Skorch (NA)
: Maybe why they are slow at nerfing Irelia...
Maybe it's because she doesn't really need nerfs? It's nice to have functional champions in the game.
: Karma should receive her shield bomb back as a self Ult E effect
Jenivie (NA)
: Lux splash
This is an oddly specific request.
: Everyone is talking about Dark Harvest and Irelia/etc. But can we talk about this?
Jax is always a solid pick. He has never been "bad" at any point, but there have been times when he wasn't the best choice for his given roles and thus overlooked. Remember that Jax is one of the few true hypercarries in League. In addition to having great mobility and excellent defensive options, his damage output potential scales WAY past almost every other champion in the game. On top of this, he has easy-to-use, point-and-click abilities and always-on passive buffs that allow his pilot to focus on the action instead of having to hit skillshots; the only skill you really need is the ability to orbwalk well. He's a lane bully and his jungling ganks are brutal. His hybrid damage means that you can't stack just one form of defense against him if he is doing well. Heaven help you if he has a Lux, Morgana, Thresh, Pike or Blitzcrank on his team who can hit skillshots. He can absolutely delete anything other than a tank in the space of a root or hook.
forresto (NA)
: Why does scorch still exist?
The real question is: Why do flat damage output runes like Comet, Dark Harvest, Shield Slam, etc. still exist? All they do is up early game burst by adding in free damage, and the champions that make the best use of them are the ones that are already great at burst damage. We need less of that and more of runes that let you define your game plan better. More runes like what are in the Inspiration and Resolve trees, and less of what is in the Precision and Domination trees (with the exception of the "Ward" line in Domination). Runes should be something other than just straight stat and damage output buffs. That's _boring_.
: The game is now even more snowbally and the dmg is even higher.
It's horrible to come to a mid or bot lane with a Lux now. Armed with Comet, Scorch, Cheap Shot and her passive, if I make a mistake I will watch 50% of my health evaporate at level 1 from a single E > auto. It's even more fun when they come to lane with Absolute Focus and +20 Adaptive Force. Yeah, it doesn't scale into late game -- but late game isn't the problem. The PROBLEM is how easily a game can snowball out of control, and now with Turret Plating gold up for grabs it makes sense to invest heavily in early-game damage to secure kills or at least enough harass to push your opponent out of lane to get the free turret plating gold. Old runes let you come to lane with slightly increased stats; they affected early-game performance in ways that were even-handed and predictable. I remember taking AD runes on my AP-based mid lane champs to make CSing easier, because the AP they provided didn't matter much after level 5. The new runes are specifically designed to output additional burst damage that is most effective at early levels. It provides even more opportunities to snowball, which is already one of the biggest problems with LoL!
: Is it just me or did turret plating so absolutely nothing?
The problem is the gold. It used to be that I could make a mistake against a lane bully, get pushed out of lane or die, and have a wave crash into the tower for half its health... and be fine. My opponent would be up 300g, which is punishing, and probably a level, which is more punishing, but I could recover and still be in a position to bonce back with a good gank from my jungler. NOW I come back and the turret is down a third of its health but the opponent is up an ADDITIONAL 160g to 320g if they are in any position to capitalize on being able to crash a wave into the tower and get some damage. So instead of coming back to an enemy that is up one component item they come back with TWO components or possibly a finished mid-tier item plus boots. If the goal was to smooth out the laning phase, make it last a little longer, and give "farming" champions a better chance against lane bullies to widen champion selection possibilities, turret plating does NOT accomplish that goal. Instead it simply provides another objective that a lane bully can capitalize on and puts more early gold on the map.
: I don't understand the thought process that lead to these changes.
I can't help but agree with the Turret Plating change concerns. It seems to work _against_ the goal of extending the laning phase. Now if someone gets an advantage in lane they can chip at the turret for some quick gold and extend that lead even further. Whereas before you could struggle in lane a little and still be fine as long as the tower had 1HP left as the laning phase ends. Before Plating every point of health on a tower was worth the same as any other as long as the tower was still standing. Now not only do you get punished for not being able to keep damage off the tower, since your opponent gets additional gold, but the high damage that certain runes add to the laning phase (especially in the early levels) makes it even easier to get shoved out of lane by someone who just a little better. If the goal was to extend the laning phase to give champions that like to farm more time to do so, the Turret Plating should have just been a straight buff to the turrets and shouldn't award additional gold at breakpoints.
Manawind (NA)
: Nerf Irelia [skin Idea]
I think it's a great idea, actually. They could even replace her sound effects with a soft "thwap" sound when she strikes or is struck. For her ultimate, she could shoot nerf darts!
: As an old Karma player
Alright, I've been saying this for a while on the old forums, but these are the new forums, so... yeah: I have been using Karma as a top or mid counterpick and just ruining people. Here's what Karma's new kit has for her: 1. A long-range, high AoE-damage skillshot that has a ridiculously short cooldown and low mana cost. To add to this, it has a powerful slow thrown in. 2. A moderate-range, moderate-damage tether snare that allows her to lock someone down for burst or lock someone down to escape. 3. The best. darn. shield. in the game. Massive base stats, excellent AP ratio, and the best "bonus" effect you can get that allows for both initiation or escapes. 4. She can use her very low-cooldown Mantra to turn any of these abilities into a fight-winning ability. My particular favorite is waiting until the tank initiates than using Mantra-Defiance to allow the entire team of damage deals to charge straight at the enemy carry with a massive speed boost and a powerful damageshield. She can top. She can mid. In the right team comps (those with great burst damage) she can also jungle -- and she is an INCREDIBLY difficult jungler to escape from in a gank and has great clear times. She is a mage with great team support. She scales well. She is both difficult to catch and to escape from. Old Karma isn't coming back. Let's just accept that and move on, alright?
: A passive connecting to only one ability of a kit isn't a reward for using it. It's just a piece ripped off of that ability and shoved into a passive for no good reason.
Alright, let's get something clear here: Jayce is a champion with 2 modes and the ability to quickly and fluidly move into and out of melee and ranged combat. He is a massive lane bully ON ACCOUNT OF his passive, that allows him to poke from range and suddenly charge into melee to deal out massive damage, then disengage with haste ON ACCOUNT OF his passive. Not every champion is going to have a passive that completely defines their play. In Jayce's case, it's his ultimate ability and dual kit of abilities that define him.
: Remove every single champion's passives.
What about Karma? Her passive is tied directly to her ultimate and -- like Jayce -- she gets her ultimate at level 1! Jayce's passive and ultimate ability are tied because that is how the champion was designed. He's not supposed to just stay in one stance, he's supposed to switch back and forth as necessary; his passive rewards him for doing so.
: Split push Veigar top, new concept
The main problem is that Veigar has no escapes and no mobility. Yes, he has immense single-target damage, but he just explodes if collapsed on. Good split pushers, like Shen, Yi, and Karthus, have not only good wave clear but the ability to escape well or impact team fights that they aren't even at. Veigar has neither of these going for him. This isn't to say that he can't split push, but he's not ideal for it.
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