Kei143 (NA)
: Hmmm ... did something change in the past 2 months of playing this game? You decided to take the game more seriously? Stress building up irl? You getting bored of the game? If you were truly h4-2 and only lvl 132, then what that tells me is that there is a sudden spike in your toxicity and that spike caused you to get chat restricted.
I mean I just came back to league after about a 3 month break so no not really.. and in the time between when i came back and the game I got restricted I only played 20 ish games and I was nearly chat silent in all of them except for "gg" or "gj". Like I said I normally stay silent. Also I'm not the toxic type really. I normally take the flame ppl give me and move on but this game the 20 mins of constant flame made me a little annoyed.
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