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: Mid Year Mage Updates - Malzahar Direction
Would it be possible to let AD Malz voidlings crit?
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: Riot, please respond to the dislike for PROJECT: FIORA's model hair
As a fiora player, I refuse to play a super saiyan. Sticking with Raven and Headmistress.
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: "When Zed kills you, you feel like you got outplayed."
A champion's skill requirement is not a reason to make the champion inherently better.
: What Champs do you want to hear more about?
My vote is for all the champs. They all need it. Riot has loads of cash, and they could cut something "huge" by 10% to easily hire a small team to write extended lore for everyone. And they need to take this like a group effort. None of that "It's not my job" bullcrap. Yeah, that small group writes, but you better believe it that they better be getting input from all angles of the riot freaking staff.
: what is the point in even play ap mages mid anymore
AP Mages have it easy, bro. You have so many options with AP and tank that simply do not exist in the AD world. Rod of Ages, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Zhonya's Hourglass, Abyssal Scepter, Athene's Unholy Grail, Liandry's Torment. Any burst AP mage on the spot can be decided to instead be a tanky ap character, because of the existance of these items. Your Annie can end with over 150 Armor and Magic Resistance, and over 3000 health, while still instakilling the enemy ADC and following up on the enemy support or whoever else is still behind and weak. This is true of many mages, like Lissandra, Kassadin, and Morgana. Some don't even need it, so I don't even want to hear crying about Lux and Xerath, who regularly carry from over 1000 range. None of this really turns them into a Ryze (who is OP dealing over 4k raw damage instantly with risidual magic damage and is ready to burst againt 1.5 seconds later while being the tankiest mage in the game), but their oppressive utility and still burst carry like potential stacked on top of these items, is how you fix this problem you're having.
: Well youare right about win rates for ahri, I was looking at normals accidentally. First place I checked for tiers, alistar Tier 5 On metalol.
I wouldn't consider metalol a viable source, since they are swayed by champion statistics. In other tier sites, there is a more "if played correctly" bias because they are professional players, such as nerfplz and reignofgaming (Especially reignofgaming, that cannot be stressed enough). Though Reignofgaming is more about conversation of the metagame, and they don't stay very up to date on tiering. The reason this is important, is because professional players play the champions correctly, generally... and that pertains to even Silver playes (perhaps Bronze is arguable), because most Silver players at least have their list of champions that they play nearly like a pro at (even if they aren't a smurf). They play that champion most and play it like a pro, but they are silver because they are forced into roles and compositions they cannot adapt to and so forth. you see it. Their opinion is more viable to a silver player trying to understand the champion they are *actually good at*, while metalol is more swayed by statistical analysis which is heavily influenced by silvers players playing champions they don't know much about.
: Well, firstly, you've added a lot since I commented. At the time of comment, you had a total of 3 champions in your second highest tier: Akali, Amumu, and Anivia. Alistar was the first champion of borderline. My point being that if you think Amumu, Anivia and Alistar are 3 of the 5 most overused and possibly overpowered champions in this game (as there were only 2 others that high, Ahri and Akali) you were sadly mistaken. I'm not saying Amumu, Anivia and Alistar can't be above average at some skill level, simply that there should (at any skill level) be more than 2 champions that a reasonable person would see as more troublesome than Amumu, Anivia and Alistar. Most tier lists place Alistar very low for example (tier 1 being highest and 5 being lowest, he is consistently found in tier 4). I see now that you're just working through alphabetically. I think it would make a lot more sense to type this all up in a word document beforehand and release it all at once rather than releasing it bit-by-bit. My comment on Zed not being mentioned should have made this sufficiently obvious though. On to the point about Ahri's winrates: She's been very recently redone. Ahri players/mains immediately knew how to play her because her kit still feels very much the same to play as. So you aren't getting that immediate skill level drop of most reworks. Simultaneously though, playing against her has changed immensely. She's a LOT harder to gank now, instead of being a free gank before level 6 (or at least burning her flash). Most importantly though, people don't understand that you should never be chasing her if she has any reasonable health left and/or you don't have a massive gapcloser / targeted ability, etc... The number of times I've seen 2-3 teammates chase a full health Ahri through the jungle while I'm spamming fall-back pings and they drop dead one after another is ridiculous. You don't need to kill Ahri as she runs from your base when her team is attacking (and you won't kill her then), you kill Ahri when your team is attacking her base and she needs to help waveclear in front of the turrets. My point being clearly supported by, as you wanted me to look at, win rate patterns. Post rework her winrate skyrockets. As players figure it out, it slows drops back to reasonability. Her win-rate was as high as 58% I heard? And last I heard it was down to 55%. That's a significant drop in 2 days or so. Give it another week and she'll probably be around 51-53% I would imagine. Of course, that will never actually be seen because Riot is overreacting and nerfing her immediately instead of giving players a chance to figure out how to play against her.
Just to be clear, Ahri peaked at 57% and she is currently at 56.8%. When we first got the new jungle items, Warwick was Uber-status, and he peaked at almost 58%, settling around 57%. I think this change, being less breaking was easier to settle into, but is still seeing too godly of rates to suggest it will go below anything 55%. She has reached uber-status, and the rate of change is showing it's not changing. Every respectable tier scaling I've ever seen has never seen Alistar put below Tier 2 (given their typical very small populated god tier existance, so it's almost like a tier 3, but not really, because the god tier is suggesting who ougt to be nerfed). He reliably shows his faces in the opinion of tier one every few patches... so He has his place in very high rank. Just because it takes a lot of skill doesn't mean you discount it. We don't say Lee Sin isn't overpowered just because you need a lot of skill for it.
Ariaflux (NA)
: As a Smogon forum goer I've sometimes considered how nice if LoL were to adopt some of the methods of balancing done in Pokemon, however I think that the 2 games are inherently different and we cannot directly apply the same system from Pokemon to here. First of all, tiering is done in Pokemon because everything is fixed. That means base stats won't change, movepools won't change, typing won't change, no matter how many years passed (newer versions are considered a different game altogether). This is why if a threat is overpowered, it will stay overpowered unless the meta shifts. However, in LoL and all other online games, developers constantly adjust the powerlevel of things in game so: 1. There would not be enough time for the metagame to settle and the obvious overpowered threats to surface 2. There is no need to ban anything as if anything got out of hand, it can be nerfed Furthermore, in Pokemon the meta is everything. Checks and counters dictate the list. Shit tier pokemon that can counter a top tier threat becomes top tier itself, once the top tier threat gets banned it goes back to shit tier. While this is somewhat true in LoL, it's not to the same extent. Lane counters also need to contribute to teamfight, the powerlevel of champions vary between early, mid or late-game. All these differences make creating a tier list for LoL a very tough job and end up being not very beneficial. However with that said, I believe there is a lot that people can learn from the thinking process they employ when discussing balance issues.
: I was going to complain that you have Ahri at the top of the list and Zed isn't even mentioned up high - but then I saw where you had Amumu, Anivia, and Alistar and laughed figuring this must be a completely troll thread.
Well, they're not all in the same tier, so nice try? I recommend glasses. Or maybe you are reading it correctly. Do you realize your normal games, as well as your ranked games... and every type of game you have is in a ELO rating system? If you are in a system of, ahem, a particular skill; you will likely not see a lot of "Amumu, Anivia, and Alistar", who, as I describe above, should otherwise see quite a bit of play.... none of those three really needing uber status. You might want to read up on Ahri's winrates, too as well as what all high tiered competitive players are saying about her. Her damage reduction pales in comparison to her on demand escape.
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Tkerst (NA)
: When was the last time you saw Yorick in game?
I see him regularly in ranked, but I'm only silver ii. I frequently will pick him if nasus is banned. Pickin Yorick into Nasus is like asking for nasus to have a farm lane. Also, if enemy top is picked, I pick Yorick (if it's not nasus). It's funny, how he counters everything... except the top that most people counter... Nasus. He doesn't counter nasus at all. You pick Yorick, enemy picks Nasus; just dodge, okay? All he does is Q your wraiths. You go back for CDR and mana/manaregen to spam more at him? Well now he has CDR and just Q farms your wraiths and more minions... All the while, your harass is pushing, so you can't really stop him. The best thing you can do is freeze the lane. But yeah, I play yorick. And no, he doesn't suck after laning. Just build right. Get your Manamune, a visage to compliment your regeneration abilities, a Frozen to counter adcs, another AD defense item, like MoM or Merc Scim,more health armor (randuins) Now ADCs hate you, and some Mercury Treads.
: {{champion:150}} and his play style are the literal definition of toxic. His bullshit damage induces rage, and you cant ever catch him. I hate him but riot made him like that so I guess we have to deal with it.
Play Fiora. Lunge. He jumps. Lunge again. You now have 3 burst of speed stacks because you probably also autoed him. auto him with the remaining burst of speed. He hurt himself about 200 from your riposte. 90% his health is gone. Ignite. Walk away. He rushes thornmail. You rush 2 vampiric scepters and a Tiamat. He dies a few more times thinking he can win now, but you got like 16% lifesteal. He rushes sunfire. You now finish bloodthirster. Massive push potential from tiamat, and 28% lifestealfrom BT+Vampscept. Feed on his retarded corpse more. Get hydra. Get Last Whisper. Get Infinity Edge. Ult their team and play janitor on the rest of them. gg.
Rikari (NA)
: Theoretically,how do we survive and/or kill Fizz and Zed?
Fizz requires you predict where he wants to land, or just wait for his playful/trickster to be on cooldown, and do a skillshot stun/root like nevermove. Or you can have a direct ability stun/snare. He's about as squishy as they come, so any two medium damage champions+ (like even if one if sona or something) will kill him instantly. Zed? That's a good question. You have to play zed a bit and get a feel of his shadow cooldowns and such... but when he gets 40%, he's just poofing more than leblanc, as he pleases, and doing it again with his ult. I think his shadow poofing CDs need even bigger nerfing.
darkdill (NA)
: @Meddler: Is there no way to make Ashe's slow more interactive/fun/better/etc.?
Every third attack pierces all in its path, can still only target out to 600 range, but projects out to 850. This attack slows for 25/31/37/43/49%, applies a stack of Frost Arrow. Slow lasts 2 seconds, frost arrow lasts 10 seconds. Each stack of Frost arrow refreshes the whole stack. When an enemy acquires 3 stacks of frost arrow, they are stunned for .25/.33/.5/.67/.75 seconds before a full 2 second slow is applies. --note-- only the target of the attack takes damage. The slow/stacks/stuns are of an area effect.
: Coincidence that my last 2 Le Blancs haven't connected?
I played wit a leblanc since the last shutdown occured today. However, both my jungle garens (with smite), havnt been working.
: Garen + Smite
WHat the heck is this anyways!?!!?!?!?? This wasn't ever happening to me until you "fixed" this firewall issue. I never had this issue before! WTF REALLY.
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