: I'm starting to see why people dont want to Jungle
I confess that when I see we have a Tank jungler or a jungler that doesn't come online until post-6, and the enemy has a Kayn or a Lee Sin or another Assassin, I expect to lose that game. Badly. No disdain for our jungler or anything; I firmly believe they ought to play who they wish to play. I'm sure they get stressed out when they are in this position too. It's not right.
: why do i have to wait until 9 min to ff with afk in aram?
Nevermind 9 minutes; why do we have to wait past the loading screen to FF? Although not a perfect projection by any means, a lot of time and misery could be saved because ARAM games can fairly reliably be determined there without a need to play them out.
: > [{quoted}](name=afmghost,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=vrmBjMNv,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-06-13T13:47:58.807+0000) > > While I agree that pay should be based off of the employee's contributions to the company, as well as things like merit and experience, this is Riot games we're talking about. I checked the article, and it mentions that it's also about things like sexual harassment and assault, not just pay. > The article also says that Riot is refusing to provide the information requested. The only reason they would be doing that is if they are trying to hide something. I mean people refuse to take drug tests or take tests at sobriety checkpoints because they're under the influence, and refusal to comply makes it worse for them. Why shouldn't it make it worse for riot? because it may cause disruptions in the company and if leaked can give information to riots competitors and start poaching workers the reasoning behind hiding pay isn't just because it may cause conflicts between workers it's also to hide information from competitors and governments aren't really known for keeping information given to them a secret pay negotiation is a thing as well some workers are more valuable then others and if they understand their value they will demand higher than average pay for their position if this doesn't include merit in the company a static comparison between male and female pay will just bring outrage in the female part of riots workforce and for the sexual harassment and assault americans are widely known to consider basic human interactions as sexual harassment and assault as their definitions are so loosely defined that an year ago masturbation was considered rape to some
> [{quoted}](name=Ornndyr2k19,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=vrmBjMNv,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2019-06-13T14:08:53.357+0000) > > and governments aren't really known for keeping information given to them a secret ???????????????????????????
Dr Drevan (EUW)
: Can I get a rioter to answer something for me?
Jax trashes the majority of the roster. It's extraordinarily remarkable that you think him having no recourse against one or two Champions is some kind of undue transgression against his playerbase. Heaven forbid Jax has a difficult game here and there where he can't just coast through the laning phase and emerge as a raid boss with the minimum of effort.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sky Cardis,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IYFrlqPG,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-06-12T14:11:11.845+0000) > > I mean...I see it making sense. > Since when attached you can control where the Q goes...but if not attached it just shoots straight where you aimed. > > Seems logical to make it cost more mana. > I only ever got to play Yuumi once and that was in Aram so eh. No, already has the weakness of being able to land it being dictated by the person you are attached to, doesnt need to cost double the mana on top of that.
> [{quoted}](name=Malix Farwin,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IYFrlqPG,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-06-12T15:17:46.590+0000) > > No, already has the weakness of being able to land it being dictated by the person you are attached to, doesnt need to cost double the mana on top of that. Welcome to Enchanters not being allowed to do anything.
: My life as a Sona Top and the reports I have received
I play a lot of Sona and Nami and I've noted that when you're playing Sona you're simply not allowed to make mistakes without getting harassed in some way for it. If you miss your R you're going to have twenty "?" pings dropped down on you. If anything goes wrong it's your fault. I assume this is just exacerbated if you're playing Sona in a non-standard role. Meanwhile, I can be like 0/11 on Nami and my team won't care or even blame me for the loss. So regarding Sona, I think it's a community expectation thing. You aren't allowed to do poorly on Sona because she's "easy." (As if dying to three auto-attacks at level 1 or using two abilities and going oom somehow denotes an "easy" Champion.)
Moody P (NA)
: Illaoi is dead
At the same time though when this Champion gets ahead she 1v12s.
: Your rune choices and builds are really bad. You need to learn how to build each champion effectively. You're only winning because the people you go against are brainless.
> [{quoted}](name=IREALLYENJOYCOCK,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=lqQfT4Jo,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-06T15:39:20.353+0000) > > Your rune choices and builds are really bad. You need to learn how to build each champion effectively. You're only winning because the people you go against are brainless. No. They're winning because they're playing the most influential role in the game more competently than the enemy Jungler the majority of their games. Better JG Wins.
Lan Fan (EUW)
: Any "No meta" thing is troll until a pro plays it, and it's annoying
The problem is this game rewards numerical optimization too much. By that I mean there's a very specific accepted build and playstyle because it's simply better than any other the vast majority of the time. The mechanic prowess of a player building suboptimally has to be insanely higher than a mediocre player building something optimally in order for the better player to come out on top. And that aspect of the game therefore significantly impacts public perception of what is and is not acceptable to play or build.
Rioter Comments
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: Nami or Sona?
I main Nami and I play Sona a lot. Sona is frustrating because the community perception of her being easy means that you're going to get pinged and harassed for making mistakes. For whatever reason missing your Ultimate as Sona is a high crime punishable by 25 question mark pings. Don't really get it. It also feels like Sona just doesn't do much these days besides chunking people with Auto-Q-Power Chord. Heal sucks, MS buff sucks, she dies to a light breeze all game, and I just feed my ass off with her. Nami I feel is a valleys and peaks kind of Champion. The agency you have to impact the game in a big way is there. But you can have really, really bad games as Nami. You've got to hit your skillshots. Q is one of the most frustrating abilities to land in the game. I enjoy Nami more than Sona though. Also I can be 0/7 as Nami and I won't get blamed for literally anything even though I generated a massive Bot difference. Community has decided it's alright to be trash on Nami, which is a good thing for me.
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: Dodging in ARAM's shouldn't be so easy
> [{quoted}](name=HookedOnAFeelin,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=AykvAqna,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-16T19:56:09.265+0000) > > I've been getting increasingly frustrated lately with how often people dodge in ARAM's. > > I get it, you didn't get an "ARAM OP" champion so you don't feel like playing that game, but that doesn't mean you should just dodge. I want to offer a different perspective on this. I dodge generally when I'm a) solo queue and b) I get something I am not comfortable with. The Champion's power level means very little to me. But in our wonderful A"R"AM world of alt-accounts and re-rolls and trading, 8-9/10 players are on their hardcore main or something S-tier that they set up their account for. So if I roll something I'm not good with (again, without regard to tier lists), yeah, I'm dodging. Because I'm literally inting if I don't. I'm committing my team to a veritable 4v5 and a miserable experience for 15 minutes. I don't want that for them and I don't want that for me. When bans were in place, I was a little more comfortable with loading into the match with a Champion I wasn't comfortable with. But with their removal, no, I'm a dodger; I'm not putting my team through this victory simulator charade for the opposing team. It's not fun and it's over at the loading screen.
Madjack01 (EUW)
: Poll: which rework did you vote for?
I voted for Shyvana because although balance-wise, visual-wise, and efficacy-wise she might not be the biggest offender on this list, Shyvana is the most failed concept in the entire game. She's a fearsome dragon but she has no capability to lock anyone down - you simply run away from her at a slightly higher speed and you will be safe. Not only is she not a threat but she also dies faster than a Skyrim dragon does on Easy against an enchanted Daedric Bow w/ Daedric Arrows, Ring/Necklace/Gauntlets of Peerless Archery, Archery Potion, and whatever other buff I'm forgetting.
: Abilities need better descriptions.
It's actually pretty weird; ability descriptions have gotten longer and longer but they gives less and less information.
Gall (NA)
: Anyone else love Gragas??
In my Silver little mind this Champion has frankly been overpowered since day 1. Mobility + burst mage + extremely durable. He's an Esports crowd-pleaser so that's why I think he gets away with it.
Terozu (NA)
: May the 4th be with all you nerds.
Heh... Vulcans wouldn't like League of Legends. You don't live long, nor do you prosper.
: I mean no disrespect here to anyone, but my thought is this; Pandering to SJW's even a little bit is like opening Pandora's Box. You cave one time and it's over for your company/business because they will demonize you with mob justice and call you the worst things imaginable to shut you up and keep you from defending yourself or even explaining yourself. Bear in mind, I'm talking about the #hashtag activists, the people that make EVERYTHING about gender, race, or sexual orientation, and force their way into all sorts of cultures just so they can gut them and replace the people with other SJW's to make more echo chambers, and use those positions to silence anyone who has differing views from theirs. "Straight white male right wingers" do it too, I'm not disputing that for one second. [removed by moderation] Worst of all, they make allegations and accusations based on hear say and feelings without respect for things like due process and rights of the accused all while ignoring the slippery slope they are on because all that mob justice they dish out on others can be used against them in turn. It's anarchy, accelerationist, and it's just plain not progressive in any sense of the word. Riot could be innocent and being targeting so these people can gain something, Riot might be guilty full stop. That's up to the justice system to decide, and it's why it exists. SJW's think they can circumvent the systems of checks and balances that protect EVERYONE'S individual rights from actual tyranny, including people like themselves. You can make accusations, you can call out bad behavior, you can fight for justice, but you better fucking have some evidence or damn good probably cause to do so. You better respect EVERYONE'S rights, even the accused, or you're no fucking better! SJW mob justice and #hashtag activism also hurts the actual victims because now their word is seen as just as cooky as the extremists. TL;DR: SJW's don't allow due process and it shits it up for everyone in the long run. I completely understand wanting to make the world a better place, but they refuse to acknowledge their own bias and hypocrisy in their use of mob justice over actual justice.
> [{quoted}](name=Düff McWhalen,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=5qzvVOJ5,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-05-01T20:42:54.128+0000) > SJW's though, are extremists. They never improve the thing they are trying to change. They just pervert it to serve themselves. The difference between them and groups like the KKK or ISIS are simply in the demographics they like/hate. The tactics are the same. Can you please elaborate on "The tactics are the same."? "SJWs" (I'm using quotes because nobody who both takes themselves seriously and wants to be taken seriously by others uses "SJW" in a non-ironic way) don't lynch people, bomb civilians, incite violence, nor do they practice or believe in racial/religious supremacy. Can you please supply me with a list of evidence, either doctrinally sanctioned beliefs or reports of criminal activity/violence attributed to "SJWs" or "Far-Left Extremists" (ie. Moderate Liberals.) I don't know how committed you are to your assertion of identical tactics, but it really is one of the most ridiculous things anyone has said here, and I'm not going to let it stand uncontested. You're lying, and you very likely know you are. And if your mind is shouting right now as you read this, "ANTIFA! ANTIFA! ANTIFA!", let me just stop you right there and state that Antifa and "SJWs" do not share the same beliefs, and that you will not be able to produce a record of violence for Antifa that mirrors Right-Wing violence in any meaningful way. I get that you're probably a teenager trying on beliefs and don't really understand or believe what you're writing, but even you've got to realize that your post is just an inconceivably fetid mess of "both sides" memes. You're mad that gaming isn't the boy's club that it used to be and I get it. Just understand where your line of reasoning and thinking is taking you. Alt-Right beliefs feel good and they're convenient. They puff you up with pride. Please don't fall for it.
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Dr Poro (EUW)
: League of Legends is in season 9. Death recap is still in alpha.
In all fairness, putting any effort into the Death Recap would give credence to the idea that building defensively is a worthwhile idea that will pay off. Riot ignoring Death Recap just shows that they aren't even interested in pretending that defensive items actually do anything. So we could be mad at them for the incorrect information provided, or we could be thankful that they've deciding providing false information is better than true information that will compel us to make incorrect gameplay (ie. build) decisions instead of just building more damage like we should.
Addam (OCE)
: Double stack nasus in aram is a joke
Could'a been a Mundo, who, with the recent buffs, basically cannot lose in ARAM.
: Riot's OP line
So am I to understand that if the community got sick of playing against Sona and she acquired a ban-rate, Riot would perceive her to be hands-down the most problematic/overpowered Champion in the entire game? :/
SnupRawr (NA)
: Just had someone autolock zed in bots
You've touched on something that is indeed quite a conundrum. Searingly toxic players (not just your average shit-talker), tend to be ridiculously good at the game. It's a difficult topic. Removing talent from the game is problematic. Allowing said talent to ruin the experiences of others is also problematic.
Jarack (NA)
: My team won't stop trying to slay the fucking dragon.
But the e$p0rt$ told them to play for Dragon.
Rioter Comments
: How did the matchmaker get this fucked?
I am Silver II and a couple games ago everybody in the match was gold or higher except for one other person. There was a Platinum on the enemy team. 8/10 people were mismatched, or based on perspective, 2/10 were. I won't even complain about that because that apparently goes nowhere. All I will ask is give me a Platinum on my team too.
Vo1d1 (NA)
: Just got perma banned, here's the chat logs, judge it
Kind of seems like you're roleplaying as Tyler1. Not a great idea unless you have 16,000 concurrent viewers on a Twitch stream promoting the company's game, as you have discovered.
Rioter Comments
: Champions you want on your team
I like to see weird/uncommon picks Top Lane because usually it's some hardcore main who ends up 1v9ing.
Morbys (NA)
: I have mained every role over the years, and jungler IS a babysitter, and like support, is completely taken for granted. At least in lower ranks. Nothing is worse than completely crushing the enemy jungler while ganking lanes, and still losing b/c lanes can't handle their lanes. It isn't condescending, its truth. I can have a garbage jungler and still win a game, I can't have a garbage lane or lanes and still win.
> [{quoted}](name=Morbys,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=kzL1iZ4K,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2019-04-15T05:34:57.607+0000) > > I have mained every role over the years, and jungler IS a babysitter, and like support, is completely taken for granted. At least in lower ranks. Nothing is worse than completely crushing the enemy jungler while ganking lanes, and still losing b/c lanes can't handle their lanes. It isn't condescending, its truth. I can have a garbage jungler and still win a game, I can't have a garbage lane or lanes and still win. My experience has been the opposite. I play in the lower ranks/elos and always have. If the enemy Jungler is omnipresent, making plays, and your Jungler is nowhere to be seen, this predicament is basically insurmountable regardless of how well the lanes are doing. You guys have it hard and I don't envy the position you're in. I would never level the blame squarely against you if we lose, because there's no way it was completely your fault. There is no leeway for you whatsoever. If you're being outperformed by your counterpart, the game is over. I think people are wrong to twist that sentiment into blaming you for losing. Every other role has the luxury of still being able to win if their counterparts are better than them, but the Jungler has no such comfort.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: I am a 190k amumu main and when i saw those amumu buffs i thought. What a fricking joke. You want to make him better? make him tanky. he's a fricking vanguard that gets shredded in 2 seconds.
> [{quoted}](name=JuiceBoxP,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qEh9VRPh,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-04-13T18:27:12.107+0000) > > I am a 190k amumu main and when i saw those amumu buffs i thought. > What a fricking joke. > You want to make him better? make him tanky. > he's a fricking vanguard that gets shredded in 2 seconds. That's why I refuse to build anything on him but full Hand Grenade (AP) most of the time. You still die in 2 seconds...the difference is you can one-shot somebody and also nuke the enemy team to around 50%. I've found that there's very few Champions in the game that can deal with AP Amumu. I wonder why it's not more popular.
: ARURF Postmortem?
I found myself remarkably frustrated with ARURF, though I did play it relentlessly. One of the most ridiculous aspects for me was despite the 80% CDR, ADC still managed to be the dominant class. It was maddening that if a game went beyond 18 minutes or so, the teams with the better (or more) ADCs were simply handed a victory. Because the levels went over 18, ADCs would end up with a health pool of around 3.5k with a complete glasscannon build, and this massive pool hyperscaled their sustain to a point where they could stand in front of you and face-tank all damage because they healed for thousands of health per second and deleted you in about two.
: Why does the League Community HATE Yas/ Zed /Talon so much?
I'm not going to comment on Talon. As for Zed and Yasuo, I think the problem boils down this: They are extremely high skill-cap Champions that are difficult to play optimally but they also have a set of training wheels on them in that ensures less skilled players are still pulling off ridiculous feats with these Champions that should not be possible for them at their present skill-level. What's the problem with that? In essence, you need to be several orders of magnitude better than the Yasuo/Zed player in order to stand a chance against them. Please don't take this to mean I'm saying that you need to be better at the game than someone to beat them. Unless you're at the top divisions, these two Champions artificially elevate what the user can do skill-wise and artificially limit what the opponent can do skill-wise. If the two players are of equal skill, the Zed/Yasuo is going to wipe the floor with their lane opponent. For the vast majority of players that have to face these Champions, there is nothing they will ever be able to do to fight against them; they simply don't have the mechanics and never will. The way you remedy this is significantly raise the skill-floors so that lower-skilled players are not abused by their peers who play a Champion that requires little from them to succeed but demands the world from their opponent to beat them.
Kalikain (NA)
: Do you want something delicious?
The problem I find with toasting everything bagels is that the rich taste of the cooked seeds/etc. completely overpowers everything else and is not enjoyable. Might sound weird but I prefer a cold bagel with cream cheese. Pretty much every single flavor comes through.
: What do players from earlier seasons think is currently wrong with the game?
Assassins should not be able to farm/waveclear more effectively than mages, but they can, and often for free. Back then Assassins had to actually assassinate to stay even or ahead. They could not coast through the laning phase with perfect (and perfectly safe) farming and then rotate to a different lane and 100-0 someone at their leisure.
: What I Like About The Dog Vs Cat Event
94372148 (NA)
: Why does Pyke need three forms of CC as a highly mobile assassin with a resetting true damage ult?
Honestly it is very frustrating to play against this Champion. Every lane feels like it's his to lose; ie. he's going to win it unless he makes more mistakes than his kit can account for. (So, like, more than 3-4.) In other words, not very likely.
: You weren't done with the mode like over a month ago?
> [{quoted}](name=Oleandervine,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BTEZ17i4,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-03-29T19:30:03.117+0000) > > You weren't done with the mode like over a month ago? No, I'm......slow to catch onto things and slow to leave.
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: Bring back ap yi
Current Yi is AP Yi with effectual auto-attacks every attack and not just on the LichBane proc.
: Jungle & Support summed up in one quote
Eh I disagree with the OP. I main Support and I can be 0/8 and the team doesn't blame me. It's also basically a free ticket to Legendary Honor. Whenever I do well the team notices and says something. When we both die my ADC apologizes to me. Of course people are toxic sometimes but in my experience the team definitely, definitely appreciates the Support and they afford you ample leeway when you're playing like ass.
: ARAM is more enjoyable than SR
In SR, the winning team is at least decided in-game, even if it's only within the first few minutes. In ARAM, the winning team can be determined at the loading screen most of the time. There are exceptions. But as far as forgone conclusions, ARAM is much guiltier of that.
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FâgLord (EUW)
: The best rework riot have ever done
I don't know. New Nunu is plenty cool and all, but in my mind none of this beats a derpy, lumbering yeti disrespectfully running straight up to you and projectile-vomiting an ice nuke straight into your face before he turns around and heals all of the damage he just incurred by grubbing on one of your minions.
: Can we get a more severe punishment for those dodging ARAM lobby?
There is very little reason to proceed into the match if you don't have a) the champion you want to play or b) several of the S-tiers on your team, because you can expect 2-3 of them on the enemy team. Because of alt-accounts, re-rolling, and trading, it's remarkably easy to get a busted Champion or your main. The vast majority of ARAM matches, in my experience, are over at the loading screen. So as mind's well shut that down before it even gets there if you're not happy with what you have. It's not about winning every game, it's about not playing matches you can't win, which is going to be the situation in 80-90% of ARAM matches. I don't particularly like it. But "Random" in this game mode means some assortment of Xerath, Brand, Lux, Vel'Koz, and Ziggs, Veiger, etc. are in every single game. And if you don't have some of them on yours, you can bet they're on the enemy team, which means there's very little reason to play that match.
: An Open Letter to Riot Games Regarding Player Behavior
> [{quoted}](name=Jhincent vanGogh,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=7VTkZfHh,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-03-15T17:39:54.033+0000) > When I look to other online team games I enjoy (Final Fantasy XIV, which has both PvE and PvP, is probably the most socially positive game that comes to mind), the focus tends to shift towards teamwork instead of solo performance. Even if one person isn't doing so hot, the others can make up for him or her and pull through by cooperating. Good sportsmanship is rewarded by success. In League, there are many times where one player who isn't performing well (and often has a bad attitude to boot) can cost you the victory, even if you are doing pretty well for yourself or your team is communicating effectively. This is anecdotal of course, but I quit LoL several years ago and went to Heroes of the Storm, which is a much more team-based MOBA where you can't really solo-carry a game (aside from one or two Champions), and teamwork wins out most of the time. Blizzard also limits your communication to allies only. The toxicity wasn't better, which in my opinion is a remarkable indictment I think of MOBAs in general. You can't force 10 complete strangers into a box together for 40 minutes with different competency levels and expect harmony. I think the toxicity levels are a result of the heavy time commitment, the competitive nature of the game, and your limited ability to control your fate despite your own performance. And lastly, perhaps most critically, in almost any other game you can leave if things get too heated, and the most it does is count against your score. If you leave in a MOBA, you're held as an equal or greater villain by the community. The only way this can precipitate harmony is if you're in a team of people you know and are invested in through either friendship or business-related ways like teams or whatnot. These are buffers against treating people horribly.
: Lets count to 20,000
20,000 Leagues under the memes?
: Urf this year
Between alt-accounts, re-rolls, and trading, I have to imagine that it's possible to guarantee you get your desired pick 50-60% of the time in a random mode in LoL. That's probably why all of the busted Champions are still the most played despite "random." The only thing "random" does these days is prevents you from playing something you want (like a counter), while the S-tiers still make it into every match with remarkable consistency.
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