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Sorry for my Chinglish makes everyone confused what I said, "act" means every bad moves including "intentional feed", "negative attitude", because those players' actions just like acting a fake show.
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: This may be better posted in [General Discussion]( Ask the community is mostly just people looking for help with something, and as such there are not many long discussions going on. Furthermore, I have never seen Riot comment on anything here, so it is highly unlikely anyone in Riot will see it posted in this section. General Discussions is *far* more populated.
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: League at PAX East
{{sticker:sg-lux}} So who's the PAX girl this year? I wish Lux or Annie, Zoe is good as well.
Meddler (NA)
: 6.9 Balance, Cass and Swain especially
PLEASE, just don't nerf Sona's circle ever again, who "will or can or want to" step on that 250 circle before the circle disappear? I guess Sona's chest muscle can even squeeze out of them. This change makes me very disappointed, absolutely NO!
: Heya Storywise. MF killed him. Regards Rkoturdo
Will he revive after this event?
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: He was reworked last year
He will be again, because Riot won't buff back that they've nerfed.
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: DJ Sona Q&A on February 24
I've realized, DJ Sona doesn't do any other actions when she moving, only doing the Kinetic style, doesn't change to the other style. I wonder the reply, please :)
Ziovi (EUW)
: Can you try to explain it? XD I'm quite interested in PBE players' feedback about ahri changes. It seems that her damage has been nerfed a lot, and her playstyle changed. I understand that she's more of a mobile mage, with her Q's buff, which i think it's very interesting, and i'd like to know about her killing potential. I mean, can she put enough pressure in lane to be a good threath to her opponent during early game? I started play ahri only a bit time ago, and i like her very much, but i don't dislike the idea of haviing some change in her playstyle... ugh... i really would like to play her in pbe right now XD
I don't really know how to explain Ahri's changes in PBE server, the only thing I can say, she becames more comfortable in controlling. I'm gonna try to list those changes: 1, Q, when the ball is forward, her movement speed increase for a short term, like 30% or 40%, or even more (because in lvl 1 is 330, when Q is onward, the movement speed becomes 519. ). the speed buff disappear when the ball turn back. 2, W. In official server, Ahri's W will attack the enemy after 1 sec she used. In PBE server, Ahri's W attacks immediately. Also the dmg increased( buffed) 3, E. the 20% dmg increase buff has cancel, in return, the ap addition has increase by 0.5 from 0.35. In my opinions, this is more closer Ahri's setting, which is like a fox. Because I don't wanna play Ahri like a old fashion mage, standing there like a tree{{summoner:12}} , spelling something{{summoner:1}} even she doesn't know what it is, then shoot a circle thing like a cannon ball{{summoner:31}} and destory the enemy{{summoner:9}} or missed{{summoner:4}} .
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