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: It's getting really hard to take this game seriously anymore
Their core design philosophy changed about 2~ years ago. It shifted from "when you're fed, you one-shot people" to "when you're fed you won't be one-shot". At this point you can't call it an assassin meta, it's an assassin game, period. Every champion is an assassin. The purpose for this is to make the game more enjoyable to watch as an esport. Big flashy plays where everyone barely has enough time to press all their abilities before they die. All without any boring tank or value characters getting in the way of the fun. And the only "fun" being had here is by the viewer, since only masochists enjoy pressing their 4 abilities, getting a kill and then watching the death screen. They clearly saw the decline of league coming and this is their masterplan to milk the game as much as they can until it dies.
: 1) Yi is 4/2. You're 1/3. He's a dps carry. You're not even tanky. 2)'s an outer turret dive at 16 minutes against someone that's feeding that's entirely alone. The problem with you guys is that you don't want to improve at the game. You want to blame the game for your shortcomings. "I died 16 minutes into the game against a fed Yi? It isn't my fault for being alone against a fed Yi, or for not drafting much of any cc for the Yi. It's the game's fault that the weakest turrets in the game didn't blow his ass up for me."
1/3 is not feeding. 4/2 is barely fed. Did you just start playing this season, is that why you think this is the case?
: What is the Purpose of Hiding Our MMR and How the System Works?
Honestly the conspiracy theories sound more reasonable everyday. All big developers have psychologists who try and figure out ways to retain players for as long as possible, make players spend more money, etc. Riot for sure has shit like this, they're one of the biggest devs in the world. What makes a league player continue playing during a season? Not reaching the goal they have for their rank. Riot has a real incentive to tip the scales against players who are close to reaching a major ranked milestone because afterwards they'll be a lot less likely to keep playing. My anecdote is that my experience with MM has gotten pretty weird in the past 2 seasons. I've always had long win/loss streaks but now they're freakishly long. I've had several 20+ game streaks of wins or losses both this season and last. In the previous season I had two 20+ loss streaks occur at plat 5 and I was DEMOTED to gold 5 TWICE, both times getting re promoted to plat. The most recent loss streak was gold 1 80lp to gold 5. It's not because I get tilted, I can't play 20+ games a day. I've seen people making similar observations so maybe it's not just me.
Yara0 (NA)
: So if champions with 1-3 dashes deal more damage then champions with no dashes then whats the point?
Well just look at viegar. At the cost of not having a dash you get an opressive aoe stun and you can literally one shot any non-tank mid and late game with Q+ult
Jaygo41 (NA)
: I will literally take Lee, Elise, Zac, Sejuani, and Rek'Sai
Lee is *literally* the most played jungler so you're in luck
: Sion is back to being an unkillable monster with insane damage
Wrong, he's the highest winrate top laner plat+
: Like he is not hard to deal with later into the game it is just frustrating and not skillful. It is unfun to face him and he doesn't need to do anything special to dish out a ton of damage. It is just not a good experience and it is to easy.
> [{quoted}](name=LeAnime,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pLoH2on4,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-08-31T22:15:10.156+0000) > > Like he is not hard to deal with later into the game it is just frustrating and not skillful. It is unfun to face him and he doesn't need to do anything special to dish out a ton of damage. It is just not a good experience and it is to easy. Unreal. This guy is in other threads talking about how yasuo is fine to play against. And this is his opinion about Brand. LOL
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: Season 9 is the last chance to stay relevant; League cannot afford another Colossal Cock Up Cascade!
People have been claiming this every season since season 1. This time I actually agree. This season has had the worst meta I've EVER played through. I HATE nearly every champion in the meta right now. There are a handful of champions who actually devoid the game of fun for me, even if I'm winning (darius, graves, yasuo, zed, zoe). The balance in the game is so polarizing right now that meta champs are head and shoulders above everything else. They deal insane damage and if you're not playing a meta champ then they're also tanky as fuck. Someone snowballs into an unkillable monster EVERY GAME! A lot of the time it happens to someone on both teams too, so even when I'm the one who's dominating I still have to contest their fed champ. It's not bad because it's a snowball meta, though. The game cycles through metas, we've had many snowball metas and there will be more after this. This one happened to be a complete failure and I really hope they use this meta as an example of what to avoid at all costs. We're nearly certain to have a tank meta next season, so hopefully they can learn from the mistakes here. I can only imagine what the worst tank meta ever would look like, we've already had some stinkers.
: Great statements. Still, Riot is a Business first. They may ultimately do what gives them highest profit.
> [{quoted}](name=Asobi Spirit,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xlM4deT0,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-07-23T22:38:11.939+0000) > > Great statements. Still, Riot is a Business first. They may ultimately do what gives them highest profit. "Companies make money" isn't an argument. It may have sounded profound when you said it in your highschool debate class but it's something that everyone is already taking into account with their opinion. It's like having someone say "politicians are trying to get elected" every time they talk about politics. Stop!
: I've been enjoying this high damage meta...
If there's too much damage then why are there still unkillable tanks? Whether it's sejuani, maokai, rammus, yorick, shen or even someone like tahm kench. The game is just a fucking mess right now. I'll be playing as a mage and land my entire combo and it'll barely scratch them.
Torgal (EUW)
: Why Ezreal is allowed to be broken like this ?
They really need to hotfix nerf champs that get this out of control. Or disable them. It's bullshit that there are champs that routinely get this broken and we just have to live with it until they decide to fix it. Get a fix out quickly and then revert it later if you have to. 55% winrate with over 20% is unacceptable.
: The spell is very underwhelming if it wasn't for that slow. It's essentially just a bad spellshield if you don't get a stun off.
> [{quoted}](name=Taku of Rivia,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jvYAdAVl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-05T05:51:51.913+0000) > > The spell is very underwhelming if it wasn't for that slow. It's essentially just a bad spellshield if you don't get a stun off. Spellshields are definitely not underwhelming. They're some of the strongest skills in the game, including fiora's.
: Under the current system there are only 5 bans, not 10
The TL;DR is assuming you can put 1 and 1 together There are 10 bans with 5 of the bans on champs who wouldn't have seen play anyways. It does require a bit of nuance, you're right.
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: yeah, not quite sure how 40% pick rate got translated to "every game"
> [{quoted}](name=Mecha MaIphite,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1wmX992g,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-05-16T00:38:35.094+0000) > > yeah, not quite sure how 40% pick rate got translated to "every game" It's obvious hyperbole. The next highest play rate from a jungler is 18%. Less than half. Is it really that hard to understand how crazy that is? There are like 30-40 different junglers? Probably more. And one of them is picked 40% of the time. ??????????? These lee sin apologists are so annoying man. Imagine if almost any other champ had that playrate in the jungle. These same people would be losing their fucking minds and rightfully so. But instead they pretend like lee sin is hard to play so it's totally fine that he's extremely safe, overloaded and stronger than any other champ in the early game. Yeah so much fun to play against every other game. I LOVE how no matter who I pick against him I have to concede the early game completely. I can't pick a single fight with him until like level 6. And of course by that time he gets to click on me and instantly correct any positioning mistake he makes. So much fun. And then you can't even ban him because there aren't enough bans for all the broken cancer in the game right now.
: PSA: if you run an all AD comp, you are gonna have a huge problem.
Having an all-ad team SHOULD be a heavy disadvantage. The enemy team gets to fully itemize against the sole type of damage you're dealing. This is part of the strategy involved in building a team in champ select. If all-ad teams aren't disadvantaged by this then it's a pretty strong sign of an unhealthy meta.
: balancing league around top play/low elo is bad, diamond+ should be how the game is taken into account
> [{quoted}](name=WeebSlayerKrully,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rq7v6TTo,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-05-05T00:46:49.129+0000) > > balancing league around top play/low elo is bad, diamond+ should be how the game is taken into account This is yet another false dichotomy people create when discussing balance. They can balance the game at varying degrees around many different skill levels. They aren't restricted to picking one elo and then solely balancing around them. As for lee, he's simply picked too much. There are 140~ champs in the game and single one is being played in 40+% of games consistently through the seasons. Something has to give. It's not even about whether he's overpowered (although he probably is), it's stupid playing against the same champion in the jungle every game just because everyone has to endlessly play fotm champs. I have a problem with any champion who is played this much. The thing is, at least with certain champs they're only highly picked for a month or so tops. Lee sin is eternal. He doesn't even have to be bad, just not an auto pick in every game.
: In the old days "If you can't play every role at least decently, you're not ready for ranked"but now
Nothing other than your perception has changed. I've been playing since season 2 and people were always, ALWAYS complaining about not getting their role. That was one of the main reasons they implemented team builder and then the current role selection system. Someone was upset about what role they were playing in almost every fucking champ select in soloQ. All I have to say is: welcome to league soloQ.
: Except 4-1. Then you're being forced to.
You've got it wrong. When the vote is 4-1 the super majority isn't forced to stay in the game with you, not the other way around.
HeeroTX (NA)
: Frankly, Riot SHOULD remove surrender in Ranked, period. If you're playing ranked you should commit to playing that game as long as it takes and to win, or go play normals! I had people calling for surrenders last night while I was in my promos. After the second one I told them, I'm not surrendering this game. For promos I don't care if its 1 - 50, there is literally no benefit to me surrendering and if you're gonna start trolling I'm gonna force you to stay because all you WANT to do is leave.
Thankfully you don't get to decide how other people play their videogames. I know it must really bother you.
: So I wonder how long it will take us to complain about the new Cho'Gath
The new cho gath change is objectively a considerable nerf in this meta. The meta would have to slow down considerably for this change to be a buff. So yeah, people will complain about it and be justified in doing so. He was already in a terrible spot and the intended buff made things even worse!
: If 2 people say no at 20 they just open mid. Now they'll just do this 5 minutes sooner. Which is 5 less minutes for a mid game come back or teamfight.
This is a terrible argument and always has been. These people are going to troll and act like children regardless. By your logic we should remove surrendering entirely. Thankfully riot is finally listening to reason on this. A team should be able to surrender whenever they want as long as they all want to. If you don't want to surrender, no one is forcing you to. I don't know what is so hard to understand about this. Far too many people pretending like this is some sort of morality debate.
Destaice (NA)
: ITT. Video game arguments that you hate
Something I constantly see in videogame discussions are false-dichotomies. They usually come out when someone is defending a game against criticism. They'll pretend like there are only two options available and there is no inbetween, no room at all for nuance. So for example, in the context of league, someone will make an argument for the new jungle being infallible by saying that the previous jungle was even more flawed than the current one (this is just a random example). It's incredibly annoying because it's used to dismiss reasonable and valid criticisms without actually addressing them.
: Now that everyone's on a Jhin Witch hunt
He has an insanely high play rate along with a high win rate. That is the reason why people want him to be nerfed. I don't care who it is, if they're in every game I play I'm going to hate them. You can thank all of the zombies that only play fotm champs.
: PSA: Your will to surrender is no more important than my will to keep playing the game out
TL;DR it's nice that you care enough about this to write an essay though.
Spârky (NA)
: the difference is jhin has execute damage where as twitch and cait for example can just 1v5 a team. Jhin has such a high playrate because he is just fun to play i dont understand why people dont understand that. And lets be honest here. Jhin is like ezreal he is always good but never the best like in crit meta's where cait, ashe, draven, twitch, beat him and in lethality meta's where he is stronger but mf still beats him there. Once lethality is nerfed you will see his winrate drop and even riot are making his r slow less and giving him less waveclear with his e
I find it hilarious that people actually believe that high playrates are the result of champions being "fun to play". You're telling me with a straight face you believe that one champ (out of 134) is played in over half of all games simply because they designed him to be "fun"? He's only fun to play because he's strong as fuck. Same with all the other "fun" champs. It's the same reason all the pre-rework kassadin and gragas mains thought their champs were "fun". Doing well is fun, winning is fun. This is the same community that INSTANTLY mass-parrots lcs picks and strats and for some reason a lot of people like to pretend everyone is just playing "for fun". You want a real example of someone finding a champion fun? Everyone who isn't just looking up who the strongest champs are in their role and then spamming them until something else stronger comes along. Oops, I meant to say, 'until someone more FUN comes along' /s.
: Official "trade roles" system
I really don't want to get spammed with trade requests every game. Which is absolutely what would happen in solo q. It's very common for someone to be upset they get support. There are certainly some benefits to be had with it but they're pretty minor.
Danjeng (NA)
: Who's "people"? Most of the people here seem to think Lee Sin is braindead bronze freelo.
So what exactly are you asking? Whether or not I'm only speaking about this thread? No, I'm not only speaking about this thread.
: Riot please stop living in 2010, Lee Sin is not skillful, hes broken
The mistake people make is equating "hard to play" with "hard to play in league of legends". There are no difficult champs in league, just champs that are more difficult than others. I know that this sounds like #koreanadvice, but it's an important distinction. People greatly exaggerate how hard lee sin/riven/etc are just because they aren't point and click. If you want to see what a hard champ looks like go take a look at some dota 2 champs. If lee sin was in dota 2 he would be considered one of the easier heroes. That isn't to say he shouldn't be stronger than easier champs. Just that people greatly exaggerate how hard he is to play.
: Remember when you actually got punished for running full AD teams
Seriously though, this is infuriating. The other team goes full ad and I spend the game solely stacking armor as nasus and I still get blown up immediately. yi/yas/jhin/sion/illaoi. Assuming equal skill, that comp should only be winning if they get fed early. They absolutely should not be able to go even early/mid game and have a stronger late game than a more well-structured team comp. What is the point of playing a tank if you can't tank damage? I'm not only building tanky, I'm FULLY ITEMIZING against their damage. This should put them at an extreme disadvantage because they still have to worry about building MR and I don't. An all AD team (again, assuming equal skill and that they don't get fed early) should be losing in champ select.
: Indeed. It's almost like things rise and fall over time due to buffs, nerfs, and meta shifs. Odd eh?
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somebady (EUW)
: On jungle, ganking and taking kills
When you are jungling you get decide what you do with your time. You also get to decide what happens with your buffs. You can take as many kills as you want (especially in a freaking normal game). This isn't up to anyone else no matter how much they kick and scream. Whether they report you or not is irrelevant, you can't be banned for making sub-optimal plays in your role (assuming of course that they're sub optimal). I play a lot of solo jungle in normals and ranked and this is the mentality you need to have because of how insanely toxic solo jungle is. I have some further thoughts about this: - If someone on your team is losing their lane there is a strong chance they are going to get upset and blame you no matter what you do. Even if your team is way ahead, even if you've already tried helping them. This happens almost every game and I'm not exaggerating or miss-remembering. This is the reality of playing soloQ with other premades. And just for the record, if someone NEEDS a gank to win their lane they are an unskilled player. - If you're not playing an early game jungler your teammates are way more likely to be toxic. I play mostly late/mid game junglers like amumu, mundo, chogath, etc etc and I can't tell you how many times people get upset at me for not applying as much early game pressure as the enemy lee sin or nidalee. League players just can't handle losing early game. Or losing in any way at all. Hell, some of them can't even handle winning. Again, this is just the reality of playing solo Q in the jungle.
: Is trundle jungle unplayable?
So I just...don't do raxorbeaks anymore? Even mid game they're kicking my ass.
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: Why is silver v against plat? And how did he do so well against plats?
> [{quoted}](name=xXWukong360Elite,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=XWWnwJMw,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-09-12T18:33:39.120+0000) > > Why is silver v against plat? > > And how did he do so well against plats? The silver 5 in this game was far more skilled than us. You can see his kda. Idk if he was cheating or not because I didnt lane against him but it seems likely. He was premade with xerath and his match history was full of incredible scores, same as xer.
: How likely is it that my opponents were cheating in some way?
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: Usually how interactive are other players in your game?
I'd say one in ten games or so the chat is used for a moment to convey something useful. Such as: 'hey are you building locket or should I?' It might be more like one in 20. it's quite rare. Otherwise chat is used exclusively for arguing and passive-aggression. I play solo.
: i queue mid primary and jungle secondary and seem to get jungle half the time. Im probably better at jungling anyways but i enjoy mid more.
> [{quoted}](name=Hollowchazz,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=pF4yB1wq,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-05-09T08:17:40.355+0000) > > i queue mid primary and jungle secondary and seem to get jungle half the time. Im probably better at jungling anyways but i enjoy mid more. Yeah I don't get it. I'm getting jungle maybe 40% of the time. I had a much higher percentage of jungle games before this when I was playing solo.
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GIJose65 (NA)
: So poppy is getting nerfed.....again
Holy hell does she deserve the nerf. She's an unkillable tank with insane damage. Can't happen soon enough with the crazy amount of champs that need bans
: Circular logic is bad m8 If you mute everyone in the first place, then what is the point of even adding and moderating it?
How about instead of being incredibly sensitive you let everyone else use voice (unmoderated) while you disable it. Then everyone else that is too sensitive for it can disable it too. This is how every other modern, competitive game works by the way. And no league is not any different than dota 2, cs go, etc. You get what you want and the people who want voice chat get what they want!
: Am i the only one who doesnt want Voice Chat in league?
There's a pretty simple solution that works in just about every other competitive game (csgo, dota2, every modern fps/rts/etcetc). The solution is that they include the option for voice if you want it, but you can disable it if you don't want it. I know that it's hard for all the sensitive social justice warriors to handle someone being rude to them in game sometimes and muting ALREADY isn't enough of a soultion for them. However, I think that if Riot put in the option to disable voice instead of glueing mics to everyones faces and forcing them to efficiently communicate with their team that it could work.
: New baron - Can't clear wards placed behind its head?
HOW DO THESE NEW FORUMS WORK???? Stop trying to be reddit
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