Gradeient (EUW)
: What I´ve concluded when I saw League´s new website.
: Play with smite and you have bloodrazer,blade of the ruined king, and might of the ruined king.
Add a Rageblade and a Runaan’s, then give it to Kog’Maw.
Deecoyy (NA)
: Blade of the Ruined King and Might of the Ruined King stacking
Is this really a bug tho? The items have different names, so their passives should stack.
WolfBV (NA)
: Fucking why is Teemo even playing
Then we fucking lose because their Fiddlesticks finds their role in base defense and perma fears and silences me fuck you Teemo for getting me to stop and giving their Fiddle time to realize how to stop me fuck you.
Rioter Comments
: Another Wave of Bot scripters for Riot to kill
I enjoy the aggressiveness of the Xayah botters when they decide to come midland with me.
: Aphelios' chakrams are a missed opportunity for a new ADC
“Closest thing we will ever get to a boomerang marksman.” {{champion:150}} {{item:3070}}
5050BS (NA)
: {{item:3085}} Not that any Urgot builds this.
: Why does LoR Vlad have to be ugly?
Edward Scissorhands lookin’ ass
: Remove support penalty late game
Sell the support item/don't build it if the penalty is too much.
appleshu (NA)
: Why Can't I keep my old username?
Imma have to add NA to the end of my name
: Do you guys know how to fix it?
Far as I can tell, no. Maybe the feedback from players will get a riot response within a week or two, if you want to wait that long.
: If someone has your username in another region (PBE included) you must change your name
: all the new champions get released at like 7800 and go down to 6300 but they never set any 6300 champs to any lower numbers as time goes on things like {{champion:427}} and {{champion:136}} shouldn't be 6300 imo but they are because they were new at one point and therefore BOOM
> [{quoted}](name=CaptainAntiHeroz,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=xus3wMve,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-26T21:38:54.328+0000) > > all the new champions get released at like 7800 and go down to 6300 but they never set any 6300 champs to any lower numbers as time goes on > > things like {{champion:427}} and {{champion:136}} shouldn't be 6300 imo but they are because they were new at one point and therefore BOOM Thought that with every champion released, one champion from each tier drops 1 tier?
Rioter Comments
Terchio (NA)
: Only example I know if is old Alistar Pulverize, which claimed it tosses into the air, stuns 1.5 seconds, but it actually tossed 1 second, stunned .5 seconds. This was changed in rework season 6 / preseason 7. That doesn't mean everything is perfect, Amumu ultimate says that it roots, even though it also stops enemies from attacking, which roots don't prevent. I later realized that Sion has a related issue, where it says he gets 1.25-2.25 seconds of stun/knockup, where the knockup portion only lasts .5-1 seconds. That said, it's a moot point. OP just pointed out a large list of displacements he thought were stuns. Instead, those displacements were merely part of the problem, one of the many displacements on an ever-displacement-heavy list of CC in LoL.
Amumu’s ultimate currently says that it roots and prevents attacks, which makes it an entangle.
: YouTube is planning on banning everyone who uses Adblock software
Just... don’t use Adblock? Like, is waiting 5 seconds to skip ads really a life or death situation?
: Installing LoL on Catalina MacOS
Downloading Catalina when you play 32 bit games is a big oof
: Well, good thing is I can do it for you. 6.12 is the first change documented on the wiki. A buff to Nasus to double his stackrate there, to 6 and 12. 6.24 is a change to give Shyvana a passive there, since she literally didn't have one before. The next actual change is 7.8, where they tweak health packs and minion gold a bit. 7.10 also has some more changes (removing gold items and more tweaks to minions), then there's a dry spell until 7.24, where...they nerfed dark harvest by making champions drop 1 less soul. 8.11 was the event, and that's most likely the easiest point to say that the systematic changes were beginning. The mode was released in 2012. That means it was around 4 years before it got a single change, and almost 5 before it got any change that could remotely be considered significant. That's more time before it got a single change than between **any** of the changes for TT. Yet ARAM was arguably more popular at all times. TT had had changes before ARAM ever did, yet...It still ended up with a fraction of the playerbase ARAM did. **That's** why it's considered dead, and that's why it's being killed. It's never managed to be more popular than anything at all (except maybe Dominion, which was axed years ago). Even a queue that started as a fucking custom gamemode did several times better than it did. With as long as it took for ARAM to get changes, but ARAM still managing to be successful, TT really has no excuse for how poorly it did. EDIT: Whoops. Mixed up the actually popular crystal scar map with the one that was a bot haven.
Xavanic (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Super Sandmanne,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=UFUErY2m,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-10-26T05:30:45.573+0000) > > What its an item that costs 10k gold, here's the stats it gives +1000 Health +1000 Mana +500% Base Health Regen +500% Base Mana Regen +150 Armor +150 Magic Resist +500 Ability Power +250 Attack Damage +200% Attack Speed +100% Critical Strike Chance +40% Life Steal +40% Movement Speed +40% Cooldown Reduction
abca98 (EUW)
: After this Zoe suicided under tower for the third time our Yasuo asked her why she was trolling.
: I did it!
Play bot games and always honor at the end.
AmazoX (EUW)
: Most bugged patch ever.
Did you try going through this site?
Bârd (NA)
: So if Nexus Blitz is being considered for a permanent game mode, why not Dominion?
I liked playing all the unofficial game modes Crystal Scar had.
: This thread is dedicated to fun, cheesy shit from seasons past
AP Tristana was so fun with DFG. w > e > r always killing a squishy target.
: Urgot is strong, NOT overbearing.
: The game is so trash right now I'm no longer addicted
I've mostly been playing bots, aram, or "rotating" game modes.
: Well......the Riot here in the U.S. would have to trust the Korean support in order to do their jobs. HQ wouldn't be able to take on the extra load of another server. This is why the NA support tells Cowsep to go the Korean support. Then you run into the problem of actually banning people. If you simply ban an account, that player will just make a new one, or hop onto another account they already made in the past. Since games last for much less time over there than they do over here (despite people saying game length is too short, Korean games have *always* been shorter than ours), and since they play *so much more than us*, they level up an account really quickly. If you try to IP ban's completely useless, because all they have to do is hop on over to a different computer in the internet cafe they play in, or just go over to a different cafe, start up a new account, and it'll be like nothing happened. So.....we're caught between a rock and a hard place. Toxicity is a major problem in Korea, but banning people is effectively what do we do?
It takes less time to ban someone than it takes for that someone to create a new account and get back to the rank they were at.
: "You're only level 37, what do you know?"
I haven’t played for a few months, what’s the new cap?
Hadziewsky (EUNE)
Yeah, she can be pretty powerful late game.
Ralanr (NA)
: Something that bothers me about Rengar's bonetooth necklace and his desire to hunt worthy prey.
Technically what makes them worthy prey is how special they are.
: It does not do 101% hp. It does 9999 true damage. You can survive this under certain circumstances (and im not talking about invulnerability or canceling it).
Swarovsko (EUW)
: Will we ever have a shaman someday?
Isn't {{champion:77}} kinda a shaman?
GreenLore (EUW)
: But soraka has nothing to do with channeling spirits,which is basically the whole point of shamanism.
If channeling spirits counts then I'm pretty sure {{champion:77}} can fit that role.
deathgod5 (EUW)
: What champion passive would be completely broken on other champions?
: Name a champion and I'll tell you why they are unfun bullshit
: ONE THOUSAND UPVOTES FOR PIZZA DELIVERY SIVIR! (Repost cause ChickenWrap's post was locked.)
zaire90 (NA)
: Faced a cho earlier today and that was just the scariest thing ive ever seen. Does he still drop in size after being killed because we killed him (his dead body took up the full lane at this point) but he didnt seem to decrease in size eat all
Cho no longer decreases in size because he cannot lose stacks.
Almighty (EUNE)
: If anyone finds any Kayn Yaoi art send it my way. It's for, um, scientific reasons. _**Almighty.**_
: There are two solutions to ADCs right now: -Reduce the Attack Speed cap for ranged champions to 0.75- effectively removing the ability for ADCs to benefit from attack speed from any source. Don't give them AS->AD scalings like you see on Jhin and make no further changes to their damage. -Reduce the base health of every ADC in the game at level 18 to around 800 so that they get oneshot by a stiff breeze unless they build two tank items.
: Who's your favorite assassin?
I've seen Teemo burst people down from invisibility.
woobee (NA)
: When you see your boy Darius getting owned by Kayn in the login screen
And on the PBE his Shadow Assassin form is about to kill {{champion:22}}
: I'm not the most techno savvy person, but is this for Mac or PC you're referring to?
Are you alright now?
: Omega Squad Veigar has something that all Veigar skin should have too
: Well actually the new classes have special armor skins that are generally pretty tame. Here's a base class castanic leather armor:
That shit better come with an invisible forcefield.
esmelar (NA)
: I dont think we can go further than this!
Now it's all see-through.
woobee (NA)
: Please make titles for this GIF
One Super Teemo vs many Devil Teemos
: Who's the worst champ to get in ARAM?
{{champion:421}} and {{champion:7}} are the worst with a 35.56% and 30.6% winrate respectively.
Kr1sys (NA)
: Here's how the honor sytem works
It's pretty funny when two people start going at it in all chat tho.
Velgam (NA)
: Badly describe a champion
{{champion:222}} skinny terrorist
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