Algo X (NA)
: The Real Problem with Honor and Season Rewards
The problem is, if Riot did this, people would be able to take flaming to the max without actually being punished which would cause even more toxicity.
: How to fix yasuo
Um no, this would be overwhelming busted. Yi q doesnt have a .1 second cd.
SnowFall (NA)
: Iron Boots
This already sounds busted as fuck, knockups dont last long to begin with theres no reason boots should give armor magic resist and half duration to knockups.
Slythion (NA)
: Kayn Builds?
lethality is great in both versions
: Need help with finding a top lane champion
God of Seas (EUNE)
: Only one thing to reply to that. Hf when it happens to you. Because it will.
it already has and im glad i dont like playin from a disadvantage idc if my teammates take the L they shouldnt dc then
: As a new player I'm not able to know what kind of rune I can put in a free rune slot
marks are left, seals are top, glyphs are right, and quints are the larger ones.
God of Seas (EUNE)
: Remaking game when everyone is connected
Theres no reason it should stop, the d/ced person has put their entire team at a disadvantage
: I get most honored player on team (3 or more honors), but I don't see any flair on my screen
You get a flair in loading screen for getting 1 honor or more, but flairs start at honor level 3.
: Patch 7.14 notes
Riot... You spelled Reindeer wrong.
: I can't get what I wanted, so I'm going to punish all of my allies to prove how butthurt it made me. This attitude will not serve you well in the real world. Something you should work on before you hit the real world work force.
? Its not about not getting what you wanted, its the fact that someone who is on YOUR team intentionally banned what you wanted. If the enemy bans it thats one thing but if my team bans it you better believe im inting.
: A question about abilities
it allows for maximum dps possible. if you miss it thats on you.
Tek191 (EUW)
: Allowing the enemy to see if your mid is really toxic
Parastoo (NA)
: [REPOST] How to play out a fed game
The best thing you could probably do is just stay split. As Yi you'll generally have no problem with 1v1s and if you get fed 1v2s and 1v3s are often in your favor as well. If you see that the entire enemy team is missing then fall back a bit and wait while politely asking your team to push elsewhere or take an objective, effectively wasting the enemies time. I know low elo players don't always listen but if you've shown them you know what you're doing, most of the time they will listen.
Nebuul (NA)
: Another small sunfire nerf compensatory buff for Sion, please
I dont play Sion but he does deserve a buff of some sort as hes relatively useless
: Questionable Urgot Interactions?
Urgot's R makes the target untargetable so you would not be able to pull them out.
: Yasuo's Double Crit Chance
: Riot hates everyone that plays League of Legends
if urf was everyday, it would get boring lol
: Rework Cleanse
Whats wrong with it? It's just a niche summoner spell. It has its place.
: As I'm watching Boxer Pete play Tryndamere, it occurs to me...
Tryndamere does not need a nerf, but he does need a rework.
: Demoted.... back to silver 3....
ill duo if you want, we'll see what happens.
Mokey95 (EUW)
: yeah that's why that would only work 1 time, to counter that and make people really think if a trade-off is beneficial.
One time is enough to break the balance...
: If you're trying to 1v2 the enemy ADC + Supp then of course you're going to fail. It's ONE versus TWO. But in team fights that's not really an option. Multiple champs focusing even my shielded target can burst people down quicker than Redemption can pop. Even through my KV, even through their PD - those items do not make ADCs gods. That's an exaggeration.
Have you ever played an assassin? Once the support/top/jungle (everyone builds these items now) gets locket, knights vow and the adc has their items its EXTREMELY hard to burst them. Obviously unkillable is an exaggeration but its damn near close. It's not fair that assassins have delayed burst against these items, which is why you rarely see them unless its a one trick or something.
: The instant-burst issue was 100-0. When I click 1 for FotM, or E for Rakan's shield, I don't give them a whole life-bar's worth of shielding. It's not really the same.
No but you when press 1 for fotm, 2 for locket, 3 for redemption, and d for exhaust it gives them about two or three life-bars.... Then when you add PD and DD into the mix along with a knights vow somewhere you essentially have an unkillable target...
Mokey95 (EUW)
: Shifting Champs?
You know what champion select is riiiiiight?
xZeZoYT (NA)
Bombardox (EUW)
: GG OP.GG GG...
You act like Aatrox is the only one...
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Diana change.
Nty, diana is annoying enough as is... Plus, shes a mid laner, not a jungler.
: Something REALLY annoying on Diana
maliohammad (EUNE)
: Anti-true damage item
True damage isn't supposed to be reduced?
: 🔒 The words that Riot considers "toxic" are getting out of hand...
Awesomnez (EUW)
: Silver players
Dont rank shame man
: > [{quoted}](name=Movespeed,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=87Apid6E,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-07-01T21:28:41.183+0000) > > What did i overlook? Please see rule 3!
Sorry, i thought it bumped automatically... BUMP
: > [{quoted}](name=Movespeed,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=87Apid6E,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-01T19:44:47.067+0000) > > How about rengar as he leaps from the brush Please make sure you've read the rules fully (by this comment I can see you haven't)
What did i overlook?
sniperdd (NA)
: refund for runes
They're not going to be refunding the IP spent on runes, as for most players that would be useless. They have said that they will be giving some sort of compensation in return though.
How about rengar as he leaps from the brush
: Can more champions be designed around skill?
Pantheon requires much skill actually. No, he doesn't take a lot of mechanical skill but skill in the way of knowing how/when to get ahead because late game he's utter shit.
: When is kayn coming out?
: Is honor fair?
Theres not an honor for carrying so....
: @Riot can u stop giving every new champ a move that makes them untargetable
It adds more fun and outplay potential to said champion...
: Stop punishing high skill cap champions.
Darius is a bruiser while Zed is an assassin... They cant really compare.
: How jhin's 4th shot feels like
: What are Vladimir's Hardest Counters
{{item:3033}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3123}}
Kuu3 (NA)
: Support player looking for and adc to play with for a bit and maybe go into ranked
: Need tips on how to counter enemy freezing lane near their turret
You can A: Try to fight them in your minions because if they're freezing you will have the minion advantage, B: If you have a ranged support, such as Zilean, he can clear the wave from a distance pushing it into turret therefore resetting it, or C: Call your jungler and have him push it into turret with you preventing an enemy all-in.
: rework fizz for real riot
That was the rework... adding in time for counterplay. He's an assassin so obviously he's going to have a ton of burst, but now half is delayed until his mark fills up.
: Looking for some clarification on the new Thornmail.
As soon as you hit thornmail you'll get grievous wounds for one second, whether it be the first auto or the last.
: Ideas on how to reduce fioras strengths
In my opinion I think all Riot needs to do is either A: Reduce the AD scaling on her vitals or B: Change the damage from MAX HP TRUE DAMAGE to CURRENT HP TRUE DAMAGE. I believe changing it from MAX to CURRENT will allow her to still deal with tanks while letting squishy champions live longer because, face it, she's a duelist not a fucking assassin...
: Deadass claiming credit for the original concept behind Kayn's design.
: I need to know which champion can solo carry Silver
I dont think any one champion can straight 1v5 but as far as hard carrying low elo goes I believe Wukong is an extremely good pick. His kit is very simple and efficient as he can play mid, top, and jungle (hell, i've even thrown him bot before with great success.) Building him assassin allows you to take down high threat targets instantly with the correct combo while having some innate tankiness to survive due to his passive. If your team is competent in even the slightest way, you'll be able to carry with this champion.
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