Lace Up (NA)
: Block does nothing. It is literally just a mute button. Report for intenting does nothing. It is literally just a vent system (much like the old reporting for being bad was). Just don't "flame" him or he will report you and you will get the ban hammer.
Sad but true. RIOT is far more concerned with protecting the snowflake feelings than actually punishing the trolls. If it isn't something that can be autodetected by a program filter, it isn't getting punished period.
MrryZ (NA)
: The downside for riot is it absolutely cripples their public image, If any company shows this little care for their customers they're simply not gonna see any purchases as their customers don't trust them to help you.
Public image? Really? Haven't seen any concern of that from Riot so far. They seem to not care for their playerbase at all and simply are trying to milk all the money they can before this cash cow goes dry.
: PLEASE READ - I got hacked, email and password changed, Riot wont recover account
Well, I mean its win/win for them. If they don't recover it for you then they can get you to spend all that money on RP again. There really is no financial incentive for them to reinstate your account. Its the same for perma banning accounts for minor language violations. There is no downside to them. Either you don't come back and they can claim they are cleaning up the community or you make a new account and spend RP again for the same stuff they banned on your old account. Shady business but business just the same.
: sorry I'm an uncultured person and don't know where that quote is from plox tell me
> [{quoted}](name=crippler38,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=Vkt1hAgM,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2016-09-01T10:02:17.583+0000) > > sorry I'm an uncultured person and don't know where that quote is from plox tell me "It"
: I got level 7 on shaco finally
"We all float down here, Davey..."
: Plat is such CANCER
You can substitute any other division for "Plat" in your title and the statement is still true.
: Banned for this ?
The best solution is to just not type anything ever. You can never tell what is going to elicit a report or ban but if there is no chat log from you then there is nothing you can be disciplined for. The days of "refusing to communicate" are long past. It is not reportable nor punishable. Just move chat window off the screen, don't type anything and enjoy the solo experience. You can't affect what others do anyway so just ignore them until riot finally puts in a "disable chat" toggle.
: Yasuo broken - Or items?
I don't actually believe Yasuo is broken but I ban him every game. I ban him because I don't trust any of the players on my team to know how to counter him. I don't trust any of the players on my team to know who to target with damage, or with cc, or who and how to peel. I ban him because I don't want a bad one on my team. I just can't find any reason not to ban Yasuo. I even ban him when I plan on picking a champ that counters him. He is too easy to snowball off of bad feeding players and take over a whole game. Low risk, high reward defined in one word. Yasuo.
Rioter Comments
: How about they start with making it so hitting W doesn't cancel the damage from his next auto attack.
> [{quoted}](name=IRyzeForNidalee,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hZFiAfju,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-08-29T12:22:10.988+0000) > > How about they start with making it so hitting W doesn't cancel the damage from his next auto attack. Yeah. Its great when you do this and cancel all damage from the third Q. Really makes it special to miss all your damage.
Rioter Comments
Szymdziu (EUNE)
: Least toxic server?
: One day, I hope for True Support Equality.... :"(
MRS42 (NA)
: How do I get out of bronze
Prayer. Lots of prayer. Its the only way to get out of bronze. And silver for that matter. :P
Veraska (NA)
: post 10 champs you hate, and see if people can guess your main!
: But the feeling when you get that awesome message
> [{quoted}](name=Insanity Song,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=tHOeG4uU,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-08-16T21:16:53.514+0000) > > But the feeling when you get that awesome message Yeah. If it was RIOT I would just make the system give the reporter that message every time they report so that they'd feel like the report mattered, even though they don't. Hmm. Might be onto something there.
ExHentai (NA)
: [Skin Idea] Secret Agent Sivir
That seems like an odd job...for Sivir..
Bellows (NA)
: Uninstalling, WTF is this restriction?
Don't forget to dispute your riot point charges on your credit card or paypal before you go. Might as well get your money back before you leave. ;)
Nice Kdr (NA)
: Riots perma bannings
Solution. Pay via paypal. Then if they ban your account, just dispute all the charges and get your money back to either keep, or to add to your new account. Once they stop making money off of bans, you'll see the bans stop really quick. :)
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Eggbread (NA)
: Top Teemo Camouflage Passive Lane Build
Not to mention that the whole point of teemo is to bully in lane. If you are just leeching then you are not doing anything to slow your lane opponents progression.
FrankiYT (EUW)
I don't know. I'm always happy to see a new champ on the other team in ranked, especially if it is in my lane. I usually look at it as a free win.
Depárt (NA)
: There will never be a reason to pick Sivir if something isn't done about kleds ult
New champion released. Sky immediately falling. #newandunusual
: Names For Yasuo Main? Winner will get a skin
: Suspension
I highly doubt you went from never being disciplined to full suspension for that. I call shenanigans.
: Suggestion: Unleveling a skill
If something like this were added it should be akin to the item refund. You can either do it in the fountain if you haven't left of for say 30 seconds after you selected your level up. And if you've already used the skill then the timer ends and you can't swap. It would forgive misclicks but prevent abuse.
: cait traps not rooting rumble through a W
He floats when he uses W man. Its like a hover board! :P
scazzman (NA)
: riot. please stop patronizing your players
The real story here is that they should just fire all their people that handle moderation at all. They obviously aren't succeeding and thus RIOT would just save money not paying their salaries while keeping the community exactly the same as it is now.
: Move Over Doran's Ring
The biggest problem is that it doesn't have the stats that doran's ring does. You don't get the bonus health and while getting bonus mana, you don't get any sort of mana sustain which most mages need in the early laning phase. Couple that with the fact that you typically don't want to leave lane early to get corrupting potion upgrade as it often gives a bad back timing and you can see why it is a situational start. Just my $.02
: > [{quoted}](name=WreckzOG,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=Oi77Y16q,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-07-31T20:58:26.079+0000) > > there the next unicorns of love in terms of their picks i love them and all of their games are hilaroius They are fun to watch, but sooner or later the surprise factor wears off. It did for unicorns as well. Champions like rengar have proven strats to counter when a full team coordinates deep warding. Same with the morde where he is an extremely immobile champ than can easily be kited. It's disappointing that sooner or later top teams have to fall back to meta, but that is the nature of the game.
Until maybe a team finds a way to counter the meta. Everything has a counter. Even the tried and true.
: What does it mean when your main is a lower elo than your smurf?
It could also just be the luck of the draw. Maybe you got stuck with more trolls/toxics/feeders/afks on your main and less on your smurf. Seems that makes more difference than anything else in this dynamic queue season.
: Time to make another account
make sure to dispute any RP charges you had in the past 6 months if you don't plan to use the banned account anymore. You might as well at least get your money back.
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elduris (NA)
: Personality Types and Playstyle
ESTJ. I main mid and top. I prefer control mages to assassins and bruisers to divers.
Snow Tea (NA)
: League of Legends is indeed slowly losing players...
The gameplay experience is terrible, both leveling and at 30. Pre 30 its is all bots on your team in every game mode. At 30 every ranked game is a stomp. There are no close games anymore. Seems that half my games have premades and we either stomp hard or get stomped. Both games are boring. Early snowballs are nearly impossible to come back from so the majority of players just quit after 10 minutes if it is going bad and start thinking about their next game. There are tons of afk's and troll picks just for the sake of creating disharmony on the teams. Its a terrible overall experience.
: Can we stop having teams matched with players entire elo tiers apart?
The game experience this season has gone way down in general in my opinion. It seems that every single game is a stomp by one side or the other. There are precious few close games that are well fought. I might just play aram for the rest of the season. I get zero enjoyment out of the stomp fest that is ranked.
: Explain How did you choose your Summoner's name

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