xoMishka (NA)
: One thing you have to remember is that the majority of people who play this game (ESPECIALLY in lower elos) are 13 year old boys who want to flame people just to get a rise out of them. Don't take it personally - some people will say mean things to you just because they feel like it. Here is the solution: THE MUTE BUTTON! The minute someone says something mean or rude, immediately mute them. Don't even reply. It will make your games much more fun and relaxing.
ok ^^ i have been :3 just wish people could just be decent human beings for 30 mins...
K54 (NA)
: Your favorite team fight duo?
{{champion:157}} {{champion:62}} its better then yas/malph since wuk can hit a bigger area and do a ton more damage then malph
: i feel ya. same thing happens to me, even at high levels. even as good players, they do it if you die, just from trying to learn a new champion. i literally just bought my first ADC champion, Varus, and i'm still learning it, and just about every game i do there's this one guy that says unninstall league go kill yourself ect. what you want to do is A. Mute them. B there will be people in your games who stand up for you, friend them, and as you progress adding friends, you will get to the point you can have your whole team always be your friends until you get to the ranked games. other than that it's just ignore people.
i hope your having fun on varus ^_^ and ok thank you :)
: Unfortunately, that's a good chunk of the playerbase. We've all been there at one point or another. Some people just tend to forget what it's like being at the bottom once they're near the top. With that said, there's plenty of players who aren't like this, you just have to wait to find them. Don't give up on the game, it's good, but it's a learning process. If there's anything in particular you're confused about in-game, feel free to ask me, or any of the other folks who have responded here. We're willing to help new players where we can. I think alot of League is about learning as you play. I've been playing since probably 2010, and I'm still learning even now. Don't let the idiots or their egos get to you.
thank you :D i sent you a request ^_^
: Like 20% of ppl in LoL will bash you. Another 60% will not defend you or stick up for you, and the last 20% is nice. I am that 20% and you are free to Add me if you want someone to play with. I'm level 30. I will provide a lot of feedback or criticism. But rest assured, i am not toxic. I will point out your blunders, but that is to aid you. Also, will point out your build, if it is too weird. There are times i will recommend going out of your way and doing something weird, but there are times i would say do the standard stuff (AP Trist in Mid, but do normal AD in bot). Also, if you think things are bad now, wait till you get to Ranked ^_^. But things were a lot worse, A LOT WORSE back then. I remember 2012.. oh man, it was bad. I even stopped playing LoL since it was awful. Now things are bearable or tolerable. It use to be like only 1 in ever other game was a nice person, while the other 18 were mean, and you were the 20th person.
im glad i didnt play back then O.O
: Oh also add me if you want. I'm sub par at best but I have fun playing. Honestly, at level 29, I played a LOT of co-op vs AI and ARAM due to just not wanting to deal with toxicity but recently realized I'm letting them cheat me out of not only my enjoyment of the full game, but a genuine opportunity to learn and get good at pvp.
id love to add you and play with you sometime :D
: Most people are really nice. Im new too, been on for about a week and have only had a few people be mean. I used to play Magic the Gathering (card game) pretty hard core and i can tell you the people on league are definitly meaner, you just gotta make some friends. Fell free to add me (avianarene) and you can play with me and my friends
ok i added you :D i look forward to playing with you ^_^
: Idk, honestly when i was unranked or lvl 30 only's (non ranked). Best time ever. So many people would say funny facebook vines shit that i would understand. They would make jokes out of deaths, play along to what you were doing. Everyone in unranked were so fun. Every game i would lose or win satisfied that i really had a GG, but a few days back i got into silver and i got treated with terrible toxics. One thing to tell you if you wanna have fun don't play ranked lol. Funny thing i miss unranked because they played better than silver players. Remember play to enjoy.
alright thank you ^_^ i hope rank gets better for you :)
: I had such a nice time 1-30 that I feel bad. Add me in game, I'm Gold 2 on my main but I can grab a smurf to play with you. I'll show you the ropes.
DartFeld (NA)
: I was told many times to uninstall when I started. Ignore the haters and keep learning. And yes, there are decent folks out there. Most memorable for me (I don't remember his name) was a guy that I got killed. He was recalling in a bush and I was being chased, so I ran through there and they found him :P he wasn't happy, but wasn't rude about it either. I told him I was new and still learning how everything works. He was completely cool after that and had no issues with my fuck ups. He even started to just give me advice. He didn't tell me what not to do (like saying "that was dumb, don't do X thing") but told me what I should have done instead. for example"dont chase low health past this point, just go back to lane when they get too far into fog." Or "you should have recalled when you were that close to dying." Pay attention everyone. People like this make a HUGE difference to new players. Be this person, not the guy that tells new players how shitty they are. New players are inexperienced. They are not bad players yet.
Sounds like a really nice guy :) im glad he wasnt mean to you
: Split the region
I didnt see you complaining when it was east coast with high ping and not west. So hush up you had the server for 5 seasons its east coast turn. Do you think they will simply say goodbye to however much money they put into the server move just cause you want to be put above east coast again?
: > Im still trying to learn the game and yet people are such jerks to me? How am i supposed to learn anything in this kind of environment? Why cant people just be nice and help me learn instead of being such a jerk? Probably b/c you're feeding? Maybe b/c you didn't follow up on a gank? Perhaps you didn't join the team fight? "git gud kid" Perhaps you're playing with smurfs who get frustrated b/c you don't react/play/farm/push as they are accustomed to in their main account. As a smurf myself I see it all the time when I encounter other smurfs, it's really shitty. Use the mute button without impunity. If you're really invested in this game, watch tutorial videos about LoL on youtube. If you main a champion, stick to it and get better. Don't expect the community or an other summoner to teach you things, it's a competitive game and so is the community. They don't come to hold your hand, they've come to stomp your face in. As a matter of fact, you know this to be true if you've played any competitive sport irl. Always focus on improving your game play, we were all new once, we made mistakes, we always will. Reading through your post OP, I have a feeling that it's b8. Just another shitpost about the LoL community. Hope its not. anyway GL HF
You do realize that by helping others play better your in turn making yourself play better? In your logic of wanting to be the best then helping others be better will in turn make you better. If all challengers taught every other player then theyd be at a challenger skill level and then the challengers themselves would have to improve that much more to be able to beat them. Helping others to be better helps yourself to be better so you can learn to beat a better opponent
: League is a huge knowledge dump. There are so many things to learn that it can take a long time to figure out half the stuff you need to know to preform well. Feel free to add me in game. I love helping new players out. Good luck on the rift summoner.
Thank you very much :) id love to add you
: Good good! Keep at it bruh. Feel free to add me too. We can kick serious rear sometime yes? :) {{item:3903}}
Sure id love to add you and make a new friend :D
: They're right dude. Just keep on doing your thing. Those players will always be around, but you'll definitely be meeting loads of really super cool nice folk too. And the dudes that hate on you probably have nothing left to enjoy than heckling new players. I know how it feels to be hated on as a noob... (still hated on even now) but It got a lot better along the way. Just give it time and enjoy the game. :)
ok :) thank you a lot ^_^ i do enjoy the game itself a lot
: Hey I know exactly how you feel when I was a new player I didn't know much about this game and I fed so much and got flamed by so many people. When I hit level 30 it got better but it still kept going on so I just started playing with my IRL friends so now I don't get as many. If I do get someone I'd just laugh about it with my friends. What I'm trying to say is as long as you meet some nice people or play with your IRL friends, you encounter less toxicity. I would love to play some games with you and teach you what I know (it's not much I kinda suck :P) feel free to add me.
You probably know more then i do ^_^ but sure id love to add you
: It's a sad point about the system League has right now. People get banned on their lvl30 accounts for being really toxic. Since they still like this game they create a new account and start over now angry about their ban as well. So in the early levels you're more likely to encounter toxic people. I was a new player a long time ago so I don't know at what point you'll start finding less but where I'm at (silver 3) I don't find that many. Here's an interesting video on player behavior by Lyte: http://gdcvault.com/play/1017940/The-Science-Behind-Shaping-Player especially "Analyzing the Player Behavior Problem" It's really sad this is going on and I hope Riot finds a solution. For the moment mute them early, report them after game, and focus on yourself.
i watched the video ^_^ they already have an automated ban system, what if they put in a report option so you can report people during the game and if it shows there being toxic can automatically ban there chat then ban then from the game once the game is done or whatever type of ban they get. Yes i can mute and i will start doing that however i cant make other people mute as well. A lot of people i see are usually just raging back, but if the toxic one is chat banned during the game for being toxic maybe thatd help. I think thatd be a cool system to put in
: i definitely feel where you are coming from. its happened to me as well. especially when you get to higher elos. its just expected of you to do well and when you dont, you get harassed. but this is not true for everyone. i, myself, try to defend someone if they are getting picked on because i know how it is to not do well. im only 3 months in and still learning alot. if you want you can add me and ill play. beardedninja23 is my main, lilbeardedninja is my smurf
: probably because you don't ask for help and maybe assume you know what you're doing. you should sign up for gigantic. They have tutorial tuesdays that are dedicated to dragging games out and offering advice and people who squash noobs get banned from alpha. ;) I got banned from alpha for shitting on some high mmr players on try hard sunday too many times in a row ;)
so basically if i have a good game and kill a lot ill be banned for having a good game
: Some people are just not very nice people to be around, and unfortunately the League of Legends playerbase has quite a few of those people. Thankfully, those people account for a minority of the playerbase, and the majority are actually fairly nice people, at least when it comes to team chat. Even when I was at lower levels I was fortunate enough to not see a whole lot of toxic behavior, and to do that I have a three-step process to help reduce toxic behavior in games: 1. Say hi to your team in champ select 2. Say "good luck have fun" (gl;hf for short) in all chat upon entering the game 3. Say "gg" or "good game" either at the end of the game or in end-game chat You may or may not find that this helps, and I'm not sure that it helped me much, but at least from my perspective it's always good to do these to promote sportsmanship and positive behavior in the match. Something else that might help you is to focus less on winning games and focus more on getting better at the game. Winning is fun and all, but if you aim to get better then you don't have to win in order to have fun. A good place to start is to as a simple question: why? Did you die to a gank? If you did, ask yourself: why did you die to that gank? Did you get a solo kill in lane? Then ask yourself: why did I get that solo kill in lane? Even something as trivial as missing a last hit on a minion, ask why. When I started asking that question, I found myself fixing a lot of my mistakes, and it can help you fix a lot of your mistakes too.
: If you ever want to play with someone, you can add me, I play with everyone and im pretty chill :P
i added you :D thank you and look forward to playing with you ^_^
: If you ever want someone friendly you can add me. I have helped a few others and I always try to be nice. Sometimes trolls do get under my skin but eh. I also have a lot of friendly friends (which almost sounds redundant). I'm a level 30 though so I don't know if you want to tag along for that skill level.
i dont mind playing against level 30s. Its the playing against someone with such a huge advantage over me and then having to rub it in my face if they beat me that i dont like
: I played bots until I hit level 30. In that environment you're more likely to meet players around your skill level and people who know how to play who are more willing to teach newer players. I know beginner bots is probably too easy but at your summoner level intermediate bots might actually be a worthy challenge to you. At your summoner level you usually will get 1-2 teammates who feed horrendously so it will still feel like a PvP game. So you will still be in a position where you will need to carry some dead weight and it can be a good learning experience. There are some hacks you can pull to cheat the game into winning if you cannot out-muscle the bots. Split pushing is your friend.
i only ever played bots like 3-4 games haha but sure ill try that out :D thank you. If nothing else it could help me work on my mechanics with rengar
: Why is everyone so mean to me for being new?
If i missed anyone who asked me to add them please tell me :D i think i added everyone who asked but if not let me know :)
: Uhm, sorry for the amount of toxic players u get, but how do you have the assassin icon? Is this account that old?
I made it a while ago but stopped playing for a bit after me and my ex bf broke up. Then i came back and started palying again
: Why is everyone so mean to me for being new?
Thank you everyone for all the replies and advice. I half expected people to be mean here. Thank you im glad theres nice people :) makes me feel better. I added those who asked me too :D hope to play with you soon
Ixaxxar (NA)
: when you win the lcs
then why do people beat up on lcs players
: Hey there fellow aspiring summoner, As someone who was also a very new player at one point (I've been playing for around a year on and off though frankly I still am very, very bad) I know how harsh a lot of the player base is, not just to new players, but just anyone in general (though new players get picked on worse for the fact that they're new). They do it for multiple reasons, all of them very wrong: 1.) They've been flamed many times before and some people can't deal with it and turn that frustration on others whenever they can. 2.) They get fed and very ahead of the new players easily simply because they are more experienced and then feel like they were gods all along. 3.) When it's your teammates who do it, it's because they simply assume new players will have the same amount of knowledge as they do and find the fact that they make mistakes people who they regularly play with wouldn't normally do unacceptable and instead of trying to give tips to the player and encourage improvement, they flame them and only make things worse. As someone who's been through this I know this can turn people away from the game for good. Or at least make you doubt in yourself and put your mood down. What you can do, is simply try to ignore them and focus on your own game. If they keep their bad attitude up, you can hit the tab button, mouse over their champion portrait and hit the "mute" button and report them for "negative attitude" or "Verbal Abuse" at the end of the game If they are a problem, the system will eventually punish them and attempt to correct their behavior. I should also say, never let all the toxcity get to your head. Not only can it affect your performance but it can also frustrate you and lead you into being toxic yourself. It really does happen, I've let it get in my head before and I have been toxic myself to other toxic players harassing me. I try not to do it and whenever I come close to it I think of the old quote: "Never let an Idiot drag you to his level for he will beat you with experience". Lastly, I'd like to say that if you really, really like this game then don't give up on it It really can be fun at times and when you can tell you've improved as time passes on it feels pretty nice! I'm not the best player around, but feel free to add me in game if you want and I'll play games with you if I can and try to help you out with the game as far as what little game knowledge I have!
Lugg (NA)
: It's like a fraternity. You have to go through a gauntlet of abuse to be accepted. I personally don't like it, but that's how it is.
: I'm completely confident that the majority of players are pretty decent folks. But even if only 10% of league players are assholes on short fuses, that means you'll hit one about every game on average. And it only takes one toxic player to change the atmosphere of a game from fun to unpleasant. Just ignore the trolls and do your best. By the way, a lot of people forget that once you've reached the ranking appropriate to your skill level, your win rate will be around 50%. That means you'll loose about half your games. Loosing isn't the best feeling in the world, but it's part of the game.
i dont mind losing. Sure i wanna win but i wont flip out. And its usually more then one person being mean to me if i do bad. If i die a lot then if im lucky it wont be most in the game being mean :/ i wish i had your luck in finding 9 nice people in every game
: Your best bet is to try and meet people. I was lucky enough to meet a few people through friends, and I've played the last few seasons with them. PUGs are just too much of a grab bag to reliably have a good experience, but if you meet some nice people you'll have fun playing for years. I don't know if the boards here are a good way to try and meet people if you don't know anyone IRL who plays, but Reddit can be pretty good sometimes.
ive tried getting friends in real to play but they dont like the game :/
: The League community always has a stick up its ass. You don't win lane and win the game cause they can't they will flame ALL DAY. Just mute them and move on and learn from every game. If you go 12 12 9 in a game, find out why you died 12 times and fix it, if you go 0 12 5 again find out why you die and fix it. That way no one will start to flame. The only reason they get mad is cause they are not good enough to carry. Don't mind them and just play whatever you want whenever
thankyou ^_^ i like playing rengar most he my favorite champion so far {{champion:107}}
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: Looking for long term league friend :D
ill add you as soon as i get on tomorrow :D
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: How to beat duo top
ok :D thankyou for replies. I think it wouldve been better if the jungler helped me but i didnt get any help till my adc came up lol
Temujid (NA)
: feel free to add me if you want
> [{quoted}](name=Temujid,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=6G8mc6aT,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-08-22T14:22:57.508+0000) > > feel free to add me if you want ok i will ^_^
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