: Okay let's be real, who honestly likes playing against X champion?
As someone who typically plays ranged, squishy champions like mages and marksmen, I usually hate playing against assassins - especially good ones. On the one hand, a lot of assassins take quite a bit of skill to play and knowing when to go in and how to pick out just the right target is pretty valuable. However, I'm not often thinking about that when I'm staring at a grey screen. lol Yasuo, of course, is a champ I definitely don't like laning against, but it varies wildly depending on the skill of the player. To be fair, ANY champion, when played well, could cause me to pull my hair out in frustration. lol If only because I don't like feeling like there's nothing I can do, and in some cases, that's just how it is. They hit their win condition before I could hit mine, and it just means I need to get better at dealing with it. But in the spirit of the thread, and in keeping with not picking an obvious choice, I have to say....Jhin is a champion who I have a surprisingly difficult time against. Like...I've played him, I know what he can do, yet somehow I find myself being chunked for large portions of my health bar, and sometimes I don't even really know how he has as much damage as he does. Somehow, I always seem to get hit by his W and get stunned, which means either I've fought quite a few really skilled Jhin's, or I'm just really bad at dodging. Probably both. lol
: The New Fiddlesticks Design
Wait...is this legit?! Holy crap, he's terrifying! This looks like something out of Silent Hill! It's like some demonic creature found a farm and thought "you know what, I'm just gonna use whatever I can find" and it came up with this monstrosity. It's a vast improvement over the current design in terms of pure creep factor. I do -not- this thing popping out of the bushes in a storm of crows, but that's exactly what it's going to do and I'm going to scream every time.
Knyron (EUW)
: As someone who doesn't care much about lore who the hell is Senna
> [{quoted}](name=Knyron,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=YY3YpF6w,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-10-11T22:10:15.558+0000) > > As someone who doesn't care much about lore who the hell is Senna Lucian's wife, who was killed by Thresh and has her soul stuck in Thresh's lantern.
o Mim o (NA)
: I Think I'm The Oldest Player on the NA Server
It's actually really, really cool to see that an older lady is playing and enjoying the game. That's the last demographic one would expect to be interested in this sort of thing, but here we are, and I think it's great! Keep having fun, and who knows, maybe we'll run into each other on the rift sometime!
: Yes, I really liked the "Sister" / "Kayle" line as well. The thing that kind of sucks about when these new dynamic lores are introduced is that they don't really progress. There is obviously some hidden compassion in Kayle and it doesn't take much to assume that a good story would conclude with her rediscovering this compassion, .. but that is not likely to ever be revealed in the game itself. I imagine that the comics will tackle this story, and I am very interested to see how it goes, .. but even then, .. coming back to the game will always have them at odds.
Yeah, the in-game lore is never really updated to match up with the lore releases...I do look forward to comics and such that expand upon characters' stories, but it might be a bit much to hope that in-game interactions are updated to reflect changes in people's stories. Lore aside, I will say, Kayle looks like she'll be fun to play. lol
: But her (Morgana's) faults are not shown, at all... it's all our interpretation.
Yes, I agree, they do need to do better about showing off Morgana's own faults. Her pain makes her more sympathetic to others, but it also binds her, keeping her entire perspective chained to the pain she felt. Kayle's faults are more clearly displayed, and hopefully the lore does more to give them both their due.
: Kayle/Morgana interactions (My take)
As I see it, they're meant to be two sides of the same coin, but neither of them are completely in the right. Kayle's passionate and driven by her sense of justice, and she understands that sometimes you need to make very difficult choices in order to uphold the law and do what's right. However, in the process, she's put her emotions into a box and has neglected things like mercy and compassion. Morgana is the opposite; she hasn't forgotten mercy nor compassion, and speaks of them both. However, she's also very bitter, and she seems to be of the belief that people should self-govern - like her lines about her own justice, etc. Basically super vigilantism. But the problem with this is that it's not looking at the bigger picture, and if everybody follows their own justice, then anarchy will rain. So really, neither of them are completely right or completely wrong, but people will find Morgana more likeable for sure. However, I do like that Kayle still shows a connection to her sister. One of her ult lines calling out "sister!" was really revealing, and Kayle mentioning how Morgana isn't the only one who has suffered when being attacked, too.
DereC4 (NA)
: Did you like Old load screen or New better?
I like the newer one. It feels sleeker, plus I've noticed I -do- have a quicker time getting into games for the most part. I also didn't know you could click to reveal mastery, so that's pretty neat. Still has all the same info as the last screen but organized better so it isn't taking up so much.
: Is there an ability in the game that you, personally, just can't dodge?
I have gotten hit with Morgana's Q in lane more often than I'd care to admit. Seriously, sometimes it feels like the damned thing's a homing missile for my face. It's a little ironic, considering Lux is my most played character, so you think I'd be able to dodge, but nope. I swear I've aged 30 years trapped in that root. lol
Opop (EUW)
: If they really were so keen on killing mages why would they even imprison Sylas instead do killing him? Lux's own lore states that mages that get revealed are either sent to ''rehabilitation'' or cast away, but not killed In fact in Sylas' lore they when they went to investigate the town for mages they had no intention of killing, at most they wanted to imprison the mage.
Hm, perhaps I misread, but it did seem that Vannis was a little too....kill happy for my liking. Perhaps that was simply him, but I don't appreciate the cruelty to children.
Moody P (NA)
: Why are mages such bad people?
So....we're just gonna ignore the fact that, in Sylas's short story, Vannis is willing to burn down AN ENTIRE VILLAGE just to find one person? And that he was willing to KILL A LITTLE GIRL completely unprompted? And yeah, it's sad that the other guy died, but they wouldn't have been in that situation if they weren't trying to commit a genocide in the first place. You're casting the net pretty wide for what's considered "heinous and unforgivable." And you're grossly oversimplifying things. If the stories in Demacia should be sending any message, it's that willful ignorance and bias lead to horrible, horrible things happening. At this point, Demacia is little better than WWII Germany.
: I don't think they're intentionally slaughtering mages. Rather abducting them unless there's resistance.
I'm gonna go with slaughtering, because if you read Sylas' short story, his mentor was totally fine with bashing in the skull of a defenseless young girl just because she was a mage. They only take in mages when they're useful, like Sylas; otherwise they do outright kill them. There wasn't any talk, wasn't any hint that they were there to do anything other than murder. That's pretty much Sylas's whole motivation, that they're hypocrites, murderers and liars and the whole Demacian system screws over the poor in favor of the rich.
: I think you flopped marksmen and tanks if not then flop it with fighters...... Needing a marksman every game gives them the MOST agency.... The higher elo you get the more you need them, no matter the meta marksmen are always there, no matter the meta marksmen players are top of the charts challenger (exempt top mains because of all the adc mains in high elo getting auto filled top)
> [{quoted}](name=ImGodlyatYasuo,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=TVnuNobh,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-12-24T05:27:25.149+0000) > > I think you flopped marksmen and tanks if not then flop it with fighters...... Needing a marksman every game gives them the MOST agency.... The higher elo you get the more you need them, no matter the meta marksmen are always there, no matter the meta marksmen players are top of the charts challenger (exempt top mains because of all the adc mains in high elo getting auto filled top) Perhaps the term I should have used was "self-sufficiency," since whenever I hear "agency," I always think of how much say that champion has in their own performance. It's true that things are different in coordinated play and at the higher brackets in ranked, but I can only attest to my own experiences, which is definitely at the lower skill level of things.
: Rank the six classes of champions
In terms of agency - i.e. how much impact you have on a game - I'd go with the following: 1. Fighters - they typically have plenty of tools to get up in your face, but unlike tanks, they also have the damage to take down just about anybody. If you know what you're doing with them, they're probably the easiest class to actually carry a game with, since they're not usually team reliant and they typically have a good deal of survivability in their kits or items. A good number of the strongest champions in the game right now are fighters, either in top or jungle (especially in jungle), and when they snowball, they're practically impossible to shut down. 2. Tanks - although most of them aren't doing the best right now, the massive amounts of crowd control they pack in their kits alone makes their presence noteworthy in a game. A good tank player is going to find themselves right in the thick of things and causing as much disruption as possible, and although they don't have the raw damage that other classes have, they can be quite a proper pain. If you don't have any form of penetration on your team, then good luck dealing with them. 3. Supports - traditional supports these days also aren't doing the absolute best, but there's no denying that they can't be ignored. Especially in the early game, when they can heal back any damage you try to do to their carry and you don't yet have the power to stop it, they can make laning a major pain. And later on in the game, their CC and peel can completely shut down aggressive plays. It's true that most of them are squishy, but their items and kits usually help to mitigate this with all kinds of fancy things. 4. Mages - with probably the most pure, raw damage output of any class in the game, mages have an advantage of attacking from range and, most of the time, doing massive damage to any poor sucker caught in their spells. They also sometimes come with some form of CC, like a stun or root, that makes landing their combos easier. However, I didn't rank them higher because they come with some pretty big drawbacks - they're item reliant, for one thing, and run out of mana pretty fast in the early game, most of them are squishy and don't fair well when someone manages to jump on them, and if they're not able to score a kill once burning their rotation, they're pretty helpless until things come off cooldown. 5. Assassins - now before I'm crucified, I will say, I think assassins are pretty powerful right now. Whether that's a meta thing, an item problem, a problem with individual champions or some combination thereof, it's hard to deny that some assassins are doing very, very well. However, what makes me place them this low is that they've only got one real job, and if they can't perform it, then they're useless. Assassins excel at taking out single targets or finishing off weakened one, but this absolutely requires them to do well in the lane phase. If they get set back, then they're not going to be of any help whatsoever. If you know what you're doing, then they can easily run off with a game, but if you get unlucky or can't get a lead, then you're barely going to have an impact. 6. Marksmen - this might be controversial, but I truly do believe that marksmen have the least agency of all classes. Not because they aren't important - as a matter of fact, some people would claim that they're too important because "every team needs a marksman." And this is actually what puts them this low; everyone is gunning for them as a matter of principal. A late-game marksman is one of the scariest things to face....but it's so very rare for them to get to that point. Marksman have SO many weaknesses that can be exploited - they're squishy, extremely item AND team reliant, most have little or no CC in their kits, so they can't do anything to protect themselves, and those that do have their CC on their ultimates, and even if they get to late game, they're still extremely fragile, so one misstep and they WILL get blown up by the enemy mage or assassin or fighter. There's a handful of exceptions, but most of them are in the same boat.
: My beloved cat is being hospitalised overnight.
Aw man, that's the worst for any pet owner....My prayers with you and your kitty tonight! I hope you get good news in the morning!
: The fact that we're going back to 1 rework : 1 new champion release makes me sad.
From your list, I half agree, half disagree with who's on it. I don't think it's bad to have simple or straightforward champions - in fact, they're kinda necessary. You can't expect someone new to the game to pick up someone like Yasuo or LeBlanc and feel comfortable using them. Plus, some people just enjoy simpler champions, myself included. But as to the rate of new champs to new reworks, I think Riot's got a good system going on with them having several teams working on different projects at once. In all honesty, I can't say I have a preference, so long as a rework or new champ is done right. For reworks, they should solve issues that were present in the first iteration's kit while also expanding the character and making them more fleshed out in terms of personality and lore. For new champions, they should do something new and/or interesting, either in their kit, their theme or their playstyle, and their character should be an interesting addition to the lore. I'd equally love to see a rework of an older champ like Malphite or the angel sisters as much as I'd love to see a new champion covering some new ground. Heck, I'd even love to see new champions tackling older themes in new ways, like for example having a wind mage who focuses more on the "raging storm" offensive power as opposed to Janna's healing, protective wind spirit theme. So I think that, so long as the designs are good and well thought out, I'm fine with whatever the next new releases are.
: It's probably a champion teaser for the chain champ.
> [{quoted}](name=LightningShado,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=tmf6cWnI,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-12-07T00:35:36.376+0000) > > It's probably a champion teaser for the chain champ. Part of me agrees, but we literally just got Neeko. Would they release another new champ so soon? Although there -was- a big gap between Pyke and Neeko that was only reworks....
: Opinions on PBE nerfs for Akali, Irelia and LeBlanc?
I'm fine with the amount of damage Akali and Leblanc do, because as assassins, their job is -supposed- to be to blow you up quickly. This is tackling how easily they can escape punishment for their mistakes, and I do like how now they can't rely on those mechanics as much. I actually don't find Akali that oppressive to lane against, but how long her shroud is allowed to stick around annoys me. I'm glad that's being toned down a bit. And Leblanc not being able to bounce around as much is always welcome, too. lol As for Irelia, I don't play top lane near as much, but I do appreciate less tankiness for surviving a bad dive. However, I also don't think this in particular is what makes her hard to deal with. She probably needs a bit of a tune down in how much damage she does to marked enemies, especially with how easily she can get her Q to reset. But otherwise, I don't think she needs more than that. People who are good with her are REALLY good with her, but I don't want the champion to be killed off completely.
Fleiryn (EUW)
: Bounty changes and turret plating are actually a step in the right direction
I haven't been able to play a lot of games yet, but from the few I have, I've liked what I've seen so far. I don't know why people think turret plating hasn't changed anything, it's been noticeably more difficult to damage towers while they're up. If you lose a turret before the plating goes down, then you either have the entire enemy team pushing your lane, or you screwed up real bad somewhere along the line, so losing a turret early feels more like your fault than just them being made of tissue paper. I haven't really seen or tested out everything yet, but I do like the bounty indicators now, so now we know who the most valuable target is, and it feels easier to keep up with a team that might otherwise just steam roll. I'll have to play more to see how things really go, but so far, I'm content.
: So I looked up Kog'maw to see why I haven't seen one in a while...
Part of the reason Kog isn't doing as well as he should right now is because assassins are literally everywhere. For them, he's a prime meal waiting to happen because of how vulnerable and squishy he is. He has no form of mobility, CC, peel or anything that other marksmen do, meaning once someone jumps on him, he's gonna die. And as mentioned by someone else, he's not going to do as well unless a team coordinates to protect him. His lategame is absolutely insane, but he's almost never going to get there. The meta really doesn't favor him, to the point where only mains really play him, hence the high win rate but really low pick rate. Once there's a shift towards a tankier meta, then he'll rise up more in popularity. Until then, I'm afraid he's probably gonna be bottom of the barrel. Which sucks, cause I really like him. lol
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ChunLii (NA)
: Riot listed the following champion for Mini VGU Which ones do you want to see the most?
Where'd they say those four were next up for consideration for mini-VGUs? Well of those four, I think either Blitzcrank or Jax could use it the most....
: My Champion Design Tier List
Firstly, you're only missing two champs: Elise and Kalista Secondly....I'll admit, your list here has me confused on a lot of placements. I suppose it doesn't help that I don't know what you view as "healthy" and "unhealthy," or what your criteria is for what makes a good or bad design. I'd certainly amend your post to include that information, so people aren't left scratching their heads. Having opinions is all well and good, but when there's nothing to gauge it with, we can only measure it against our own subjective opinions, which is just gonna lead to a lot of people wondering what you're trying to convey. Lastly, I'm noticing that a lot of the more mechanically complex champions are towards the top, while more simpler ones are towards the bottom. Note there are some exceptions to this, but I'm wondering why precisely that is. Complexity =/= good design, just like simplicity =/= bad design. I find it very interesting precisely because some of the high-up champions on this list (Thresh, Yasuo, GP, Nidalee) are ones that most people seem to complain about, while ones that people don't are towards the bottom (Vel'Koz, Sivir, Warwick). It's an inverse that I'm curious about. (I will say, I agree with most of E and trash tier. Some of those designs need a real overhaul)
: what do YOU think an ADC is supposed to do.
I, too, play a lot of marksmen, and judging from the comments, it looks like I share a lot of opinions. I do think that marksmen should be weaker in the early game, thus justifying both their need for a support and their late-game scaling. In terms of kits and abilities, they should provide mostly damage, but having utility (like Ashe's hawkeye, Ezreal's warp, Sivir's spell shield) to help survive a bit would be good. They shouldn't have super heavy CC in their kits unless it's an ultimate ability, and they should be pretty reliant on their team to survive to a point where they can be self-sufficient. They shouldn't really be a big threat until around the mid-late game (unless they get fed, but that's a rule for literally everyone), where they have 2 or 3 items to really kick things off. By late game, they should be THE biggest damage threat from pure DPS - "death of a thousand cuts" does sound more appropriate. If they're alone against most enemies, they should probably die even at this point in the game (mages and assassins should nuke them, melee fighters should have the means of sticking to them and deleting them before the marksman can take them down), but if they're properly protected and position well, then they should be able to get the maximum damage output. I don't think they should have a lot of outplay tools in their kits, either. What they SHOULDN'T be is burst-per-second ranged assassins that melt people before they can retaliate. They also shouldn't be so weak that they're basically just food for any assassin who happens to be around. They should naturally have strengths that other classes don't - ranged DPS and objective taking, for example - but also should have weaknesses - not good during the early game, very squishy and not self-sufficient - to make them balanced. Granted, there are exceptions to this rule. Hell, Jhin is so different, I wonder if he might be his own class, but I think making lethality less appealing to marksmen would be ideal. I'm really not sure how to do that, but it'd help solve some of the OP marksmen right now. Though to be fair, I also think most marksmen are in a pretty good place right now.
Fasmodey (EUW)
: Ezreal Special Interactions
I know some people complain that Ezreal seems way more cocky now, but I'm not sure I'd call him that so much as I'd say he's immature, or he doesn't quite connect the dots between his actions and the consequences. He reminds me of your typical teenage boy, really, which is by no means a bad thing. And a red post DID say that they placed him early-on in his character story arc, so naturally we're going to see plenty of personality flaws. For what we've seen so far, I do like what they've done with him so far. He feels pretty realistic, all things considered. He's cocky and brash in areas he's comfortable with, but when he sees things he knows he probably can't handle, he panics a bit but tries to keep up the bravado anyway (see Aurelion Sol, Ascended, Darkin, etc.) I feel like he's a well-rounded character and I'm interested in seeing future stories for his development. ^^
Skorch (NA)
: Where the Villians at?
Now when you say "villain".....in what capacity do you mean? Like, for the entire League universe as a whole? Because if you mean like that, then I think they kinda have the Void for that.... But I have to say, I respectfully disagree with you about a "lack of villains" in League. Some of the champions you mentioned are VERY villainous - just because they may have some sympathetic characteristics doesn't mean they're not villainous, just more complex. If you were to ask Shen or Akali, I'm pretty sure they'd agree Zed is definitely a villain (the man murdered Shen's father and took over their monastery because he thought his own sense of justice was better than everybody else's). And Thresh is for-sure a villain - Lucian's entire story arc is basically a revenge arc aiming to fill him full of holy lead "for Senna!!!" Just because there may be "bigger fish" in the pond, doesn't mean that these guys are less villainous. It depends on the role they're meant to play in their stories. The very thing you're pointing out is what -makes- a compelling villain - everybody is the protagonist of their own story. Nobody serious is going around thinking "man, I LOVE being evil! How can I be totally villainous today?" We have a character like that in Veigar, and the thing is....he's kinda a parody of that sort of thing. It's clear that NOBODY takes him seriously because he's basically a cartoon supervillain in a world where that sort of thing just isn't realistic. It makes him look crazy and insane and more than a little childish. Great villains are SUPPOSED to be working towards what they think is good. They're supposed to have a motive and a purpose to their actions aside from "I am super evil, fear me!" When I hear the term "supervillain," I can't help but think of the childishly cartoonish characters from Saturday morning TV shows. If this isn't your intention and I'm misreading you, please feel free to correct me, but I'm of the opinion that villains who land in a darker shade of grey tend to be the most effective at doing their literary job. However, I will agree with you on two points. One, we definitely need more lore showing League's various baddies actually DOING bad things. We get bios and stories that make them sympathetic, but we also need stories that show us why we don't want these people getting their way. I think the reason why you feel there's a lack of villains isn't because there IS a lack of villains, but because that villainy hasn't been the focus in all the new stories and bios. The second thing I agree with is a lack of independent villains. Most of our cast of baddies are working with some higher force, or are otherwise tethered by something or someone else's will. Granted, this doesn't take away from their villainy in most cases, but it'd be nice having a powerful villainous force that has their own agenda.
: I don't think "boring" champions are a problem or should be changed just because they're "boring".
If by "boring," you mean "simple," then I totally agree with you. Simple champions need to exist in the game, both for new players to the game and for those who don't like playing super-mechanical champions. I know I tend to prefer champions that are a little more simple in terms of gameplay. But if by "boring" you mean "unfulfilling to play," I think that's an issue. If there's an issue with a champion's kit where they don't actually feel fun to play as, then that's something that should be ironed out. Granted, this is a subjective feeling rather than an objective truth, but I think that if enough people said "hey, this doesn't feel nice to use," then it'd be worth investigation.
EkyonKun (NA)
: Getting a kitten was the best decision of my life so far
Aww, little kittens like that are a total blessing! I never raised a kitten, but my family has 2 cats that we adopted from the shelter, one we took in as a stray, and now we have another stray who we're trying to take in, too. There's something about the sort of unconditional love animals give that's just awesome. Hope all continues to go well with you and your little fluff! You've got a best friend for years to come!
: Why is it that if a woman sleeps with 10 men she is a "hoe"
XD Was not what I was expecting. Had a chuckle. Well played.
: Is the new meta actually fun or terrible?
On the one hand, I actually do appreciate the diversity we've been seeing as of late. It's fun and interesting seeing champions get taken just about anywhere and it could potentially work. We've got Taliyah as a top tier jungler, Yasuo and Mordekaiser as two of the best botlaners right now, and people can pretty much play anything anywhere. I know a lot of people were complaining about how marksmen were mandatory in every game because their items were just too good, but now that they've been handily nerfed, they've become optional like a lot of people wanted. On the other hand, there's some real cheesy things going on that aren't exactly fun for anybody, like gold funneling and one-lane fiestas. Since I mainly play mages and marksmen, I feel like I personally am not having a whole lot of fun with this crazy meta because my champs are the ones who have suffered the most in it. With assassins and bruisers literally everywhere now, I get my butt kicked more often than not and it isn't very enjoyable. That and with how snowbally the game is right now, I don't have the time to scale up like I used to. So while I don't mind it that there's a wider range of champions who can play anywhere, I don't think that it's always a good thing (just look at Yi-Taric, for example), and I'd have to say that I personally don't think I'm liking this very much. But I'll also admit that there's a bias on my part there because I don't like the fact that the champs I like to play feel pretty useless right now. If there are some balance changes to bring some of the more oppressive things down or bring some of what's struggling up to par, then I won't mind it so much. But with all these mobile bruisers and assassins bouncing around, all my poor immobile squishies are not having a good time.
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Mansana (NA)
: Can't Wait for the next Road Map. Who's Next?
Well we know Akali and Nunu are next on the VGU pipeline, so I expect we'll hear Nunu's official announcement and see some stuff from Akali's VGU in the next roadmap. As for the next new champ, who knows? We just got an ADC and a support, so that means most likely we're going either a mage of some sort or a new juggernaut/bruiser champ. It likely wouldn't be an assassin because Pyke is part assassin AND Akali is getting her VGU, and with Nunu most likely getting his own VGU, it likely wouldn't be a tank either since Nunu is kinda like one. I'm leaning towards a mage though since Irelia's VGU was more recent than Swain's, but that's just a guess.
: (I changed my boards name but it's me, Gentleman Gustaf, your friendly neighborhood patch notes writer) Conqueror is living up to its name a bit *too* well, with bruisers conquering top lane as of late. The true damage conversion is helping them shred through tanks too efficiently, so we're starting by dialing that back. We'll be keeping an eye on its strength in this shifting meta and revisiting it in future patches as necessary.
Sounds about what I was aiming for! lol It's pretty cool having the actual patch notes writer coming by and making everything sound official, even if it isn't. Although if some of these things are actually WIPs, then that'd be pretty cool too....XD
: 10-55 AD, 12% true conversion, 6 seconds duration but doesn't refresh on DoTs, true damage works with lifesteal like IE was my suggestion. Make it more appealing to Kled and such, but still good for Jax.
That seems pretty reasonable, I think. Although how would true damage and lifesteal interact? The lifesteal just heals more from the hit that deals the true damage, I presume? I don't want to make sustain too powerful, because we all know how fun that is to play against. lol
: I was actually having a discussion with a playtester after-game about the state of Conqueror and he said pretty plainly that Conqueror is, if anything, _underperforming_ compared to other runes. It's real problem is its unnatural effectiveness on certain champions that can utilize it best (really just Yasuo). A large issue with Conqueror is in how it's activated; gating it behind 4 seconds means that it can very often be entirely unused in certain teamfight scenarios. The true damage is also negligible in effectiveness versus squishy targets. Perhaps there's a discussion around tanks being pulled out of top by these fighters, but considering the recent popularity of Ornn and Singed; I'd say this absolutely isn't the case. Poppy is also becoming increasingly popular. I think the way to solve the tank crisis (so to speak) is by changing some of the itemization of tank items. The primary issue that tanks have currently, in my opinion, is that they aren't really tanky; and that's not so much because of runes like Conqueror and damage increase over time. It's mostly because of the consistent changes made to tanks over the years. They've really only been nerfed. Itemization is probably the first issue to tackle. Sunfire Cape needs to be a stronger minion killer, and tanks in general need to build tanky again. Items like Righteous Glory and Banner of Command aren't very tanky compared to more standard tank items like Randuin's Omen, Warmog's Armor, Frozen Heart, etc. But these items aren't really popular because the alternatives give more utility and are cheaper. I'm not entirely sure how tanks should be changed, but things need to change for tanks if we want to see them being played more often (at least in the top lane, where discussion about tanks and conqueror are most pertinent).
That seems to be a general consensus, that on some champions it's too good, but on others, it's too weak. I don't think Yasuo is the only champion who can consistently make use of it well, although he's certainly one of them. My thought on the matter is that it's more problematic in lane than it is in team fights, and with how early-game oriented and snowbally the game is right now, that seems to hurt more. A lot of snowball champions take Conqueror and when they get that lead going, then there really isn't anything that can be done to stop them. And part of that is definitely because tanks are just plain obsolete right now, with a small handful of exceptions. Their itemization just isn't very good and doesn't provide them with a lot of tools to do their jobs, while a lot of other groups have tools to deal with tanks in multiple ways. The fact that Conqueror does true damage does mean that tanks are going to suffer the most for it, and with other classes already having tank-buster items (hello there, Last Whisper family) that bruisers can also make use of, that's a lot of tank shredding. Tanks might fair better in the jungle, but there's a lot of early-game oriented skrimishers or snowbally Conqueror users there too who'd eat them for breakfast (hello Graves, Yi and Xin, just to name a few). A lot of the changes to the game have made assassins and bruisers the flavor of the month, and with this patch basically having more cheese than a dairy farm right now what with the whole "the meta doesn't exist anymore" thing, it's lead to games ending so quickly that tanks don't even have the time to get tanky, just like how a lot of crit-based ADCs are kinda trash because they can't come online fast enough anymore and some mages are having trouble getting to the point where their burst actually matters. And that's not all an issue because of Conqueror, definitely not, but I feel like Conqueror definitely helps contribute to the snowball on the champions that CAN make use of it. Like I said, I don't want to see it dead, I just want to see it more equalized so the outliers aren't so oppressive, and more champions can make use of it without feeling too gated by its costs.
: That doesn't fix any of the problems with the rune. You're just nerfing Trinity bruisers while Cleaver bruisers are still unviable since Conqueror gives too little AD. Then there's the issue of the rune's duration being bad and only Darius gets around that using his passive being a DoT.
To be fair, Trinity bruisers like Irelia and Camille feel like they need a nerf anyway. Irelia's a god in like two lanes and potentially a third if she gets brought bot more now that we've gone full anarchy here. lol If it helps a bit, I wouldn't mind if the AD that was gained was increased to compensate and help out Cleaver bruisers if they're struggling, but I still think the true damage needs to be lowered. As for the rune's duration when it's active, I'm not sure about touching it. Even if it isn't ideal now, letting it come online more often or for longer could be an outright buff instead of just a power shift. Maybe if once it activated it lasted for 5 seconds instead of 3, that'd be reasonable, but I don't think it should be easier to proc. The last thing we need is level 1 true damage melting people because they dared to fight the bruisers.
: Experiment: Community Patch Notes
Conqueror - true damage conversion lowered from 20% to 15% I feel like Conqueror might be a bit too strong at the moment, and it's part of the reason why so many bruisers are running around everywhere. Toning it down would give other champions a fighting chance without being deleted in an instant, but I don't want to completely kill the keystone since it's nice that bruisers are finally having their time in the sun, so to speak.
: If you mean stat CHECK champions, then the only ones I could even think of being stat check champions in that list are Yi and Tryndamere. A stat check champion is one who either has the damage to kill you or doesn't, and can't do anything else otherwise. Udyr can still stun you for his teammates and gank somewhat reliably, as can Jax who also has ways to make battles more in his favor. Kogmaw could be considered one of those, but that's just the nature of all ADCs pretty much. He just can't get there like he used to as on-hit builds practically require you to be full build to work well. Good examples of stat check champions are Olaf and Mundo. If they're behind they're just walking bags of gold. If they're ahead they can just mow you down. Olaf is probably the best example honestly. If you get into a close range fight with him, he's literally going to do one thing, auto attack you until you're dead or he is, with an E or two inbetween. He doesn't really have a way to counterplay you, and you don't really have a way to counterplay him. It's literally just about who can deal more damage to the other. They're not talking about champions who gain stats from abilities, but champions who are literally "do I have enough damage to kill my opponent? If yes, I win ,if no, I can't do anything" because there is no counterplay involved. These types of champions are generally more simple champions like Mundo and Olaf, like I mentioned. Yi would definitely be considered one of those as well, but he can generally be killed even if ahead. It's just really difficult if he's a good enough Yi to dodge CC with his Q, whereas someone like Mundo takes a team of five with at least one of them having GW. It's kind of the same with Olaf vs melee champions. You can only hope you are able to kill him before he's able to lifesteal all his health back. As for these types of champions, I do feel they need reworks, especially Mundo. He's always a volatile champion. Every time they buff him even slightly he can just become god tier, and if they nerf him slightly he can end up in the gutter. I don't think we've had him actually be at a balanced spot ever(if we have, it's been very rare and some slight change puts him back into his crazy habit of either oppressive or useless).
Stat stick, stat check, I would use those interchangeably, so yeah, pretty much! I can't believe I forgot about Mundo....he's crazy annoying to deal with. I guess the main reason I overlooked him is because he's not quite as popular as the other champs I listed. But he and Olaf definitely do fall into that stat check category. The main reason I focused a lot on the stat-giving abilities is because I feel like that contributes a lot to why some champions are "can I kill you or not" like you said. When you get all the stats you want from button presses, there's really nothing anybody can do about it, so there really isn't any counterplay. That's what I'm hoping gets changed when they eventually do go down the VGU pipeline.
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Wolfeur (EUW)
: I was listening to Aatrox' new VO and thought "Everyone is gonna hate it sooo much"
I don't really know about people's opinions, but his line about Rhaast being stuck in the gardening section killed me. XD
: Nerf ALL damage done by champions with 10%
I get what you want, but I think the better option would be to increase base defenses by 10% instead of lowering damage by 10%. Not all champions are created equal in that regard, even if it feels like everyone and their mother hits like a truck, but I think that's less because damage is too high and more because defenses are too low. If damage went down by 10% across the board, then taking objectives becomes ten times harder and would probably drag the laning phase out until 30 minutes, at least, especially if you're nerfing every damage item in the game, too. Assassins (which I think are too strong right now thanks to all the indirect and direct buffs they've gotten and hence the reason why it feels like everyone oneshots) wouldn't be able to do their job of assassinating important targets, so they'd be kind of useless. Burst mages would suffer a similar problem, especially since they've already gotten heavily gated with mana. ADCs would have lower damage AND slower attack speed, so their two main purposes - taking objectives and shredding tanks - becomes something that'd take forever to accomplish. And speaking of tanks, they'd probably become OP on the pure basis of no one having enough damage to actually kill them. If the game becomes a battle of attrition, then naturally tanks are going to be insane. Not only that, but it'd make jungling extremely unforgiving in the early part of the game, if no one has the damage needed to clear camps without taking half their health bar or more every time they go for it. Lowering damage by that much on everybody and everything would require the entire game to be completely rebalanced, and not really in a fun way. The main reason it feels like everybody is getting oneshot is because we're kind of in an assassin/bruiser meta right now, where tanks aren't very strong and there are squishy targets everywhere. I think it'd be more pragmatic to deal with the cases who are actually dealing too much damage where they don't need to be rather than bringing it down across the board without consideration.
: [RANT] Stop losing on Difficult Champions while hating Simpler Champions
I don't have an issue with a champion being simple. I don't think a champion needs to be overly complex to be enjoyable, but there are a handful of cases where I think simplicity might be a bad thing. When you're basically nothing but a walking ball of stats and your opponents don't really have a means of doing anything to you, that's not fun at all. I think Mundo's a good example in very recent memory about why designs like his aren't healthy for the game. He was crap before they gave him that massive buff, and thus reminded us all why he WAS crap before - champs like Mundo are just too oppressive when they're strong. Imo, Tryndamere is in the same boat, especially with Conqueror. Granted there ARE simple champions that I don't think are really oppressive at all - Ashe, Amumu and Illaoi come to mind - but there are certainly some who frustrate me beyond all reasoning.
SSmotzer (NA)
: Wait a minute... is Pyke Nautilus?
Okay, now THAT is an interesting theory....Nautilus being the undead body, and Pyke being the undead soul of the same person....Wow, makes you wonder who that guy was in life that he ended up spawning two powerful undead beings like that. And some things do support it, too, like how Nautilus doesn't really remember much of anything from his time alive. Damn. If this turns out to be real, I'd actually be pretty hyped.
: Pyke: The Bloodharbor Ripper | New Champion Teaser - League of Legends
Looks like we're finally getting our sea monster champ! Yay! Also holy crap he's gruesome. I almost feel sorry for the poor schmucks he's going after. I know he's supposed to be a support, but I do hope he's allowed in other lanes.
Wygol (EUW)
: Nothing breathes (new) life into a champion like a VO update.
I totally get what you mean. When Lux got her VO update, it didn't change who she was, just gave us more to work with. She's bubbly and bright and cheery, but there are a few lines that tell you there's more on her mind. I really hope Riot does take some time to give champions more VO updates in the future. I know that's not always easy or available because of conflicting schedules, but if they can manage it sometime, it'd be really neat!
: Will Runeterra blow itself back to the stone age before the age of Hextech arrives?
I think I can recall a Rioter answering a post similar to this one, saying something along the lines of "with so much danger in the world of Runterra, it's rather surprising they haven't all already been destroyed, isn't it?" That makes me think that there is someone or something that is intentionally keeping things from getting any worse than they already are. However, what this something(s) or someone(s) would be, I have no idea. Still, it's interesting to think about!
KuraSei (NA)
: Surprised Kayn has only one skin
Kayn is someone who probably won't get a lot of skins because they'd basically have to make 3 skins in one. We can at least hope that means that any skins he DOES get will end up being pretty high quality, but it's a lot of work into one champion.
: Guess what champion I am
I'm gonna say Udyr. I see a lot of other guesses, most popular seem to be Volibear and Mundo, but I don't think that it's either of them. For Volibear, I wouldn't consider his flip to be a "minor" CC - displacement is a pretty big power play. As for Mundo, I'll admit I don't play him, but it's always been my impression that most of his damage comes from his abilities, specifically his W and Q. There's been quite a few times where a Mundo has ulted, run at me with Sunfire blazing and W active and I die just standing next to him. It COULD be Mundo, but I'm more inclined to say Udyr - literally his WHOLE KIT is running at a guy and pressing buttons and he's mainly a jungler. But all three of them do need a rework. lol
: lux changes- E more counterplay, buffs to everything else
I'll take the nerfs to her E since everything else is getting buffed. lol They've said repeatedly that her E being the way it is makes it hard to meaningfully buff her, so taking some power out of it and putting it elsewhere is fine by me. I really like the lower CDs the most.
Ifneth (NA)
: Can’t Relate to The Hate
I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't really have a problem with the game in general. I see a lot of complaints and I can't help but wonder where it's coming from. lol Yeah I lose a lot, but that's because I'm actually pretty bad at this game, so I kind of expect it. But I don't really think the game is in such a horrible state, and I think a lot of things are a lot more viable than some people think.
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