: I like the puns in the thread, but Diana is canonically a lesbian.
Was this ever canonically confirmed? If so, awesome! I remember Leona being included in a list of champions in an official Riot post gawking at Pool Party Miss Fortune, so as long as that's considered canon then they're both lesbians! (Also in Janna's new lore the narrator was gay I believe? So that's another :) )
: Yes? You don't need to be an ass but you don't need to be nice. It's perfectly fine to be neutral, and that's what the majority of the community is. Do you really think you're entitled to everyone treating you nice?
Are you actually saying that telling someone to kill themselves is being "neutral"? Is that seriously what you're trying to say here?
: somehow I think that gif might be funnier reversed, with the doors slamming shut behind her.
This gif is already reversed from the original movie fyi
Neclord (EUW)
: I never understood why they reworked Banner's stats. It's such a weird item now.
It's such a poorly designed item now lol. It creates minions that are great against magic damage, so you would think it would be a counter to AP, but it gives twice as much armor as mr. Not really sure what they were thinking with that.
: Knights vow is insanely overpowered for ta cost. I literally biuld it on any tank champion I play. Giving damage reduction to one of my carries, and getting healing from there damage is crazy good when ahead. I think it is ignored, becuase locket and redemption are even stronger I guess, but do not insult {{item:3109}}, love that item.
I think another reason it isn't bought as much/goes unnoticed is that it doesn't have a flashy active effect like {{item:3190}} or {{item:3107}} . With those two items, especially redemption, you know when it turns a teamfight around. {{item:3109}} ? Maybe they notice someone is a bit tankier than usual, but that's it tbh.
AmazoX (EUW)
: Aatrox is getting some nice buffs next patch The new champion teased is 99% Galio's Rework Urgot is up next after Galio Evelynn is up for VGU Warwick is being played in Korean Challenger level. However the champions I have mentioned, Riot Games have no plans for them at all.
> The new champion teased is 99% Galio's Rework (Hopefully I quoted that correctly lol) How has this been teased? I haven't seen anything, but I'm also not the most up-to-date on things I guess.
: > [{quoted}](name=Chroma Spell,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QqhcH8lK,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-01-22T16:57:40.512+0000) > > 2 words > Marksmen Draintanking. Sorry! I'm not familiar with second word. New to mobas
Draintanking is essentially a different form of Tanking (soaking up a ton of damage) where instead of buying tank items, you just buy a lot of lifesteal. You have less health and defense, but compensate for that by stealing back whatever health you lose.
: He's on the wrong end of this "Lets Gangbang Bot Lane" Meta. He's almost forced to roam, which leaves his laner totally exposed.
That makes sense, thanks!
Rioter Comments
: What build are you talking about?
: I gave examples right in the OP...
Yeah- incorrect examples. Neither Lux or Xerath can "instagib" someone through minions from a lane away. To kill someone at level 6, they need to use their entire kit, which in both cases is far from instant, and necessary parts of their kit cannot go through minions- lux's q and xerath's stun, for example.
: I mean, Silver support main. Definitely knows what's up.
I know I'm pretty bad at the game, but you can't really believe that everything you put into this post is accurate, right? Like the mages. What mage can really 100-0 someone from a lane away? And adcs, what adc can build two items and actually crit for 3/4ths of someone's health? I agree there are some balance issues that need to be looked at, but you really can't believe this stuff is true, right?
: This game is balanced like garbage and Riot refuses to do anything about it.
Doesn't this belong in Memes and Games? Because the amount of hyperbole you used made this the most laughable post I've read in a while.
: > [{quoted}](name=WestwardZephyr,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=eq4G0sTx,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-12-26T22:36:15.387+0000) > > Quick note: Karma. Isn't. White. Stop whitewashing her. > Other than that it's a good skin but this really isn't recognizable as Karma at all. ... In one of Twisted Fate's skins, he became darker. I don't see anyone complaining about that, and no one should be against it either- so why is making Karma tanner a big problem now? Especially when it's just the skin and not her default look?
My personal issue with it is that we have so many white champs, and very few that aren't white. We have Ekko, Karma, Illaoi, and Lucian- and that's it, as far as humanoid champs go. So it's a bigger deal to make a nonwhite champ white than it is to make a white champ not as white. That's basically the whole issue most people have with whitewashing in any industry/game.
Sayomi (EUW)
: Her skin isn't white It's tan like what karma actually is
Ah, sorry. Idk what color you intended it to be but to me at least, it's coming across as very pale, especially her face. It's well drawn tho, good job on that!
: no one complained when {{champion:236}} mercenary skin makes him looks like an albino
A lot of people complained actually :/
Sayomi (EUW)
: Blood moon Karma skin Concept
Quick note: Karma. Isn't. White. Stop whitewashing her. Other than that it's a good skin but this really isn't recognizable as Karma at all.
: QSS, have a support get Mikael's, or position yourself away from the enemy as far as possible so her ult doesn't make you super easy for them to kill.
Actually, a QSS won't do anything but make you run a little faster away. Can't do anything about a Vi ult, other than have a friendly Camille ult her.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Make your main sound as OP as possible!
Ugh, this champ. THIS CHAMP. The scourge of literally any lane, if you see her on the enemy team you might as well just dodge. Like, she can be played full tank, full ap mid, or actual support (looking @ you, {{champion:143}} {{champion:63}} ) and still be an annoying lil ho. Her Q, first of all. She shoots out her literal force of soul at you- this champ is so hardcore, she doesn't use magic, she uses her LITERAL SOUL- and it EXPLODES when it hits anything. As if her soul exploding on you and doing crazy damage wasn't enough, she also applies a strong ass slow when she pops this on you, so you might as well just stop moving and give up if she lands this on you. Her W is a leblanc chain on steroids. First of all, this OP mess has 90% AP SCALING. So if you have 1000 AP, this is doing over 1000 damage. Le Blanc only has 50% scaling on her chain, and it can still oneshot your poor adc. Also, this isn't a skillshot- its point and click. If this champ wishes for your adc to die, she only has to click on them and BAM, practically instant 1000 damage. PLUS, once the chain wears off, if you aren't dead already, you get snared so she can just hit a q on you to finish you off. Her E is a huge shield that can be placed on anyone she wants, and basically makes them invincible on like a 5 second cooldown. Also, it gives them a crazy movespeed bonus, so they basically become Sanic. If this champ and a hecarim are against you, just dodge. Save yourself the pain. Her R- oh, her R!- isn't even a real ult, only because HER OTHER ABILITIES ARE SO BROKEN, SHE DOESNT NEED ONE. So basically this thing makes you jack of all trades, master of all. If you use your q after this, it makes your soul explode twice, which, speaking from experience, can oneshot an adc. It feels nasty to use, and nasty to get hit by. If you use her w after it, it basically gives you two free summoner heals, and snares them for longer than a level 5 morgana snare could ever hope to, all while doing that stupid damage. And if you use her e after it, then your entire team just instantly gets a kayle ult and a sivir ult at once, so its basically gg. Not to mention that this already has a low af cooldown late game, that can be reduced just by auto attacking enemies. WTF RIOT????? TL;DR {{champion:43}} OP
: > [{quoted}](name=Serika Zero,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Fda7An0l,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-12-17T22:33:06.058+0000) > > Because Darius with Ghost > most melee if not all melee top laners for 30 minutes or so Nobody uses ghost on Darius. For one, flash is overpowered. Two, Q into flash gives Darius easy cheese kills. Edit: I've been proven wrong. Flash + ghost OP
Actually, the highest winrate summs on him right now are Flash-Ghost. So it seems like they're actually sticking with flash but abandoning tp in favor of ghost.
Leo1024 (NA)
: 5 minute cooldown ult? at rank 3, it's barely over a minute cooldown on her ult
: Changes i would love to see next patch.
Syndra is taking **only** 80% of your health with ult, ignite, thunderlords? What's your secret?
: Jinx support because GorillA
She has 2 forms of cc, long range poke and global presence she's obviously hidden op guys /s
: You'll see.. Nunu will have their day! You'll all see!!!!! Muehehehehe muahahahahaha MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAAAA
I mean, they're the second highest winrate jungler right now, so their day is kinda right now! :)
: Bothers me how she's getting this fanfare for existing. Just her, all over social media.
Well, she's a well designed character with a clear-cut and fun personality, unique design, and fun gameplay. It makes sense that she's become Riot's mascot of sorts rather than, say, Nunu or Kayle.
: No she just uses whatever combo + ult and that's 1 health bar in 0.3 seconds.
Soooo... If a squishy immobile AP carry uses all her cooldowns on a single squishy target, making her useless for the next several seconds, they shouldn't die? Yet adcs can autoattack a squishy twice and kill them? Idk if you understand the concept of a burst mage, man.
Kuiwii (EUW)
: Who is your League daddy?
{{champion:44}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:44}}
: {{champion:23}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:44}} Same for this cancer
To be fair, Taric is on a substantial delay so it's usually used to initiate or with a lot of planning beforehand.
bill84 (NA)
: It's funny to play her supp when the other team has a rengar, so if you see the exclamation point, you just stand next to adc and press w as soon as he jumps.
{{champion:107}} Time to get another kill, muahaha! {{champion:78}} No. Bad kitty. Down.
: And that's kinda wrong now. Like she wasn't played for whatever reason and now she is and it's a little dumb. I mean, killing people in 0.5 seconds with AoE ult isn't exactly fair.
To be fair, she never kills anyone with just her ult. She's a fairly immobile burst mage, so she should be able to kill squishies with one combo if they're caught in it.
: God the pick pool at worlds is crap
To be fair, we've also seen some {{champion:61}} at worlds, something that wasn't seen at all this season really, and you left out {{champion:126}} which is a pretty dominant pick. Idk if there's any others as I haven't seen all the matches, but those are a few examples.
: Champion Idea: Adrian, The Guilty Soul
This seems like a great idea, but one note- from what I understand, his q is an exact copy of Poppy's e, other than damage values. Is there any distinguishing features, or is it just that?
: no it isn't lol exhaust is more likely to save you vs an adc as well as more likely to get your team a kill in lane, and 2 heals in lane doesn't make a lot of sense since one causes a debuff making the other weak.
He means soraka taking heal, and adc taking exhaust. Raka takes windspeakers, and often {{item:3114}} , which synergizes with heal, and then the adc has exhaust, which is generally better for a 1v1 duel. It's honestly probably better than raka exhaust, adc heal.
: jinx, lulu, janna, and lux are all happy and perky characters (maybe not so much janna, but still) and poppy seems like a more serious character, maybe its a normal thing, idk. just doesnt fit for me
If you watch Madoka Magica or lots of other magical girl anime (which this skin line is heavily based upon) not all of the characters are bright, bubbly chunks of sunshine (especially in Madoka). Even though they're magical girls, they don't all have to be particularly happy girls!
: Expect Lux. Hers kinda sucks compared to the others
Well, she isn't one of the _new_ star guardians. Her skin came out a while ago, so it explains the somewhat lower quality.
: Well, a lot of summoner spells can be offensive, I use Exhaust as an offensive spell as well. {{summoner:6}} for me as well. But I'd just like a true, offensive alternative, like the damage of Ignite(obviously not true damage, but damage) but with some kind of utility.
Maybe something where it increases the damage you do to someone by a certain percent for 5 seconds? It would be a better option than ignite for dealing with tanks, for example.
: I want my wards back, I like feeling safe in lane. Also maybe a new alternative offensive summoner spell to {{summoner:14}}.
For an offensive summoner, I've actually started taking Exhaust as an alternative. I mean, it reduces their armor and mr, but also has enough flexibility to be used defensively. That said, it probably wouldn't work well on assassins, I've mostly been using it on poke mages like orianna.
Cyst (NA)
: What is toxicity? I know clearly what the word means but are you trying to state people are cancer? How is that better than calling someone autistic?
Um, what? Toxicity is a clearly established term unrelated to cancer or autism or whatever. It's just when you're a shitty person to others. It's that simple. Don't read so deep into it :P
: And if you are out of his tower nest he is useless as hell. Play someone who outranges him like {{champion:99}} or someone who can clear his towers or play around them like {{champion:134}} {{champion:34}} and he is pretty much done.
Rioter Comments
: *looks at Varus, Twitch, and Jhin* Um
I mean, Jhin is a lot more interested in beauty and art than your typical guy ;D
: I've made a horrible mistake
Well Guess I'm positive now {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Thanks guys! :D
: And now you're here, farming upvotes, because an opinionated score system means _that_ much to you.
nice meme man you seem to forget that the only reason these boards exist is for meaningless self-validation
Dr Poro (EUW)
: > don't try to 1v1 once he ~~has an advantage~~ is level 1 or higher FTFY
To be fair, he is kinda built for 1v1s as a skirmisher, so he just has that advantage almost always. I basically only all in if he overcommits and I have exhaust, or if I hit 6 first and know he isn't about to. :P
: Do the same for yasuo and you'll be at -70
Haha, as an Orianna main who used to be a Lux main, I do have some slight bias towards yas :P But tbh as long as you know how to play around him and don't try to 1v1 once he has an advantage, he isn't nearly as broken as the majority of the boards seem to think he is.
Rioter Comments
: these champions were erfectly fine before keystone, stop the bullshit pls.
They definitely were, I agree. However- with the introduction of keystones, they were rebalanced around them. If they were to just be removed now that they've been balanced with keystones in mind, they would be a bit gutted. That's all I'm trying to say, no need to be rude {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Chroyo (NA)
: If we reverted the mastery system
I agree that with careful balancing, this would be smart, but this is riot we're talking about here. If they just removed keystones, then several champs who are reliant on them (Note: not champs that abuse them, champs that need them to function well) would be gutted by extension. For example, several burst mages like {{champion:61}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:1}} would have wayyy less damage and poke without thunderlords, to the point where they would be just garbage. Keystones are definitely a problem, but removing them could make things worse.
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