: I remember saying tank items have diminishing returns in season 4 5 and 6 and watched as my comments get 25 downvotes and 2 comments saying no they dont then i show that each tank stat point gives less defensive value than previous tank stat points and they give me an over all show of how armor and magic resist over all is a % value when added all together.
But..tank items don't have diminishing returns. You have** flat **health, and armor is additional ** flat** damage reduction that scales **linearly** with your health. You get 1% of your health (linear scaling) as additional HP (flat number) vs physical damage. The problem is gold efficiency, underwhelming tank item passives, and hyperscaling damage+runes. Not to mention the main role of tanks **DISRUPTION** is replaced by everyone and their mother having strong CC, survivability mechanics in both kits and items, and 100-0 one-shots. _________ The only 'diminishing returns' is the fact that 10% additional eHP when you have 100% base+100% bonus is only a relative 5% increase...which is natural with all increases. Just like buying 10 AD when you have 200 is only a 5% increase in AD as opposed to 10% at 100% and even more below that. The problem is that the pacing of this game falls way too firmly on % relative increases now, which tank items suck at with their stat-efficiency, as opposed to well-rounded stats. Hello one-shot meta. __________ TL;DR Offensive scaling has more multipliers (flat damage->AD/AP scaling-> penetration ->crit/deathcap/attack speed) while tanks only have one reliable multiplier: resistances...and its an additive increase at that, since you already have base MR/armor. Outside of that there's direct % reductions to damage.
: It turns out Millennials have more health problems than their previous generation
Average IQ has also gone up a significant amount as mental health issues rise. Maybe everyone who's smart enough just realizes how pointless everything is in the end?
: hold on a second why was revive removed? (i looked it up)
Either everyone will use it, or nobody but karthus and sion will use it. There is no healthy in-between. Hell, just karthus and sion using it in general is unhealthy.
Krofinn (NA)
: It was mostly used by trolls to feed harder when running it down mid with 6-boots Rammus.
Which is a good thing. If you're going to lose, its better to lose faster. I would rather not have the troll in the first place. Besides, its easy to dodge when your jungler has revive.
: Yes slapping CDR onto everything without literally nerfing every dmg and CC ability by basically the same amount has made this game so fuckin garbage and people don't realize it. When a vlad has two seconds CD on his Q at rank 5 and keeps spamming 500 dmg/200 heal nukes every 2 seconds. Vlad is just an example here. DPS champs in lategame should rain supreme when everyone is durable but since everyone thanks to CDR does sustained burst dmg it doesn't work anymore as it is supposed to be. Hence why ADCs need to deal burst per auto instead of dmg per auto.
Vlad has almost always functioned like that. Him building CDR and spamming abilities is nothing new, even before CDR was slapped on everything and before his rework. He doesn't have mobility or CC, basically, so he's one of the fairer champs in that regard. The only unfair thing about him is how safe he is. A better example is AD assassins who build pen and spam abilities so there's no point in avoiding tanks for them while still instantly popping squishies.
y0r1ck (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Antenora,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7iu90wej,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-04-26T12:04:24.324+0000) > > Condemn is probably one of the fairer CC's in the game. > > > - It's Single target. > - She has to get into a dangerous range to be able to cast it (550) > - It has a VERY HIGH mana cost (90) > - It has a VERY HIGH cooldown (20 seconds) and the champion does not itemize CDR. > > > Unfair and counterplay lacking CC instantly brings {{champion:75}} W to mind. > > - Cripples your movement speed to the point you're more a less rooted so good luck "kiting" him. > - Removes over half of your total attack speed so good luck trying to fight him. > - SUPER LOW COOLDOWN > - He can chain cast it once he has enough CDR. > > > Another case of unfair and counterplay lacking CC is the Glacial Augment + {{item:3030}} {{item:3905}} combination. Counterplay lacking cc??? Do you play this game? If you do you'd know that there's this item, that completely counters Nasus slow. All you have to do is press a button. WOW! Yorick wall stops the other two slows in their tracks. Fiora can ignore them. GP can cleanse them. Yi can ignore them. Zac can jump away. Zilean can outrun them. Tanks can eat the slows for their adcs. Braum stops them. You're just hoping to capitalize on the newest buzzword, and it lets me know not to listen to you.
So you have to have effective immunity to slows to counter it? Seems pretty silly to me. "Just dodge it bro"
: Re: new conqueror
I feel like its going to break ryze tho.
: Changes for Wu sustain please...
Wu is doing fine... He's currently enjoying one of the highest winrates in the game. If he had more sustain he'd probably be busted.
: Champions that i will always regret not banning if they're picked
I have to laugh at the amount of people not including Aatrox.
: > Elo shaming is elo shaming. It is a case of someone using an ad hominem because they lack the ability t ok articulate their thoughts without insulting the other person. To insult the other person because they feel their worth as a player I'd being tarnished in some way through a difference of view. That's what moderator would say, but i dont care about whiny shitty players, so let's be clear right here: Elo-shaming was created just as an excuse to iron-gold players, so they can share their 'valueble' opinion on some changes, game state etc. But reality is different when it comes to someone, knows how the game works. > Someone's lack of mechanical skill has no effect o n their argument. If they state vayne buff creates a frustrating gameplay experience and they support it well. Elo shaming doesn't change their argument. It only suggests you have a lack of argument. that's wrong. It differ between wording ofc, so if some iron gameplay god saying that they're frustrated by vayne, lucian - they're obviosly not lying. But this doesnt mean that vayne or lucian overbuffed or broken. They're just pointing that on their elo they're not good enough to play against those heroes. But most of the time it comes with s-tier conclusion that this is not because they're bad, but because hero is broken.
Meanwhile hiding behind a lvl 13 account.
Rioter Comments
Leetri (EUW)
: It's not a League issue, the same mentality applies to literally every single multiplayer game ever. Most people simply don't want to play utility/healer unless it's borderline OP.
Lhuhz (EUW)
: Honestly I cant take you seriously if you call Lucian an hipercarry. And sorry but Leona already has a strong lane and a really strong mid game, sure she is worse on lategame and that's why she is balanced and not op. What you are suggesting is like a Tristana main asking to be strong on early game aswell. No thanks.
Trist is strong early game...lmao. She's weak midgame.
: all these champions besides kha zix can interrupt his w
None of these champions get their burst in before their cc generally except for xin.
: I feel it would be better to buff defenses instead of just wanting to nerf damage.
Damage needs to be nerfed because if defense is buffed tanks will reign supreme. Nerfing damage makes tanks relatively tankier without them rolling over people without defenses. Not only that, but the obscene amount of penetration and true damage almost demands that damage be nerfed over defenses being buffed.
: her ult is almost nothing like nunu ult beside both are circle with slow lol its like morgana ult but anyway its not the point, her ult has 130% scaling cause her q has 50% ap and e 40%, if they nerf her ult she gonna be unplayable
Q's actual scaling: 140 / 225 / 310 / 395 / 480 (+ 90% AP) Insanely high base, insanely high ratio. Let's not forget the massive shield on her ult: 250 / 380 / 510 (+ 300% AP)
Neamean (NA)
: {{champion:8}} this guys was the reason for it.
: Death's dance now heals for ALL damage dealt
Why does it NEED to heal off conqueror? All that does is break the item on quite a few champions.
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: Unpopular Opinion: Irelia is NOT overpowered
Unpopular fact: You're wrong. If irelia is played decently at all (aka is farming normally), she has her passive stacked, and if you get hit with E once, you're chunked for 75% of your HP.
Moon Mom (NA)
: This is beyond inaccurate. She can't clear full HP casters without trinity or at least sheen and a hugeeee lead.
lol go try it in a custom. rank 3 you can start 1 shotting casters if you're building properly. That's level 5.
: > [{quoted}](name=WoonStruck,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hoM3yRUu,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-12-04T20:00:42.158+0000) > > Yes she can. Remove her Q reset with E/R procs, make her W consume more mana the longer its held, and make her Q cost more mana. Significantly more. > > She ends up like an updated version of the old irelia, but the ult might still need tweaks. That's not fixing her, that's flat out breaking her. She will stop working as a champion if you do that, she's designed around Q resets.
She would literally be just like the old irelia but her ult would be worth something. Currently she's the old irelia, which was already either too strong or too weak at any given time, but she also has Q resets, ranged E, damage reduction, and a broken ult. If the old irelia can be strong, this irelia can be strong without those things I listed. At the very least it needs to be like the old akali or poppy, where they nerf her until she's 'unviable' until they can rework her.
: Irelia can't be fixed.
Yes she can. Remove her Q reset with E/R procs, make her W consume more mana the longer its held, and make her Q cost more mana. Significantly more. She ends up like an updated version of the old irelia, but the ult might still need tweaks.
Dr Dog (NA)
: can something be done about diamonds in norms matches?
Just to be clear, their norm mmr didn't drop, it just isn't as high as ranked because they mostly play ranked.
Raeny (NA)
: One tip: perma ban Lich atm.
Shiƒter (NA)
: ***
And Lucian would still be dominant because he'd bully those other ADCs out. There's a reason Lucian and MF rule bot lane r/n.
: People want solo lane/Jungle Leona, but
Leona is pretty much jax, but without the attack speed as far as early clears go. All she needs is an attack speed buff (her AS and animation are horrible anyway) or a targeted jungle buff to her q w or e, such as her passive proccing on them. She still has the only double auto reset left in the game.
: > Good luck winning when Riot wants you to be held back by inters, flamers, throwers and generally bad players who abuse meta to win which thereby makes them bad. Why would riot want a player held back? Maybe its just you not playing well enough to progress? I know it s a hard pill to swallow, but no one EXCEPT YOU is holding you back. also, "Abusing the meta" is a dumb concept. Meta is the Most Effective Tactics Available. You can argue against it, but a meta exists because its the best way to win games, which is ultimately the goal of the game. Might want to check your match history by the way, Akali is literally the most "meta" champion right now.
sorry to break it to you, but that acronym is just a dumb thing someone came up with. Meta is short for metagaming, which is playing the game with prior knowledge of its mechanics and general outcomes, essentially.
: Okay?? And? It's called incentives. Why do streamers make sponsored streams? They're incentivized to do so. Why do YouTubers make sponsored videos? The same reason. But in addition to not only bringing in New viewers, they also gave the old viewers rewards as well.
Bribes ARE incentives by very nature. You're playing a semantics game. The words are basically interchangeable. One just has a more nefarious connotation.
: > [{quoted}](name=Beacon Academy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=U2ENMm8f,comment-id=000b000000000000000100000001,timestamp=2018-12-02T04:50:58.108+0000) > > I'm sorry but what else do you call getting people to do something they normally wouldn't do by giving them something??? > > Don't fucking try to sugar coat it. Ok I wont sugar coat it then. It's not a bribe because you have **control on what you want to do. ** The worlds pass was a series of missions and challenges that you could obtain by purchasing it with RP. They announced **3 days prior to the release of the passes** that some of the missions would be watching a little bit of the worlds championships. If you don't want to open a stream for 10 minutes **don't buy the damn pass then**. If you don't want to do missions **don't buy the damn pass then**.
bribe =/= blackmail. A guard that's being bribed to let someone pass has control of the situation. Either they do or don't. Replace guard with you, pass with watch league. BLACKMAIL is where you don't have control.
: Why does Adaptive Force give more AP than AD instead of having a balance?
Because AP value =/= AD value. Not only that, but AD is MUCH more valuable early than AP.
Gilgayu (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Jaspers,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mmxHzW3Z,comment-id=0008000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-21T11:52:10.250+0000) > > I've only played a few ARAMs this patch, a Pyke honestly walked over everyone in it because he had DH, no one else did. In another game, a Kog Maw had DH, he was popping us for 1000 damage on his ult. Losing to a kog is sad, he is one of the worst adc rn and if he went full ap (assuming cause of the 1000 dmg), he should have mana problems, just shut him down...
You shouldn't have mana problems on Kog unless you're spamming your ult off CD 24/7 like a monkey.
: Warmogs also gives you massive sustain provided you can exit combat for a few seconds as well as CDR. So that's probably why it's fair compared to an AA slow.
AA slow ---> exit combat for a few seconds....hmmm.....
: epic is an actual company, riot is a bunch of manchildren that released one game and spend all day playing it instead of developing it
Tell that to the people that played Paragon, Epic's first game.
Subdue (NA)
: Sometimes the analysis of the numbers is wrong. You're looking at League of Legends in a vacuum. If you compare it to other games in genre, it's still top dog, and has been for over a decade. Plus, you'll notice that the genre as a whole has been on a downtrend. Furthermore, it should be noted that League of Legends today still has higher results than the lifetime bests of its competitors, with the exception of a 2 month spike of Overwatch before it lost its hype. https://i.imgur.com/Cuxi00W.png https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=all&q=%2Fm%2F04n3w2r,%2Fm%2F0dlkwn1,%2Fm%2F0128442n,%2Fm%2F06zd9hy,%2Fm%2F0ktmkks
The popularity of cigarettes globally as opposed to vapes doesn't mean they're better than vapes (just think pros/cons of both, not advocating either). Cigarettes are still considered "on their way out" even if they're "top dog". At this point, League is only popular because its popular. Eventually people are going to realize the game isn't fun anymore and leave in droves. Don't know when that will be, but this game is definitely on its way out, especially with some of Riot's recent decisions... ____________ All that you're really saying is that Riot can still milk a dead cow for a little while longer.
Rioter Comments
: Lux has a huge gameplay issue and Riot has been refusing to aknowledge it for months
Source? Gotta give that link if you're trying to 'prove' something.
DeJoker (EUNE)
: ADC getting way 2 much movement speed
They're also getting too much attack speed. What else is new? They don't give up anything for their purchases. There is really no opportunity cost for them.
: Ok you lost me. What exactly are you trying to say here? Shurelya's is gonna be OP when it returns or something? I'd like to point out that the active never went away, it was just moved to another item. If that's what made it OP, then nothing has changed. It's just being placed on another item again.
I'm saying that the item was overpowered before it was removed still. You can't really say "it was just moved to another item" if that item was then repeatedly nerfed to the point where nobody used to use coin before they gave some pretty large buffs to it. Even with the active, which was later removed anyway. If this item isn't must-grab for supports, you know there is something offkey here. ___________ Despite the tone the opening post gave, I would like it if you would be descriptive in your reply again. I'm not against rational arguments.
Rioter Comments
: >safer Nidalee = low cooldown mobility + heal Zoe = ? heh
> [{quoted}](name=Diamond2Kappa,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LHiV00Fc,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-16T23:36:45.085+0000) > > Nidalee = low cooldown mobility + heal > Zoe = ? heh Zoe plays much further back and gets free summoner spells.
Rioter Comments
: What if I told you Fiora's true damage scales with AD? For her damage to be a threat whatsoever, she must have at least 200 AD...this isnt possible before 20m unless she farms well
The problem is actually plat+ when people actually farm well as a standard...then consider the fact that she is a lane bully that hyperscales...
Zerdun (NA)
: Yea. you beat true damage by building HP / MR/HP based on whats dealing the true damage. Even if your not geting as much use out of the HP because true damage. It does not mean that you get nothing out of it. It means that you simply get less value out of those stats, its unfortunate but you need them to survive long enough to get your damage off. Outside of this the other variables are your champion, which champ your having problems with, things of these manner. You simply complaining about a mechanic that's tied to two champions usually means you don't understand how it works or how to fight against it. If your gripe is about Fiora build {{item:3076}} . You can also walk away from her to reset her passive if its an easy to pop one (ie the ones south and west if your on red side the opposite if on blue). So do not act like there is NOTHING you can do about her in laning phase if you know how to trade well against her. Against Vayne well. I'm told focusing her down works quite well unless she vastly out skills you or you lack understand in how she functions as a champion. Generally this one is based on how both your team she she plays TBH. Her harass pattern is usually "auto attack q auto e to proc w" so if she starts on someone generally you have your support provide the harass necessary to stop her from doing it. She will also look to E you into walls for more auto attack shenanigans so you can play around it. There is infinitely more variables than just that but I am not going to type for hours about how to do it when im sure you can find primers about it in places like the lol reddits. Edit - bit about the cardinal directions, forgot to add that whatever side your on is important
The problem with fiora is that she gives players very little agency in protecting their vitals, while they also hyperscale, effectively. Her gameplay is fine. Her ult is overloaded as fuck. You can't do anything about it on the large majority of champions.
Qués (EUW)
: Can u fucking stop with those topics ? Mages are fine,ADCs are incredibly busted,so are supports.
He said "unsatisfying" not "weak"
Keyru (NA)
: Please don't! We'll be asking around to see if we can do something that feels better.
How about ward chromas?
: Season 1: Riot: Hey guys we know udyr is a joke right now to many people, and sona is in a decent spot, but this one item innervating locket is just too good because it heals a small amount and gives mana over 5 seconds and it turns udyr and a few other champs viable or helps make them slightly better. There aren't many champions currently that can abuse this like udyr or sona, but its still just too toxic to keep in game. Dont worry later on we will give you this passive if you kill a dragon because its actually just alright. We are gonna leave leviathan in the game a bit longer, and other actually problematic items in for a while though. But we know that this item that nobody actually uses until guardsman bob did will cause cancer to the meta Season 7: Riot: Hey guys ADC are doing great, but they need to do a bit more, so supports can facilitate that by giving them on hit healing AND bonus damage AND extra attack speed over a few seconds, because giving someone else extra stats for a few seconds hasn't been broken at all in our history... *clearly disregards innervating locket, locket of the iron solari, and other aura style buff items that have been removed or heavily nerfed in some way*
Nerfing support nunu in season 2 or 3 proves riot's lack of balance direction. It did less than current ardent supports.
Ahris (NA)
: Janna got Ahri'd
Implying Ahri ever got gutted {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} She's the closest to 50% winrate that she's ever been for an extended period of time.
Rioter Comments
: Janna :)
She's more powerful than she was before...lol She's just not as braindead. She has more nerfs on the PBE because she rose to nearly a 60% winrate.
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