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: On you can see who each champ team well with, presented with some statistics. That's pretty much the best thing Ive been able to find.
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Yääto (NA)
: "Battle Mages" Are an unacceptable concept. I'm sorry.
i agree i dont like ryze i wish they would figure out a way to fix him in a rework for once instead of just breaking him a different ive always hated his itemization and his machine gun spell slinging comboed with the shield from the tear iteam ROA and mercs doesnt seem fair, i have noticed as of late he builds a lot more ap items than he has in the past and im happy for that but his dmg still seems insane. On top of it all he is like the only mid laner who doesnt take one of the "more damage" keystones.
: Why can't you just revert her? She was fine before hand. You already made your money from the kda skins. I just want my baby back.
she was incredibly unhealthy before she was an Assassin with an almost entirely point and click kit and with three dashes and a reset it was impossible to escape
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 14
any ideas on Balancing Syndra at all there was some talk in the past after her passive was reverted but not news since saying her reverted passive was a placeholder.
: Is ADC the worst role to climb?
Due to the fact that you switched on a whim you aren't going to find immediate success until you get accustomed to playing the role also, Jungle and Mid are generally considered the best the roles to climb on because they have the largest impact on the map.
: Hey Guys I Need Some Behavior Advice, Please Offer Some!
Hey fellow summoner, Limiting amount of Games played for me personally is huge if you feel tilted then maybe its time for a small break maybe get some food or watch a youtube video. I know you mentioned this in your post but the whole focus on yourself is especially important to remind yourself out of game and in game I have a small spin on the concept and its that im not playing to rank up im playing to get better if you get better the rank will come and if you rank up its because you're getting better just try your hardest to focus on this concept its really saved me a lot of struggle, i rarely complain/flame to teammates etc. anymore because i really try my best on focusing on this concept.
Azeranth (NA)
: Ok, but heres the reverse ask. If a champion is balanced around the notion that they don't have the tools needed to survive early, or even don't have the tools to be impactful early, does the availability of runes run counter to that notion. And furthermore, if you were to contend that the existence of runes and masteries provides the same potential to elevate their advantage for champion in the reverse scenario, isn't it then the case that they would disproportionately benefit certain unique balance states and dynamics, to disturb what would be an otherwise "Even" playing field. It would appear to me that Runes and Masteries simultaneously allow players to double down on a strength, or patch up a weakness, and while this represents a unique skill expression, it inevitably exists on a scale such that it serves only to exasperate existing balance problems, rather than playing out on a large enough scale to actually matter. A good example is the various "fighting styles" in Mortal Kombat, where truly you can cater the baseline abilities to a unique line, which allows you as the player to distinguish yourself and your strategy. However, in league, Runes are too small and too broad to really make that much of a difference such that individual expression would ever surpass statistical advantage and META (Most Effective Tactic Available). In essence, Rune and Masteries contort original design and balance intentions, exagerate existing problems, and obfuscate potential solutions
Hello again, My point is that if runes were removed one class would find superiority over another in some sense, whether its lane bullies,tanks,mages, early game, late game, someone is coming out ahead, not to mention almost all junglers would need more help just to clear and those who dont would come out on top, runes if anything emphasize play style that zed waited on throwing his shadow to get his electrocute off the cd before using, and that yasuo held off on dashing into you until his conquerer was fully stacked to fight you, and urgot used spell book to take Teleport because he knew drag was up in one minute, removing this while it is recoverable in terms of being able to get back to the level of balance we have now would take and incredible amount of time to tweak back to a state of playability ( you're talking about at least an entire season of recovery from their removal to get back to the same state of balance) and reducing variability within the game will not help expand the META and its champion but only make the META more narrow and unforgiving. A good example of this is Heroes of the Storm no items, no runes Just champs and level for a company like blizzard with their reputation to make a MOBA and it fail (the competitive scene got canceled and its playerbase is minute compared) Because meta champions are the best and there is no item or rune or anything to make your champion better or have the ability to combat theirs, removing runes makes counter picks more effective. Items do the exact same thing runes do, they help champions double down on strength and patch weaknesses just to a greater degree, in short i think this idea just forces the Meta to be even more strict than it otherwise would be.;
: The damage resist seems very op... I could just imagine a debuffer tank Aegis... {{item:3116}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3110}} {{item:3173}} Enemies would be forced to focus this or have tk fight with massive debuffs, even with the reduced stat gain. Also its W may be very limited the character is supporty healer/tank and that playstle wouldnt really roam much. Other than that it would only be used in baron and dragon fights, giving it extremely limited use. Great idea though, I always liked the idea of changing auto attacks (and stuff like {{champion:136}} comets)
Hey fellow summoner, thanks for the feedback. i know the passive seems incredibly op so i'm still to figure outs numbers and such on that.
99Palms (NA)
Hey fellow summoner, {{champion:238}} is literally better in meta than every champ you said should be banned instead except for riven(also notice you didn't list a single mid lane champ due to the fact you win just about every match up after the Q buff), Zed is incredibly abusive in lane after the Q buff and has very few poor match ups in his current state and with the Hard {{champion:127}} , {{champion:517}} , and {{champion:10}} nerfs, he has no bad matchups mid( Maybe{{champion:26}} , but you dont play that lane to win it you play it to stay alive and {{champion:245}} is also decent against ). also due to the fact his q was buffed is makes it easier for him to not get shoved into tower (making the enemy player not able to roam as much). He is incredibly lane dominant and yes he falls off later in the game but if you get strong enough it wont get there. And here is a link to my Mastery points on zed so you don' t think im just another salty player
Barcid (NA)
: Riven and Vayne and what they have in common
Hey fellow summoner, read the whole thing but {{item:3812}} is a way bigger issue on riven than {{item:3161}} her ability to heal her health back while in the fight is the biggest issue, granted id love to see both of them changed but i will agree with kit synergy for {{item:3812}} its insane she has synergy with the item better than any other champ in the game if she has a {{item:3161}} and not {{item:3812}} then the quickest solution is to burst her she can use her shield buts that the extent. as opposed to taking a percentage of the damage over time due to {{item:3812}} passive and then neagting that damage with her shield while healing off of her abilities. As For Vayne i think the only issue with her is the 50% cdr on the ult incredibly hard to play against when she is invisible most of the time, the invisibillity allows for her team to help her as well as give her a chance to reevaluate her positioning every second the passive from {{item:3124}} does synergize with her kit incredibly well but is she was given the item and not the cdr on the Q/invisibility i think she would be relatively balanced.
: What if we removed runes and masteries?
Hey fellow summoner, i honestly like this idea quite a bit, but to see this in action would take massive amounts of changes to the game to settle the no rune system. For example all lane bullies would probably become incredible in the due to not being able to take any defensive stats or even heals against them. But i really like the idea but i think it would settle weird. As much as i like the idea i dislike it as well they have always been in the game one way or another and to take that away would flop the game on its head.
: Rakan w should be uninterruptable?
Hey fellow summoner, i would look into this a little more if i were you rakan w is actually interuptable with displacement ability (syndra e thresh flay etc.)
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Sickle (NA)
: I appreciate your comment. I appreciate the thoughtfulness and tact with which you have posted your reply. I did not feel like or have ever seen any indication that asking for a report one time was worth a chat restriction. Suggesting the follow community guidelines is splitting hairs I have to admit. I guess in the future I will only share the information once and without hostility and forgo any request or suggestion for what to do with it. I hope this will keep me safe. I have been to promos to rank to Silver III 3 times in the last four days. And every single one of my promo games is full of one person like or sadly worse then this taliyah jg. And out of the nine reports I only received a notification for two of them. I did take the time to opgg their stats to see that their kdas over the last 20 games were in the ranges of 0.22 - 0.68 for most of them, the ones with decent kdas had a win percentage of 40% on the high end. One of them even had 16%... Riot needs to start cleaning up the people that have accounts specifically to troll games in ranked. If the best they can do is give someone a chat restriction for asking for a report then were all in a lot of trouble. I will lastly say that while I now understand how asking for a report would violate their rules I would by no means call it toxic.
Hi again, i appreciate the reply to my comment, i would say that 95% of the time asking for someone to be reported wouldn't be toxic (they could ask for you to be reported to troll, or someone is genuinely trying but just having a bad game). I feel your pain thought with the promos, the one thing that helps me when i feel hardstuck etc. is that i tell myself im playing to get better not to rank up, as you get better the rank will come and vice versa its can be really frustrating to lose promos especially when it doesnt feel like its your fault just keep being headstrong im sure you'll make it. A few years ago i was extremely frustrated that i was stuck in low gold when all my friends were breezing through it ( most of them plat or higher). Long story short if you deserve the next rank it doesnt matter how many times you get trolled or inted you'll get there, and in the off chance you dont deserve it you jsut gotta play to get better, ask yourself what you can do better instead of your teamates. Good luck on the rift and i hope you make it to your desired elo! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Complex does not equal depth
i looked at your last post about the game going to die and this one, i can agree that just having a basic knowledge for all 150+ champions in the game is absurd to expect of new players. And i do also agree somewhat that some of these new champs (mostly the reworked ones) are getting insanely overloaded kits with much smaller windows to be punishable.
Razrent (NA)
: just in general looking for new friends and people to play with
: Thank you! I'd love to see them come alive, but I don't actually know any good software for designing these kinds of things.
Hi again, i dont have any idea on how to code or anything but i really would love to see this skin line. the name Byproduct i think its a genius name for the skins as well. i wish there was a way to repost it if you are willing to give me permission i could copy Paste the whole thing and give you credit for the idea just to get more people to look at it on the boards. Also while you're at it i posted a Champion idea of mine a few weeks ago id love to have your take on it. it should be kind of easy to find if you go to my profile thanks.
Sickle (NA)
: Your system doesn't work Riot take the time to look and see
Hey fellow summoner, i know its splitting hairs but asking for someone to be reported is against the summoners code your chat logs dont seem very bad at all, but they are bad enough to make it so you cant appeal it, unfortunately you did ask for her to get reported. I honestly dont agree with you getting a chat restriction from the game but, i also think that a chat restriction isnt the worst thing if you dont use chat to harass people then it shouldnt be too big of deal if it got restricted you still have the ability to communicate with your teammates, and use pings i do agree that this restriction is unjust from what ive seen, there isnt any overlap between the second and third image linked so its possible you could have not shown us the whole chat log, but i doubt thats the case. Just to sum up i think this chat restriction is kind of BS but you did technically break the summoners code by asking for some one to be reported. sorry it had to happen.
: Idea for new Skin theme: "BYPRODUCT" or "PRODUCT"
Hey fellow summoner, I like the idea for all these except fiddle has the praetorian skin which seems very similar to the project skins
: Jarvan Username
Hey fellow summoner, these are the names i could think of off the top of my head. FlagAndDrag. Flag in the wind, Jarvan4Head, dipduckdodgedunk, Doorajarvan, jarvanity,forjarvan,
: Need 4 people to finish the wait what do now ( lose a game vs AI)
: Is Lowering Damage Even Under Consideration?
Hey fellow summoner, i hope damage gets changed in the near future. im sick of dying to garen before his slience duration ends not even allowing me to fight back or run. im sick on mages building aftershock with little to no downside. im sick on champions that are awful (morde, yorick) getting a million dmg buffs to make up for their terribly designed kits, im sick of junglers being afraid to gank a certain champ because it results in a 1v2 regardless of if their ahead or not, im sick of the race with Kayle her just trying to exist to get to late and not having to play around her own itemization, Aatrox third Q dealing 800 dmg when he missed the first two,Riven taking whatever rune she wants and is still successful. the damage in this game blows my mind right now. Damn near every champ is an assassin, and the Meta ones who arent are just supposed to to keep their teammates alive (zilean tahm braum etc.) im sured that adcs are sick of dying to two abilities from a mid laner who has two kills and their innate level advantage, im sick or irelia having 3k hp and having dmg recution more mobility than needed and a good amount of dmg. Aside from adc's if a champ cant oneshot its not viable, except for the few who are there to counter the oneshot. I have died so much this last year while not even being past the halfway point in my lane and im sick of that too. anyway Sorry for rant but i genuinely hope the dmg get skewed soon to make it so all champs have a unique role instead of it being a fiesta of trying to catch out the enemy when you're a bruiser who is by themself but can kill me before the cc duration is over. Just to be clear i dont mean an assassin or a burst mage sitting in a bush waiting for their chance to kill someone becuase they have a much larger threat in dying if they get discovered or are on a ward, im talking about things like j4 and rek'sai and irelia poeple who if they get caught have their itemization to rely on still (becuase they have better resistances and health than assassins and mages).Again sorry for the RANT still loving the game just hope damage gets its well deserved tweak.
BigBoby (NA)
: Finally reached Gold. 70% winrate but it feels like kicking myself
Hey fellow summoner, no one is forcing you to specialize you can pick any role you want every game just dont expect the results to be as effective, and there is no to change this there are a decent amount of people in this game who like to onetrick and a decent amount that try to stick to their role, the reason you feel like you have to specialize is because of the players not the game the player who play their respective role every game is generally going to outperform the person who jumps around from lane to lane it has nothing to do with game design.
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Youngcuck (EUW)
: In the same way Shen's ult impacts the map by teleporting himself to an ally, it also leaves Shen's lane open for a massive push in favor of the enemy top laner. Also youre saying Zilean didnt have resistances against the damage he was taking. In what world, elo or game have you ever seen a squishy champion that revolves around utility and damage build resistances just to tank their enemies other than defensive items that eventually build into an item that is actually viable on the champion? You expected the Zilean to be building Thornmail and Warmog to tank Yi?
Hello again, im not saying that he should build any of those whacky items im saying as the Shen player choosing to ult is something to potentially take into account when choosing your ult target. To recap i do think shen's ult could be buffed but i dont think increasing the shield in the answer and it i were to buff the total it would only be maybe 50 at every rank.
Youngcuck (EUW)
: Shen is complete GARBAGE
hey fellow , summoner there are two dps champions hitting the Zilean one of which being a higher level an has the ability to do true do to its target and having the red buff to top it all off, however i do agree that Shen not seen a place in meta for awhile now and it is sad i do like the idea of buffing shen due to that but his shield has the ability to pressure the map globally so the ultimate should have some counterplay and not be a save all ability though it could stand to see a buff maybe giving the target armor and magic resist to a small degree would be something that would be nice to at the very least allow your ult to finish its channel. I do wish shen was better but i dont really see any issues with this clip. it seems Zilean did not have much resistances against the type of dmg he was taking. Good luck in your future games finger crossed that shen does eventually see some viability within the meta. Also many people are saying the ult was rank one but i can see within the video it was the second rank.
: Suggestion for Riot to handle trolling
Hey fellow summoner, i do like the idea of being more strict on trolls etc. because they can be very frustrating. i do see some issues with this however, the lan tracking is think is a good idea to some extent, but lets say you trade your lane with someone because you both main that role and you're feeling generous and your in a lane you don't normally play and you get a little unlucky and die a few times to ganks, getting outplayed on your off role etc. it could definitely work against the player instead of for them. A second thought i had that could potentially not work within the set parameter would be the "inting sion" strategy while i've never seen anything like it before it is very possible that could trigger the troll detection. However using multiple parameters to judge this wouldnt be a bad idea, this idea seems its could work with a little work. Of course no one likes trolls so it would be cool to see this in games. Good luck on the rift and good idea.
Terozu (NA)
: 1 more win and I hit gold.
Hey fellow summoner, Good luck i hope you make it! dont be discouraged if you dont the first time there is always next time. Have fun on the rift im rooting for you.
: They would just use the voucher on the most expensive champions because why wouldn't you do it? then they reach 30 and they'll be massively confused and more than likely angry as to why they cannot pick whatever they want. Also there is a massive amount of champions. Why do people keep insisting that everything should be available from the start? literally no game does this for very obvious reasons, it overloads the player and do you really think that them starting out with the mechanically intensive champions is a good thing? at a time where people barely know the basics of the game?
Hey fellow summoner, i do see how this could be very complex for a new player so maybe the idea does need to be tweaked a bit maybe when getting the guaranteed champion (Ashe,Brand,Garen etc.) they have a few simple champions to pick from instead of those, for example maybe when the ashe comes in you have the option of picking from Warwick,Ashe,and yi, and repeat this process everytime to give more diversity but still keep in simplistic as well. i can definitely agree that getting Draven over Ashe is a bad idea for a new player but it possible that the reason they wanted to play becuase they found his axes mechanic interesting and its what brought them to downloading the game, thank you for your input i do see some faults in this system. Maybe the voucher give you only a few options to limit the difficulty for newer players. Good luck on the rift!
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Azeranth (NA)
: Mastery Rewards
i always thought it would be to get champion specific emotes, for example if you got a pentakill on a champion you get an emote for that champion that you can flash or things along that line
Voldymort (EUNE)
: Cognitive Dissonance
Hey fellow summoner, thank you very much for posting this i have seen countless threads this week on how flaming should be allowed and that everyone just needs to "grow up" and it seems that not many people realize this in there games and ill admit i have submitted to flaming in the past and have done a much better job of not doing it anymore. some people find these games very stressful and being mean rude or hurtful just adds to that and can actually stick with people even after they walk away. (p.s. this was super long and im sure filled with great facts and encouragement but i did not get all the way through it.)
: Can Jhin get an original skin for once?
Hey fellow summoner, this would be awesome to see also i think jhin's SKT skin would fall under "themes a million other characters have" considering they have won worlds quite a bit haha
Saezio (EUNE)
: So champs with a fat model can deny CS by being on top of them? That won't be an issue?
that is where the line gets thin, but if a champ can stand over a lantern to deny it i don't see why doing the same to a minion is that bad its not like a champ cant be punish for standing over cs.
Terozu (NA)
: My 7 game winstreak has ended. Time for the 7 game loss streak to begin.
Hey fellow summoner, good luck in winning keep a strong head and you'll be fine!
: League dodgers
Hey fellow Summoner,there are repercussions for dodging a scaling ban timer based on how many times you dodge within a certain time frame, because life happens, also i feel like everyone has dodged sometime for one reason or another and hey it happens. the repeat offenders definitely pay for dodging.
: Riot Makes Their Community Look Like a Bitch
Hey Fellow summoner,funny your biggest problem with the game is not being able to tell people they're bad if thats all your here for cheers to more accounts getting banned. this tells me that you thrive off of hurting others because in your life its the quickest way for you to get attention whether it be negative or not because you love that it gets under peoples skin. that or you've been hurt by some one and feel the need to pass that on, misery loves company. Also reporting someone doesn't necessarily come with salt if you break the summoners code you run the risk of being banned (and yes i report people when they violate it regardless), you've agreed to that every time you've made an account. So if you dont want to get banned for speaking your mind play another game that doesnt require it within its terms or code.Hope this helps!
: so you're saying you'd buy it more if it was **nerfed** as opposed to being **buffed**? how strange.
i dont really see it as a nerf but a tweak to the item to make it better in some situations and worse in others.
: Frozen Heart
the ranges on these passives and actives seem a little extreme however i would love to see more situational itemization from tanks aside from just buying the same thing nearly every game
Goju (NA)
: Explain to me please? because i really don't understand..
Hey summoner {{champion:74}} E has a much shorter cooldown thans {{champion:115}} satchel charge for starter secondly, {{champion:74}} would be able to hit the tower out side of its range with the , and thirdly you can only use {{champion:115}} charge once on a turret to destory it whereas {{champion:74}} could use it was many times as his Cd/laning would allow. Next {{champion:45}} w is one of the hardest abilities in the game to land whereas all of {{champion:74}} abilities are easier to hit by comparison not to mention {{champion:74}} has more of a dps style like Cassiopeia and {{champion:45}} is almost entirely intended for late game burst. However im not saying that {{champion:74}} E being able to deal dmg to turret would be impossible to balance and the mechanic does seem interesting to me. Also {{champion:161}} while he is a burst mage his burst he isnt going to kill you without hit ult or a lot of items and his ult is interuptible. And lastly Riot definitely favors some champs when its comes to buffs and making them meta i wish i knew what determined that but seeing some champs show up so much more in the patch notes than others gets very annoying as well as some champs being incredibly good for long amounts of time. hope this helps
: > [{quoted}](name=Whomp3r,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ZK0PAt27,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-19T04:25:27.390+0000) > > hey fellow summoner, feel free to add me im not on all that often these days (meaning around 2-3 hours a day) depends on my schedule but i find the best way to enjoy the game is to play with other friends or if you enjoy ranked find a way to take a crack at that (its not everyones cup of tea though) I'll make sure to add you. I also am on a tight schedule. Not even playing daily, ranked is the only way I can enjoy a competitive game. I don't mind bad teammates, I mind toxic throwers who feed on purpose (riot should do something about that), or afkers.
> [{quoted}](name=AjenLarod,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ZK0PAt27,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-03-22T02:19:14.392+0000) > > I'll make sure to add you. I also am on a tight schedule. Not even playing daily, ranked is the only way I can enjoy a competitive game. I don't mind bad teammates, I mind toxic throwers who feed on purpose (riot should do something about that), or afkers. my schedule at the moment is pretty strict as well i play at most a couple hours a day becuase of work.
: ill never make it to gold
hey fellow summoner, think you might expect a little too much of yourself i think if you giev it another year you can definitly hit gold doing your first year is pretty hard and it would not surprise me if most people couldn't do it
mdave6 (NA)
: Leagues 10th anniversary
hey fellow summoner, great idea! ive been thinking this as well there game has been out for many years now i was really hoping they would do something amazing for the players, it is possible they might push it off to season 10 instead of the 10th year the game has been out but i really hope they do do something like this.
Montford (NA)
hey fellow summoner, great idea! i love this idea and i hope it gets implemented
: Too Many 1 Shots
hey fellow summoner, i feel like runes dont provide as much defensive options as they used to (im talking a long time ago like season 4) but a hell of a lot more offensive options thats actually deal dmg unlike the old system. i have come to realize recently that i too believe that the dmg in the game is quite higher than i personally enjoy. back in the old days when runes and masteries were around ( i mean around season 4) i felt like most if not all runes were not as insane in there ability to give you more dmg and not much defense, the old system allowed for a lot more defensive and offensive options i feel.
: Getting back to league
hey fellow summoner, feel free to add me im not on all that often these days (meaning around 2-3 hours a day) depends on my schedule but i find the best way to enjoy the game is to play with other friends or if you enjoy ranked find a way to take a crack at that (its not everyones cup of tea though)
Zroton (NA)
: Unintentional Dodge Que
Hey fellow summoner, you shouldn't be put with deserters just yet not until you dodge enough to hit low priority queue. Low priority queue is having to wait 20 minutes 5 times to actually enter queue to play a game. so no worries there also im glad to see you are new to the game feel free to add me if you have any questions love to see the community growing still.
Yenn (NA)
: Vladimir really needs more counterplay in late game team fights
i can agree with this is feels very weird for his W to actually be a decent tool to engage instead of run
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