: The new ranked system will be okay (Eventually)
Wish I had your optimism. Honestly, if they were able to find a way to make off roles feel worthwhile to play the game on, I might have less of an issue with the current ranked system. I'm also not sure if I with role ranks as a concept. I'm in the camp of, "Rank shows how good you are at the game, not one part of the game."
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: I bought the Prestige Aatrox skin. Here's some thoughts:
If they are going to price Prestige skins as high as they are, I'd like to see more done to the skin. New VO, Particles, Splash etc. I feel that the Aatrox Prestige skin is just lower quality than the other two. He gets some changes to particles, but that's it? If they were to stick to the original pitch and have them as rare alternate versions of the skin that were attached to more than just RP ( I enjoyed the grind for both KD/A Prestige skins ) I might be a little more forgiving to the lack of new VO. Give us alternate Splash Art, give us modified particle effects and slap on that white/gold chroma coloring, and make it ACTUALLY a reward that was worked for. I might give them a pass if they start throwing some Prestige Points out in events, but my question is how hard will those be to get? More or less than the grind for the KD/A skins? It will be spread across the year, so I expect the number of Prestige Points distributed to be low and infrequent if they want to keep the exclusivity of these skins. That creates it's own problems though, similar to the ones that Gemstones have atm.
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You do know that a koi is a gold fish, right?
Mhija (NA)
: Cosplayers spotted in the wild!
That {{champion:61}} Skin. Rito Plz!!!
: The Curse of the Sad Mummy
Through the Looking Glass? Anyone else get that vibe from this?
Fowlkin (NA)
: High Koalaty Gaming!
Amazing Community. Thank you to Fowlkin and all the staff. Finding HKG has helped me enjoy league more, not to mention winning the RP from daily tournaments. :)
: FACTIONS — Sign-Up Verification and Info Thread
Just found this. I know I am jumping in late, but I hereby declare my support to Bilgewater!

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