: I think riot should stop perm banning people. . .
Sound to me like you're just trying to weasel out of it after getting a permaban lol
BlindArcher (EUNE)
: Is run down mid on co-op vs ai bannable?
Are you sure that it wasn't a bot? You're playing a fresh account so I'm almost positive it was. Bots in vs AI just mindlessly push down mid over and over
: Season 8 is the worst season in League History.
You obviously weren't around for Dynamic queue
: I don't see why such animosity is warranted from his post aside from unrelated past grievances you may have.
> People like you who don't use their brains Was just pointing out how bad his insult was. What's hard to get?
: > [{quoted}](name=WhoIsThisDude,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7VEnOneB,comment-id=00010002,timestamp=2018-03-19T14:07:39.334+0000) > > In what world do you EVER agree with something without even reading it? No wonder this board is so shit Because even if I may not completely agree with the points the guy is trying to make, I still agree and can relate to the title, even if it's for different reasons. People like you who don't use their brains are why this board is so shit. :3
I used my brain to read the whole post unlike some mindless sheeple
: I haven't even read the post and I agree with you. There used to be this sort of "circle of balance" (can't find it for the life of me) and Riot doesn't seem to give a shit about it. It had all classes (marksman, assassin, mage, tank, fighter, etc) and each class was weak to 2 classes and strong to 2 classes, and I guess neutral to the others. An example of that being broken right now is assassins beating mages and marksman. Malzahar and Tristana are very hard to assassinate as most assassins and that should not be allowed.
In what world do you EVER agree with something without even reading it? No wonder this board is so shit
: Vayne Q should give non-crit-able flat bonus damage instead of % AD bonus damage
Vayne is ***absolutely*** an intended crit user. You're making outrageous claims because you don't like her.
Eedat (NA)
: Is Wukong the oldest champ that has no kit changes?
: If getting worse teams in promos is just a myth, why does it always happen?
Just looked through a little of your match history. It's actually amazing how good the matchmaking is in your games. Every single person is between S2 and G4 in every single match I looked at.
: More like, you'll be about 1k behind that guy that got destroyed in-lane. Assuming people got even or won lane, supports tend to vary between 2 to 4k behind in gold, stretching to 6-7k when compared to a fed player. I'm not saying this is wrong, as this seems like a good gold difference to aim for, but claiming supports are on par with solo laners is a severe exaggeration.
Or you could just look at the actual data and see supports are right and top laner and jungler income http://champion.gg/statistics/ Not a "gross exaggeration". Actually it's a fact. Supports average as much gold as laners that have over 100 farm on them because they have so much good shoveled down their throats for free
: > [{quoted}](name=OzX,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=X6v5mRnM,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2018-03-16T17:44:41.337+0000) > > That was a solid argument a couple years ago, when jungles had other options. Now, if you are not ganking (eventually counterjungling) you are effectively afk, leaving your team in a 4v5. > I'm talking about ranked games btw. > > Proxy Singed never consisted in leaving your team 4v5 without applying pressure. > > "My opinion is the indisputable truth and anyone who disagrees is a moron".. tell me again who is narcissistic ? > I also never mentioned treating your jungler badly, I can very well blame you in a civilized and not offensive way, or even in my head. You're also not the one who downvoted me. Classic switcheroo bullshit reasoning. Me: Anyone who believes they are entitled to something is a narcissist. You: You think that you're right about that so it's really YOU who are the narcissist. Give me a break https://fellowshipofminds.files.wordpress.com/2015/12/time-magazine-millennials_500.jpg
You people are getting baited by this troll so hard LOL
: Riot Im ready to take this shit matchmaking and shove it down your throat
Spams the new champ in ranked. Why am I losing REEEEEEEE
Rioter Comments
: Permanent Bans are NOT Enough
Do you have literally any suggestions? Do you expect them to demand a birth certificate to make an account or something? Because anyone can make as many email accounts as they want, change their IP address, and download an app for a new phone number that receive calls and texts.
: This wasn't all done in one patch, it went more like this: We need to make supports more impactful! - Passive gold gain increased. They need to be MORE impactful - Purchase-able wards were removed, trinkets and sightstone introduced. NOT IMPACTFUL ENOUGH - Gold for killing wards increased. STILL NOT ENOUGH - Added XP for killing wards. ARE WE IMPACTFUL YET?! - Passive gold gain increased AGAIN. I... I think we can stop now... but just to be sure... - Gold generation items for supports was introduced (including the Bandit passive). Yknow, we're this deep let's just keep going - Gold generation items buffed repeatedly. Alright we can stop now... OR - Other support items introduced (Locket, Ardent, Redemption) with low gold costs. Alright forreal tho, supports dominated season 7, it's time to stop... right after this last one - Sightstone removed, Sightstone is now given for free when the support items gain enough gold. Okay now maybe we overdid it - Bandit removed from support items
You forgot with the trinket changes, Supports aren't forced into dumping 400g every 4 minutes into Oracle's Elixers. Actually averaged closer to every 3 minutes because if you died you lost it
: You get pretty close to an ADCs level of gold, unless they’re CSing 8-10 per min, as support while sitting on 2-2-4k items. So sure, on occassion, they may be 2k down from a farm class, but with minimal effort, no wave manipulation needed, and cheap items, they’re probably ahead tbh I don’t play ADC much this season because using gold income from Support is just that good
Not sure about ADC but you for sure approach jungler or top laner income
: Only siths deal in absolutes. But supports are not in a good position, they are weak, that's y they called sup and not champion. They not even called enhancers or buffers. Items also needs be fixed/ more of them, that would be a big fix.
Lol what? Supports have been buffed for like 3 years straight. You practically get the income of a laner without having to farm
: This is basically why they removed Tracker's Knife, as Lee Sin was the primary champion hyper-benefiting from it. Anyway, with {{item:3508}} being so viable, {{item:3043}} does seem super weak late-game. {{item:3070}} is almost beneficial for anyone getting it, though. I'd like to see more items built from it, personally.
No lol. It was removed because every single competitive jungler was taking it and it made LCS games boring due to the extra vision control making ganks and roams much harder
: Why do i never see pd on duelists and bruisers
: Riot continues to ignore Muramana when the only champ who uses it is EZ.....
That's fine tbh. ADCs should have to gimp themselves a bit if they want a Mana battery considering the majority of their damage is resourceless. Prerework Urgot and Yorick are bad examples as they were intentionally keep Mana gated out of meta because of their oppressive playstyles Fuck Jayce though
: Lifesteal discussion
Because Warmog kicks in and heals thousands of HP for just standing there doing absolutely nothing. Lifesteal requires a target which is a finite resource. Makes perfect sense
: Wukong mid any goid
He's really feast or famine. You can snowball hard but if you fall behind you are completely useless. He does do well against a bunch of squishy mages though. He's more of a counter pick than a solid midlaner
: Mundo is more likely going to get nerfed than buffed. But they all need reworks, not balance changes.
: A small Ziggs love tap that everyone may agree upon...
A "love tap" is adding hard CC to his spammable poke and a 40% execute on towers at level 3? Lol what?
Rioter Comments
: "for the love of Talos" Upvoted.
You probably shouldn't upvote shitty advice because of a zero effort Skyrim reference. Just saying.
: Could you play LB as a viable ADC?
No. Not as a viable one at least. Zero AD or AS scaling
TyRamos (NA)
: Annie buffs and Janna nerfs when?
Ponderss (NA)
: This has to be the most ridiculous response possible. Incentive? How about, doing damage, maybe helping win the game, do those count? Its partly about incentive, but more about enjoying the same mechanical recognition for impacting the game that EVERY OTHER ROLE enjoys. Bandit passive allows support role to grow into being more than a meatshield and wardbot. Period. I feel like every single one of Riots balance meetings starts with a problem or challenge, but nobody wants to accept responsibility or admit they were wrong. Removing the entire passive as opposed to just adjusting it, or offering any yet published alternative is just asinine and seems very sudden and ill-conceived. #But...but...muh cs!
For fuck sake. Support gets hard buffed for like 3 ***years*** straight and you still get these children crying. Sorry you don't get the equivalent of 10cs/min for doing nothing you wouldn't be doing anyway. Support mains are so fucking whiney. "WAHH! I'm such a victim! QQ"
: > [{quoted}](name=RiotRepertoir,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ldqzXWNI,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-03-09T21:29:54.619+0000) > > We believe the champions being buffed are dependent on Duskblade to perform on 8.5. Come 8.6, with a much weaker Duskblade, it seems reasonable to expect that they'll be weaker. Our goal is to make these characters not rely so heavily on the existence of a very aggressively tuned Duskblade proc to perform, not to nerf the characters that currently rely on it. i greatly appreciate the feedback, but these champs were perfectly fine BEFORE {{item:3147}} . they dont need "compensation" what they NEED is for their targets (read as ADC's) to not one shot them faster than they can kill them without the use of {{item:3147}} were are stuck in a power-creep cycle.. mostly caused byr old keystones.. new runes and broken AD and ADC items. this is the REASON why items like {{item:3193}} had to be made in the first place. the issue of damage creep needs to be addressed. not just is symptoms. you can see that games are MUCH shorted than they used to be.. but its not just that they are flat out DECIDED many times by 10 min, sometimes even pre-10. this is also another reason why lcs games last LONGER. because people die so fast and damage is so high people cant trade anymore... its a person dies at 30 min that can be the game. people are too scared to go in.
Do you have to be salty on every single Duskblade post? No matter how much you bitch about him (which is a FUCK TON), Zed ***isn't*** OP and mages are actually really strong right now. What do you expect to happen when you hard nerf a bunch of mediocre champions' core itemization? Or did you not expect us to see through your thinly veiled crusade against AD mids? Why be fair and objectively look at the big picture when you can just throw some buzzwords around because you don't like Zed? In reality, these are neutral changes that shift power away from Duskblade and disperse it into it's users' kits. But why be fair when you can just call out buzzwords like powercreep even though they obviously don't apply?
: Shen should get AP, not AD, from adaptive stats by default.
Why? AD is so much more useful on him. The AP scaling on Q is atrocious so you do more damage with the flat AD anyway. Also helps with last hitting the entire game. Not worth a negligible boost on his R
Dinni21 (EUNE)
You can't get permanently banned for your first behavior offense
: Essence Reaver's Cooldown Reduction doesn't work with Transcendence
You need ***over*** 40% CDR to get the extra stats. You have exactly 40%
: Once again Teemo and Karthus are banned from One for All
100% justified. 5 Teemos can put down so many shrooms that you can't even leave your base. Contrary to popular belief, running around as a 5 man the entire game while perfectly staggering your trinkets just isn't possible, let alone viable. Karthus comes down to if you don't have Zhonyas or don't have it up they R and you die It's more than fair to have them banned
: I don't get triggered by disagreement. I'm perfectly chill with you disagreeing with me. What I was "triggered" by was you talking down to me and acting like I was somehow expecting Riot to give us both the Q speed and the E damage amp.
Pretty sure you did > Both versions take the extreme route of removing the movement speed from Q, instead of trying something more tame like making it more conditional to see how that work...... Implying that you wanted to see the following tweaks made to both versions. You didn't say "instead of these changes" or anything along the line of taking something else away. You just mention the changes then say they should add situational move speed. How would you read that exactly?
: We don't have to just choose between these two iterations, they could test other iterations as well. "You can't have the best of both worlds." I never said I wanted the best of both worlds. Stop patronizing me.
I'm not "fucking patronizing" you. Just going to leave at this point. Don't feel like dealing with someone who gets triggered when someone disagrees.
: She wouldn't need a damage amp if her W was more useful and skill-expressive.
That fine and all but this is what we're looking at. The version gaining the most traction is the damage amp on E. It seems a lot of Ahri players really want it back. That's the one that'll feel more fair to play against as opposed to the 5 unconditional dashes on her R. Ahri is already pretty strong. Not OP, but strong. Giving her the damage amp while letting her keep the Q speed will absolutely break her. Zero doubt in my mind. That's without even factoring in the slight damage increases on Q and W. You can't have the best of both worlds.
: _Edit: For reference, I wrote a post giving detailed thoughts about Ahri almost a month ago, link here:_ https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/Y9BAB0Eo-thoughts-regarding-ahris-kit-since-riot-might-be-reworking-her-in-the-near-ish-future As someone who has played both the old Ahri and the live version with Q movement speed, I'm kind of disappointed with these changes. # Regarding Version 2's Ultimate (Spirit Rush) changes Giving 5 dashes on R seems to miss the mark IMO. Part of the problem with her R is that it's really safe, so I think that if they want her to have more dashes, it should be limited like Xerath Ult is limited, only granting additional dashes if she uses it offensively. Also I'm pretty sure that if you add more dashes you're just going to piss off everyone who already hates Ahri, so bear that in mind. # Regarding Fox Fires Both versions don't do much to address the one ability that is really holding her back from feeling better to play. Her W - Fox-Fires - doesn't feel skill expressive to use. Maybe the delay in casting and the lower cooldown will feel better, but it's still not as skill expressive as I would like to see from it. I'm still wishing they would do something more extreme, like move fox-fires onto a spellblade-like-passive (on spell cast, spawn fox-fires). Replace W with something more skill expressive. # Regarding Orb of Deception and it's movement speed Both versions take the extreme route of removing the movement speed from Q, instead of trying something more tame like making it more conditional to see how that works. I'd really like for them to at least test it with a more conditional movement speed to see if that is enough to address her safety in-lane. Here are a few ideas to test that I think would be much more limited and skill-expressive: * only rewarding her with the movespeed if she hits an enemy with the first half of the ability. Or... * only granting her movement speed while moving towards or perpendicular to nearby enemies (basically Volibear's Q but with a wider degree of effect). Or... * grant less movement speed the farther away enemies are, only rewarding her for using it when enemies are much closer.
Giving her the damage amp and letting her keep the Q movement speed even if conditional is way too much. At that point you're just hard buffing the hell out of her. One of them has to go
hoganftw (NA)
: ADCs are abusing items!!
Pretty sure Riot was clear they were nerfing Duskblade and buffing the users (not just MF) to get rid of it being used as a crutch. Also pretty sure rageblade is an item clearly designed to be used by some marksmen so it really isn't "abuse".
: Champions Riot made the skillcap so high then nerfed so to the point that new players cant play them
What are you taking about exactly? Read the title then the Aurelion Sol part and I'm REALLY confused. You're complaining about Riot lowering skill caps then immediate ask to lower AS's skillcap? Huh? Then the volibear part next. When was volibear high skill cap ever? Gave up after that tbh. So very confused
: Cuz tanks/bruisers are given high base damages in the expectancy that they'll build tank after boy is riot wrong
Wukongs base damages are dogshit though lol
: How do you know league is back asswards?
I see you just got wrecked by a 30/5/5 J4 just minutes before making this thread. I'm sure that it's completely unrelated
Rux100 (NA)
: Off-meta ADCs?
Graves can't AA through a wave. He's awful bot lane
: AoE recently has it's power in lessened because of shields and heals. It does have inherently lower numbers and higher CDs, plus now that other lanes can all optimize for AoE (tiamat items, runaans, shiv) it's novelty had been taken away. Mage AoE is definitely stronger than most, but late game my brand E actually hurts less and is up less often than an ADC's IE empowered shiv. Plus, going back to my point i have to pay for my AoE whereas no one else has to pay for their AoE coming from items.
Heals and shields somehow don't affect ADC, assassin, or any other damage now? Lol what? Think about what you're saying real quick. I would also pick a different example other than Brand who deals bonkers amounts of damage the entire game
: Mages may deal more or the same total damage because of AoE, but that's not really representative of the damage that actually matters. Everyone knows mages can't even begin to dent tanks. A mage has to hit skillshots, an ADC right clicks to win. Only mages are gated by their resources late game. It's only fair that other carry classes are as well. No reason for ADC to be able to keep spamming right clicks while the mage has to back because he's oom while the ADC is at 100%.
Hmmmm that's weird how AoE isn't a strength because it would make your argument sound silly. You're actually trying to present AoE as a weakness xD Top kek my friend
: >Hotfix conqueror to live already to stop with this shit. Conqueror, as it was presented on the PBE, is broken. The initial proposed iteration of Mpen and ArPen instead of conversion to true damage was miles better and miles healthier, because it could actually be itemized against. But no, Riot has to shove more damage creep up the ass because hehexd. If it goes live without drastic changes, at least 9 out of 10 bans in 8.6 may well be dedicated to bruisers who use it. Heck, Hashinshin himself, the person who was most vocal about a bruiser keystone said he thinks it´s gonna be broken.
Yes and all those same YouTubers who said the Swain rework was broken as fuck were so very correct weren't they?
Rexxiee (NA)
: That feel when im riven with 4 items, 2 of them being anti tank (cleaver and LDR)
I don't agree with all of this post, but Tabi rush is absolute cancer
Ponderss (NA)
: So our Yas went 17-7-9
Wow the enemies are lucky they didn't let him get to his 0/10 powerspike. That's when it gets really messy
: Exactly, we don’t get free health sustain or mana sustain from any of our items and the one item we build for sustain gets taken away whenever we want to have the next item up. Mages are starting to lose a lot of power other than “token magic damage champion” because adcs are beating us in burst, sustain, DPS, waveclear, tower taking. Mages just kind of play second fiddle to ADCs, we finally have a supportive ability to add something other than ad or att speed (nunu boil) but still we seem to be losing everything else. We don’t get to have our power spike anymore unless we get ahead.
This just isn't true http://champion.gg/statistics/#?sortBy=general.totalDamageDealtToChampions&order=descend Plenty of mages do around the same or even more damage than ADCs. As a matter of fact, the top 5 average damage dealers are ***ALL mages***. So please stop making up nonsense. Mage's damage is on par with ADCs and their waveclear is generally much better. Their bust is also much higher but that really depends on the champion This stuff has to stop. Mage's are fine. Of course some are struggling but that's the same for every class. I don't understand this BS about mages being worthless
: So when is Riot gonna stop Dumpstering Malzahar?
49% WR and 4% pick rate is "dumpstered"? Since when?
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