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: A Letter To Riot on LCS and Competitive rulings Riot and their shit show retard minded team head up another great day at the office.
: This may sound weird...but have Kalista and Azir already reached a point where they need reworks?
The problem is this fucking game is broken. They have too many champs and no concept of how to balance the game. no rework is going to fix them. Look at Ryze.
Pika Fox (NA)
: No, i garantee you brady would fall like a rock on any other team within a few games. The thing about the Patriots is that they have good leadership and teamwork, and that has always been enforced. Other teams dont have the same leadership that the Patriots do. He may be a good quarterback, but he wouldnt be nearly as good on any other team.
Every sport that spends MILLIONS in trades to improve their teams with amazing players (like Brady) disagrees. And with that amount of money and the analysts etc means you are actually just straight up wrong....
Pika Fox (NA)
: Given that its a team game, id argue that its far more accurate than solo queue. How good you are is irrelevant, how good your team is is all that matters. No one cares how good Tom Brady is. Put him on any other team, and he will be garbage. People care about the Patriots, and what he brings to that team, and how they work together.
I do have to mention that you are absolutely wrong when it comes to Tom Brady... while professional sports super stars do need teammates to win a player of Tom Brady's quality would play well and enhance most any team that doesn't have a better QB. What you are saying flys in the face of EVERYTHING we have ever witnessed with sports... the Delusion you live with is unbearable.
Pika Fox (NA)
: The coin flip analogy applies; you are only 10% of the game at any point. You only have a 10% agency in your game. You are the only consistent variable, but not the only variable. And i didnt contradict myself; 1000s of games makes the result more accurate. It will never be perfect, but it will in general be accurate enough to use. And no, 100 games is too small a sample size to be indicative of skill. You might luck out and get there in 100 games, but its not likely. The football analogy, however, doesnt work. There, the teams are consistent, and only have a small number of teams to play against. In LoL, the teams arent consistent, and youre being ranked against millions of others. That takes more time than just a couple of games.
The streamer in the video has literally done multiple Placements to masters in 100 games or less with different champs. Not only that but have you ever watched a sport in your life? Look at basketball, that has 5v5 and there are single players that can make teams great. Kobe, Jordan, Dirk, and Durant. Just like a player in basketball can have 30 pts, 10 rebounds, and 10 steals leading his meh team to victory a lol player can get 12 kills, have the most CS, and place the most wards to lead his meh team to victory. You are literally delusional with your idea here
: ***
Logged in to comment this.... It is insane how I know everytime they reply it will NEVER (at least on nothing I care about) be a serious comment.
: i never spent money on riot cause they don't listen to the playerbase. They can claim all they want, but im certain of the fact that people prefer solo que for more challenging and skillful play. The reason the "majority" want it is cause this allows them to be boosted by their friends much easier.
This is me. I spent some money in the early days of playing and mostly stopped within the first months.
: I've been thinking it's my play calling. I never really know when to push towers or when to take baron. I also think my vision could use work, although, I use my wards as often as possible. Maybe my placement is bad because my team still doesn't see ganks coming. This will help you. If people in game aren't listening literally just ping as hard and much as possible.
: Thanks I appreciate it! My farm is pretty dreadful. Out of all this vision is all I'm ok at. I'll try to main mid and jungle and farm better instead of focusing on poking.
I once was reading a guide to diamond and the guy said in early laning phase NEVER use abilities to harass if it will cause you to miss farm. This is a great starting point. Focus on farming first for a while and eventually you will get to the point that you can farm and still use abilities to harass. In bronze great farming should get you plenty of a lead.
Frostmane (EUW)
: There is 0 Point playing Ranked at the moment...
Ranked was broken because of Riot's system before DQ and now its only worse
Ladrac (EUNE)
: Is just me...or the games in season 6 are unfun?
Yeah I play WAY less than I used to. It has felt like to me that watching the balance and fun of the game since season 3 is like watching someone slowly go insane. Every patch Riot finds a way to prove they have no fucking clue as to what is happening with the game.
: One time i had a premade who carried my solo playing self, they were using teamwork and were only talking to me when needed to without pointless banter or hate. We won. Does that mean DQ should stay cause my experience?
And all that means is you have rank you don't deserve so no because of your experience it should be removed.....
: Viktor's Patch 6.9 entry shows that whoever worked on Vik has no idea who he truly is >_>
Dude Riot is simply a PR machine now and none of them care what they were thinking when orignally creating the character. To them he IS just a cardboard cutout villian they genuinely do not give a crap.
Xonra (NA)
: I wouldn't mind it if they didn't just keep adding things in like they are balancing and changing in a vacuum, but they still haven't fixed all the problems they introduced from preseason. - Overtuned Marksman items and Marksman (We all know the ones). - Towers still going to be paper thin even with the upcoming changes. - They are swapping out one problem for another with the dragon changes and the visible timers on buffs. - Changing Rift Herald in hopes it will dissuade pro play lane swaps (with seemingly no care for the impact on the non pro playing of the game) - The increase in jungle xp, again completely ignoring that they are doing it mainly for pro play (they've said as much) but ignoring the HUGE impact that is going to have on ranked. You can get lvl 5 with a single clear, not counting scuttle or xp from other sources. - The mage item changes are going to make some mages better and so many others even weaker against strong tanks and assassins (that are already coming WAY back into popularity right now). I don't mind changes when they are needed, but as I said in the preseason, they seem to be making changes for the sake of changes. It seems a bit excessive and a bit silly to add ALL of this all at the middle of the season...when problems they introduced still haven't been fixed or addressed.
This is partially why the LCS is so stupid to watch as well. With the constant changes half of a team's job is just keeping up with the changes to the game. They are very rarely going to have time to innovate and usually the innovations are abuses of current changes to the game.
: riot, when will preseason be over?
Honestly at this point probably never. I honestly am so annoyed playing this game. The jungle is changing so drastically and so frequently that its simply frustrating to play. I hate that I can't just fucking q up and grab whatever champ I want to play that I enjoy playing. Staying ahead of the FOTM champs for jungle is like a fucking part time job.
Minuano (NA)
: Game 5 of H2K vs Fnatic is proof that death timers are out of hand
Personally I think its more a sign of how stupid turrets are right now. They need to scale up a little during the game so can't kill them in 1.5 sec
Quepha (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=WooBeeWoo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VVoFcWc0,comment-id=0000000000000004,timestamp=2016-04-07T23:46:57.666+0000) > > And that is a retarded philosophy on there parts. Updates and new champs should still maintain balance as a thought at all times since that makes or breaks the game. The fact that they would say screw the balance is stupid af That doesn't even make any sense. They don't come up with numbers, they just determine what abilities will do and the general strength of them. They care about overarching strengths and weaknesses but getting all the numbers perfectly right every time when the balance team has to pore over statistics and test cases with very slight changes to try and do as good of a job as they can is obviously and clearly impossible.
So its not their fault that they take a champ like Ekko for example and say you know he needs 3 mobility moves, a heal, a shield, percent damage, a stun.... yeah now the numbers will balance that shit! or tahm.... which is honestly almost the same, or fiora... numbers don't balance idiot design decisions. thats why there are sooooo many lol champs that are either insanely broken or basically unplayable. The don't have genuine balance.
Quepha (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Treasure Goblin,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VVoFcWc0,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-04-07T18:16:46.930+0000) > > marksman update...? Was mainly about distinguishing marksman, the power of marksman champions is up to the balance team after-the-fact. The update team is not the balance team, they don't care about balance.
And that is a retarded philosophy on there parts. Updates and new champs should still maintain balance as a thought at all times since that makes or breaks the game. The fact that they would say screw the balance is stupid af
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Bellows (NA)
: Ruin my champion by over nerfing and Aurelion Sol's Bundle is the last $$$ you will ever get from me. I will be watching and playing carefully.... {{champion:136}}
I stopped giving them money probably for the last year and a half or more. Riot does absolutely NOTHING to deserves payment for the game. If the servers died tomorrow I would be like meh deserved therefore I don't spend money....
: State of the game with Meddler, Zirene, and more
I have been telling people for a while now that the strategy with Riot is to just break enough champs that you can claim they are balanced with each other.
: Towers feel WAY too weak this season.
I personally hate seeing lvl 2 dives into a tower and taking 3 shots but still living... thats bs
: It's fairly easy to get out of bronze with a champ you main. Bronze - Basics Silver - Attitude toward the game Gold - Mechanics Everything else higher is just improving on these things. If you main a champ in bronze you typically know the basics of the champ and what they can/can't do. So you'll move out of it. If your attitude toward the game is like most silver players, negative, where you RQ after FB goes to the enemy team, flame your support because you overextended etc. You are gonna be stuck in silver, as you will notice with the majority of the silver playerbase Gold is where you start to notice people are mechanically better and a bit more level-headed towards the game. I've carried myself out of bronze twice now. If you were there awhile you probably just weren't as good with the main you tried out that or didn't get the role to spam them enough
This is actually incredibly true in my experience. For bronze I merely got half decent at understanding the champs I was playing and my role. For silver it was all about the attitude and not FFing every time we were two kills behind. I'm gold 5 and have gotten to gold 4 but man I'm seeing that to win I need to be much better at the mechanical aspects of the game becuase just playing well won't always get you that win.
: So Our Vayne Went AFK at Level 3...
I actually genuinely hate all chat but I do have one thing about it I think is funny. When I jungle if anyone all chats me about camping or telling me not to gank them or bming cause they killed me.... I camp them insanely hard and I ruin their game. Often on a way to a win and its pretty great.
: ya balance team has been fucking up since the start of season 5. champions are just blatantly better than others and it shows more so than it has ever shown in the past. why pick {{champion:14}} or {{champion:78}} when {{champion:223}} exists? why pick {{champion:121}} period when ANY other assassin is better? why pick {{champion:29}} when {{champion:67}} exists? Remember back in season 3 {{champion:81}} had a soaring popularity and pick rate? it was NOT because the champion was overpowered or even strong, it was simply because people liked ezreals playstyle as it was very unique compared to the rest of the champ pool at the time. now we have champs like {{champion:223}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:67}} etc who are picked not because they are fun to play, but simply because they have blatantly broken mechanics are just blatantly strong in general. its pretty stupid. i almost think the balance team we have now is a replacement of a past balance team. as if the old balance team was fired and completely replaced, and it is showing alot. they really dont know what they are doing and they can care less about feedback. they dont even respond to balance threads as much as they use to on old GD.
I think you are right in all regards but I do have to say that Lee is really fun to play. I'm not saying anything balance wise but I play him cause he's fun.
: Losing faith in Rito's balance
Dude IDK how long you've been playing, I have been going since S3.... It took me about 6 months maybe a little more to realize that Riot and balance is just a shit show on the Fuck-up Train.... Seriously they have no clue what they are doing to be honest.
: You actually do need to carry to climb in bronze, simple as that. Whoever carries harder wins, with a few minor exceptions. And fiora is indeed a juggernaut last time I checked.
holy shit dude.... You DO NOT need to carry to get out of bronze. When I got out I did it with Jungle Udyr and the reason we won is I maintained dragon control I maintained side lane control, split push, and overall did everything we needed outside of teamfighting first and formost. I had games where the rest of my team got aced and I still won by controling the map right. There were games that I'd get crazy fed and simple carry tho.
: but, unlike a juggernaut, he cant carry a game, he just simply cant. his kit is designed entirely around single target lockdown and damage. he gets a ton of damage, but the nature of his kit prohibits him from being a hypercarry like garen or darius etc.
This is completely untrue. When I play with my brother and he top or jungles or shit I've seen him supp and almost single handedly win the game. triples and quads are totally normal, no one can duel him (I literally don't think I've seen him lose a 1v1 once mid game has hit). His damage plus cc and utility is abysmally out of line.
: Last preseason ruined the jungle so the rage was contained to junglers, sympathizers, (edit: Warwick victims,) and people sick of seeing Lee since it's the utmost importance to make sure he has no issues with changes. This preseason ruined the entire game - it wasn't nearly this bad last year.
: To Any Concerned Summoner.....Please Help.
My account has only been warned once I have never been banned. There are times when a game makes me upset and I tell people that they suck or are stupid or something similar. I think however that if you are a person that has the capacity to say you wish people would die and that their lives would be destroyed by disease that that should be a one time offense perma ban. It is not acceptable to say that in any regard on the internet or real life or anything. There is a difference between getting frustrated and being a terrible person.
Lugg (NA)
: I don't mind that they are easier to take down. What needs to happen is that the damage is increased 25-50%. Fiddlesticks can dive turrets since they are so underpowered right now.
I agree making them harder to take down I think would be annoying a sorta stall the game out (altough jinx trist bs is the worst). I just wish squishies had to be afraid of them
: Why does the winning team need an advantage beyond levels, gold and objectives?
This is actually all anyone could have honestly expected from riot. They are fucking SHIT at balance they have been forever and they LOVE making new issues before solving others so why wouldn't they add something else into the game that fucks it up. Honestly for all the clarity BS they talk about they are in love with adding weird invisible bonuses to shit.
: League of Legends Ranked is turning into a game of chance.
One of the big RNG ranked factors is when you get a team full of the same main role. When 3-4 people say they are jung or top mains its like ah dammit. So our bot lane is simply trying not to feed our mid is wrecked and our objective control getting crapped on cause the jung main adc thinks they should ward drag alone and gets caught. I'm looking forward to claiming roles BEFORE we are matched I think that will improve the situation a lot.
: It's not the ultimate that makes him strong. It's A) His Q B) His Q C) His Q
Its not his q its the dragon ghost
: Can we re-rework Mordekaiser?
Thats the only reason pros take him. The pressure on drag is insane. Basically they take morde and if you give up drag you also give up bot or mid tower to dragon ghost siege. That simple lead is enough for pros to capatilize on and so they nerf morde making his solo q worse making his mains sad and leaving him worse off than before.
: level 6 and I am appalled with the attitudes that I have been exposed to in League Riot PLEASE READ
Dude all political answers aside... it really doesn't get better. It is something that happens and will always be a part of this game for some reason. You need to decide if you can deal with it or just quit and no joke.... its sad that I feel the need to warn you but that is the harsh truth. It sucks so bad when a perma ban is needed but I have gotten to the point where its almost not worth reporting cause it won't lessen the toxicity its just block and move on. (I feel that way but I do still report extreme cases)
This one is like..... messing with me
SIayton (NA)
: As a Diamond, Silver elo is surprisingly hard.
It really does depend. There are definitely people stuck in silver simply because of their attitude and not really tryinig to get better or admit mistakes. But really you need to find what playstyle you can carry the game with. I can do pretty well is silver full tanking as naut jung because well placed cc wins teamfights or 2v2 or skirmishes etc. But you could also just play like split trynd.
iTaLenTZ (EUW)
: Season 6 going in the wrong direction
ADC itemization is already broken af. This is only making it worse. What other class is allowed to buy a standard build and get everything they want. ADC's build a standard build and get crit, AD, AS, Lifesteal all because the items are just made to be a simple path towards all the stats. Its bullshit and what they should be doing is making it so that like the rest of the roles they need to decide if they want lots of AS or Lifesteal and not just automatically get both. Or something similar.
: Sadly that is the only way things get done. If we have a calm and respectful discussion it gets buried in obscurity.
This is so true the best balance posts I see are almost never addressed by Riot. Pretty stupid.
Shosuko (NA)
: I agree. There are ways other roles can take on the strengths of an adc, but they are so far out of the way, and so weak that it's rarely worth it. Mages can take lich bane to hit towers harder than an adc can. Except that only happens at 3+ items... ADC still get the early push even if a mage can end the game as good. Azir has his soldiers secondary cast ability where he hits towers, but it's not that great really. It's just too weak. Heimer turrets can also hit towers, but like Azir it's a bit weak to consider viable. I think this is one of the biggest things they could add to Morde to really make him an adc replacement. Have Q able to damage structures. This way when you finally do get some tower time it really counts, like Nasus. It would be nice if they gave ways non-adc could pressure turrets more smoothly through the game.
It would actually create some real strategic diversity. Which was their like entire goal this season.
JJI744 (NA)
: Just a quick note: ADCs tend to be most relevant when tanks are strong, not weak. ADCs (at least at higher rankings) are good at dealing with a high defense low damage opponent. When tanks are weak, you see more burst APs and assassins, who tend to invalidate ADCs much more effectively.
Still the value of basically every other role is tied up in the adc postion. I understand there will always be some of that but its ridiculous how much the game changes based solely on the adc
: Let's get one thing straight here: Nearly every season so far has been a marksman meta. Your team comp will 99% of the time contain a marksman of some sort, and it's been that way since season 1. They are not optional like other roles. Tanks come and go. Assassins come and go. Mages come and go. Bruisers come and go. Fighters come and go. Marksman are forever.
I was just going to comment this. League is an ADC game. The other roles are determined by how they interact with the adc. What makes an assassin strong? Its ability to kill and stop adc. What makes a tanks strong? the ability to cc and negate adc damage. What makes a jungler strong? the ability to either get the adc fed, stop the enemy adc, or get a champ that can kill the adc fed (its why lee is good he can duel and assassinate adcs), supports? obvious. Top? How much a threat you can be while adc shreds the enemy. What makes an adc good? suvivability, sieging, drag/baron control (basically everything). Here's my biggest gripe. ADCs are ALWAYS meta. ALWAYS. So why does an adc Kalista get the unlimited baron damage ability. As an adc she is already extremely important to taking the objective. What about Trist bomb thing that she sieges with. An ADC is already the best at taking towers. Why can't we get those mechanics on other roles and give them a little more power and control. It fucking baffles me and a lot of times pisses me off.
: Why are silver bolts buffed?
I totally agree its what I hate most about her and this change is like the worst thing I've seen in a long time.
: @Riot Please give us an explanation on this worrisome statement.
I'd love to see a red comment on this thread but chances are they don't have an answer. They just don't know how to balance the game in an even half decent way and that is why they have crap like that come out of their mouths.
Stacona (NA)
: Midori, the Bee Knight
Let me start off by saying that conceptually I like it. I don't think I personally would be that interested in the bee knight but its inspired and I like that. The kit feels like it goes with the concept well. However, the abilities.... are ridiculous. Not the concept of them but you have 5% current health physical damage, true damage, a slow that also does 5%+ AP damage of Max Health, and a 60 + 12%+ true damage Execute, plus a shield that cannot be broken thats healing the shield by a base plus %5 missing hp amount per second. This is insanely overloaded, percent life damage abilities are difficult to balance and cause problems (lee sin, garen, riven, vayne, Elise, Kha Zix) all have an either overbearing presence or are pretty much crap. Basically with this kit you can full tank still do insane damage because your scaling is almost entirely based on the enemies level of health (which btw has no counterplay considering you have max hp damage, missing hp damage, and current hp damage, on top of true damage no way to play around that shit) as a full tank ult vayne and don't let go til they kill you (because 10 sec fight with vayne means she's not shooting) with a spirit visage and basically the game is over, your team wins. This champ with vayne (or anything really) is like only pure toxicity. If a champ ever gets made with this much percent shit and two true damage abilities and a shield half as good..... fuck man.
: Riot have finally killed mordekaiser.
Isn't the whole being a lord over death idea Karthus's thing anyway....
: Riot have finally killed mordekaiser.
It is really sad. Morde was the first champ I played I thought he looked awesome and I loved him being the master of metal. I loved the metal puns on abilities everything. Honestly they should have stuck with being the master of metal and used that to re-inspire the kit. Clearly Riot's moved on and this game is just getting fucked.
: I just had an epiphany
Exactly. Whenever I see Lee Sin and he doesn't get three gank kills.... its sorta like nice Lee is behind lol
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