: My tower was at >75% HP. I get tower dived at 9 minutes. My tower is now gone.
That's only like 172 DPS to the tower from two champs and 1.5-2.5 waves depending if another wave crashed in. That's not absurd
: I wish we could tone down how powerful getting fed makes you
Meanwhile last month all over the board: Rito increase solo snowball!!!! The month before that: Rito decrease snowball!!!
: I've never not been shit on by a lee sin
I think you are in fact madcuzbad then
: lee sin is fucking absurd
Sounds like you're upset you lost to a Lee Sin last game. Do I even need to check?
: SO ap users cant have wave clear that costs reasonable ammount of mana or build items that give mana
: Unban
Tyler1 didnt get any of his accounts back. He was just given the oppurtunity to make a new account and play, just like you.
: No idea how to get in touch with a rioter as my support tickets don't work so here goes.
: Thanks to the sterak changes im perm banning zed
This sounds like those threads from a few months ago where Zed was going to stack BCs with transcendence and it was going to be so insanely OP lul
: 8.11 should teach us that 4 protect 1 is the problem.
It's not even the 1+4 comp that is the issue. It's the issue that you are essentially dumping 2 roles worth of resources into one person while the support functions fine being massively behind due to sheer utility. In the Yi plus Taric strat Yi isn't a jungler anymore, he's a Jungler+Mid. Likewise in the Karth+Nunu strat Karth isn't really a midlaner, he's a Mid+Jungler. It essentially gives the team an insanely fed carry that you have no good way of slowing down, especially in soloQ
: Polish Server
I mean using that logic there should be a GB server, German server, French server, Canadian server, etc etc
: I ban him often to avoid the classic Yasuo main of "0-10 my job here is done" in my team.
Well once he hits his 0/10 powerspike the game is gg because he can suddenly 1v3
: Kled support highest wr 57% support currently ?
Onotori (NA)
: Still, what could I actually do? I could teach myself to do just about anything with the internet, but that doesn't do anything for me. Just adds another useless skill to my collection.
Yeah there is absolutely nothing you can do to control your life mhmm. The embodiment of defeatism right here
Onotori (NA)
: I have no friends, I live in a shitty town where nothing happens, my brother totaled my car, I've applied everywhere within walking distance, I have no talents or anything I can do that's productive, modern authors are shit, modern shows are shit, I can't afford school... I have nothing else to do.
Holy fuck what a defeatist attitude. Yeah man there is absolutely nothing productive you could be doing at all period. Nevermind that you're on the internet which is a massive catalogue of free information. Sack up and knock it off with the bullshit. You do nothing but play video games because you actually choose to do nothing else. What a crock.
: Riven mains going off on their subreddit
You're crazy. Balance the game around any OTP subreddit? Why would we balance the game around the hands down most biased opinions out there?
: Riot Ruined Support role for the last time
Sounds like you're just salty that you can't afk spam shield on the ADC anymore
: Been seeing more ADC's top lane now...
: Aatrox new playstyle is actually boring
Yeah it's much less interactive than getting 4 stacks, Qing in, and autoing Kappa
: Was the Elder Dragon Removed from the Game?
: Riot, please stop reworking champions, and rather revert the already reworked ones.
https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/ik9r8Es2-im-willing-to-sacrifice-the-next-champion-release-to-prioritise-fixes-and-reworks-for-old-champions Literally one of the most upvoted threads on this board ever lol
: How the tables have turned - a poem
> When supports invaded top, ADC told them to adapt. > When supports invaded mid, ADC told them to adapt. > When Mids invaded top, ADC told them to adapt. > When tops invaded mid, ADC told them to adapt. Dafuq are you talking about? When support go mid and top we bitch about them until they get removed. See Lane Lulu, Soraka top, and Kench top. Hell, tanks arent even allowed top anymore lel. Where is this adapting you're going on about? We never adapted to shit lol
Rioter Comments
: Rioters support white supremacy
: The unfortunately reality is that the moderation team is: * Comprised of volunteers. * Often busy dealing with full-time-jobs, children, or college. * Not that big compared to the entire board community. If you see something really bad that warrants *immediate* attention, I'd bring it to the **Moderation Discord**. Even if someone isn't actively moderating, a number of people tend to keep half an eye on that even if at work, and we can usually get *someone* on a crisis situation pretty swiftly.
might want to get some more mods because even the discord can take over an hour
: http://champion.gg/champion/Taliyah/Jungle http://champion.gg/champion/Udyr/Jungle There are two sources you can go to for these things. Sorry that it must take you a lot of effort to type it into google. leagueofgraphs is a daily pull for champion statistics while champion.gg works from patch to patch. Taliyah was sitting at miniscule playrates for a while until her recent spike (and by "recent" I mean quite literally within the last week). Udyr hasn't actually changed at all in the mean time and is no weaker than he was, though Taliyah is the "flavor of the month" that a lot of junglers without dedicated mains are swapping to. For the span of the _entire patch_, Taliyah and Udyr are within less than a % point of each other on both accounts, overnight popularity spike aside. Taliyah will probably pull a % point ahead of Udyr by the end of this patch while Udyr will sit consistently at his current % because, again, dedicated fanbase that I mentioned in the original post. What leagueofgraphs _is_ very useful for is the fact you can pull numbers from the champions' "top players", and those numbers very much _are_ identical with both reaching over 70%, though I can understand that on top of searching something, it must be very hard to simply scroll down a page as well. My finger gets tired just clicking let alone moving the middle mouse button, my what a chore.
***YOU'RE THE ONE USED USED LEAGUE OF GRAPHS FIRST.*** > This isn't an exaggeration: https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/rankings/summoners/udyr You use LeagueOfGraphs as a source which means you're accrediting it. However, ***when your OWN SOURCE*** doesnt agree with your statement, "what NO you cant use the source ***I ACTUALLY LISTED***, you have to use ***ONLY ONES THAT AGREE WITH MY POINT"*** Selective evidence at its finest. When you're point isnt backed by concrete evidence, just lie xD
: So as The Djinn said there are 3 bans...the next ban is 25 game chat restriction ( if chat restriction ) and then perm or just perm.
> They said that I had gotten a 14 day ban You said you got a 14 day ban no? Congrats, thats already the third level ban. Fourth level ban is permaban. You're already past both chat restrictions. The next punishment you get will be permaban This is the order: 10 game chat restriction > 25 game chat restriction > 14 day ban > permaban you already got the 14 day ban
: How many bans before a perm ban?
If you had a 14 day ban your next punishment is permaban
Rioter Comments
: Have you seen the base damage on these champions though? Plus Swain legit has a 7s, AOE damage that deals more damage to minions at rank one, TF has one of the best spammable waveclearing abilites in the game with low mana costs (unlike says Lux or Leblanc) and Anivia? Press R, waveclear in a second.
The only one of those with good base damages is {{champion:50}} lol. You're just trying to find an excuse because it doesnt agree with your point
: And have 0% cdr, 0 ap and no good waveclear all laning phase? No thanks.
Works for {{champion:4}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:50}} and theyre 3 of the top 5 mages atm
: I don't understand why Taliyah is getting nerfed while Udyr isn't
> The thing is that her winrates and playrates are identical to Udyr's According to ***your own source***, they dont lol https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/udyr/platinum https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/taliyah/platinum ?????????????????????????
: Singed and Nunu are toxic, change my mind
Singed is indeed toxic. Nunu is a little boy riding a yeti
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Dopa on mid lane: "Mid lane is so limited"
: Yes and crit adcs have been ridiculous since s6.
Did you just not read the conversation at all or are you willingly ignoring it?
: I thought these "damage is too high" threads were exaggeration.
These threads are all really worthless. An example with zero context and/or proof is meaningless and just gives off the impression you lost to X champ last game and want to shitpost about them
Yets4240 (NA)
: ADCs have been systemically over fucking powered since the end of Season 5, which was. . . oh huh, how a fucking bout that, three years ago.
Hmmm ADCs have been overpowered ever since they starting hyperbuffing the supports like three years ago.....weird. You also may want to ***read the context***. We are discussing ***crit ADCs***
: could Riot really not figure out a better rune than conqueror for bruisers?
: Yes. Might counterbalance 3 years of batshit broken status
3 years? It wasnt even 1 since the Lethality Meta last year lol. Back when crit ADCs were considered (and were) complete trash tier
: Man you're really grasping at straws here if you think people downvoting you for being a thoughtless dick is clone accounts. Also god forbid people have similar champ pools I guess.
Nah homie you fucked yourself pretty good. You've got some real niche mains there {{champion:26}} {{champion:161}} :^) https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/player/NA/NoSkillShreking This one you havent even posted on in MONTHS suddenly pops up in this thread xD Not only could you not save this thread with 4 accounts spamming upvotes, but you fucking suck at lying on top xD
: Anyone else hear sheep? All I hear is a bunch of nobodies so whipped by Riot that they don't bring criticism of clear problems with the game to their attention. Thank you mister white-knight loser for keeping League in the shitty state it is by doing nothing but defending Riot's neglect with only "other game's are like this" as your pitiful attempt at logic.
Whats wrong? Mad you got called out on you blatantly using multiple accounts so you're just gonna shut up and hope nobody else notices now? xD
Lovesick (OCE)
: **Critisism on the current state of Shaco**: He's too mid-late game orientated and he lost his early game identity. On that note his early game damage is unforgivably low, especially his E (Two-Shiv Poison). As a result he becomes overly reliant on items, especially Duskblade. I also am personally not a fan of how the scaling of his stealth currently is, at lower ranks it's far too low and at max rank it's far too long for his targets to play around. Also his ult's untargetability does not function consistently anymore. **My gameplay fantasy for Shaco**: He becomes a strong early game powerhouse (once again) who punishes opposing junglers and laners for not playing properly and then transitions into a split pusher who is slippery and good at assassinating lone targets. **What changes I suggest for Shaco**: -He gets relevant damage back on his E, and loses the execution damage -His stealth scales from something like 2 seconds to 3 seconds -He regains his old Backstab passive and crit. from his Q (Deceive) -His ult's untargetability is changed back to its original value(s) to allow for consistency -Makes his E magic damage again, or better yet make it adaptive damage like Pink Ward suggested awhile back -Change how his invisibility works, maybe make it Camouflage?
> He's too mid-late game orientated and he lost his early game identity I see this all the time and its just not true http://na.op.gg/champion/shaco/statistics/jungle He has a 50-52% WR early game and skyrockets to 55%+ for the rest of the game. He's mediocre early then becomes a beast for mid and late game. Then your suggestions are just straight up buffs with zero compromise. He doesnt need straight up buffs. He needs give and take
: It's funny how the "Mods" will censor/delete players saying this exact kind of stuff towards players, but so long as it's in defense of their Fuhrer Riot I guess being a disrespectful baby throwing a tantrum over the dumbest of things is A-ok.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU LOGGED ON THREE ACCOUNTS TO DOWNVOTE ME BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=NoSkillShreking+ http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Timely+Voidling+ http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=Fear+the+Harvest+ Make it less obvious next time xD Wow three accounts that are all exactly level 30 and that all play the exact same champs at the exact same MMR all magically appeared to all agree and gang up on me HAHAHAHAHA Yeah one of them hasnt posted on this board in months and suddenly appears out of the blue to agree with his clone accounts HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Whats wrong? Getting mad you have to deal with bots when you level a new account per year after getting banned?
Jetva (NA)
: What I’m getting at is that Magic Pen, the AP counterpart, deals only in percentages based off AP and no other stat. Right? So why don’t they just base Armor Pen off of AD and call it a day, why create more ambiguity than you need to have?
> What I’m getting at is that Magic Pen, the AP counterpart, deals only in percentages based off AP and no other stat. Lol what the fuck? Thats not even close to how it works
Jetva (NA)
: Lethality AND Armor Pen?
Yeah lets get rid of core game mechanics because people find basic subtraction difficult
: @Tryndamere From a season one Trynd main concerning the latest AD item changes
: It's probably because technically the highest DPS autoattack builds include Rageblade regardless of using crit or onhit. ofc that totally disregards the tradeoffs of taking Rageblade instead of a lifesteal item and things like that.
Barely anyone gets the luxury of getting to build lifesteal anymore without going out of their core build. With a few exceptions like Fiora and ADCs that can build BotRK. Its not really a tradeoff at that point
: Yes their oh so successful "ban waves." Maybe it's time for the lazy wastes of paychecks that is the Riot "support team" to actually sit down together and think up a way to improve this clearly inadequate system.
Wow what a brilliant deduction. It seems we have found our Keanu Reeves. Bots plague practically every F2P game (and a ton of paid games too) where there is money to be made and nobody has been able to devise a system to immediately detect and terminate them. But all that manpower and countless hours from hundreds and hundreds of combined people who actually have a clue what theyre doing was wasted because some random guy on the internet came up with the amazing idea of "just fix it you lazy bastards". Someone get this man a medal. A true revolutionary pioneer in the world of online gaming.
: Riot when are you going to actually put any effort into handling XP-Bots infesting low level games?
: Lee has a 22.8% pickrate and a 48.4% winrate
Where did you get those numbers? Most sites have him at 10-15%
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