: same, it tells me my recently played is morgana but i havent played her in weeks. thought i was the only one ^_^
Thats so strange! A bug perhaps?{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
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: What Champs do you want to hear more about?
{{champion:222}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:51}} All these teasers and mini backstories or no backstories of them at all left so much to be desired, like how does ekko know jinx? Were they together? Why did vi and jinx never have a birth name? Why are there roman numerals between ekko,jinx,vi?
: Chicago Connection Clinic Megathread [Closed]
Location: New York ISP: NTCnet (i know, basically unheard of) Old ping: 120 - 210 New ping: 85 - 95


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