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Whölû (NA)
: tempest league try outs need all roles
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: EverLyfe Esports Looking for a Top Laner
In-game Name : top mane Age : 25 Timezone : est Role : top Solo Queue Division : plat 5 Discord Communication Application & Microphone Accessible (Y/N) : y List your Top 5 Champions for Role Applying : ekko renk kled illio camile Briefly describe your play style (Lane, Ward, Teamfight, Objectives, Itemization) : first blood king, wpg about 20, front line fighter, early game teleports for advantages, build towards what im playin against Your strongest attributes : early game and postioning Your weakest attributes : cs speed and pressure from enemy team Why you would like to be apart of a tournament team : want to grind out till end of the season Your past experience on a tournament style team or ranked team (If Applicable) : played in 2 other lcs style tourny The best time to reach you in-game : anytime
5D Skip (NA)
: [5D] Is recruiting new players for CompeteLeague. Gold-Platinum
local dealer s3 26 top/mid ekko renk kled illoi camile poppy gragas ken rumble been on plenty of teams, passive and aggressive play style, good early game at creating advantages for everyone, first blood king
: Team Sinister gaming recruiting players
IGN: local dealer AGE: 25 Rank: s2 Role: top Top 5 champs: kled renk ekko poppy fizz Working mic/Discord: yes Strengths: laning and team fighitng Weakness: over extenting. cs speed
EQ Otto (NA)
: Starting an Org, tryout info inside
Peak Rank: p4 Current Rank: p5 Role: top List of past team experience: played in allot of lcs style tourneys Would you prefer to shot-call: i can Do you have a microphone: yes Top five champions (Not mastery points, actual comfort - ALL WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED): ekko kled renk poppy cam Notes: ign top mane


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