: I read some comments so I'm going to rant.
Lots of threads and comments are just to gather thumbs up which these people think mean something in life.
Bârd (NA)
: Zoe counters
{{champion:105}} Fizz is probably the best counter against her. Especially if he builds banshee's, and zhonya's, then well, there should be no reason he doesn't beat her. Before Banshee's tho, she can use her ult to dodge his E, or his R, but even then, Fizz is still great against her. Kassadin might be a second choice, but that's more than likely just a skill match up.
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: What champ was released closest to the time you started playing League?
I started League the same week Ekko was released, was my login screen too. Also my favorite champion ironically enough.
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: Before the update, a player could virtually earn enough IP to buy all the champions out there. Now with the update, that seems impossible. How many levels would that take, 200??? Im sure a lot more than 200... And how slow is that going to take to level up past 30? Slow enough that spending real world money is the answer in buying RP? Probably, as the entire plot Riot has is a moneygrab. Why not just make this game entirely pay 2 play, if Riot is already stepping 50% of the way towards it.
They want you to spend real money on getting those champions :)
: I’m sorry, but your math doesn’t check out. There’s a set minimum value on how much you can get when leveling up after 30. It’s 810 BE.
Sorry but get downvoted. You shouldn't level up to gain this IP (BE). Basically, I am getting no BE at all until I level up. Not everyone can play a ton of games each day to level up to gain their BE. First win of the day doesn't mean too much. This system is a joke literally, I hope everyone listens to the OP's thread. You should gain BE for every win OR LOSS.
Blitz100 (NA)
: A Short Open Letter to Faker
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I dont think I'd mind a all about Illaoi patch where she gets 3 skins in one patch. It will be interesting what the fans decide. I like the adventure one the best I think, but they all look amazing it seems. Hopefully they save the other 2 concepts and work on them at some point too to be honest.
PixelzGr (EUNE)
: Can twitch recieve a nerf?
Twitch could use a few nerfs but nothing big. Obviously his ultimate is his main thing he does compared to the other ADCs, so nerfing it hard would kil the champion. What to nerf. 1. His Q. The stealth mode simply lasts too long, giving him more than enough time to set up, MORE than enough. Even at rank 1, it's just too long the stealth. So nerf how long that duration goes on by a considerable amount. Lower the CD by one second at all ranks as a buff compensation. 2. His ultimate cooldown is extremely low, and almost always up. It's very short for how powerful it is. So increasing the cooldown a bit could be looked at, I don't think nerfing the range of the ult is needed cause Twitch himself is immobile, and easy to kill if you get on him. He needs more protection than most ADCs.
: Play nasus mid into galio, running ghost flash. Build SOME damage items beyond triforce. Reach point where you can flash ghost onto adc to open fight. Wither them, q them for half their hp and force out galio ult. Or... do full damage sion build, so you zone enemy adc for duration of your life while doing tons of damage and revive and force them to be kiting back the whole time your revived undead body chases them. This gives your team a 4v4 vs an enemy team that essentially has no adc (since he's running for his life to escape sion) while the enemy frontline is still being forced to use their abilities to peel the sion.
Not sure if Nasus would be good against Galio. I mean sure he might win, but he doesn't have much engage really and just kinda runs at you when you consider what Galio does.
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: "J a y c e T o p" and "Jayce Top" are considered two completely different names, so technically, someone else got it.
actually you're wrong. It's the same name. My name was Win Boat, then went to WinBoat after I requested it :)
Glîtchy (NA)
: Countering Kayn (Darkin)?
{{champion:245}} He doesn't beat Ekko.
: Chat logs. The only instances where a player jumps straight to a 14 day ban from nothing is when there is hate speech, calls to self harm, or just extreme toxicity (so bad you would have to be blind to not see what was wrong with it)
I went straight to perm ban over a year ago without chat restriction or 14 day ban. I wasn't using hate speech, or being racist. I made a ticket, Riot reduced it to 14 days punishment. Anyhow, it's been almost over a year now since I got punished. I'm reformed for the most part.
: Banned for 14 days, I wanna make some things clear
I hate how these people don't use the "mute" button to mute a toxic person. The mute button is nearly useless to be honest. People of hate, and racist people, and other hate groups should be banned. But a toxic person shit talking? I don't think it's ban worthy in a video game. Riot somehow needs to make the mute button more relevant. Maybe have the system detector detect something that is bad without the need of a game report, and off in big screen letters during game "mute this player" or something lol.... But nope, people wont ban toxic people, they will fuel the fire to get the toxic person banned. Again, hate speech, racism, homophobia, all that stuff should be banned without question. But honestly in all, you should try to be positive, not be toxic. It sucks, but thats life.
: Someday i dream of a non release Illaoi skin....
Yes. She is getting a skin at some point. Most likely this year at some point for sure.
: I think that only Kled needs that skin. He hasn't gotten a skin for a while now, and Riot should definitely do something about it. Anyway, the skins look awesome. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
I so hope to god he gets the halloween skin this year of some sort.
: List of flex champs
So many flex champs, and in solo Q, anything works in Bronze, Silver, Gold lol.
Aeraphel (NA)
: I'm calling you out RIOT
Next patch this guy will be saying Ornn is OP!!! lol. {{champion:245}} Destroys him. {{champion:72}} Destroys him. {{champion:24}} Maybe destroys him? Kayn is weak. Zac does things better than Kayn does. Go complain about Zac.
Aeraphel (NA)
: I'm calling you out RIOT
Next patch, you'll be saying ornn is broken. Pipe it down son.
: Jax passive is ridiculous
: 23 upvotes in 6 minutes. Suspicious...
> [{quoted}](name=PartyPanda12,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=qci2X45g,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-21T02:07:56.284+0000) > > 23 upvotes in 6 minutes. > > Suspicious... Yeah obviously same guy upvoting.
Ralanr (NA)
: Honestly I'm get tired of this extreme. If tanks should do zero damage than squishies should die to 1 damage. Do you see how dumb these extremes get?
LOL you gonna get downvotes man, these low elo people dont understand. Tanks have to do damage. A squishy champion should build more armor if they don't want to take damage. There is a reason they are glass cannons, there is a reason in every single video game on the entire planet tanks can dish out crazy damage and eff squishies up. It's because THEY NEED TO DO DAMAGE, and EVERY EVERY EVERY single game made in the universe is the exact same way League is in terms of Tanks destroying squishies lol.. Squishies need protection, thats the counter to the whole "tanks have CC". Well PROTECT THEM!!!!! Have your teammates protect you, owait, you cant do it, solo q, now you wonder why tanks seem OP? Cause of bad positioning, no protection, people feeding like crazy getting the tanks ahead when it's not hard.. Just go even. The people complaining are people who can't position well in game. As I tried pointing out to one of the guys, look at pro play. Tanks do the least damage on the entire team ALWAYS nearly. The mid laner, ADC does way more damage. They won't ever understand that tho. Wait until you see ADC's building frozen mallet (like in the NV game 5 tonight midlane kog'maw) and also building one big armor item, they will eventually stop complaining, but its gonna take the pros to do this to convince these followers.
: Should Jungler Shove Minions Into Tower If The Enemy Laner Has TP?
Well, killing the enemy laner anyway gives you some XP advantage, and still gives you gold. If you are the one that nets the kill, thats about 16 CS worth of creeps in terms of gold. As for pushing the lane? Do it. Again you got the xp advantage from the kill, still get some gold, and you force the enemy laner to use their TP so their TP is on CD which can be a big thing if the team is on the same page.
: Does Garen counter Akali? (top)
Garen should win unless Akali is a bit more ahead within 3 kills or so. Otherwise, even match up? Garen wins. Build 1 MR item, and she's done. (She doesn't build void staff first usually, and rushes Gunblade).
: Legit watching 3 tanks and 2 ADC's vs 3 tanks and 2 ADC's in LCS.
Yet, watch them get bursted and die within seconds. So much for "tanks" that people cry about being too strong. They being hit like they are paper.
: i should lose damage playing champions who are intended to be damage threats? no way in hell should a tank with cc on 3 or 4 abilities be allowed to do significant damage
If a tank did no damage at all, they would be useless. They already die quite fast than they did in 2016. In any MMO, MOBA, all tank classes can beat squishies, and deal damage. Get used to it and again, learn to play better. Position better, build correctly. This is secret OP, build frozen mallet on your ADC. Problem solved.
: then you should lose some cc
Then you should lose some attack speed, and damage. Watch the pros play. ADC's always top the DPS graphs, or mid laners. Low elos complain too much. Lots of feeding goes on in low elo, no playing safe. So yeah tanks get fed easy cause they punish low elyo players positions, and mistakes.
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: Riots Matching System
It's true, the system is weird. Riot won't admit it. We don't know how it works, but in my opinion, the system tries to put you at a 50% win rate. I could win 12 games in a row, then turn around and lose 12 getting the not so good players. Win 5, lose 5. Lose 10, win 10. My skill level stays consistent, but yeah. I noticed lately tho, I need to hard carry any match whether its normal or ranked to win the match. Kinda sucks I can't just be the one who gets carried.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: Why is the Automated Banning system SO inconsistent?!
The system works as intended, always consistent. If you are toxic, you get punished. Honestly the system should be lighter on less toxic people. We have a mute button, people should use it. No need to be punished for being toxic ever unless you tell someone to hurt themselves, use racial slurs and stuff. Simply if someone is toxic, mute them.
Doodlzzz (NA)
: We really shouldn't need more than 10 bans
People ban champions that are not OP. That's how come it feels like there isn't enough bans. Also, the duplicate bans.
Riot bans people with money if they act toxic. So how is it all about the money?
meowwow7 (NA)
: you forgot about {{champion:96}}
Dang maybe that's why i already got downvoted!! You just can't win!
: half of those champions are fine ({{champion:157}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:84}} )
True. I'm just saying they need nerfed anyways to appease the ones who like the threads being made about them needing nerfs when they don't. Make any other thread, you get that downvote baby!!
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: > [{quoted}](name=WinBoat,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=cqVlWdbj,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2017-08-17T17:23:40.131+0000) > > Obviously Bronze 5 is the worst rank in the game, and has the absolute worst players in the game. Lots of TP's bot lane, weird picks bot lane, weird picks in general like Janna mid, Janna top, teemo support with teleport. Players who don't ward, listen, communicate, and tilt, and feed. > > No team work, no runes, keystones. Yeah B5 is the worst. > > Anything Diamond and above is not bad at all. Most people in Diamond stuck have just hit their peak, and that's why they don't progress. I've climbed as high as Silver 2 and it's still the same shit. I hear high Platinum players on these boards complain about the same shit at that elo. It doesn't change, no matter the elo.
> [{quoted}](name=XelNiya,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=cqVlWdbj,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2017-08-17T21:40:41.233+0000) > > I've climbed as high as Silver 2 and it's still the same shit. I hear high Platinum players on these boards complain about the same shit at that elo. It doesn't change, no matter the elo. It's not the same at every elo. Regardless of how good they are skill wise, they might not be the most intellect, and that clearly shows when those high rated players say "Oh it happens in every elo". Well no crap sherlock. BUT IT IS DIFFERENT. Why? Because it happens MORE IN LOW ELO, than it does in high elo which is not every game you see stupid picks, feeders, flamers, and everything. In low elo like B5, it's nearly every single game. Silver 2? Silver is the average population, unranked accounts have silver MMR. Silver is your average playerbase with gold slightly above average. So of course Silver is going to be pretty close to how Bronze is. They aren't that much better than Bronze. My statements still stand.
: Honor System
Always honor a teammate. Play lots of matches. You will gain honor and get up there.
thighbot (NA)
: name a worse elo than d3-d1
Obviously Bronze 5 is the worst rank in the game, and has the absolute worst players in the game. Lots of TP's bot lane, weird picks bot lane, weird picks in general like Janna mid, Janna top, teemo support with teleport. Players who don't ward, listen, communicate, and tilt, and feed. No team work, no runes, keystones. Yeah B5 is the worst. Anything Diamond and above is not bad at all. Most people in Diamond stuck have just hit their peak, and that's why they don't progress.
Scopé (EUNE)
: Being marked by Kindred doesn't feel scary? Here's how to fix it without buffing them!
I hope a riot member sees this, brings it to attention. Also, a lot want a little more added. How about a fake ghost of Kindred that can be seen by the player marked who is low and almost dead? Somehow introduce a new mechanic for the champion where a ghost comes from the brushes that are the closest nearby running out towards the champion marked for a second? That would be so amazing. Sadly it would be a rough design and hard to create that effect possibly, but I'm not a game maker, maybe it wouldn't be hard? Maybe put a poofer that just comes out keyframed from a brush close to a dying champion marked. Anyhow, do something, make Kindred more scary and more appealing!! 'Til this day, Kindred has still had the biggest champion launch. Most champions are ignored and forgotten when released. Kindred was really hype, and dodges were happening all weak compared to any other champion after KIndred.
Sujiren (NA)
: Jax kind of struggles to fullfill his lategame melee hypercarry fantasy.
As someone who plays Jax. You are building him wrong. I can already tell you that right now. Jax is a crazy good late game champion. Probably one of the strongest melee 1v1ers in the game who beats most other melees late game. Build Triforce, and Frozen Mallet always. (Yes I actually said Frozen Mallet, just do it, trust me). Also always build a Randuins at some point of the game, and ninjas tabi boots. If the enemy team is AP, it just becomes easy. Rush a Hexdrinker. Anyhow, you are building Jax wrong. As a level 7 Jax, I can say he's amazing, and one of the best. (Call me super crazy, but he's better in the Jungle) can farm free, has a huge range to gap close, and a stun, and massive damage? Yeah Jax is good.
: Wasn't Tristana considred trash tier like a week ago?
It's just sheep. Notice how everyone follows one another? On the boards gameplay, everyone crying about AP champs being weak. Next week they will follow each other and cry about champion X being OP. Tristana hasn't changed. In the LCS, players pick what champions don't get nerfed for whatever patch they playing on, or they play champions that get buffs. Point is. Someone brought out Tristana in LCS, wrecked with it. Now everyone playing Tristana. It's like the player who showed Ziggs "ADC" and took Ziggs bot and won a ton of games, everyone started doing it in the LCS, became a thing. Just like the lucian mid thing. People are sheep.
: > [{quoted}](name=Nahui,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1yLu8M8v,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-17T12:18:12.889+0000) > > Sounds like you can easily fix the blinds issue if you could bear to drop your carry role for a game or two. I don't own him. ((MOD EDIT)) - Removed offensive content. Please refrain from posting comments like this in the future. - Galacius
Then buy him. He's cheap. Take him mid AP. Or, just go do blind pick where you get the bottom of the barrel.
Velthios (NA)
: Champions like Udyr and Volibear really need help
Yeah they could use updates, but I honestly dont want Udyr seeing more buffs. When he's strong he's annoying. Just give him a updated look. Volibear is the same. Buff him? He can become broken.
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