: RIP Kayle
Literally the most true crap
Bultz (NA)
: Oren, The hybrid (champion concept)
: Imagine We Had These Items
I like the wandering wand
rareform (NA)
: Clay, the Winged Assassin - by Willsada
thanks for reposting it for me
rareform (NA)
: I would love to
can you please message me the text and I could probably repost that champ concept.
rareform (NA)
: I will format Champion concepts for you
I've done a couple of champion concepts if you could view and tell me how you feel about this one it would be highly appreciated. (https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/JIzJ7jzd-clay-the-winged-assassin-new-champ-concept)
Turunade (NA)
: It does missing health. Does BOTRK do current health?
Turunade (NA)
: You are aware with Wits End and Rageblade that this thing would blow people up with minimal effort, right.
same as blade of the ruined king to me
: New Kit Concept: Respec
I don't get it but sounds cool
Jafarian (NA)
: Making Kindred an Arcade skin
I think battle boss kindred would make more sense
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CD8 (NA)
: Anyone else find it odd that Qiyana is AD?
She looks like a hybrid to me
: I absolutely love the idea about a Wasp/Bee Character im a huge fan of insects I have made a couple of ideas regarding a Moth based character so anything insect related im 100% on board. now for the "critques" the E and W are cool concepts but the wording is a little confusing I get they are meant to like engage so she can stack her bees so she can then detonate them with her R for big boom damage......however her kit seems very underworked so for example I would suggest maybe doing something like she commands her bees to circle around her the next time she would take damage it is absorb and a bee is sent to the enemy that hit her or something like that to give her some sustain cause right now she just seems a all in or nothing kinda champion if that makes sense But I absolutely love the idea its unique and I love it
Thanks for the feedback I could swap that out for the E or W because I think I might get rid of them for new abilities Bc I think those abilities would work better on his other character I idea I have.
: the aa dealing dots is kinda cool, but the w and e feels a little weird, this is the exact same gameplay for 2 skills, which is not really attractive the % current health is probably not that interesting as you want to stack a few hits before using it poeple are likely already be low (if i'm not wrong about how this champ is supposed to work). also the stack aa and then press the button feels very similar to kalista and twich e but why not. her q giving invisibility feels like twich q and the "add some stacks" part of it feels like twich w :/ i really love the idea of dots aa and** returning insects**, maybe you should think about ressources you might gain once bees come back (life mana stacks used for another spells etc) and definitly change the w, why not some mobilty, i mean she's a bee queen
The Q is suppose to be like a kai'sa E evolved but sends out dormant wasps for her ultimate. Sophia's E nd W are suppose to behave like Kog'maw's W. I creates the W as a good way to start fights and the E to end them. The W & E scales off of the health the target has when the wasp attaches not scaling off of the current during the damage. If its too confusing im sorry.
Willsada (NA)
: Sophia, the Wasp Queen (New Champion Concept)
Can people leave comments on how thy feel about the concept I like feedback. And can people also upvote it if hey like it so I know it’s a good concept.
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Xurreal (NA)
: but first bring back Heart of Gold and Sword of the Occult!{{champion:24}}
I mean I believe they should bring back sword of Occult. I don't understand why they got rid of it and they still have dark seal but heart of gold would probably become a sup item of some sort if it were brought back.
Willsada (NA)
: Bringing Back an old Item
I would appreciate if more people upvoted, downvoted or commented on this post because I would like to see how other people feel.
OshIba (NA)
: New Gameplay Idea
When your fed as riven die and become a soraka
: > [{quoted}](name=Willsada,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=3kEIAtbp,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-06-03T18:54:43.676+0000) > > its meant for on hit champs I’m aware. But stacking it with a nashors tooth is going to cause ALOT of problems. Suddenly every mage has a 30% ap ratio on their auto attacks on top of what they already have. And like I said. Kai’sa and to a lesser extent kog maw, will have a field day with this thing.
Mages barely auto attack so will it even affect them and its meant for those champions like spear of shojin is meant for bruisers. And tbh what do you want changed if its too good. The on hit damage used to be on rageblade and there wasn't a problem.
: This screams kai’sa abuse.
its meant for on hit champs. But is it better then Rageblde. That's my question?
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: Its an interesting concept but all that doesn't really fit for an adc anymore is a passive that relies on him dying. As he is now with current items he's nearly unmatched in his ability to shred just about anything from great distances. Not gonna like either, all the true damage he'd be capable of with just this kit would evenually be insane coupled with the conqueror rune would be impossible to deal with in late game. Basically he'd become a god and the game would move as quickly or slowly as he desired.
I kept the passive because I didn’t see a reason to get a rid of it. Besides instead of replacing it I can just add to it. Thanks for he feedback.
: Twitch the Plague Rat [Rework Concept]
I believe Twitch as a hybrid marksman that can deal true damage poison would be a cool concept.
Willsada (NA)
: Kog'maw Rework Idea
Feedback is highly appreciated alongside upvoting and downvoting.
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Ninjestr (EUW)
: Overloaded kit, you gave a passive for him in every ability he has, even his passive, one of the reasons ryze is a mess is because he scales off ap and mana and you wanna add ad to the mixture, the scaling are too high for him to have 3 things to scale off, giving him true dmg, %max hp dmg, current hp dmg, shred every res an enemy has while having an item that gives 87 ap 87 ad and 1250 mana fully stacked, that again said item does more %hp dmg its just uber broken and almost forgot ad, ap and mana farming off minions after 6, his spells have no CD so you can legit face roll and get a penta. Ryze needs a full remake not just rework everything from scratch
Thanks for the feedback I removed the resistance shredding and the item. I also removed the passive from the Q if you have any more feedback it would be highly appreciated.
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: or you can not be afk in champ select and see what enemies are picking
Sometimes it doesn't load or people choose champions that don't have designated roles. People can also switch roles. You can also forget.
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