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: when they use a graph that literally doesn't actually graph anything, yes.
Just think about it- I got a ton of upvotes by posting a graph thats barely a graph. You should wonder what other wizardry I can perform.
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: I'm honestly curious, someone explain this to me.
If I dont like the team comp, attitude, or in general get a bad vibe from a team, Ill dodge. Id rather wait 5 minutes for a better team than spend 30 with one that I dont feel comfortable with.
: Since when can't you remake after 3 minutes?
: i wish league of legends was one man game, not team game. "Honestly what should i do here?"
Are you the Urgot? Yea, its extremely tough to carry as a top lane juggernaut right now.
: I think Trynd is more closer to Guts than Garen and Trynd hasn’t gotten a skin in a while
Maybe after a rework, Trynd could fit. But Garen has the build, the weapon, and thematically, he'd fit under the right circumstances.
: Hey odin can I ask for your thoughts on Aatrox reviving, how much damage do you think a host can take that Aatrox can salvage and recover before they ultimately give in
I would imagine it varies. Depends on the host, and if the body can ultimately withstand the power and intensity of the Darkin inhabiting. Rhaast got lucky with Kayn, who seems to be a prime vessel for Rhaast, so likely Kayn's body will last a long time (if he wins his struggle over Kayn). Aatrox is probably still looking for his prime vessel, and with Aatrox being this being of intense hatred and anger, having a body like Tryndamere's, who can prevent himself from even dying through the sheer power of his rage, it seems like a match made in heaven for Aatrox. Could you imagine Aatrox in a body that doesn't get burned out from all the power caused by his hatred and rage? Varus is still contending with the spirits of his vessel that he mashed together, which is probably preventing him from burning it out. It's not ideal, but it probably prevents Varus from shorting out the body he has, at the cost of limiting his control over it. I think the Darkin has to resonate with the vessel on some level. Take Vayne, for instance, who is consumed by her need for vengeance. Would she be a prime vessel for Varus?
: I'm not certain these skins are as universally understandable as the homages you want them to be. You pretty much have to be deep into anime to know what Guts/Beserker is, so making something that's not well known won't really make that much profit.
Yea, Berserk is pretty niche. Thats why I think theyd make great 750 RP skins, probably make them “Marauder Garen” or “Warden Swain”. Something that doesnt break the budget.
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: Getting autofilled Top lane, often.
In this meta, doing well in top as anything other than a high damagr carry, can feel meaningless when your bot or mid feeds. I often get 10-15 kills and less than 5 deaths as a top lane juggernaut main, but if the 4 other people on my team are gonna feed, it can feel pretty demoralizing. I did well all game, but it amounts to nothing when the snowball rolls uphill to top.
XeroKimo (NA)
: Ask a fill main anything about the game
1. Do you play ranked as fill? 2. What role do you find yourself often filled as? 3. If your answer to question 1 was yes, do you climb easily as fill? If no, please ignore this question
: Good news, guys: Unbiased reply to the Rioters v. Children battle simulation
: Just got Grey Warwick
"Woe to Warwick the loyal Knight, wielding the sword of moonlight. Twas gifted by the bladed queen, her treachery remained unseen. The shadow had played it's part, and lunar blade stabbed his heart. Beware the moon, and run away lest ye be the wolf knight's prey"
: type a nice little "gg ez" too just icing on the cake.
Mmmm adding that in at the end when spanking a trash talker usually earns a friend request from him. Never gonna turn down more salt and rage from a trashboi.
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: If only men made of sand could cross the ocean, eh? :-P
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: Eh, Irelias a trash waifu anyways. (ง •̀_•́)ง
: Yep! That was me. I, too, think turrets are made of mouse farts and bird vomit.
Can we make this a permanent option for an announcer? This is too good to have fall through the cracks!
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: That Odyssey Kayn Transformation is Brutal AF
Conversely, his Shadow Assassin transformation is also really cool. He rips the orb that Rhaast is in, purges Rhaast from it, absorbs his power, and transforms into this demigod. The way his personality shifts in his voice lines is especially cool, he becomes super megalomaniacal. He's like an anime villain obtaining ultimate power
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: And these universes are confirmed to be connected?
I don't think it has been confirmed, but I figured they were somehow connected due to Rhaast being a dark star eldritch abomination and has interactions with dark star thresh. Maybe Dark Star entities are multiversal? Ora may be their lifeblood of some sort. Odyssey universe has an Emperor Jarvan for Demaxia, not sure if hes related to Dark Star Jarvan- probably multiverse counterparts... or a possible future.
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: nice analysis, maybe when he gets a VU we can really see Riot work some different martial arts into his 4 stances anyways are the 3 monks: Lee, Yorick, and Udyr? actually there's 4 u forgot Karma
Yes, Lee Sin, Yorick, and Udyr were the monks I was referencing. Karma is definitely a good edition! I think it'd be great when new Udyr gets released, Riot reveals how some of the martial arts of Ionia originated from, maybe they were taught by the spirits to better allow practitioners to wield their power? It'd be pretty cool to see Udyr to switch from style to style as he channels his spirit powers.
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: > Watchers = Outer Gods (like Yog Sothoth, outside looking in) Yes. > The way the story makes them seem to be appears to be more like Great Old Ones, but Vel Koz’s lore makes them seem more like extra dimensional deities locked outside Powerful Voidborn, like Vel'Koz, or neutral entities, like Vilemaw, are more reminiscent of Great Old Ones. They're impressive, but not near Outer God levels of power. > Nagakaboros = the Azathoth for creation? Like a Watcher antithesis? Reminds me of Gan from the Dark Tower series. I'm not so sure about that. Their roles are basically inverted here. Azathoth slumbers and the Outer Gods and their servants keep him asleep so that the universe can continue to exist. Nagakabouros wants life to exist, so her goal is directly the opposite of Azathoth's (who's nebulous, insane, and doesn't, and can't, care about existence). Nagakabouros is more similar to other Outer God here. The Watchers want everything to return to a state of non-being, so they're closer to Azathoth in this situation. > Where does Targon exist in all this? Did the Void exist before Targon? Yes. The Void is basically nonexistence; a dimension of nothingness where nothing (not even the Watchers, apparently) is real. It's always (or rather, never) existed, since time doesn't apply to it.
What I mean by the whole Nagakaboros thing, was I remember a red post during the Darkin lore event was if Nagalaboros was ever removed, they said it’d delete the whole universe basically. So it makes me think Nagaka is basically the creator/Gan/Azathoth for creation- a direct opposite of the Watchers. Like matter vs. antimatter type deal.
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: League of MMOs, classes or class-less?
I'd like to see a sandbox MMO that takes place after the founding of the core nations. Like an EVE online type deal where players can make guild halls/structures/towns or explore Runeterra. As for classes, I think set classes are prohibitive (like WoW). Champions in league vaguely fit into so many catagories, but they all do their jobs in different ways. I think classes should be treated like Runes Reforged, let players pick how they want to play (diver, juggernaut, warden, etc.), but make their avenue of doing so completely free and open. Players can learn as many spells and abilities as they want, wear whatever gear they want and use whatever weapons they want, and customize their character accordingly with the runes page. To a limit of course, and allow respecs to be a thing. Give players full control over their characters identity, whether they want to be a blood mage juggernaut warrior, or a light armor warden that uses cutlasses from Bilgewater and Kraken priest magic. You want to be an assassin that wears heavy plate gear and wields guns? Choose the assassin runes and build how you like. Want to be a diver that's also a mage and uses a dagger? Choose those runes, build your mage to fit your goals.
: Champion Roadmap: August 2018 - Nexus
: Starting at level1?.. Hmmm My guess would be A forest gnome rogue Or A goblin ranger Depending on how you see Teemo.
I’ll give a forest gnome rogue a try. Thank you!
: What edition? I could probably build him in 2e, 3.5, and Pathfinder. Maybe 5e though I’m a bit inexperienced in that one.
: Rogue. It's thematically appropriate and doesn't use pets (which Teemo doesn't have). It's your preference, though.
This is my first D&D group I'm doing, but I'm guessing Rogues get poison, traps, and all the stuff that makes Teemo unbearable to fight against? I don't necessarily want to use the blow dart gun, so I didn't know if using a bow could work instead.
: I'd say Gnome, and Rangers don't come with a pet requirement. Particularly not in 5e.
Gnome could work. Would you say Rogue too, or Ranger?
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DeafRune (NA)
: How is it not against the rules though? If you look at the definition of surrendering it is to give up, which is literally the first thing that riot listed in the report menu. I dont even see how you could try to argue that surrendering isnt giving up. It would be like trying to argue going afk in the middle of a match isnt going afk.
Please read Umbral Regents post in this topic regarding defeatism and surrendering to educate yourself on the differences.
DeafRune (NA)
: And when a game gets hard you give up? To me that is what pushes me to try even harder then what i thought was possible before. if i cant win at 100% ill give it 110% and if thats still not enough then i loose knowing i tryed my hardest for my team and did the best i could do.
People have different values. Just because you feel one way doesn’t mean your team mates share your viewpoints. If your team collectively decides to forfeit, you don’t have to like it. But they also don’t have to be forced to adopt your values on quitting/not quitting.
DeafRune (NA)
: 1: You probably shouldent promote people breaking the rules of the game. 2: Even if all of my team is breaking the rules that doesent mean i should, Just because your adc flames you doesent mean you should flame him back right?
1. Surrendering is not rule breaking no matter how much you want it to be. 2. Since surrendering is not against the rules, invalidates this weird point you’re trying to make about surrendering being equal to flaming.
DeafRune (NA)
: Why is surrendering allowed in the game?
If you are the only guy clicking “no”, and 4 other team mates say “yes”, majority ruled. Meanwhile, it only takes 2 guys saying “no” to have their way. Resign yourself to it, or play with friends who share your views
: > [{quoted}](name=Pika Fox,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dEyw9b0A,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-07-31T18:24:35.558+0000) > > Just delete surrender from the main game. Done. Or, the tryhards who never surrender should learn when to quit. Not every game is winnable, so they should pull their pride out of their asses and come back down to earth where they can see things a little more clearly.
The real problem is the people who say "no" to surrendering to spite their team mates. The "never surrender" folks are not as common as the "I'm gonna say no to make them stay in here and suffer" breed.
: Why do mages got their mana regen nerfed, but AD casters don't even care about mana ?
I usually take manaflow band and one of the mana items and I don't have mana issues anymore.
: Game 1 Pre-Game M3GA7RON: lol M3GA7RON: reported M3GA7RON: absolute noob attitude M3GA7RON: will do M3GA7RON: stfu M3GA7RON: nobodys helping you M3GA7RON: a better attitude maybe M3GA7RON: a set of balls M3GA7RON: go for it In-Game M3GA7RON: why would you throw a game when youre in a duo? M3GA7RON: you need to find a new friend ez M3GA7RON: this malz is quality M3GA7RON: lets ff M3GA7RON: game was doomed from the start with this jgler M3GA7RON: bahahahahaha M3GA7RON: so bad M3GA7RON: you stole farm M3GA7RON: not exactly ganks M3GA7RON: well done it was an empty lane then when he came back you got fu cked M3GA7RON: lol M3GA7RON: gj malz M3GA7RON: literally a human trash bag M3GA7RON: you stole farm and are still weak M3GA7RON: lmao M3GA7RON: hes just perma farm inting M3GA7RON: but hes your mate M3GA7RON: remember to report malz M3GA7RON: stfu malz M3GA7RON: dont critique anyones play M3GA7RON: ahahaha M3GA7RON: "I CANT PLAY JUNGLE" M3GA7RON: "IM GOING TO FARM MID" M3GA7RON: never seen a bigger cry baby pu ssy M3GA7RON: I I I CANT P PLAY J JUNGLE M3GA7RON: SOMEONE SWAP WTF M3GA7RON: PLEASE M3GA7RON: ILL DO ANYTHING M3GA7RON: CRY CRY CRY M3GA7RON: 2/8 would suggest otherwise M3GA7RON: # M3GA7RON: a man who takes another players champ and steals mid farm M3GA7RON: ive seen you ulti like twice M3GA7RON: yeah because you perma farm M3GA7RON: lmapo M3GA7RON: hahahahaha M3GA7RON: cry cry cry M3GA7RON: cry cry cry Post-Game M3GA7RON: report malz for stealing champ, inting and perma farming Game 2 In-Game M3GA7RON: lol gj rengar M3GA7RON: he had 20% health how cant you kill him solo M3GA7RON: your early invade and that gank would suggest youre the weak link mate M3GA7RON: shush M3GA7RON: 0/0/0 M3GA7RON: funny the 0/0/0 and 2/3 jungle flame the 3/1 M3GA7RON: hahahahaha M3GA7RON: good joke M3GA7RON: ah youre duo that makes sense M3GA7RON: lmao M3GA7RON: fancy getting a drake rengar? M3GA7RON: funny when the worst people on the team flame the carry M3GA7RON: but report away M3GA7RON: dont ask me to help you though so dont flame when i dont come M3GA7RON: ganked your lane twice which is where you participation ends M3GA7RON: your feeding friend should be questioned more than me M3GA7RON: stop feeding please rengar M3GA7RON: all 8 times were my fault M3GA7RON: ? M3GA7RON: good positioning mate M3GA7RON: need baron M3GA7RON: oh no M3GA7RON: devastated M3GA7RON: report zoe afk M3GA7RON: going for 20 deaths rengar? M3GA7RON: all here M3GA7RON: youre welcome Post-Game M3GA7RON: gj jinx Game 3 In-Game M3GA7RON: level 1 does that much damage lol M3GA7RON: sublte M3GA7RON: wtf is that pathing wu M3GA7RON: wu what elo you in? M3GA7RON: this bot lane M3GA7RON: look at the mini map ffs M3GA7RON: brain dead M3GA7RON: hahaha M3GA7RON: my god wukong giving advice M3GA7RON: wukong your ganks consisted of you running straight through lane M3GA7RON: youre 0/2 and have terrible farm so what have you been doing? M3GA7RON: not ganking and not farming? M3GA7RON: lol M3GA7RON: when the "feeder" has the only kills M3GA7RON: what has your role been in the game then cait? M3GA7RON: no towers no kills M3GA7RON: a very switzerland game M3GA7RON: lol M3GA7RON: so what is your role in this game then? M3GA7RON: do you know what the C in ADC stands for? M3GA7RON: its carry M3GA7RON: as in youre supposed to carry the game M3GA7RON: not have a support score M3GA7RON: 6/6 M3GA7RON: you know they look at the game right M3GA7RON: not just take your word for it M3GA7RON: that explains why youre all as bad as each other M3GA7RON: between you and your friends you are 1/11 M3GA7RON: bit more of a feed than me M3GA7RON: gg Post-Game M3GA7RON: lol then 1/11 premade trio reporting the mid with all the kills for feeding lmao M3GA7RON: 11 deaths for the 11 year olds M3GA7RON: poetic M3GA7RON: exactly M3GA7RON: keep calm lads M3GA7RON: lol
Yikes dude. It's just a game. You lost your account and your cool over someone picking the guy you wanted. Was it worth?
: lvl 30 accounts
You level an account like everyone else. No one gets a free pass. Buy some experience boosts.
: Am i the only one who's gonna miss Akali..?
Gonna miss having my tower protect me when an Akali tower dives
: How Will League Do with All the New MOBAs?
I haven't heard of any of these. To me, the only Mobas I know is League, DOTA 2, and HotS. Everything else is news to me. Wasn't there a heroes of newport or something at one point?
: The new game that Riot is working on......what do you think it is?
I really hope it isn’t a RTS game like Starcraft. I can see one being made where players choose a faction and each faction has unique characteristics, but RTS games are super boring. I’d like to see a sandbox MMO set in Runterra. Like an EVE online/guild wars type game where a player chooses a race/faction and a class, maybe can build homes, guild halls, towns, etc. I think a Diablo-like game would be cool, set in Mt. Targon or Shurima/Icathia. I need a new MMO to play honestly, and WoW has dried up (how do you top beating Sargeras and the Burning Legion?).
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