: I know that there was some discussion of being able to directly purchase champion shards through the shop with IP rather than hoping to achieve them through hextech boxes so that folks can more easily achieve their mastery for their champs of choice. Is that something we will be seeing in this patch, or is it still in the works?
The Mystery Champion Shard is now available in the store for IP :) (NA only right now, other regions coming)
: It's even worse for those of us who already own all the champions. It's literally useless ._.
The champion complaint is totally legit. We have a solution in the works and are going to add alternative uses for champion shards and/or blue essence in the future.
Retillin (NA)
: So key's get rarer and rarer.... >Or said another way, each incremental key fragment drop is harder than the last Or they don't? >Keys fragments don't keep getting rarer and rarer If it becomes harder to get one each time you get one, they do become rarer and rarer......
These quotes are missing important context around the sentences, but, nonetheless, they are definitely confusing and let me try to rephrase: Within a player's month, keys fragments drop less frequently, as that player earns more fragments. However, this system resets monthly, so it doesn't get infinitely harder. There's a cycle of faster and slower periods throughout the year.
: ***
Keys fragments don't keep getting rarer and rarer - the earn rate resets every month (on a per player basis). I think the best metaphor I can give on keys is similar to a leveling system. Every level you get a key fragment. Earlier levels take less XP than later levels, as with pretty much all video games. Each (player) month you're reset to level 0 (which means it's now easier to get keys again). This structure helps newer players or players that can't play a bunch in a given month still make meaningful progress towards unlocking their chests without giving super engaged players all of their key fragments day 1.
: After getting 4 chests, key fragments no longer seem to drop for a lot of people.
Hey all, Just want to help clarify some things about key drop rates: Key drop rates are NOT linear and only wins have a chance of dropping a key. So you will earn key fragments much faster in your earlier wins than you will in your later wins. Or said another way, each incremental key fragment drop is harder than the last (on average... there is variance). This resets on a monthly basis for each player individually. The goal is to create a nice ebb and flow. Grade does NOT impact key drop chance. Premades DO increase drop chance. Chests earned has no impact on key drop chance. There is variance and randomness (with limits). It's unlikely that what happened to your friend will happen to you. Hope that helps clarify :)
: Hey guys! We're currently in the process of turning everything on. Hang tight :)
It's on. Gogogogogogo! :)
: Hextech Crafting is now live in NA!
Hey guys! We're currently in the process of turning everything on. Hang tight :)
: Why not make $5 get 500RP? Mystery Gifts are ~490, a 975RP skin on sale is 487. Are you guys purposefully making it so the closest price point is short by so few RP? Mystery Gift... 490 RP - 475 RP = 15 RP short Skin Sale....... 487 RP - 475 RP = 12 RP short
Good idea, changed the base 5 CAD pack to have enough for a Mystery purchase / on sale skin. Thanks for commenting!
: Remember when Riot adjusted RP price when the Canadian was stronger than the US dollar? Yeah, me neither.
Canadian players had to use USD to purchase RP until [we implemented local currency](http://forums.na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=4731774) in 2014 to give players the option to pay in their home currency. Since then the general trend between USD and CAD has only been in one direction, so as I mentioned to Swerzz (check out my reply for more of our thinking) we have not yet encountered the situation you described.
Swerzz (NA)
: As much as i know why you're doing this, It still sucks and feels like a bit of a slap to the face. Hopefully the Canadian dollar will get back to par with the American dollar, then we can all go back to paying the same price. Thou i don't see that happening anytime soon. If this trend continues. Will there ever be a time where 10$ Canadian will equal less then 975RP? Because, as much as i love League, I can't justify paying more then 10$ on a 975RP Skin. Also, if the dollar does get better. Will you change the rates back to where they where before (10$ = 1275RP)? Even if that somehow happens before next years adjustment period?
We hear you on this. This is not a post I enjoy making and we share in your hopes that the CAD will rebound soon. Like I mentioned we do our best to make sure that the prices do not fall below certain breakpoints (e.g. 10CAD for 975) even if the numbers don't strictly work out. **Edit since you added a question:** As for adjustments the other way, honestly it's not something that economic trends have yet hit us with. We don't want to make changes so often that it becomes something players have to constantly worry about or plan around, so we are going to try and stick to the yearly evaluation. There are many reasons why price adjustments might be necessary (e.g. inflation, major investments etc.), and at the end of the day we need to be flexible and adaptive to changing circumstances. Our main goal for NA is balance, so if we see a major jolt in currencies the other way, we would certainly have to consider changing prices.
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ˆDekoˆ (EUW)
: Can you get Legacy/Legendary/Ultimate skins? Really looking forward to this new System ^^
Dantilq (EUW)
: Will there be unique skins for crafting/loot or for mastery?
This is a great idea! and definitely something we'll look into experimenting with
orent15 (EUNE)
: will the cost of the skin affect the amount of shards that you will get from Disenchanting their shard?
Yep, the skin RP value drives the disenchant and upgrade value (meaning more expensive skins give more essence and cost more essence to upgrade)
: Can you get skins for champions you don't own?
iTzMattuu (EUNE)
: can i buy those cases?
Yes you can get a chest or a key at 125 RP and we'll likely offer a bundle of the two at a discount for 195 RP
: Are every skin available?
Legacy, Legendary, Ultimate are in. Limited are not.
: if i get a chest on a champion then i use it can i get an other chest after i use the first one ?
Nope - 1 chest per champion per season (regardless if you cash in that chest or not)
Oscolot (NA)
: Have you considered adding some kind of IP sink into this system (keys, extra chest slots, etc. for IP)? As someone who has been playing for 6+ years having something to spend my 100k+ IP on would be fantastic. If I already own all the champs will I still get champ essences? If so, and I can use them to unlock new champs when they come out this will make IP worth even less, as the only thing I could spend it on would be name changes. If you aren't considering any sort of IP sink in this system, can you comment on any plans to make IP relevant again to older players? Thanks!
Hey Cyrus 2016! We didn't include any IP sink in this iteration of the system, since we wanted it to be valuable to both new and old players and thought it was better to just give away the rewards for free rather than to (IP) charge for them. With that being said, the problem of large IP balances is definitely on our radar and we're looking at ways to help improve the situation this year.
Pankin (EUW)
: How many shards would it generally take to obtain a skin? Would it require more/less differently priced skins?
For upgrades, it depends on the value of the thing you're trying to upgrade, as well as the value of the things you're try to disenchant. For re-rolls, it just takes 3 shards of the same content type (e.g. 3 skin shards) to get a permanent.
: Are you not worried that you will loose a lot of money from adding these rewards? and what pushed you to actually implementing them?
Hey Ancienthardcore, Great question! We don't try to maximize dollars earned, but rather find a win-win balance of Player Value and Riot Value. We wanted to improve rewards and progression within League of Legends and thought the loot and mastery reward systems would be a great way to give players cool content for playing League and performing well with a diverse group of champs. We are also trying to bring players some of the lowest price points and biggest discounts for purchased content, so players can more easily build their collections.
: 1) How many things can be in a chest at a minimum, considering there's a cap of 4 per month? 2) About how many disenchantments of loot would it take to create something out of it? 3) Would you be willing to raise/lower the cap on chests gained or chest/key RP cost if it came to it? 4) Pasta or rice?
Hey Noble Poro! First off, amazing name.. I love it! :) 1) Minimum 1 item - typically a shard. Occasionally there can be an additional component in there like essence. 2) Depends on the value of the thing you're trying to upgrade and what you're disenchanting. Anywhere from one to many 3) We're definitely going to be tuning and iterating over time based on player feedback 4) Pasta for dinner, rice for lunch. ALL THE CARBS
McAnnex (NA)
: Are there any plans to allow excess IP to be converted in to crafting components?
Hey McAnnex! Right now we decided to make the rewards earnable, so they were free to everyone, rather than changing IP. We wanted the system to be equally compelling and valuable for both new and old players. With that being said, we are definitely exploring new IP purchase options and agree this is something that needs to happen.
Yizzus (EUW)
: I'm still not sure about how this will work, so let me ask you some questions: 1) Can you give some detail on how do you get essences and shards and what do you do with each one? (more like how do you get real permanent loot) 2) We get 4 chests a month by getting S on games. But how do we get the keys? 3) Does mastery level change keys/chests drop rate? 4) What would be the worst possible result of opening a chest? (worst loot) And the best one? 5) Did you think about releasing some permanent content, like skins or ward skins, that can be obtained only with chests or crafting? Thanks in advance, it looks like it's going to be an interesting extra to the game, so congratulations to the developers. :)
Hey Yizzus! 1) You primarily get essences by disenchanting shards. You primarily get shards by opening chests. You get permanent loot by upgrading a shard (shard + essence) or by re-rolling 3 shards of the same type (e.g. 3 skin shards) 2) Earn keys by winning games! 3) Nope, mastery level doesn't change key/chest drop rate 4) We've made sure that the value of the items you get from the chest is more than it costs, so there shouldn't be any bad outcomes. Other than that, it all depends on your personal preference of what content you like. :) You can get Ultimates 5) Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe ;) Hope this helps clarify!
: What type of skins can be permanently obtained? Which price ranges? And are legacy skins included and if not are they going to be when the vault reopens?
Hey Kassadin Bot! You will be able to upgrade shards into permanent skins and re-roll shards into permanent skins. We have skins from 520 RP - 3250 RP. Legacy skins are included.
: Any plans to make Championship Riven available via crafting? Or is she still saved for worlds 2016?
Championship Riven (or any limited skin) will not be included in Loot
: Are all skins available within the chests? (Legendary/Legacy?)
Hey RazzyBaroo! Legacy, Legendary and Ultimate skins will be included (as shards which you can upgrade or re-roll into). Limited skins will not be included.
Updates (NA)
: make this work for amazon.ca please
Going to try to get it up on amazon.ca. I'll see what I can do! :)
: Could we get any insight as to why the rules were more stringent before, and why they're being relaxed now? Not complaining, I'm just interested.
Hey Quinntuple Kill, Player Support has gotten much better at detecting and resolving fraud and players have been asking for relaxed restrictions. So we decided to make the change! Wingfield
: My apologies, for not catching the sarcasm, after reading many comments in this thread, I think I have lost the ability to pick up on sarcasm. I deal with currency conversions daily, and understand sometimes it is hard to wrap your head around, so I figured I would jump in, and hopefully help at least one person understand why Riot is doing this.
I appreciate the assist!!! :)
: Am I the only one who's noticed that currently (without these changes) 5 USD gets you 650 RP, and 5 CAD gets you 600? Just some food for thought.
Keep in mind $1USD = ~$1.25 CAD. Or rather, $5 CAD does not equal $5 US, so they shouldn't pay the same RP values.
: Why go through all this trouble of changing RP amounts then? Why not *just* USD? New players from Canada are not going to know of this change, and actively pay more for less? I don't care about how poorly our dollar is, but why not make it simpler for us all? I get that people paying CAD were getting it cheaper, you had to fix that, fine whatever. Give us 1 option of USD, and you get your value of more money for your online currency. Or put up a vote on it? Or at least tell us why Riot decided to go through all this for a more confusing method? **I want an answer please.**
The general reason for charging in CAD in Canada is because that's the currency the local player base thinks in on a daily basis. It's similar to how Wal-Mart in Canada doesn't sell it's products in US dollars, despite being a US company.
Loli Doc (NA)
: I'm in Canada as well and I STILL paid in USD every time I bought RP. Unless they make it different if it's paid thru paypal instead of straight from the credit card, I'll pay more for less? Seems wrong on every single levels.
If you pay in USD, absolutely nothing will change from this price adjustment for you, since you're not paying in CAD. However, it won't matter if you pay in USD or CAD, since the values will be equivalent.
: As a canadian this completely destroys my chances of doing anything with this game in terms of paying for skins. You've completely railed out how much rp we get in canada once already and now you're doing it all over again? Good job. Good job.
This is incorrect. When we added Canadian Dollar payment in July 2014, the CAD rate was set equivalent to USD at the exchange rate at the time. The Canadian dollar has only weakened since then, meaning Canadian players were actually getting more RP per US dollar after July 2014. This price adjustment brings everything back in line. ** At no point in the last ~7 months have you gotten less RP per US dollar than US players.**
: Unlike some of the other people posting on this I want to start off by saying that I agree with the price change, it only makes sense that a weaker Canadian dollar doesn't receive the same amount of RP as the stronger American dollar. I do however take exception to your reasoning behind the price increase. This isn't about being fair it's simply about making more money, if it was about being fair why did we not see more RP per Canadian dollar during the time period that our dollar was significantly higher than the American? In the future when the American dollar falls (which is highly likely if you're following economic trends) are we going to see these changes reversed? Are we going to be given fair treatment and given a bonus proportional to where the Canadian dollar is sitting at the time? I understand that the pricing isn't going to change the second the Canadian dollar is worth more, it would take several months of sustained strength to justify another price change. I do however expect fair treatment on both sides of the coin (ha, Phreak would be proud) and I would like reassurance that Riot plans to truly be fair. Or if that isn't going to happen, at least be honest about it.
> [{quoted}](name=Alucard8659,realm=NA,application-id=Ag8jgd8Q,discussion-id=nWyb57Ti,comment-id=008f,timestamp=2015-03-11T14:23:04.245+0000) if it was about being fair why did we not see more RP per Canadian dollar during the time period that our dollar was significantly higher than the American? This situation never existed. At no point was the Canadian Dollar higher than the US Dollar when we accepted payments in CAD.
: I swear to God if this goes threw even after WE ALL HAVE TO PAY IN USD ANYWAYS, I will no longer buy a single dollar's worth of RP. If I want to buy $100 worth of RP I still have to pay USD, I still get less RP for my money then US citizens, and now I get even less RP for paying that much? I would be missing out on 17 000 RP with this change. Like seriously, You Got to be fucking kidding us!? IS this an early April fools joke?
If you pay in USD, there will be no change for you. This change only impacts players paying in CAD. EDIT: When I say "pay" I mean the USD or CAD payment option that's selected during the purchase RP flow.
Twëek (NA)
: I have always had to pay in USD regardless of whether I use my Mastercard or Paypal (I've done both). @Wingfield I'm much more interested in an explanation about this than a response to my previous post.
Hi Tweeks, You should be able to pay in CAD if you want. If the above method (FAQ Q1) isn't working for you, please submit a player support ticket. Unfortunately, I'm not really sure what the issue is if that's not working, but they should be able to help.
Kargarok (NA)
: Fuck you Riot. When I'm buying RP, I'm being charged with US DOLLARS. So, we are going to pay even MORE for even LESS. GG Rito, wont buy any RP from now own
Hi Kargarok, If you're already paying in US dollars, nothing will change for you. Or said another way, you won't be impacted by the price adjustment at all. (please note, if you want to pay in CAD for any reason, see FAQ Q1.) Please let me know if you want any more clarification.
: It's not very well advertised, but right at the bottom of the Select Purchase Method section of the page there is an option "Currently showing payment methods for Canada [Change]." If you're being charged in USD, check that option. If you feel you've been double-charged because of this, then make a customer support ticket about it or something. Wingfield's infinitely-downvoted comments on the issue mention it. Should Riot have made that option more clear? Probably. Is offering the option at all a convenience to customers? Indisputably. It isn't 100% clear from Wingfield's replies, but it appears that Canadian players paying in USD will receive USD to RP purchase rates. As long as that's not the case, you're not being double-charged. I haven't looked into historical RP prices to check your claims about the times when the Canadian dollar was higher. If they weren't giving us more RP per dollar at the time, then shame on them. However, looking at the exchange rate over the last several years shows the Canadian dollar hit a high of $1.06 USD in 2011. It's currently sitting at $0.79 USD. Six cents evidently wasn't enough of a difference for Riot to care - especially since the average difference was lower than that high - but twenty cents is a different story. When the Canadian dollar was high, the amount you'd gain on the exchange rate was similar to the cost an individual would be charged to convert the currency in the first place! Your price of grapes analogy is flawed because taxes are not prices. RP has a certain price set by Riot based on their profit goals and demand for their digital goods (skins etc). To keep things fair, the price of that good should be the same for everyone. Because it is digital, there is no difference in the cost to Riot between selling a skin to someone in Texas than in Nunavut, no shipping charges to distort things. Anyone can choose whether or not to pay that price. If they choose not to pay that price, _Riot doesn't earn any money_. Riot isn't a government. They can't force you to purchase their product. The digital currency argument is irrelevant. Sure it's a step of indirection between the actual price / exchange rate between currencies and the RP price / exchange rate, but as long as everything is kept fair (as they are doing here) there's no real difference.
Great post Rampaging Poet, Just wanted to confirm one of your points. Yes, Canadian players who purchase in USD will receive USD to RP rates, just as US players who purchase in CAD will receive CAD to RP rates.
TheOneX (NA)
: Nice job riot to screw you're players off!!!!! When our money was higher we did not get more rp!!!! Hope people stop buying rp and spams it to the whole world!!! Dont see you guys posting this news O.o
Hi TheOneX, I am hoping to shed some light on the concerns in your post. When Canadian Dollars were worth more than US Dollars (much of 2011, for example), we accepted USD only. What this means is that US and Canadian players got exactly the same amount of RP, since everyone was purchasing in US dollars. The only time there might be a problem is after July 29th, 2014 when we started defaulting payments in Canada to Canadian dollars and set different RP payouts based on USD and CAD (reminder: these RP payouts were equivalent after accounting for USD:CAD exchange rates). However, at no point since July 29th, 2014 has the value of the Canadian dollar improved past where we set the RP values (if I recall correctly, we set the exchange rates around ~1.08 CAD per USD). The Canadian dollar has only significantly weakened, as it's at ~1.26 right now. We've monitored these changes for approximately seven months before taking action. You can do a quick internet search for the exchange rate charts to confirm. If you still feel like you're getting screwed, please let me know where I can help, but hopefully you are no longer concerned by the situation in your post, as it never actually happened when we accepted CAD.
: No No No, If you look at the RP differences. There's clearly an advantage to buying with US dollars since you do get more RP. For example on live right now, I can buy 6650 RP for $50, but in USA you get 7200 RP for $50. Can you see where we are coming from now???????!?!?!?!?
Hi SpottedDog, I think the part you're missing is that one Canadian dollar is not the same value as one US dollar. 1 US dollar = 1.25 Canadian dollars. Therefore, that's why you get more RP for $50 of US currency when compared to $50 of Canadian currency (because $50CAD = $39.61 USD). Or said another way, the reason you see RP differences is because you're looking at different currencies (6650 is CAD and 7200 is USD) which have different values. Hope that helps clarify a bit :)
AsianAPL (NA)
: But, we're the good guys! Why Riot, whyyyyy?! Btw I think you made a grammar error when you wrote "playing" under Q2. I think you meant "paying." :P
Rakvir (NA)
: So, Riot, we have to go down THIS road, eh? Okay, you have your little fun jerking us Canadians (and Canadiens...damn french-ies! lol, I kid, we're all good) but you had better damn well start putting pressure on Canadian ISPs to stop throttling LoL activity. I have to use my phone as a mobile hotspot because whether it be Telus, Rogers, or any other major ISP (hell, even the small, independant ones are greedy and picky as all-get-out!), we have some of the most atrocious, disgustingly sad and pathetic substandard internet price schemes in the developed world. If you're going to hit us all with a blanket price gouge, you need to pick up a bit on some customer satisfaction or else I can guarantee you that when our dollar surpasses YOUR country's yo-yo economy for YET. ANOTHER. TIME. (as it always, inevitably does), I'd much rather put my hard-earned money towards a company with more tolerable business practices. I can't believe I actually bought another $50 of RP just a couple days ago, now that I learn of this insult. >=(
Hey Rakvir, Just wanted to clarify. The $50 of RP you purchased (assuming it was in CAD based on your post), actually got you MORE RP per US$ than US players got. We're just bringing it in line on March 20th, so it doesn't matter if you use CAD or USD.
Quackas (NA)
: Riot I am not sure you are aware but Canadians regularly overpay for the EXACT same merchandise that Americans buy and sometimes it is even MADE in Canada but Americans still pay less for it! Why can't you be the nice guys and balance the scales and do the opposite for once?! Are you really so in the Red? Will this put you in the Black? I see your names are Red but I am thinking they won't turn Black; only your souls will!
Hey Adam D Smith, Your wish has been granted :) Canadian players are currently paying LESS than US players for the same amount of RP in equivalent currency amounts. After March 20th, the adjustment will mean that both Canadian and US players pay the same amount.
Norm2000 (NA)
: **UPDATED - Checked recent statements with RP purchases, was charged in CDN funds. Never assume, makes an ass out of you and me. In this case, us and Riot.** This doesn't make any sense at all. I could understand this if you charged us in CDN funds, but you don't. You charge us canucks in USD on our credit cards, meaning we will still be paying the higher amount for less RP. Are you changing the system so that us Canadians who decide to still buy RP, will be charged in CDN dollars? Because if you are not, you're only screwing over those who support Riot up north. I have spent enough money on RP, and I honestly do not regret it at all (I'm afraid to ask you how much exactly I've spent). But this just seems wrong. I was honestly thinking that I may want to purchase more RP soon, so I could gift skins to friends, or get myself any cool new skin you release, but with these changes, I do not see the point. I honestly feel like this is being done, with the only reason being, "We want more money". If you're making this change because you need more income to bring better stability to some servers, or hire more people so you can get out certain things quicker, then just tell us that. P.S. Please do not take this post as bashing, or offensive. I am just venting out what it looks like to someone who has supported you guys for years now, and even with a pricing change, will continue to. I do fully enjoy your game, and the interaction Riot has with the community.
Hey Norm2000, The store is currently set to charge Canadian players in CAD and has been since July 29, 2014. If you're currently paying in USD, you can change it back to CAD by changing your payment option to "Canada" on the bottom of "Step 1: Select Purchase Method" in the purchase RP flow. Please let me know if it doesn't work for you.
Thac (NA)
: All this does is keeps Riots bottom line the same and leaves Canadians with a higher expense to accommodate that. While I personally think it's not a great decision (as it leaves me out of pocket for more), we can take some solace knowing that they're not adjusting it to the current 20% difference the currency currently has (then add in bank conversion fees on that and it's closer to 25%). Still profits >> people - and no one was surprised
Hi Thaciselis, Hoping I can clarify some confusion here. Currently, Canadian players paying in CAD are getting approximately 150RP to the US dollar. US Players paying in USD are getting 130 RP to the US dollar. There's currently an inequality between countries on the same server (NA). Assuming current USD to CAD exchange rates hold where they are as of writing, on March 20th Canadian players paying in CAD will be getting 130RP to the US dollar, just like their US counterparts. Hope that helps clarify what's going on a bit more :)
: Give us the option to pay in USD for the amount of RP we get currently
Hi SarcasmAppreciated, You can currently choose to pay in USD by selecting "United States" at the bottom of the "Step 1: Select Purchase Method" section of the Purchase RP flow. Please let me know if you can't find it and I'll see if I can help.
baxtre (NA)
: Okay, this makes economic sense. But does this mean that you are going to start charging Canadian customer in CAD rather than in USD? Or are you going to continue charging us in USD and make us pay 13% more than those in the USA for the same thing?
Hey Baxtre, We currently charge Canadian players in CAD. Until the prices change on March 20th, Canadian players are actually paying less for the same thing (hence the increase). After the adjustment on March 20th, players paying in USD or CAD will be on equal terms. However, Canadian players can always choose to pay in USD at any time by changing the payment option to the US at the bottom of the "Step 1: Select Purchase Method" in the purchase RP flow.
: I'd expect it only if there's a drastic difference. The exchange rate is perpetually fluctuating, so if there's a significant and fairly constant difference they may revise prices (Like what's going on now)
Exactly. The last thing we want is for Riot to turn into a currency company where we make changes constantly and players are forced to speculate.
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