not have 60 games like we did a couple years back.
: Wtf did they to do kai'sa
Oh no! A champion you play isn't going to be top tier for the rest of this games existence! Whatever shall you do? It's still early in the patch. You might just have to find a different Build for her or use her situationally. Go {{item:3153}} and {{item:3124}} against a tanky team or {{item:3031}} and {{item:3085}} into {{item:3508}}. If you're uninterested in trying to get her to work for you with a different build then find a different champ to play.
Leblonsh (NA)
: Shaco Should be AP
Ap shaco whether in the jungle or in a lane lacks wave clear. Really need a tiamat for the aoe. And When behind AP build wont even be able to assassinate the adc.
Mr Dander (EUNE)
: My current thoughts on Gangplank
I really like the Q idea, restoring half mana on killing something. Means you can farm better and your opponent doesn't have to worry about being poked to death early game. For the E I think it needs to be reverted to what it was. I think it was Every level into the E or so Added an extra barrel. I remember you could store up to 5. The crit idea for the barrels is interesting. Some people might not like it. It removes the RNG factor to them but that means you are taking less damage overall compared to if they would crit for 225%. I think the armor pen up to 60% might be too strong late game. My biggest issue with him right now is that his q is mana hungry and he starts with no mana. None of the runes feel good on him anymore. With new klepto you are rarely getting both stacks. I don't want to be forced into taking grasp. None of the precision keystones work as well as they should or as well as they do on the other top laners.
: To this day, as a season 2 veteran, what I hate the most in this game was the addition of keystones
A huge part of game was killed when they removed the old runes. That was a HUGE mistake. Runes themselves were an entire strategy. You could tell a good player from a bad player based on their runes. You could easily climb out of bronze just because you had a slight concept of the game and knew how to build rune pages. You could straight up tell your opponent was going to be trash, when at the start of the game they would have an extra 30 ap. You knew their runes were nothing but AP and you could abuse that. Sure there were some issues with them. They cost a bit too much IP and had tier sets. Had they been cheaper and only offered tier 3 runes everything would have been fine. It felt like sometime in season 5 runes and masteries were actually fairly ballanced. Then season 6 or 7 came around and they removed the runes and masteries to have some hybrid system which is just a disaster. The new system offers very little diversity and every champion is taking the same thing. Every bruiser is running conqueror for a r%%%%%ed amount of true damage, Everyone running resolve takes demolish for a free stack of gold with the new turret plating. Every assassin runs electrocute. Every mage runs either aery or comet. Then there are keystones and other branches that are just completely useless on everyone minus a couple champions. Very few run Phase rush other than maybe ryze, vlad, and casseopia. Ezreal is the only champion in the game that can successfully run keptomancy.
Glîtchy (NA)
: ARURF is basically ARAM (rage editon)
Yasuo Harly gains anything from urf. His E is already a .1 second cool down and his q scales off of AS
: League of Legends does not support mac users.
Mac's can't run shit when it comes to gaming. You're lucky to be able to run solitare at 10 frames with 10k MS in offline mode kappa
DawncYxDq (EUW)
: Ok someone needs to fix this ap support s***
Honestly they just need to add sightstone back into the game. 800 gold for HP and wards. Slowed the power spike of mage supports by forcing them to spend their gold on vision instead of AP
: Offensive names that Bypass word filter.
Man people are really soft these days
KazKaz (OCE)
: Why did we revert crit items again?
In both pro play and solo Q The crit relying adc's were barely touched. The only ADC's you ever saw were Kaisa, Varus, lucian, Ezreal, and Miss Fortune. None of which would go with a crit build. Some would go stormrzor but that was about it. So something was clearly not right with crit items.
Áery (NA)
: Diversity is ruining this game more than it’s helping
IMO The thing that ruined the support role was the removal of sightstone. You had to start the game with the 350 (now 400 gold support item) Then you could either upgrade the support item for 500 to get more gold or spend 800 on a sightstone. This meant that champions like brand, zyra, lux etc Werent going directly into AP Items because they had to spend 800 for frostfang plus an extra 800 to be able to place wards. Now they spend 850 gold, get a gold income item, ap, cdr, mana regen, and wards. Then they can go directly into their ap build. Who needs an actual support when you can just one shot the enemy adc, support, or midlaner with a full combo? BRING US SIGHTSTONE BACK!
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