: creative gameplay is only allowed if its on level/worse then bland uncreative gameplay.
Facts, they're scared of new metas, but even harmless things are changed or nerfed, like spell thief on mid or top laners...
: On Hit Neeko
I've tried it, it snowballs really good, but because it takes 3 attacks to get your on-hit damage and ms, you kind of have to rush rageblade, after that you probably want more attack speed, also I like it top more than anything, usually cause you have a range advantage and you won't deal with as many bursty champs.
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Jenivie (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wolfram Oxford,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jt3xcXqY,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-01-20T09:25:51.941+0000) > > She is an all in champ, she doesn’t need poke every champ has poke you dunce
she can't be a lane bully and an aoe assassin, doesn't work like that, hardstuck for a reason bud
SS1986 (NA)
: JG is the worst role
You play Yi with a very good wr, you’re obviously doing something right, also imo jg is the most influential role early-mid game, a jg makes or breaks a game for the most part, but yeah I could definitely see some complaints when they nerf it soon... it already doesn’t have a lot of xp or gold :/
Bultz (NA)
: Crowd control needs to be nerfed
nasu010 (NA)
: Briar, the forest vanguard
You had to use Hashirama lmao
Laura ß (NA)
: How does riot expect me not to rage after this and act normal and chill
Imo you’ll lose more by saying this and might bring out the worst in your teammates, you can say things regarding their play, but if you’re being overly offensive then you’ll tilt them even more and make them more likely to troll you. Also to avoid all of that feeding maybe use pings, you’re in very low elo, so I’m assuming most deaths come from easily avoidable conditions, like staying in lane while low, pushing too far, not warding, and not respecting the enemy champions. Maybe give a few words of caution to each teammate before minions spawn, keep the game positive, and try to win your lane and influence the rest of the map the best you can. As a top laner you can do more than just farm early, you can put in deep wards to get info on the enemy jg, contest scuttle, roam mid, tp/roam bot, take herald, etc. Just don’t blame your team. You’re not much better than them statistically, so take my advice and you’ll have more enjoyable and winnable games :^)
T2K Baka (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wolfram Oxford,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jt3xcXqY,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-01-20T09:25:51.941+0000) > > She is an all in champ, she doesn’t need poke lb is an all in champ, she has poke. Talon has poke, kass has poke, akali has poke, ahri has poke, Diana has better poke. LB HAS POKE, LB HAS POKE, LB HAS POKE, she is an all in champ.
Low elo players might have a hard time in lane but honestly assassins are supposed to be risk takers, maybe try Q’ing directly or using shunpo for the aoe passive, anyways she’s insanely good if you’re skilled enough to avoid cc in team fights and get your resets, she doesn’t need to thrive anymore than she does in lane right now :^)
: League of Legends no longer excites me
Getting kills doesn’t win games, often low elo players feel entitled to LP because they stomped some mechanically brain dead bronze-gold player in lane and got fed. Sure getting kills is great, but you won’t win as much as you should if your macro skills are terrible and you don’t understand the elo you’re in. There are so many things to improve on, that’s why high elo players are constantly getting better, you can learn better macro, better map awareness, wave management, matchups, build efficiency, power spikes, etc. there are so many things you can learn to improve, it’s just a matter of wanting to improve and using the resources you have to do so.
HeroMeat (NA)
: What if you lost less LP in ranked games if people on your team were afk
It’s a game of averages, it’s unlikely to run into a lot of afk teammates, a change like this however would definitely be abused in higher elo where it’s more competitive, definitely not plat-diamond, but master and challenger players might just afk in a fucked game just to help their friends out, it would turn into an essential win trade where perhaps people would collaborate, duo, and just have one person afk in any game that’s fucked. A very bad idea for a change like this, I’d just recommend keeping your head up and grinding out enough games where it doesn’t matter. Also you might want to do that if you’re losing 22 LP a game, if you’re climbing it should be around 17 (or less?), if you’re “where you should be” it should be about 20, anything more might be due to poor MMR.
: I could come to you with the answer to most of your problems, but then I would get my post deleted because you would probably report it for "rank shaming". Oh well. Good luck to you
Honestly though a lot of complaints from low elo are because they’re low elo, if you’re higher elo you realize a lot of the complaints they have and the complaints you had while you were low elo weren’t valid... like I’ll see people complain about the most stupid things just because they’re too bad to realize the counterplay. So perhaps this person doesn’t like League for whatever reason, sure we could make an argument and be “right”, but I guess it doesn’t mean much unless they actually want to find joy in playing the game, maybe they just want to rant and get it out of their system, but regardless I don’t think we can say anything meaningful unless they’re open to hear our opinions...
Nhika (NA)
: Please buff tank junglers
Tank junglers honestly aren’t that bad, you just need to adjust your play style to fit around early game pressure rather than mid game pressure, have both ideally but don’t expect to farm all game and outperform meta junglers who can gank pre 6
: I don't think there's any hope for ranked
Don’t pick Kog? He’s trash, also in a draven match up I would go with a hard CC ult champ, poke champ, or ranged champ. Ashe, Varus, Cait, MF. Against a blitz Ezreal is a really good pick, plus you can avoid Draven’s aa range with Q, he’s really good at kiting him when he gets an IBG too, plus he tends to hit his power spike before draven does.
Glîtchy (NA)
: Can we please do something about raka heal?
She’s fairly balanced imo, plus it’s an ignite meta and there are supps who heavily counter her that are meta, just learn to play against her >_>
Jenivie (NA)
: yeah id like that tbh poking with kat sucks. youre forced to shunpo onto them, pretty d u m b
She is an all in champ, she doesn’t need poke
: "Do you want to do damage? Ok, pick conqueror"
As a plat player I can assure you that conqueror has no balance issues in higher elo, if you’re plat+ you see the weaknesses in the keystone, one being that it gives no direct damage, it gives AD and true damage, but unlike other keystones it doesn’t give any kind of upfront burst, so early game it is easily punishable. Now there are some champs that do well early game that abuse it (Darius) but the champions who do tend to use it either have a bad early game or distinct features in their gameplay that allow them to be countered with proper positioning and CC. My examples would be Jax who has a bad early game and Darius who doesn’t have innate mobility (he has to rely on summoner spells or items). I will say that it does have strong damage (too much) but this is to make up for the lack of upfront damage early game and the faults in the champions that actually use it. If it does get changed I would like to see some kind of upfront damage buff with overall less damage, maybe an on-hit (like fervor) but instead it scales with AD and isn’t a flat damage.
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azraiell (NA)
: QSS needs an AP upgrade
That would be when the game turns to shit.
: Tell me Meddler, how does one become able
Is this even relevant when mages can get loads of HP, even shields {{item:3040}} , and an item that completely counters assassins? {{item:3157}}
: Some champions just have a disgusting amount of synergy with gunblade.
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: ah so zed is pretty much doomed to be just a tier 2 mid lane and thats it?
He like a lot of other champions is a situational pick. I think one of the main things that sets him back is the strength of tanks and generally AD heavy team comps. Tanks do a really good job at peeling and are generally tanky enough where ignoring the rest of your team for several seconds has no impact on their health bar. ADCs have BT and sometimes GA which do a really good job at keeping them alive, plus you have the 1000 shields that supports can offer today and redemption heals. Then if we consider how much of a range Zed usually has to close he will most likely have to use W which takes away a lot of burst and leaves him vulnerable after getting on his target. If we are talking mages too though, we have Zhonya's which completely fucks Zed. So as long as we have tanks in the meta, strong supports, and AD heavy teams we probably won't see Zed rising in strength or even being strong enough to be consistently picked.
: nub question
He gets shit on top mainly because he is an assassin and assassins struggle against tankier champions because they don't have the damage for them. Also, if he is against a bruiser they will have a lot of DPS while Zed will not so extended trades are always going to lead to you losing out. As for jungle he has bad clears which is a lot of what makes junglers now a days.
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: Whats his ban quote??
This just makes me think of the day Faker will retire, i swear i will cry so hard whenever that happens, joking not joking, on a serious note I am such a huge Faker fan boy, and there is no doubt he will be recognized for a long time in the gaming world.
Ralanr (NA)
: Why not make an item with a dodge active?
I believe Riot initially wanted to give an active to Ghostblade that would make the user block the next basic attack but it never followed through. But besides being put into items I think it would be cool to release a champion that could deflect auto attacks and perhaps even spells.
Yàssuo (EUW)
: My first league of legends montage
use less slow motion walking it looks stupid
: What Champion Kits Do You Feel Aren't Designed Well?
{{champion:254}} single TARGETED malphite ult and huge amount of burst and survivability...
AD Yuumi (NA)
: Another one of these threads... I'll accept it. {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:222}}
: Its ggez that makes people upset not just gg
: Kalista's problem is her passive needs a redesign so when she gets buffs and goes back into meta she becomes a problem like Vayne.
She actually has a pretty good design minus her W being a little unfocused. The only problem was that she had a high skill cap that the pros could abuse and a kit that wasn't friendly towards unskilled players AKA the majority of people complaining about her.
Sandixcx (NA)
: Should be able to buy things with honor point things. Maybe certain champions, or like a screen border or whatever.
Then everyone would be offering H4H (honor for honor) and the system would be abused.
: Revamp the Honor-initiative to decrease toxicity and make for a more fun Game-environment
I don't know about the most toxic, but I do know that Riot makes a big deal out of anything they see as negative behavior. Even if you are saying stuff like "gg" before 20 minutes you run the risk of getting punished and eventually banned. One thing I do kind of want to see though is a kind of low priority queue not only for dodgers but for toxic players.
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cattyb (EUW)
: lol
I am here to restore the balance.
: Executing melee ults should ground during the animation
Or should just be canceled if someone moves out of range. It's kind of bull shit flashing out of Darius's R range but still dying cause you were in range for 0.25 seconds. OR, something I just thought of, they could buff the damage for both ultimates but make them skill shots. Maybe Garen could get a range buff to his ult too, which would make him more useful in team fights.
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Slythion (NA)
: the thing about aatrox is he's the perfect candidate in every way except for the fact that no one cares about him. Yorick had the "lol forgotten champ everyone knows of" relationship, Mordekaiser has the "woe is me i've been mistreated by riot" relationship (even though it's true, im just explaining things). Aatrox has the "we don't care about this champ, didn't even know it existed tbh" relationship with anyone that doesn't actually play him which is why he hasn't been spammed on the boards like Morde
: AP or AD Tristana?
It used to be viable when her E applied a DoT. Then you could just poke poke poke and then all in with W and R.
: What if I told you...
Then you would receive a record high of down votes.
Meep Man (NA)
: Not sure. It mainly impacts his early game, giving him slightly more damage early game, a little less mid-game, and a tiny bit more late game.
They should revert it so tank Draven can rise to power >:)
Ralanr (NA)
: Who in melee can fight Darius? Edit: I get it guys. Jeez.
{{champion:86}} maybe, I haven't really seen this match up a lot, but in theory Garen should be able to W to avoid a lot of damage, but I am not sure if he could have a sustained fight which is what Darius is all about.
: New Draven Q as on PBE
Why did they change it?
TsukiNoAce (EUNE)
: Deathsdance passive is dumb with invis
Death's Dance doesn't have a bleed...
Joseraph (NA)
: We don't need another Rengar thanks
ChastieFol (EUNE)
: What is rank placement mechanism??
I kind of trolled went 3-7 and got s5
Frius (EUNE)
: riven`s animation cancelling ,now they discovered CC canceling? now riven is immune to stuns? wtf
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