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k wìx (NA)
: Yes, this should definitely be addressed! +1
Gall (NA)
: I second the notion.
Fertsa (NA)
: 4:{{item:3056}}
: Interesting,but RESITE would be absolute cancer on assassins against mages. Assassins already stomp them enough,but imagine if they could ˝back-fire˝ the one CC which could potentially save them? Or how Ashe would become the easier feast-fest for assassin.Your R is the only thing that could save you? How cute . . .
You think Resite could be op on assassins to get through to someone and avoid cc but it can be op against assains also to flip the burst back onto them Can be used either way its a summoner spell What about flash? The only thing that could potentially save you and its available for anyone to use as a summoner spell
ExHentai (NA)
: Blue swirls appear around the hands when manaflow is up.
I want like a countdown so we can time our abilities
: Pretty sure the champion I main should be in the top 3 for reasons.
Which champion? {{champion:6}} ? I do not think Urgot is top 10 hardest :P
: syndra shouldnt be on there riven should be 1-2 seeing how big of a gap between the skill floor and ceiling, lee is just learning a trick that isnt practical half the time for the only difficult thing which can now be done in practice tool, draven is based around 1 mechanic which isnt hard to learn once you get used to its patterns, vayne has a safety net with invis so she can kill anyone without having to do anything and she has nothing unique about her that would make her skillful, yasuo can be anywhere depending on your view of him,bard isnt that hard just dont be a moron and get used to r speed and q stun area, ori is way to safe to be anywhere close to in a top 10 hardest champs and even if she falls behind her ult can be game winning,zed is the same as yasuo, azir 1-2
Syndra is absolutely one of the top 3 hardest champions in league of legends the only people who disagree are the ones who don't play her and just see her one shot and don't realize how difficult he kit is and how much potential it actually has Riven's kit is easy to pull of its simple and you cant really miss League of legends actually rates her as only medium difficulty its the more complicated fast combos pathing and timing that make her difficult to master Draven is difficult especially in high-level play, you rarely see Draven in lcs or anywhere pro because his movement is so predictable especially in team fights or else he is not as effective. He requires continuous movement throughout the entire game and especially team fights to be effective and his ulti is not easy at long ranges Vayne Should honestly almost be higher on the list the potential of Vayne is unreal if you can kite properly and if anyone has a clue what ORB Walking is it makes champions (especially Vayne) impossible to master and potentially limitless. Not to mention the constant dodging and attack-moving you have to constantly be doing all game and all it takes is one missed step. I agree with what you say about Yasuo Completely I had no idea where to put him on this list Bard is the #1 most difficult support in the game and I honestly wasn't going to include him in the top 10 but i had no support's and many people agree sooooooo.... Orianna is very difficult especially when it comes to timing and landing skillshots. since her orb is coming from all sorts of directions and times based on range she can be complicated and very difficult to pull of effectively not to mention shes a full shillshot champion
: Zoe is easily in the top 3.
Zoe is top 20 Zoe does so much damage mid to late game that it is fairly easy to get kills as her. The only really difficult skillshot to land is her q and that's only if the target is moving. Compared to these champions she is not half as difficult
: Are we talking in terms of mechanics only or actually winning games with said champs? Either way, TF should be near the top imo. He may not be very flashy, or have a passive that takes 3 sentences to a paragraph to explain, but he highly rewards both mechanics and game knowledge due to his strong map control. He's also just as easy to fail with due to having zero mobility outside of his ult. He doesn't get a second chance to dash out or knockback/walk away like most of the champs on that list. I would also rate Ganplank pretty high.
I agree that twisted fate is very difficult especially because of the potential that you have with your ulti and how difficult it can be to time and place it perfectly. However the rest of twisted fates kit is simple, two of his abilities you can't miss! Nothing compared to the difficulty of pure skill shot champions like Zed Syndra Orianna at the top of the list PS: I agree I think Gangplank is top 20
: Twisted fate over karthus? Vayne over some of the more immobile carries? Cmon this is meme territory now
Karthus is not top 10 he only has one skill shot that is semi-difficult to land and so much else that's impossible to miss
: Riven #10 and syndra #2? lmao
Rivens kit is easy to pull of its simple and you cant really miss League of legends actually rates her as only medium difficulty its the more complicated fast combos pathing and timing that make her difficult to master but nothing compared to Syndra. sure Syndra's ulti will one shot you easily but have you ever seen a pro level Syndra? do you understand how difficult it is to land a big stun on the enemy team and all of your skill shots correctly? Syndra is unreal hard def top 5 hardest for sure.
: Here's mine. I can't necessarily order them because I honestly don't know where to order them but anyway, here they are: Ryze, Azir, Katarina, Yasuo, Riven, Lee Sin, Bard, Cassiopeia, Lissandra, and Taliyah.
lissandra is FAR from top 10 hardest but i think you are pretty close otherwise not in order of corse. You also need to understand how difficult it is to master a champion like vayne or zed
: did you just advertise your channel in your post
Drako125 (NA)
: All you really did was take abilities from other champions and make them summoner spells. * **1:** {{champion:35}} * **2:** {{champion:77}} * **3:** {{champion:114}} * **4:** {{item:3056}}
1: I was thinking More like {{champion:121}} 2: I was thinking more like {{champion:254}} 3: All new effect not like Fiora 4: Agreed but gold gain for supports? But why not take some great champion abilities that work give them their own twist and make summoner spells out of them, for a game with over 130 champions and only a handful of spells I think we should have a couple more at least! Not to mention they have not given summoner spells any love in a long time but everywhere else has received attention.
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