: What is that thing? O.O
The emotes of an empty crown. That idol you posted is of Ganesha, a Hindu deity.
Oelyk (NA)
: Dont "?" me.
: Amumu's Ability Icons Speak For Them self
Lmao that poor thing. Riot plz
: Autofill promotes toxicity
Y'all gettin too comfortable and now EXPECT 100% to get your roles. That was never the case with league. Learn to play all the roles if you gon do ranked
: Random Skin Option
Just use a random number generator and limit it to the number of skins you have
SirΤeemο (EUNE)
: teemophobia?
: Why are summoner spells level locked?
A brand new player would have no idea where to start. Similar to how rito increases IP prices of the champion pool.
Hibeki (NA)
: Show me any loss in the past week and I will explain how it was out of my control.
: > [{quoted}](name=TheHypeGoku,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NX3IGgcj,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-15T23:20:18.833+0000) > > Because that's stupid. Do you complain to Riot when you bring wrong summoners in any other lane? No. > When you're in champ select you're supposed to stay in it and not alt-tab. > Riot bailing out stupid people who can't manage a simple summoner spell choice is just saying that it's okay to alt-tab. > It's not. Everyone should stay in the screen on champ select. And this deserves a thread of its own because why?
its a valid reason. no matter how many times people are told to not alt-tab, they still do it and then tilt themselves from using improper runes/masteries/summoners.
: new league cleint 10/10 would recommend (jk worst client ive ever experienced)
if everyone were having this problem, then its the client's fault. this seems like a personal issue.
: Surrender and Auto kick if you dont pick fast enough
i hear complaints but not solutions....
: why do people get so tilted when you say this line
they don't want to face the facts that they're life is meaningless?
Yasuow (NA)
: Permently Banned Not Justified By Official Riot Post
Racial/homophobic slurs can get you perma'd
Bombardox (EUW)
: League's Champs and thier look-alike in real life
You mean league champs and people with the same hair color
: Why do so many people on this board assume guilty until proven innocent?
1) OP sometimes admits to being toxic and then expresses their apologies and hopes to get unbanned now that it's too late. 2) OP uses caps and flames in his thread complaining about his teammates. 3) Doesn't post chat-logs, what you tryna hide? 4) Tries to defend their behavior because other people flamed first or whatever, it doesn't matter who did it first. I've seen a few posts with fairly innocent chat logs but the majority falls under one or multiple of the categories above.
: He's less of a man than she'll ever be.
Her Hextech augmentations has stopped her aging. She's no longer human.
: Tryndamere Ult is unhealthy for the game
Got some news for you. {{champion:203}} AOE Trynd Ult :O
: We need PANTS!
{{item:1082}} **** ring is the only under-the-belt protection i see
: Can we explain manaless/resourceless champions?
Honestly? With all the mana items in the game, I don't feel like it matters that much other than early game.
: actually any cuck can duo with a garbage player and bring them into a higher elo than mid silver
Realistically, the new player probably won't be boosted by a higher-elo since who really has the patience to carry them all the way just for them to fall down once they play by themselves. Climb farther up, mid silver's fair game for new players.
: What do you need to master champs like Viktor, Orianna or Blitzcrank?
{{item:3070}} {{champion:164}} {{item:3070}} *cries that you included Viktor and not her*
Frius (EUNE)
It's Riots way of saying you can't climb by one-tricking a single lane and that you need to be more versatile to be deserving of ranks this season. Step up to the challenge and learn all of them or you don't deserve to promote.
Bye felicia
: @Riot. When it comes to making skins, is the only thing you care about money? Sure seems like it.
You kinda have no evidence of the formula they're using and all the reasons you listed don't make sense. Rumble, Lee Sin, and Viktor were popular pro-scene picks. A lot of the champions you listed ARE in the meta atm so I don't see why those matter. Designing skins is an artistic process. If their artists just don't feel motivation create an alternate dimension version of a champion, then we can't force them.
: champion concepts (assassins)
So basically old Talon but more OP?
: What if every shield in the game was %HP?
I'd rather have the meta of carries doing the carrying rather than another meta where tanks are unkillable and where two can wreck your entire squishy team albeit a team without a tank deserves to lose but you gotta give em a bigger chance
Oaklen (NA)
: Daily Reminder Ahri is Broken beyond belief!
She's all skill shots except for W. A wrong step with R could end up with her dying. She takes skill to play.
darkdill (NA)
: Lux VS Veigar, Veigar gets ahead because of Elise ganks. Get Negatron Cloak?
You're lux, you shouldn't be getting that close to veigar to need MR
: I'm comparing the whole thing. Anivias r is a large aoe ability that enhances her e, luxs e is a large aoe ability that enhances her auto. Only difference is lux does more damage early on. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I get half healthed by her e auto.
That's not because of E. That's just her passive. Stop letting her auto you after she's thrown an E on you.
: A body
A melanoma ......................................{{champion:157}} ............................{{item:3022}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3072}} ......................................{{item:1033}} ......................................{{item:3006}}
Zelorxon (EUW)
: If you are Bronze, Silver, Gold or Plat you might want to read this.
: What's the point of picking Renekton if you own Darius
: The legendary reroll! xD Thanks Rito, God of the net!
: As a Diamond player, Silver is hard
: Does anyone use the mute button?
: Maybe something like Trophy Hunter Darius, he gets a unique trophy from killing a certain enemy. Like Orianas ball tied to his waist, one of Dravens axes on his back, Pantheons cloak on, a Caitlyn mine dangling from his waist...ect
Not plausible. Riot would have to update his trophies for every new champion in the same. Doesn't seem like the commitment they'd make on a skin.
Karakot (NA)
: The next winter storm
Actually I just read "Decima" as in "decimate" You should leave the house.
: I've been Perma Banned - Can i dispute this ?
Deserved. You did more than just call him a bronze %%%%
: About Elementalist Lux's Border...
No the border doesn't expire. Why would it affect ranked borders? The two are seperate.
: No words yet about FIZZ ULTIMATE BOUNCING:....
Depending on how far he threw the ult, there should be a dotted circle on the inside. If you step on that dotted circle, the fish jumps onto you. That area can get quite big if it's thrown to it's full range.
: Match making logic...
This isn't even the right example... or queue....
: I NEVER get mid.
Really cuz it looks like you got mid every other time?
iAmNarwhal (EUNE)
: I was silver 2 how many wins i need in promos to get gold?
You can't. You can only go down from placements, never up. You'll probably end somewhere in bronze since they always take everyone down one division or more.
ZeQioD (NA)
: Am I welcome to play as a Muslim?
who the **** still plays with censors on lol
Pwnerest (NA)
: Why suspend me....
It doesn't matter how much they egged you on, that's why there's a mute button. You responded with rage and by being toxic back which is why you got suspended.
: reported for toxic xD No, in all seriousness, I just felt the need to say something. I am ok with a game being a game, but I worked hard to get out of bronze and I feel like I got the wind knocked out of me, for what, a new season to begin? I can understand going from S5 to B1 but B5? thats just pure evil.
You were placed one whole division below. That's pretty normal for placements. Did it take the whole last season to leave bronze?
BzRazor (NA)
: You mean your internet/pc is broken.
This bug's been happening to a large number of people actually. Patch 6.24 introduced a pretty common bug that makes you drop the game before you can connect to it.
Sukishoo (NA)
: But he said Teemo has 7 in his reply, thus that'd be 49 XD
OP said Teemo has 7x **more** than Viktor. Why are you multiplying Teemo's 7 by 7? He's comparing Viktor's number of skins to Teemo.
: With Lunar New Year coming up...
Space Serpent Monster God*
Sukishoo (NA)
: Actually it'd be more like 49 if he had 7x the amount he already has lol.
Actually OP was multiplying Viktors' skins by 7x which is 28 lol.
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