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: Wouldn't that just exacerbate the "ARAM-optimized accounts" issue though? Since you'd essentially be penalized for not self-banning the weakest ARAM champs?
I'm not sure how such a ban system would make things worse. If the number of bans you get are based on how many champs you own, then some ARAM account with only 10 champs wouldn't get a ban if the rate was 1 ban per 20 champs or something along those lines. If anything, it makes it LESS of an advantage ARAM optimized accounts have over normal accounts. I own all champs so I'm penalized for owning champs that suck in ARAM. If I could ban them it would move me CLOSER in "fairness" to ARAM-only accounts. I mean really though, I don't think ARAM-only accounts are that game-breaking.
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: TURBO MODE: The Data Behind Your Spell Spamming
But what about other champs? Is there a file with all the data somewhere? It's seriously uncool to say, "hey look at this data we have, we'll show you examples from like 5 champions. We're not sharing the rest, but trust us, it's really interesting!"
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: Champion Update: Ryze, the Rune Mage
lol Riot has the worst writers of all time. I swear the ability descriptions of every new champ is written in the most convoluted way possible. Take a goddamned technical writing class.
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: Be Victorious
So, green eyes: Nidalee Ireila Kat Who did I miss? Too bad most females are drawn the same so you can't actually tell them apart from each other if you only have a face. Isn't that messed up?


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