: A Thanks to All Twisted Treeline Players
if riot has to constantly update a map to keep the game mode interesting, then the gamemode is bad. they didnt update SR for years, but the new champions kept the game interesting. RIOT is just following the player's interest. if you want to blame someone for the removal of game mode, look nowhere else but ourselves, the players.
Palaven (NA)
: "Keep an eye on what your opponents are building and find the open synergies for maximum success." This is the biggest fundamental issue with TFT unless a UI is integrated so you can quickly see how many of each unit is taken. Jumping around and scouting from player to player is very intensive and not fun whatsoever.
Definitely disagree, this is what differentiates higher ranks to lower rank. looking at enemy units, enemy positions, and how to counter their comp in the endgame is important.
Saplingz (NA)
: Please bring back tribunal. Help fix the social aspect of league trolling and inting.
Agreed. But only people that are honor level 4 or 5 should be able to participate, that way there's less people just clicking whichever answer for IP rewards. Imagine honor level 2s participating, theyd just let everyone get a pass.
: Teamfight Tactics patch 9.21 notes
please ensure all players load into the game before actually starting the game. its not like league where people have 1:05min to afk before the minions actually start. I keep loading in after carousel
: Preseason 2020 Gameplay: Rise of the Elements
im liking the jungle changes, other than the fact you're nerfing jungle XP again??? why...
vmost (NA)
: Titanic Hydra: 10% Max Health in a splash ⇒ 3% Max Health to target and adjacent enemies behind them. In PBE the tooltip is still 6%, and it still does 6% damage. Will it be 3% on live? There are ridiculous edge cases with hydra on 3star jayce.
so it used to be 10% divided in a splash? or is it 10% splash now turned to 3% splash? i never thought this item was good, someone correct me if im wrong
: So some thoughts I wanted to throw out there (not the greatest player, but I feel like my grasp on the game is steadily improving). Firstly, making the "can't be dodged" mechanic wilds only feels like a huge mistake, as I am willing to guess that yordles will invalidate a lot of comp's power, not to mention all the dodge chance you just added to items, and the fact that now assassin's have no way of getting around a PD without dedicating 2-3 extra slots to champs to that don't really help their strategy (as well as making 9 assassin basically suicide to pursue). Without them being insanely unlucky you'd need wilds or sorcerers to deal with yordles, and the latter can be shut down for the most part with a dragons claw on Gnar/poppy (yes I know they nerfed it but, it still removes a lot of the weakness). Would honestly rather see a last whisper iteration without the effect given to the Giant Slayer, than have repeating crossbow. Secondly, I like a lot of the new items, but in my mind it kind of exacerbates a current problem, the number of non-random items a player has access to is for the most part rather limited. First pick in each Draft phase gets much more options than each pick after, but the fact of the matter is that (even with the new items being added) the number of items worth going for are fairly limited. Literally every draft before the raptors is pretty much the same thing when I play. Players in pick order almost always go for Recurve/Spatula > BF > Rod > Negatron/Giant's belt > Chain Vest > Tear. Adding a new item component doesn't really change that, and it will almost assuredly find itself placed in the order of priority, which until it proves to be stronger or weaker than Recurve will probably be tied with it for picking. Things I actually liked, the void nerfs, I feel are important, but not too heavy as kai'sa is a perfect capstone champion for them as far as I can see. The 6 shifters nerf, was needed as well, and lastly I like the Anivia changes, as she doesn't get picked all that much in most of my games. Kind of reserving my judgement for the Glacial changes.
i think thats exactly right. you dont get RFC to invalidate PD anymore, that item trump card just wasn't fair. you need to build your comp to counter yordles, either wild or magic damage.
: Join Us Oct. 15th to Celebrate 10 Years of League
this company really lost touch with their fanbase. their 10 year celebration starts off with a terrible downgrade of a logo, and then you celebrate it on stream?? Where's the event?
: Teamfight Tactics patch 9.18 notes
Finally listened to literally everyone saying item system should be more fair. I've never bought little legends, and i dont intend to now that there's so many little legends lol if i could buy the exact one i want (tier 3 version), id invest money into it.
: TFT - New Item Distribution System
Also - please give us proper reward for playing TFT. Make poros cost like 8000BE, and give us BE/game. it feels terrible to just get rewarded TFT-specific XP and emotes/icons (which are the stuff I recycle).
: Teamfight Tactics-- /Dev Update: Your Feedback and the Road Ahead
majority of TFT players play League as well, i dont know why you have different XP for different game modes. I'm diamond in TFT and stopped playing because i stopped getting rewarded for it...i hate emotes too~
: TFT - New Item Distribution System
Honestly, I will always feel like gold or getting champs is worse than items. There's only two ways to get items (carousel once every ~5 rounds and loot boxes), you can keep rolling for champs. Let me give you an example of how valuable items are. Imagine they showed up in shop with a low chance, I would gladly pay 10 gold to buy a component. even 15 maybe for spatula. So getting anything BUT an item is a worse option
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 30
Id like to see the wukong changes come to fruition...
Rioter Comments
: thing is the more they add to this game, the less consistent it gets. and it gets more rng based.
not sure why he's downvoted, hes objectively right.
: ***
you think that phrase comes from hearthstone? please get out more
Rioter Comments
: The new "Collection" tab is just annoying
it really is a bad interface. make an option to for minimalist icons like before, i like to view all my champions
: Revert this disgusting collection layout.
poor interface, make an option to for minimalist icons like before, i like to view all my champions
: Teamfight Tactics patch 9.17 notes
PLEASE ADD MATCH HISTORY! i dont want to download a 3rd party program to see my history and progress...also i hope its not behind a paywall like eternals. thanks
: Teamfight Tactics patch 9.17 notes
there needs to be more counterplay versus hextech. spreading units and spreading items amongst unit really screws up team comp (spreading out with guardians? how about with zekes/locket?) and carries (carries need items). so it becomes RNG roll of if hectech hits your carry with 3 items or a lesser unit with 1 item.
: They have been buffing wilds and rage blade and now they increasing the max attacks spreed cap???!! Wilds (particular Rengar) and Jinx/Draven with rage blade are gonna be op af!!!! oh boy here we go
wilds and rangers dont have good frontline...if you build those synergies first you lose alot of hp before you find guardians for 4 rangers and brawlers for 4 wild.
: TFT Update: Powerful Punch-Ups
neeko is OP in lategame...too valuable to gain a 2star legendary so easily.
: TFT Update: Hextech Heroics
: TFT Beta Pass V.2 Coming Soon!
Give us BE for playing. This is fake XP, it doesnt go towards my actual level, just beta pass. TFT is like the neglected stepbrother to League. You get punished for actually playing RIOT's new game.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 9
TFT-related: Please remove gold dropping from anything past round 1-3, thats a terrible "variance" to have 1-5 items or 1-5 gold drop at chicken stage. the wolves and chicken stage is the most critical imo, thats where people get a ton of items or some items to flesh out their team.
AxShy (NA)
: ***
i'm not calling people losers for spending money on a cosmetic they like....I'm calling them losers if they spend $500 on it. they're getting suckered and support a system that, as you says, alienates the majority of league players. it's not even about being able to afford it, its buying into anti-consumer policies propping up in gaming industry. anyone else notice you need to buy a pass to continue to earn from events now? yeah...they're gonna continue this trend unless gamers speak up. how about you feel sorry for yourself/others somewhere else
: I want a Hushtail. But I won't get one because you're keeping little legends behind gacha mechanics. No money for you on that one.
completely agree. im not giving in money. sad thing is, there's some big time loser going to spend 500 on this lottery system to get all that he wants, and he balances out the sensible consumers lol
Meddler (NA)
: Prototype Wukong Changes on PBE Context
so are these changes going through PBE? seems like the changes keep getting passed over
: Teamfight Tactics Beta Pass Update
you should promote players that play both riot's gamemodes. making BE as rewards, and making little legends purchaseable with BE (like 7000 BE for example). make arenas also BE purchaseable. emotes are terrible rewards, and I hope these rewards arent gated behind a pass like what the arcade event pass is.
: Malphite changes coming to PBE
: Top 10 Most Engaged NA TFT Players Before Ranked
what does most engaged mean? they played the most games? they ranked up the highest? they spent the most time in-game tft?
Rioter Comments
: Umm Carousel pings are unfair
thats not even the worst thing people can do. people can actually bodyblock in carousel, if they wanted to they could bodyblock the last guy from getting what he wanted if everyone formed a line
: Jax in Teamfight Tactics
jax would be the most boring unit to add to the game. i want champs with game-changing ults, not right click champs.
: Elementalist is bullshit
its a high cost team synergy, you wont be able to build straight into elementalists so its something you pivot into, id say its in a good state now bc you need to find the high cost pieces (whereas most strong synergies have 1cost units that you can start with and build into the synergy)
Rioter Comments
Meddler (NA)
: Wukong Prototype on PBE: Additional changes
can we push for wukong and malphite changes to go live? already been a month just being passed over, pls dont forget your main game. i thought tft team and qa team is separate so not sure why the delay...
: Malphite changes coming to PBE
can we push for this to go live next patch please?
: Patch 9.13 notes
Where's the malphite and wukong changes? Why do these champs keep getting passed over, theyve been in PBE for 2 cycles already
: Malphite changes coming to PBE
Hey whats the deal, it says Malphite changes reverted from last update on 6/20. thought its already going through QA now
Nirosu (NA)
: Little legends are paid only...seriously at least copy all the good parts of autochess. Have a currency for them if you don't want to use blue essence, or a battle pass system that manages to beat out autochess's battle pass.
completely agree, needs to be IP
Shahamut (NA)
: Will Riot be adding more Champions to the game?
yes they said theyll be adding champs, really hope to see xin zhao. aside from that, im sure theyll add more popular champs, im sure thats why yasuo is in it. like riven, ryze, caitlyn, teemo
Win Zhao (NA)
: Please reconsider adding another PBE server for this week
thanks for explaining how it works. I wonder, if PBE is supposed to test load, what if this same issue comes again on the live servers. Also, its not like TFT is just going to disappear on PBE once it goes live. It will still be on PBE after it goes live, and people from every server are still going to go on it to test new changes. So I think a dev studio that earns over a billion off their game every year can invest something into the PBE server. at the moment, queue time for me has been 12 hrs to login because its given me an error twice already once it gets to 1 min. This is really ridiculous now.
byguti418 (EUW)
: PBE and its lovely queue
nope, that error cancelled it twice for me now, over a span of 12 hours i havent been able to log in, just reload the client and try to log in again. RIOT is seriously pissing me off that they dont want to add more servers
Even (NA)
: 6 Hour wait finished!!
they want to continue this, so ppl just end up watching tft on twitch while they wait and getting more advertisement. if i get this bug a 2nd time, gonna be tilted as f
Rioter Comments
CopiluNuc (EUNE)
: About Teamfight Tactics
they said 1 week
: In queue for 12 hours
its crazy how they refuse to just add another pbe server, esp for tft specifically. so qiyana doesnt get playtested before her release? lol
: Any word on the {{champion:54}} and {{champion:62}} changes?
> [{quoted}](name=Wolfinator,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=3P4eu1WV,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-06-19T19:52:31.781+0000) > > Any word on the {{champion:54}} and {{champion:62}} changes? I hope to god they dont revert on these changes. theres been no mention on malphite in their /dev live updating, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, MALPHITE BUFFS SHIP THIS PATCH
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