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: We know.... This is like the 20th thread xd
Ik just getting some ideas about this patch
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: Jax is getting a buff??? WhYyYyYyY???!!! His entire kit at this point is legit just a point and click nuke for any squishy in this game, he doesn’t even have to do anything but press QE and you die!!!
Maybe his early game was weak but if they want to buff him then nerf {{item:3161}} or removed
: PATCH 9.16
My boi shen is getting a buff, but this is a questionable about jax and fiora I dont know why they buff Jax and fiora. Maybe their early game is weak or something?
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: Champion Weaknesses in 2019
**Hello,{{champion:98}} Shen main here** Any ideas where to buff shen? I know its seems weird to buff him back but the reason why I brought this because his stats are mediocre and can get beaten up by most bully champion such as {{champion:420}} and{{champion:122}} I hear that you guys want to buff Shen and Dr Mundo in 9.3 but it was cancel due to the fact {{item:3068}} was buffed from 2900 to 2750 to help waveclears. The nerfs to shen might hit him really hard because the Q damage is low and the slow is not that strong and yes we all know that shen ultimate is broken because of the shields that can it can save people but it keeps getting nerfs and made him trash. There are many champions with ultimate that **ARE BROKEN** than shen such as {{champion:122}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:420}} or any champions that can do **SEROIUS DAMAGE** There was another nerf to {{item:3077}} that it was not for shen but to anyone who lacks waveclears such as {{champion:114}} and {{champion:39}} . Overall, Shen needs love and needs some serious buff to come back in the meta or else he will be garbage and unplayable
: patch notes as of now shows no buff to mundo. too bad. hes in desperate need of an early game boost and jg boost
> [{quoted}](name=keccak256,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VObEipor,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-06T04:07:02.104+0000) > > patch notes as of now shows no buff to mundo. > > too bad. hes in desperate need of an early game boost and jg boost Yea I think he needs it for early game boost so that he can survive a bit longer
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: shen needs to have better laning phase. you can easily get lane freeze. picking shen means giving enemy top lane easy rift hearld also. at this point became shen gets bullied by most champion.
Yes its true. If you pick shen, picking bully champions such as darius or illaoi will bully shen alot.
Press f if you want shen back
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this last mission confused me
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: Just hit the Nexus
i done the same thing to you, we were trying to hit the nexus but draven was fishing for kills and bam we lose


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