koshkyra (NA)
: What is your main problem with the game right now? (Poll)
Damage and snowballs have driven me away as of recent. I've found myself back in HOTs, enjoying most of the games there. Sure it's got a bit of snowball in it too, but I've had dozens more comebacks than I've had in League in years. Plus, it actually has true healers that aren't dog shit because League really hates medic class characters (I'm sure I'm gonna get chewed out for even mentioning healers in League, but I like my medic supports, dammit).
saltran (EUW)
: Dear Boards, which ADC dou you want to be meta?
Only ADCs I want to see in the meta are the ones that people aren't complaining about currently and that I don't care about. Every time a champion I like starts to hover around the meta, the nerf hammer comes close and the boards never stop talking about nerfing them into the ground.
: If you reached the limit on the # of people you can block, you're the oversensitive one.
I dunno, it's not impossible to find 1,000 people worthy of being blocked on a game like this.
: Would you hug Twitch for twenty dollars?
Eh, yeah, probably. I've had pet rats, I can handle a giant anthropomorphic one who may be a bit psychotic. 20 bucks a bit low, though.
: Need to ignore all-chat for good
I actually have the exact same problem, only difference being I never follow through. Allchat has been disabled since I started the game and the only time I've ever turned it on was to watch a replay where I won. It's buried so far in the options, you can **mostly** ignore it. Least for me anyways. It might help because I'm just a lowly support main who only plays normals and has decided ranked isn't for me unless I happen to have a group to play with (which I don't regularly, but I digress). Point is, you have to assume the person on the other side doesn't care about you personally, you have to dig your heals in and think/believe it to be true. Hell, they COULD be a total fartnugget that's saying "GGEZ" before the game's even over, but it's not over until it's over. You have to adopt that mindset, and believe me doing so in the moment is a struggle I face every damn day, every damn game. It's why I can't play Dark Souls at all because I feel like there's some invisible peanut gallery throwing shade at me and laughing at every death, "Haha, how dare this noob try to play our hardcore man game!" What I try to do is think from my own perspective. What would I think if I was crushing a player in lane? Would I feel bad for him? Would I not care and think indifferently? That second one I try to hold onto. I imagine that player as an average Joe who really doesn't give two shits about me. In about twenty minutes, he'll forget I exist and we'll both go about our ways. Even if he's spamming taunts (in which case, roll your eyes and mute that SOB) but imagine he's only doing it to get under your skin, not because he personally despises you and wants to bully you into submission. Maybe he thinks the taunt is funny, maybe he just enjoys the sound of the champion's laugh, it's all possible. Point is, you have to not assume the worst of people and imagine them as just like you. Even the shit stains of league are only human, not as monstrous as our minds make them out to be. The sooner you stop fighting the 'bad guys' and just start playing the game, the easier it will be. Can't guarantee success, but this is what I've been practicing. I've managed to keep my anger out of chat, but I know I get fussy really quick, real easy. So don't sweat it, practice self control, and realize that no logical person truly, personally, wants to belittle you into dust. If anything, they just want to tilt you for a win. I think that's disgusting, but that's about where the level of interaction typically ends with people on this game.
: GEE MAYBE IF RIOT LET PEOPLE TALK SHIT LIKE IN OTHER VIDEO GAMES THIS WOULDN'T HAPPEN AS MUCH???????????? but i guess they would prefer if people ruin other peoples games than that.
Letting people 'talk shit' doesn't stop them from also deciding to feed. Ever notice how most feeders tend to do so **after** having gone and made a big ol' fuss? Letting them off the leash ain't gonna suddenly make feeders and trolls go away.
: Varus is looking a little...strange...
{{champion:44}}: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqtNv6i0dlk
: Runeterra is an odd place.
Rioter Comments
: Your most Favorite champ in the game
Used to be {{champion:44}} before he got reworked. I still think he's awesome, but he fell down a bit. Since then, it's been {{champion:432}}. Doesn't talk, makes relaxing noises, and has an addictive collect-a-thon minigame that speaks to my soul of 90s character platformers with random objects to collect. Plus it's always fun going full AP and dueling the enemy ADC.
AhmCha (NA)
: TFW when you finish all of the event missions...
I don't even bother. I don't know what the rewards are and I honestly don't care. Which is weird, usually I'm OCD about getting everything in events, but I don't like taking off my Wolf mask.
: Team: "Let's tower dive level 1!"
"Hey, let's invade!" https://78.media.tumblr.com/64b96236306878cedf9b920fd718f917/tumblr_oyk6x1ZMhl1qcxdguo1_540.gif
: Disliking Varus's new lore doesn't make you homophobe
So it begins, Tracer syndrome strikes again.
Rioter Comments
: Are you legit stupid, or did you just not read anything i have written, yet again. first of all you cant fucking slander someone on league to the point it requires legal action, second of all, if you physically hurt yourself over someone else's words, why the fuck are you on the internet, let alone a game that merits tons of toxicity, get a fucking brain. also i'm not whining i got banned, i'm saying if you report someone, and you hope they get banned, you are an asshole. Jesus christ, take some time to understand what i'm writing before you respond, or if you still can't get it through your thick skull, just fuck off.
I was giving examples of consequences for written/spoken actions, I wasn't saying you're going to be arrested for slander over League, nor did I ever say I physically hurt myself over people flaming me in chat, where the hell did you get that idea? Perhaps you're the one who needs better reading comprehension. Either way, what you're saying is that I'm an asshole for reporting flaming and 'trash talk,' which is just nonsense. Riot's rules quite frankly tell you not to flame, harass, or anything that could fall under that. It's that simple, truly it is. I don't make the rules, I just follow them and my account has been clean for years. It's really not that hard, trust me. I know you told me you're not whining about being banned, but it's really coming across like that. You can hate me for reporting all you like, but it's not going to stop. Might as well get used to or else you can, in your own words, "Fuck off." Either way, you think I'm an asshole, I think you're ridiculous. This is going nowhere so I bid you a neutral farewell.
: I'm bronze 6 not bronze 5
Looks like I made a mistake. https://img.fireden.net/v/image/1466/79/1466791513376.png
: Yes, i made it pretty clear, its not like i explained why you should fuck off or anything. anyways here it is again, if you want someone to get permanently banned, possibly wasting money on the game, because you cant handle the fact they said i fucked your mother, fuck off, i genuinely do not understand how you have made it far enough in life to operate a computer. and just in case you didn't understand any of that here is the simplest i can make it. when someone says words to you it has no consequence, if you report them it has a consequence.
You can insult my intelligence all you like, but the facts at the end of the day are that your words do carry weight and do have consequences, those being either physical harm in the real world if someone doesn't like you talking shit to their face, legal if it falls under slander, hate speech, etc, and chat/permabans online depending on the company's/website's terms and conditions. If that fact doesn't tickle your fancy, tough, that's life. Maybe if you actually respect people and don't trash talk/flame them those consequences wouldn't bite you in the ass. Course, that lesson seems to have bounced off your head like a space shuttle twice now (as you admitted to being permabanned twice) because you're too damn stubborn and stuck in your ways. If it hasn't sunk in now, it never will.
Rykagnar (NA)
: when the yasuo assures you that he is really good at yasuo and he's not like all the other yasuos
You're full of shit, Yasuo. The truth is you're Bronze 5. You hated your teammates. You said they were holding you back so you flamed them in chat and intentionally fed. You reported them for harassment, you reported them for all the years you were stuck in Bronze because you are such a weak fucking sister, Yasuo! Go on, try to deny it. https://78.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lz42neT6zz1qauvvi.png
: Why am I suddenly being matched with toxic players?
I get them once and a blue moon. I had two relatively back to back one in SR and another in ARAM. Trundle in broken sentences trying to get me to acknowledge messing up an ult with Kindred (will still won, but my god was he flustered) and the bot lane getting annoyed with me because I couldn't gank them to save my life. The game is massive melting pot of good, bad, and ugly players. It's the toxic lottery, a box of chocolates, you'll never know what you'll get! So yeah, probably just rotten luck.
: If you don't respond and just mute them, eventually they will give up on being toxic, there no point of roasting someone if they aren't responding. and yes i am saying that trying to get someones account banned, so they cannot play the game anymore, is much worse, than someone typing they fucked your mother, which I bet you will forget about in about 30 mins. If you get so shook that someone online tells you they fucked your mother, to the point you wish they aren't allowed to play the game anymore, no matter how bad they are harassing you, you need to fuck off.
I need to fuck off because someone is harassing me? Where's the logic in this? At most, if you flame a bunch, you'll get a chat restriction, unless you're going to the extreme with hate speech, racism, or death threats. In that case, it jumps to a 14 day ban. If a player is literally so bad at controlling themselves or unwilling to knock their shit off to the point that they flame, harass, and cuss out players enough to get a permaban, well that's on them not me.
: you should probably read what i wrote again because you missed the point. i didn't say it was an excuse, i said if someone is flaming you don't lose sleep over it, mute them and carry on, and reporting someone because they flamed you, and your mad at them is a form of toxicity, one much worse than a few bad words thrown your way.
So... let me get this straight. Me reporting someone because they told me they fucked my mother, I'm shit at the game, and called me a list of unsavory names pales in comparison to me reporting them for it? Excuse me what? You make it sound like muting someone is where it ends. If I had to mute someone because of how nasty they were being, they deserve the report, hands down. I don't want them spreading that crap to other games and bothering other people. It's on the flamer to shut up or face the consequences, not the person being flamed. It's not because I'm losing sleep over it and to the point of being unable to function I'm so upset, it's because they deserve it for being emotional little brats with no self-control. So no, reporting is not an act of toxicity, it's a service to the next player that has to put up with the flamer and possibly a wake up call to the flamer himself who has to learn nobody wants to hear their negativity or have to mute them. Simple as that, really.
: The levels of Lulu
Wish I could play more Kindred. I've slowly been inching my way back into the jungle by my god is it stressful. http://www.troll.me/images/oh-lawd/whats-going-on-in-bot-la.jpg Then both of them proceed to flame me and spam "?" over me when they die as I'm on my way. https://i.imgur.com/5IPPlrR.gif[/img] I can only imagine how much worse it'd be if I tried to break out my favorite spirits of death.
: Because riot bans people way to easy, you can get a 14 day account suspension for using the word %%%got, if enough people report you. also wanting someone to get banned is much more malicious, than flaming someone. there's a mute button for a reason.
The mute button exists to keep idiots from further tilting you or bothering you, but it is not an excuse for people to flame and berate their teammates. C'mon, that excuse is as old as my dead great grandmother.
Zaryelle (NA)
: Ping Spam Instead of Helping
Yeah, I've been getting that a lot lately. Thank god for ping mutes. I honestly don't see the point, it just throws me off and tilts me slightly. Usually I do it right back at them when they die, whether it was a stupid death or not. I probably should knock that off.
426287 (NA)
: Remove champion shards from hextech chests
Even when I get skin shards from the chests, I don't feel rewarded as the disenchant amount for said skin shards is lackluster. I've been treating the chests as a secondary level up capsule, hoping for something higher than another 450 champ shard.
: Your two highest mastery champions are now your roommates
{{champion:44}} keeps wanting to watch Men in Tights and {{champion:432}} is making so many noises it's impossible to hear anything.
: If you think about what happened to Ezreal this meta, it makes you feel bad.
Ever since {{champion:44}} went off to become a star man and left his hubby behind, Ezreal had to turn to drugs to cope with the pain.
: That depends on how bad the things you said in the chat. As long as you don't say anything very very bad that could be considered really offensive to people, you won't get banned off of 1 game. If all that happened was an accidental leak of a comment saying you are so angry/tilted you wanted to AFK but you still kept playing that game and didn't flame anyone, then your team would just think you were really tilted and annoyed this game and not think anything of it. Though if something like this does happen again for you, I'd just suggest to say sorry to your team and say you really didn't mean that you wanted to AFK. Despite popular belief, the average league player isn't always so toxic. In reality, assuming you aren't the toxic person then you will generally run into a lot more nicer people than toxic people....it's just the toxic players always leaves a much bigger impact on your opinion of that match. Just be careful next time and everything should be fine.
No, I didn't say anything else, just the 'whelp'. I was so embarrassed, I kinda just put a sock in it. I really should have said sorry, but I was getting the impression my teammates (or at least Kog) had already had enough of me. Perhaps my perception was off, but I didn't want to tilt myself further by having to apologize to people who more than likely already thought I was dirt for saying I was thinking about AFKing. A poor choice that I will hopefully never make again.
: You should be fine. This isn't a habit of yours, and you didn't say anything particularly bad, so odds are you won't get any mark against your account. That said if you suddenly start behaving like a piece of shit this game would likely be part of a number of games that lead to a punishment, but only if your team reported you and only if the automated system looks for AFK, which I actually doubt with how people tend to use it more when they have an AFK on their team, rather than when they are the afk. To put it more simply you can relax now, you're fine.
I don't plan on suddenly turning toxic, this was honestly the worst thing I've done in... well actually ever. So when I realized how bad things looked, I felt like a real turd and there was nothing I could do to stop it. This was a one off I dare not repeat nor ever want to if I can help it.
: No i feel like over reacting. U won't get banned for this. Ive done worse and said worse things and i haven't been banned. :) I do regret most of it however. If you have good history u should and will be fine.
Yeah, I guess that makes sense. To be honest, I'm probably not going to get banned, I just feel so disgusting for wasting those player's time and I have nothing to show for it. I have a very guilty conscious and honestly playing that badly just because one player said something that rubbed me wrong is no excuse. Hopefully the system looks the other way this time.
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Dokkaebi (EUNE)
: When someone says 'ez' after winning a 5v4
All I can think of is something akin to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEW1-yJUayk
: http://s2.quickmeme.com/img/7f/7f1edd2e042cdec7e40e5ffebd1d0f4df27955337614a07b297294e6b6365cfe.jpg
: Removing all runes and making them free was supposed to allow easier access to buying champions...
If anything, if ANYTHING at all, I'd like to get champ shards of champions I don't already own. Almost every capsule I've opened has had 450 to 1250 (or whatever the exact number is) champions in them, and all of those that I got I already owned. Anything slightly higher, already own it. The disenchant amount is just too lackluster, it reeks of Overwatch's duplicate gold return system, and I hate it.
Yvaelle (NA)
: Shit I have 60k BE now and I'm scared to spend it from how long it takes to get more.
I have like 20K myself, I'm too worried to spend it in case a new champ comes along that I want instead (possibly Zoe).
: riot said that they hope people wont use the new emotes to bm but honestly what else are we going to use them for?
Is Riot really that naive or are they just stupid? They literally said in the announcement in the context of muting the emotes, "If you start to head to tilt city" or whatever the exact quote was, implying it'd be used as BM.
: I don't see the reason for ranked only bans, if they're gonna get banned from ranked, won't they just do the same thing in normals?
Seriously, I don't want these assholes coming to normals to screw with us unranked folk. I know some competitive players think we're below them, but we don't want your trash. Get em' out of the game entirely.
: New Item Idea.
I miss the days when Twitch was just an invisible rat, hanging out in bot lane, doing his thing. Now that everyone hates him just as much as I do Yasuo, I'd gladly go back to those old days. {{champion:29}} {{item:3070}}
: When I'm in a bad mood but still try to be positive to my team.
I don't try to stay positive, but I stay silent: https://zippy.gfycat.com/FineFlimsyDodobird.gif
Knalxz (NA)
: This isn't even a joke man, this is a serious problem with people. Had an game where my jungle yi got invaded, me and top went to help him and we gave first blood and he went AFK. Sad part is we were actually pretty even with the enemy team. You can check my history to see the match if you want.
It is kinda funny when people AFK but still remain connected to bitch, then you start to come back and they silently sulk back in and start playing again. I see it on enemy teams sometimes where someone will feed or AFK for a good portion of the match, then when things start looking somewhat in their favor, the player comes back. They won't admit they were wrong, but at least they came back.
Rioter Comments
: Emotes are live!
The best part about these is you can mute them.
Rioter Comments
: stop normalizing furries
I don't see it as 'normalizing' at all. We know we're weird, it's not normal, but we're not gut sucking monsters that crawl out from under your bed to eat your women and children either. Well, not all of us.
woobeee (NA)
: The hardest thing to do in this entire game.
Same name I use everywhere. It's a slight mix of my real name and Wolfenstine. However, I'm constantly corrected on the spelling when it's completely intentional. Originally, at least on Steam, it's WoLfenstin, the capitalization a result of a young me going through a Portal obsessed phase. It's dumb and unoriginal, but I like wolves and the name is stuck with me. Plus it's tied to a character of my own creation, so being named anything else just feels... wrong now.
Rouwhorst (EUW)
: [Suggestion] Keyfragment drop without owning champion
Yeah, seems a little silly considering they'll let you have mastery of champs you don't own.
: I see where they got the inspiration from
I'll never be able to look at {{champion:164}} the same way ever again.
: This is why I hate Blind Picks
We need the happy medium of a modified Team Builder. You select your role and depending on what you pick, pay the price of a longer que time for it. Nobody argues, you get to play what you want, and things go relatively faster than Draft.
: and then you realize that you're at full build and don't really need it
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