OctoBit (NA)
: Can we get another Monster Champion already??!!
I'm confused. You do realize {{champion:9}} Fiddlesticks and {{champion:106}} Volibear are getting quite the monstrous reworks right? It's not to say that they shouldn't think up a **new **kind of monster, but they are working on some pretty monstrous elements. So, adding to the pool of suggestions instead of just saying, "yay/nay" to monsters, something I would like to see is a Darkin "monster." Now, I know that Darkin is becoming a little bloated with the changes to the lore. However, I can't help but feel its a bit too... tame? Think of the whole concept of Darkin for a second. They are ascended god-warriors who were corrupted by the void. Yes, they fall into a fallen angel/demon kind of trope. However, despite their corruption, they still retain a humanoid form. We get the fallen angel vibes, but we don't really get the "corrupted by the void" vibes as much. When I'm suggesting a Darkin "monster," I'm talking about a Darkin so far-gone that they have lost their human shape and transformed into a horrendous figure. It would add the required element of catastrophe to the concept of Darkin in a much more visual manner.
: Time Immemorial: Zilean [Demons of The Mage King]
I've made my first addition to the story. In this brief addition I am going into how they bring about the discussion of the Void. I didn't quite believe it myself, but Murmur is indeed the name of a demon. How fitting for someone doing the sneak. O~O {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} I reused the characters to give a bit of depth to their personality. Flauros speaks of the great phenomena in time. Shax speaks of truth and uncovers any lies. Ose is a conjurer of insanity. Also, it simply is the expectation since Zilean asked them the question. Soon after, it will switch to other characters though.
Manxxom (NA)
: Edgy Soraka mains be like:
Watch out, she's gone bananas.
: Time Immemorial: Zilean [Demons of The Mage King]
I'll be doing this story a bit differently. I will not be making a new discussion post for this chapter. Instead I will be updating this single post and commenting on every new addition I make. Part of the reason is that I don't want this to be extremely long, I expect this chapter to be three parts at most. Another reason is to give people the opportunity for the community to give their own suggestions of what they would like to see in this story. If nobody suggests anything new, it's business as usual. If someone does suggest something, I will consider incorporating it. As for my comments on what I added so far, I'm making Zhonya a character. Consider her a disciple of {{champion:26}} Zilean. The main difference between their approaches on time is that Zilean makes big things while Zhonya makes little things. One example being that Zilean made The Clock Tower while Zhonya makes stopwatches. Zilean is in the middle of a council meeting right now. I'm throwing out a bunch of random names for meaningless people, but there is one commonality between most of them: they are the names of the 72 demons of King Solomon's Ars Goetia. These people are by no means "demonic" or special like that in any way. Consider them random sorcerers who happen to have the same name as demons. Their personality is slightly like the demon they share a name with, but they are mentioned so briefly that it hardly matters. This is one of the _subtle_ connections I'm making to the Abrahamic religions. So, why waste the names on goons like these when I could give these names to voidborn? A couple reasons really. * For one, the Void always has that distinct apostrophe in the middle: Kha'Zix, Cho'Gath, Rek'Sai, Kog'Maw. The demons of Ars Goetia don't have that. I'm not going to break that tradition here. * The second reason is that I don't want to create an "elite" class of Void here. That goes into a whole mess of why the hell these 72 voidborn are so special compared to the rest. * The third reason is that placing demonic names on goons like these implies they are going to do something pretty bad and paints the image of them being cultists. That's a pretty accurate image considering they summoned the Void. Since, i'm not done with the council's dialogue, what demons of Ars Goetia do you want me to mention next? Let me know if you know any time jokes/memes that I could add in. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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Ñaofumi (NA)
: Tanks also need items that bruisers/fighters/adcs wont take on the side.
That's honestly the most difficult part. People always find a way to go crazy with a full tank build on someone who just shouldn't be a tank. However, I can think of an item design that would match this purpose: Goliath's Presence {{item:3067}} Kindlegem + {{item:3082}} Warden's Mail Unique Passive: +100% Champion Size Item Active: **PRESENCE OF GOLIATH** Channel for up to 3 seconds to disarm enemies within a (based on champion size) radius. Champions disarmed by this Goliath's Presence are only able to autoattack you, the Goliath. This channel is uninterruptible and can be canceled by the user, you can also move while channeling. 45 second cooldown. If multiple people cast this simultaneously, they are also considered Goliaths and can be autoattacked. Kind of ruins the purpose of this item if you try that. *** The idea is that one of the main distinctions between someone building tanky for the hell of it and someone building tank to accomplish their goals is the fact that tanks actually WANT YOU TO HIT THEM. Well, that's not entirely accurate, but the truth is fairly close. Tanks want to drag the enemies' attention away from their allies. This accomplishes that goal in the least abusable way I can think of while maintaining a simple design. The channel is designed to force the user to be in a state where they are "casting an ability" which prevents the champion from taking advantage of having an enormous combat presence. The fact that they need to activate it, prevents stealth from being applied since they are constantly in combat while this is in effect. It also prevents the user from autoattacking or using their own abilities. While it could be canceled, you are just wasting the item if you are using this to engage since the enemy could just run away. This also has absolutely no effect on enemy ability-casting since it isn't a silence. It could ironically make it more difficult to chase an enemy. While the active has many flaws, the fact of the matter is that all the flaws hit other classes the most. Tanks that want to "draw aggro" will still find a good use for this item even with the flaws. However, to make this item fancy, it actually makes you: **乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚** It even gives a significant benefit to making your champion bigger or playing bigger champions.
Ifneth (NA)
: It’s generally a 3rd item at the earliest because it offers no base HP to back up its resistances. By then, carries have their cores, and Stoneplate just keeps you alive long enough to engage or peel.
Agreed. I would also like to add that typically by the time a tank has enough health in your build to justify {{item:3193}} Gargoyle Stoneplate, enemies tend to have armor/mr shredding tools by then. It's for this reason that it makes tanks ironically feel squishy while building it. The same issue applies with {{item:3190}} Locket of the Iron Solari. Many armor/mr tank items are theoretically good, but they are gated by a requirement that is simply infeasible: having a boatload of health. {{item:3190}} Locket of the Iron Solari, {{item:3193}} Gargoyle Stoneplate, and {{item:3512}} Zz'Rot Portal are all tank items boasting enormous health synergy. However, the very issue is that none of these items provide the health that makes it good. This is an awkward issue for supports since {{item:3401}} Remnant of the Aspect isn't as much of a health item as it is a health regen item. While health regen does synergize with armor/mr, the issue is that the items listed specifically have health synergy. The greatest irony of it all is that the highest health item ALSO REQUIRES MORE HEALTH: {{item:3083}} Warmog's Armor. So even rushing this item to synergize with these hybrid resistances is bad since you actually don't have enough health to fulfill Warmog's Heart by the 3rd item. This overarching issue forces tanks to build health + mr or health + armor items which pushes beyond the point where these resistances are useful given how quickly people rush resistance penetration. So theoretically "good" tank items are traps with the most unsound foundation. If you even attempt to pull it off, you end up devastated and feeling squishy, even though you are playing a tank. Thus, the only solace that can be found building these items is if your champion can easily take advantage of both armor and mr ratios in their kit with things like shields or ratios. It is the only way to justify getting items such as these right now.
puśsý (NA)
: What tanks need
Let me tell you what a tank **REALLY** needs: a cannon.
Ralanr (NA)
: Then by that logic, we already have that item. It’s called Stoneplate.
Then we have to ask the more pressing question. Why is {{item:3193}} Gargoyle Stoneplate not good enough?
Rudrim (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Diävolo,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=UzIGrRbo,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-09-01T21:34:20.581+0000) > > Kayn's life* Kayle's life*
> [{quoted}](name=Rudrim,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=UzIGrRbo,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-09-01T21:42:40.302+0000) > > Kayle's life* Hard knock life*
: While I understand your reasoning for Pantheon, I think the most obvious choice for Aries should be Ornn.
I disagree, {{champion:516}} Ornn fits Capricorn much better than he does Aries. Really the only thing that makes Aries a better fit is that Ornn is literally a ram, but Capricorn is a goat so it's not that different.
: Closure for The Cryptic King: Zara [Epilogue 1: Reminiscence]
I have created an enormous amendment to this chapter. To be honest, the initial state of this chapter was largely incomplete. After all, an epilogue is defined as what happens after the events of a story. That poem doesn't really express that at all. In fact, the only reason I placed the chapter there was as a placeholder since I didn't even know if it would be in the first or the second epilogue. Speaking of first and second epilogues though, I'll elaborate on what the difference is. The first epilogue is one in Zara's perspective, technically, the entire story itself was the epilogue since it was written while he was waiting in Nirvana. Nirvana is what I'll call the realm of mana due to the introduction to the idea of ether. The first epilogue is the only time a detailed insight on the "Prophet" that Zara refers to in the story is made. There is a point in the story where his power will be made clear, but his motivations will not be until this epilogue. In case it still isn't clear, The Prophet is in charge of the divine sects. There are three divine sects which are represented by {{item:3078}} Trinity Force. * {{item:3044}} The Aspects of Mount Targon. * {{item:3101}} The Ascended of Shurima. * {{item:3057}} The Angels of The Blessed Isles. It is an artifact of Ionia that exists to serve as a reminder of this connection with the origin of life and the duty to protect it. Celestials managed the three divines and hoped to propagate their growth in time for the coming of the Void. However, Shurima's Ascended were plagued in combat to become the Darkin and The Blessed Isles fell before anything could be made from it. Due to the dire situation, The Prophet who should have overseen The Blessed Isles, switched to developing a strategy against the Galactic Void. The second epilogue tells of The Shadow Isles some time after Zara's second death. This will be more true to the sense of an epilogue by explaining the aftermath and how everything is rebuilt as well as how the relationships of the undead changed. Though more importantly, it shows how the Old Mordekaiser transitions into the story of {{champion:82}} New Mordekaiser. I don't intend on defining Mordekaiser's new primary motivation since every type of motive I've theorized seems too shallow. However, the general jist of it is that despite playing the role of a brutal warmonger, he will manage to bring back The Blessed Isles which will in turn resurrect Zara once more. My idea for the future of this campaign is that by the time Zara is resurrected, Runeterra will be facing planet-sized voidspawn. With the resurrection of Zara comes the transformation of all the undead into angels. Whatever happens next can be quite epic. However, any kind of plot based theories aside, the main point is that angels will be an official theme for new champions in League of Legends. Not merely, angel skins.
Morrisen (NA)
: Grades sometimes not showing in Match History. [CLIENT]
I know this is an old thread, but this issue is still relevant.
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: The exact issue is this. They don't fix tank items, they just give tanks damage.
Sad truth. Though I don't think fixing tank items is going to fix things ironically. That's because we already experienced Tank {{champion:245}} and {{champion:105}} Fizz. Since that's already been made evident, the buffs should be isolated to the champion itself rather than something generic, that any champion could get. I don't get why damage was buffed when tankiness seems to be more obvious buff.
: Can Armor actually mean something again?
I don't think people get it. Armor as a mechanic isn't a problem, it's the fact that there is so much armor penetration and shredding that it isn't viable. {{item:3071}} The Black Cleaver alone is an issue since it's a rush item for the wrong reasons.
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: [Fanmade Champion Concept] Phallas, The Shrinewarden (Serious replies ONLY)
There are a myriad of flaws, so instead of berating these issues I will begin by highlighting the parts I like about Phallas. So first of all, I'm guessing Phallas is supposed to be a reference to Pallas, aka Athena. Having a strong Targonian connection is fitting for such a goddess. I like the idea of having an establishment that is connected to the history of the World Runes with an association to the divine. It gives a connection between the celestials and the World Runes which is a much needed justification for their crusade, which went as far as leading to the mess that made the Darkin. As for her kit, the one unique trait that stands out to me is her ability to ignore shields. That's is an incredible utility that alone is worth revolving everything around to take advantage of. {{champion:92}} Riven and {{champion:77}} Udyr were considered issues in the past due to how well their shields mitigated damage output. Even shielder supports were nerfed due to how oppressive it was. Circumventing shields altogether offers an existing tool to deal with these issues even if they were to ever become significant again. I would like to see the shrine explored in depth. A color story to express her emotional turmoil as well as the history of the World Runes that the shrines provide would be a compelling piece. This would make her situation more relatable and human while giving a chance to explore the awe that Mount Targon provides. As of now, it is difficult to understand the weight of her folly which is creating a disconnect with her lore and her kit. It's difficult to see her as a dark individual, in the same way as we see {{champion:25}} Morgana. One way to make Phallas's kit more personal to her character is to use her abilities in her lore to create a connection between legend and reality. If it isn't possible to clearly express a mechanic in a seamless way within storytelling, then it is most likely extraneous and should be removed as it runs the risk of leaving the champion overloaded. Currently, her kit has too much going on and can benefit greatly with simplification in design--aka removing unnecessary mechanics. One example of an unnecessary mechanic is the ability to ignore grievous wounds. This only serves to minimize methods to balance her and doesn't feel good playing against as a level of counterplay is stripped away without any compensation. *** These are troubling issues that even I had issue with when creating my custom champion. I fortunately had a strong theme and lore-to-kit basis which made adjustments quite easy while maintaining personality. I empathize with the desire to create an AP Bruiser that actually has powerful AP ratios rather than simply _significant_ ones. So, I hope that during an extensive lore based build, you are able to think of ways to achieve this in a grandiose, intuitive manner rather than an overloading of mechanics. As aforementioned, ignoring shields is a quite unique and useful point Phallas has so try to highlight the use of this mechanic. Even so, any mechanic that has personality is worth considering. Grounding this character in reality as much as this character is grounded to the shrine is my suggestion. Shedding light into how she ended up that way, as well as the evolution of her emotions, is the way to go. {{item:3174}} Athene's Unholy Grail is a good place to start. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: So basically once you hit 6 you get free gold? Those are ridiculously high ult numbers and what do you mean he attacks instantly? Is the damage applied before the animation? Also what's to stop him from just buying a tear going manamune and smurfing top with his 600 auto range and insane base stats hell be like kayle but only need like lvl 8.
Zara is designed with excessive level scaling in mind. Theoretically, he is able to rush mana and go buck wild with excessive base damage. However, there is one flaw: health. His base health follows {{champion:14}} Sion at 542.64 - 1783.6 health, but unlike Sion he has no ability to innately raise his health. While this doesn't change the fact that Zara can go for his mana build, it does mean that during the time he rushes mana, he will be squishy as balls. It wouldn't be a problem for Zara if it wasn't for the fact that his early game is already really abusable by any kind of poke. Not addressing this innate problem just makes it unmanageable when he reaches those high levels. Another point is that while his burst damage is high, his DPS is actually pretty depressing. Zara has only 0.25 attack speed so even if he has a ridiculously large autoattacking range, he can only autoattack the enemy a few times. It is definitely powerful during laning, but when multiple people come to take him out, say in a casual gank, he's a sitting duck during the fight. When it comes to teamfighting, he relies heavily on fighting alongside other allies for this very reason. It's not easy for him to flee due to his innate 35% slow and capped 400 movement speed to make sure he stays sluggish so positioning is of ridiculously great importance for him. In general, playing with him is essentially a do-or-die scenario most of the time which is precisely why his numbers are so massive. Escaping is not an option. *** As for the instant autoattacking, quite literally it just means that the attack occurs on the first frame of the attack animation. Think of how {{champion:8}} Vladimir's Transfusion works as an example or even {{summoner:11}} Smite. So yes, you can say that the damage applies before the animation.
: Look great,but there is one person who has a complaint about the name of his E: {{champion:83}}:Why did you steal the name of my E?
Oh shit man. I would have never noticed if you didn't point that out. I'll have to think of a new name, but I will say the reason I thought of the name initially is because Dark Procession on Zara is actually strongly related to {{champion:83}} Yorick lore wise. If you got any ideas for a replacement, let me know. For now, I'll rename it to Unbound Umbrage.
Pakushy (EUW)
: I made an Animation about Earth Dragon
Did {{champion:92}} Riven and {{champion:432}} Bard [transcend](https://youtu.be/fES-gmukobE?t=240)? {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
: Hmm I love the lore standpoint and the art is on point BUT this seems just slightly overpowered unless you remember the slow movement speed- then you can kite him out. Really cool, nice job!{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
**True.** {{sticker:sona-playing}} Tbh, this is what Zara is like in his lore as well. {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
: [Champion Concept Rework] Zara, The Cryptic King
Going to drop this disclaimer since I don't want to be that guy who doesn't give credit where it's due. This art is official artwork made by Riot. You can find it on the League of Legends Universe from the Shadow Isles Region. It's called, [**Like Attracts Like**](https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/region/shadow-isles/?mv=image-gallery-1) under Entities of The Shadow Isles. This art piece truly was the first inspiration I had to make Zara. A headless revenant with only one arm, a broken soul who stands firm. I figured an undead like this would be pretty unique in the game. With how The Ruined King met his end, this picture embodies what I imagine he'd look and feel like if he were to return. So I use it to preface any post regarding him.
: Super cool concept, I'm not sure if I completely understand the part about "Killing a minion with an autoattack will reset his autoattack animation". If his auto attacks hit instantly, what animation would there be to reset? Maybe adding something like {{champion:429}} passive where you can't cancel auto animation would make last hitting more critical and would allow for these two things to function together. This would also allow for more chance to punish him for getting caught in his .25 attack speed animation. Overall very cool concept, astonishing that people can still come up with concepts like these that Riot hasn't already covered. Every time I try to think of something I always end up copying another champ's ability in some way or another. Good job, great art too!
Thanks! I'm doing my best to make this guy as epic as possible. Can't make a dude like the Ruined King lightly. {{sticker:galio-happy}} Over on the League of Legends Wiki, saying the autoattack animation resets is just the official way of saying you can autoattack again without waiting. So, the fact that his autoattacks are instant means he is ingrained with the inability to cancel his auto animation. If he kills the minion, his next autoattack will be ready immediately instead of needing to wait around 4 seconds. Since he autoattacks instantly, it means that the period of time between autoattacks is extremely small when killing minions, much like a ridiculously fast version of {{champion:39}} Irelia's Bladesurge. If Zara messes up, then there is a huge period to punish him. Though to be honest, this kind of punishment isn't very reliable. Rather, kiting him around and pulling off a combo after he pulls off his one big autoattack is more reliable. Doesn't work too well when he bought items, but before his first back it's quite effective. Also, {{champion:17}} Teemo, {{champion:24}} Jax, and {{champion:98}} Shen can do quite a number on him in regards to stopping the autoattack so he's fine on the counterpicking department.
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Seal Bot (EUNE)
: Is no one going to talk about the fact Sivir received a MASSIVE nerf??
It's official. Rito prefers ints over floats. **Rito supports inting conformed.**
: the idea behind the cdr on cleaver is that bruiser/fight champions NEED cdr as they are ability based even if they can auto to fill the gaps this is the reason why "ap bruisers" dont really exist, because there are no good health+ap+cdr items really available and as a result they are forced to build full tank or full burst and be balanced around that (or to be massivly overloaded in their kit)
I agree about the significance of CDR. It's definitely a stat they want. Unfortunately, it's become CDR > armor shred when it comes to getting {{item:3071}} The Black Cleaver with the health and AD being the buffers that makes it reasonable. It's arguably the most desirable part of the item, greater or equal to in significance to the armor shred. Yet it is that very aspect that also makes it too generalized. When you have {{item:3071}} The Black Cleaver in nearly every single game, it devalues the significance of armor which makes the tanks suffer. Its to the point where even though it doesn't have lethality, you see AD Assassins getting it so you get someone like {{champion:91}} Talon doing higher damage than you should expect to a heavy armor tank. While this change wouldn't affect the effectiveness against tanks for AD Assassins, nor their inclination to get the item, it would change the fact that lower CDR would make it harder for them to kill squishies as they build the item. Currently {{item:3071}} The Black Cleaver is the best of both worlds where you get both the CDR and the armor shredding. It muddies the classification of the item. Is this item supposed to be the armor shredding item or is it supposed to be the ridiculously high CDR item? What justifies this item having both? Is it ok for there to even exist a case where people are only getting this for the CDR? All it does is it solidify the fact that armor will be ridiculously difficult to justify having by having armor shredding exist in scenarios where it isn't even warranted. **** 10% CDR and 0% CDR are both fine. In either scenario, {{item:3161}} Spear of Shojin exists and definitely fits the high CDR style item. I fear though that with 10% CDR, it can't justify the strength {{item:3071}} The Black Cleaver would have with both % penetration and % armor shredding if it builds from {{item:3035}} Last Whisper. For 10% CDR to be balanced, the % armor shredding would have to replace the % penetration rather than both existing simultaneously. I wouldn't be surprised if it was shipped into game like this then, with 10% CDR and The Black Cleaver's % shredding being named **Last Whisper** while building from the item. However, can you see that as anything but a nerf? I don't know about you, but I would rather have {{item:3071}} The Black Cleaver be a full fledged armor obliterator rather than this 10% CDR nerfed mediocrity. At least there are other CDR alternatives even if The Black Cleaver falls to 0% CDR. As a heavy armor shredding item with no CDR that has both % penetration and % armor shredding simultaneously, you'd feel the enormous impact against tanks like {{champion:33}} Rammus and {{champion:54}} Malphite that you expect. It's a harsh compromise, but imagine how beautiful an item with both % penetration and % armor shredding would be, despite its anti-synergy.
: I wonder if it has anything to do with {{item:3071}} being a great item regardless of the existence of tanks on the enemy team....(seriously, this item is busted when paired with lethality) Ad casters and assassins are harder for me to deal with as a tank because of this item, while adcs on the other hand I can just build {{item:3143}} and {{item:3110}} since you cant really build an item to ignore my purely defensive attack speed slows and crit reduction passives.
It's kind of weird how great {{item:3071}} The Black Cleaver is in general. It really doesn't look like it should be a general type item, more of a niche item if anything. Yet with the type of stats it gives, it became a standard item to get. Imo, what's really overkill is the CDR. It just doesn't really make sense for this item thinking objectively. Sure there is the "spamming abilities more allows more physical damage," but simple autoattacks pull that objective off more reliably than CDR. If The Black Cleaver is supposed to be that armor shredding item, wouldn't it make sense for its CDR to be replaced with Lethality? While sure, it sounds like, "Well shit, that would just make the tank problem even worse." The thing is, most people get {{item:3071}} The Black Cleaver to cap CDR rather than shredding armor. It's really kind of silly when thinking about it. A niche armor shredding item is better used to cap CDR than its intended purpose. Heck proof of this is the fact that {{champion:122}} Darius and {{champion:86}} Garen switched over to {{item:3078}} Trinity Force. They would rather have the CDR and extra damage over that armor shredding lol. Assassins would definitely still rush this item with either CDR or Lethality since they are simply designed to deal high physical damage with their abilities. However, it wouldn't be that default rush item for fighters unless if they were up against someone that would rush huge armor. Heck, even the loss of CDR on this item doesn't really affect fighters at all given {{item:3161}} Spear of Shojin now exists. **** Unfortunately, It is counterintuitive to increase penetration to help fix this problem, but an alternative is making the armor shredding portion even less significant than it already is. Removing the item altogether is a mistake cause it removes a vital tool to combating tankiness. So how could {{item:3071}} The Black Cleaver possibly become more niche without encroaching on beating squishies? Well isn't it obvious. Build it from {{item:3035}} Last Whisper instead. Have you ever found it odd that despite being % armor based, both {{item:3071}} The Black Cleaver and {{item:3035}} Last Whisper are completely segregated? Is there really a good reason for it? The benefit of having them segregated is to have the benefit of having both {{item:3035}} Last Whisper and {{item:3071}} The Black Cleaver being built simultaneously. However if you think about it, doesn't that just exacerbate the issue of Assassins instagibbing high armor tanks? When was the last time you saw {{champion:240}} Kled have both {{item:3036}} Lord Dominik's Regards and {{item:3071}} The Black Cleaver? Never? That's right, cause he doesn't really need both. Wouldn't it be neat for {{item:3071}} The Black Cleaver being the fighter's variant of {{item:3035}} Last Whisper while {{item:3036}} Lord Dominik's is the ADC variant? We expect both to slay tanks after all. It might seem like {{item:3036}} Lord Dominik's Regards and {{item:3071}} The Black cleaver still would overlap a bit too much. You'd be right to think that, there really isn't a reason to get {{item:3036}} Lord Dominik's Regards if it was just a % penetration boost when {{item:3071}} The Black Cleaver could have % penetration and % shredding simultaneously. So how could this possibly be made into an ADC variant in such a way that it wouldn't be abused too easily by assassins? Well, there is a way that was already implemented, but failed because of what it tried to replace: {{item:3031}} True Damage Infinity Edge. **** Removing crit chance from {{item:3031}} Infinity Edge was a mistake. How do you remove crit chance from the item that is supposed to make crit chance viable in the first place? Thus it was rightfully reverted. Of course, the fact that it could deal true damage gave it a strong late game element, but to try and replace such a vital early game item wasn't the way to go. Yet what if largely the same effect was transferred to a late game item instead? Imagine if {{item:3036}} Lord Dominik's Regards gained the ability to deal true damage on crits. Not the doubling crit portion and no crit chance. Just the true damage on crits. It's not like you rush {{item:3035}} Last Whisper on ADCs anyways. If not that, increasing the penetration significantly. An AD assassin wouldn't really use this since it doesn't affect their abilities and building {{item:3086}} Zeals instead of {{item:3134}} Serrated Dirks is a bit too much. Maybe on Skirmishers like {{champion:11}} Master Yi and {{champion:157}} Yasuo, but that's normal. Plus they actually have high % penetration already since one deals true damage already while the other has it in the ult. {{champion:23}} Tryndamere is the one with the most benefit, but that's kind of expected. Since its % armor based, it still doesn't stand a chance against the big burst champions. {{item:3036}} Lord Dominik's Regards still has no health. Also let's not forget that building crit and Lord Dominik's Regards gets in the way of building lifesteal so either ADCs would be squishy or {{item:3036}} Lord Dominik's Regards would be pushed to late game. **** It just makes too much sense really. Amplifying the necessity of {{item:3035}} Last Whisper is the way to go to make sure these tank shredding items aren't amazing in every single scenario. I'll admit, this does mean overkill on tanks. However, the fact is that squishies would remain largely unaffected for most of the game. This creates the necessary divide of either prioritizing taking down tanks or taking down squishies. Ways to ensure this fact would be to do things like make the crit penetration affect only bonus armor so that the base armor of squishies aren't affected. By forcing these items to fit into their intended role, rather than being items you get just for the hell of it, the strength of the items are limited but significant. Thus it becomes situational and isolated, minimizing targets to focus on, easing up macromanagement. Easier management means the situation can be handled and handling the situation better means a more balanced game.
: Trials Standings: Week Two
{{champion:202}} The face of your killer, is Faceless.
Tiger58 (NA)
: Since you should basically never be dying (or else you've already become more than useless) a {{item:3041}} is a 1400g 100+ AP and then {{item:3050}} and {{item:3174}} are strong choices.{{item:3089}} is theoretically a good choice, but unless you just scored an 1000g shutdown, it just costs way too much.
{{item:3041}} Mejai's is a god send when you get those early kills. I just don't like sitting on it when the ADC is pathetic and can't manage to get any kills. I do like having it in the mid game since there should at least be one person you can attach to who can get a kill somewhere while the roaming happens. Even then, I don't think {{item:3041}} Mejai's changes the necessity of {{item:3089}} Rabadon's Death-hat. Mejai's certainly is something you'd want to build before Rabadon's, but it's in the same way as how {{item:3086}} Zeal and {{item:3031}} Infinity Edge works. It's not really a one or the other, you want both.
: Try rabadons first/second item. Makes wonders
Talk about Cat in the Hat. {{item:3089}} {{champion:350}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Saezio (EUNE)
: Yuumi Thoughts
She really needs a lot of early game damage buffers to be threatening in the laning phase so I use: Summon Aery > Manaflow Band > Absolute Focus > Scorch > Shield Bash > Revitalize Absolute Focus is a controversial pick I decided to go for. While she can easily overcap CDR, I actually don't think CDR is as important to her **WHEN COMPARED TO** other supports. Since she can easily not take any damage at all, I find Absolute Focus to be quite reliable with its laning phase power. I tried many strange builds, but I can say this one thing for certain: {{item:3174}} Athene's Unholy Grail is core. Her E is almost useless without it. A generic AP Healer build is quite good for a support all the way into the mid game, but it's quite difficult to carry with and doesn't scale that well late game. One strange thing I did find with trying various items is that {{item:3030}} Hextech GLP-800 is more useful than even {{item:3285}} Luden's Echo on her. I discovered this while trying Glacial Augment (which sucks btw, don't even bother) and found that the {{item:3145}} Hextech Revolver actually proves as a strong incentive to use her passive. The slow makes it an optimal choice for when your team dives the enemy since {{champion:350}} Yuumi can jump on the diver and use Hextech GLP-800 to slow them. Being extremely blunt, I seriously believe {{champion:350}} Yuumi requires {{item:3089}} Rabadon's Deathcap for supportive purposes. Now I know how the meme goes that the support builds literally only damage and the support somehow has more kills than the ADC, but Yuumi's W literally transfers her own AP as damage for whoever she connects to. I don't like the idea of a Yuumi rushing {{item:3285}} Luden's Echo since that makes her E useless for laning phase, but I do find that in the AP Healer build, she is a much better support if she has {{item:3089}} Rabadon's Deathcap as one of her final items. As for boots, Interestingly enough, I think she could use boots. I don't think {{item:1001}} Boots of Speed is useful, but I do find that {{item:3020}} Sorcerer's Shoes helps her damage output quite a bit. Another thing is that her Zoomies heal is still largely good for its ridiculously high AP ratio on a movement speed haste. Having larger base movement speed would scale with well with AP in that regard when she's not attached. **** I don't know about you but I get very sad when I see I'm up against {{champion:53}}, {{champion:412}}, or {{champion:555}}. When the ADC gets Yoinked, it's just such a bad spot that Yuumi can't really do anything to save them. Which is double yikes since she is most likely attached as well. I know this sounds unprofessional, but I feel that if the ADC got {{summoner:21}} barrier instead and Yuumi has {{summoner:7}} heal then that situation wouldn't be a problem. However, everyone would just think that's a fucking meme, even though it's a very real concern.
: > [{quoted}](name=Wrathful Chicken,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=zMEWfLjP,comment-id=00100000000000000000,timestamp=2019-04-21T22:50:28.036+0000) > > I mean, you kinda did the same yourself. > > I only said that I'm not gonna let people enjoy intentionally feeding. Then you go and mention something about **"enjoying murder."** Like wtf? I never, ever, ever mentioned "enjoying murder". You must be pulling from a commenter. My intent with this was to point out that being a dick for no reason is not cool. Obviously people who enjoy hurting other people or intentionally feeding or something else that negatively affects those around them are not who I am talking about here.
> [{quoted}](name=ApothNinja,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=zMEWfLjP,comment-id=00100000,timestamp=2019-04-16T20:28:19.223+0000) > > Pretty sure you know that's not what I meant. In fact, you can find me refuting other nonsense references in this thread such as "well I enjoy murdering people!". If someone has a hobby or interest that in no way harms you or anyone else physically or emotionally, don't shit on them for it. Or just "don't be a dick". I'm sorry then. I didn't want to be associated with something like that. I just wanted to make a funny one line comment tbh. While I still don't like that procrastinating example, I must agree that critics like that exist. People that find flaws for the sake of pointing them out. Some of them are honestly trying to get the logical truth out of something for the sake of clarity and logical sense. However, quite a lot of people just do it just to fuck with people. The kinds of people that just want to fuck with others is what I mean by griefers, people who spoil the enjoyment of others. It's frankly annoying. People already have enough stress in their lives, now there are people who want to ruin that small piece of enjoyment? I'm pretty sure this is what you are getting at. Let people enjoy the things they like, because there is enough strife to go around even without these griefers.
: > [{quoted}](name=Wrathful Chicken,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=zMEWfLjP,comment-id=001000000000,timestamp=2019-04-20T22:27:40.568+0000) > > Oh I know what you meant alright. You don't like griefers. Which is fine. > > Unfortunately, what you are also saying is not to punish people for something as arbitrary as "something they like." I'm just here to say that "something they like" may be griefing. A person who should be doing their work, and just might be the bottleneck that is ruining your workflow, that is purposely not doing their work the entire day is a griefer. > > In other words, the person you say should be excused for their enjoyment may be the very same person who ruins the enjoyment of others. > > Griefers should be punished in any context. They suck out the happiness from everyone around them. Just because someone might like intentionally feeding, > > **I'm not going to let people enjoy intentionally feeding.** Dude, I'm just talking about not making fun of people for liking Lord of the Rings and shit like that. You're reading too much into this.
> [{quoted}](name=ApothNinja,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=zMEWfLjP,comment-id=0010000000000000,timestamp=2019-04-21T03:02:09.253+0000) > > Dude, I'm just talking about not making fun of people for liking Lord of the Rings and shit like that. You're reading too much into this. I mean, you kinda did the same yourself. I only said that I'm not gonna let people enjoy intentionally feeding. Then you go and mention something about **"enjoying murder."** Like wtf?
: > [{quoted}](name=Wrathful Chicken,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=zMEWfLjP,comment-id=0010,timestamp=2019-04-16T20:23:05.606+0000) > > I'm not going to let people enjoy intentionally feeding. Pretty sure you know that's not what I meant. In fact, you can find me refuting other nonsense references in this thread such as "well I enjoy murdering people!". If someone has a hobby or interest that in no way harms you or anyone else physically or emotionally, don't shit on them for it. Or just "don't be a dick".
> [{quoted}](name=ApothNinja,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=zMEWfLjP,comment-id=00100000,timestamp=2019-04-16T20:28:19.223+0000) > > Pretty sure you know that's not what I meant. In fact, you can find me refuting other nonsense references in this thread such as "well I enjoy murdering people!". If someone has a hobby or interest that in no way harms you or anyone else physically or emotionally, don't shit on them for it. Or just "don't be a dick". Oh I know what you meant alright. You don't like griefers. Which is fine. Unfortunately, what you are also saying is not to punish people for something as arbitrary as "something they like." I'm just here to say that "something they like" may be griefing. A person who should be doing their work, and just might be the bottleneck that is ruining your workflow, that is purposely not doing their work the entire day is a griefer. In other words, the person you say should be excused for their enjoyment may be the very same person who ruins the enjoyment of others. Griefers should be punished in any context. They suck out the happiness from everyone around them. Just because someone might like intentionally feeding, **I'm not going to let people enjoy intentionally feeding.**
I'm not going to let people enjoy intentionally feeding.
Xonra (NA)
: "Ranked is about skill and not at all a coinflip"
That is into you reach Iron IV. Then you need to seriously consider the case where everyone goes AFK and the match ends with a draw.
: Is YOUR name OFFENSIVE???????
Oh crap, I'm busted for violence and animals. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
: What if we removed runes and masteries?
Then this would be DOTA2: balanced. But seriously, what this essentially does is remove flexibility from champions, especially at level 1. It effectively isolates champions from a complex system that can potentially break them. This forces all balance changes to affect the champion alone and the only influence on flexibility is itemization, which is limited by gold income. (Which is pretty much the reason why DOTA 2 early game is farmville) I'm certain the sheer isolation of complexity that runes gives would make champions balanced, but it obviously comes at the cost of flexibility. Another thing is that certain (dis)incentives that runes offer will be completely gone which would likely need to be replaced with even more complex kit synergy. (Which is pretty much what DOTA 2 is known for) I'm certain that wonky builds won't go away, but they will come at the prerequisite of in game performance since these builds would be completely dependent on gold income. Since you specifically stated no buff compensations, I'm certain that there will be an imbalance that causes champions with strong synergy to be superior. Synergy with abilities to make good combos. Synergy with items to scale better. Pretty much all kinds of synergy would be raised up while those that struggle due to weak synergy would falter. Those being champions that have good kits theoretically, but in practice, those premises never actually come in game to give them the good performance you'd expect. **** To avoid this issue, I think it would be more fair to support the min-maxing ideology by forcing champion bonuses based on the lane role they are supposed to fulfill. Though to be honest, lane role might not even be necessary, I'm just thinking a unique bonus that can only be claimed by one player. Like for example, each of the 5 players need to fill one of the 5 roles: Brute, Tank, Visionary, Apocalypse, Adept * Brute: Has a buff that gives a powerful start, but lets you last longer as the fight drags on. 15% damage boost that transitions to a 15% damage reduction boost that changes by -1% damage boost/+1% damage reduction per second over 15 seconds. * Tank: Incentivizes disruption with survivability. Starts with +100 health. Soft CC gives +5 armor/mr. Hard CC gives +20 armor/mr. Both stack within combat and refreshes while in combat. * Visionary: Rewards assists with utility. Assists reduce ward cooldown and death timer by 20% maximum cooldown. * Apocalypse: Promotes chain killing. Gives +5/10/20/40/80 armor/magic penetration on a chain kill i.e. 5 for single, 10 for double, 20 for triple, 40 for quadra, 80 for penta. Gives +4/16/64/256/1024 gold when the chain kill timer times out. * Adept: Guarantees safety with resourcefulness. Minions give twice the experience. Deal 20% more damage to epic monsters and structures. Not the best example by any means, but the gist is that the players should have a purpose and should fulfill that purpose. Not exactly cookie cutter, but that's the point. Players should choose which role they want to fill, not which lane they want to go. I think a no rune/mastery system could be replaced with role based buffs. No multiple roles in a single game. All 5 roles must exist on the same team. All 5 players can only choose 1 of those roles.
: Rage of a Ruined King: Zara [Echoes in the Deep]
Oh I'm liking where [this](https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/the-echoes-left-behind/) is going. {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
: what 3? 32+8=40 and total is 42 which means only 2 armor is missing, which can be gotten from a rounded 1.6
Logically there isn't a 3, but inside the first picture given, it clearly shows Magic Resistance Gained: 8 (+3) Same with armor.
: the 5% part doesn't affect the 8 bonus armor you get from conditioning
Which is even more strange. 5% of 32 is 1.6 Where the hell is 3 coming from? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: 32+8 doesn't make 42 :)
5% of 40 doesn't make 3. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
UniSect (NA)
: When you know the loss was genuinely your fault...
: Brooo amazing :D a very intricate and ambitious Lore and setting + journey ( hoping to be trilogy ? ) story . i just scrolled and momentarily observed the writing and without even reading i know its going to be a blast :D , ill follow your journey wherever it may take me xD ( this gives me such a Dark souls sombre vibe )
Glad I met your expectations. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} And yes, it's going to be a trilogy. The final arc being where he reaches The Shadow Isles. There he interacts with {{champion:30}}, {{champion:236}}, {{champion:412}}, {{champion:429}}, {{champion:57}}, {{champion:120}}, {{champion:82}}, and {{champion:83}}.
Rioter Comments
Vıvıd (NA)
: His punish window is when he messes up early game He misses a hook He messes up by dashing His coolowns are insanely long early game, so take advantage of that Not sure why everyone bans and bitches about him, he is weak against most other supports in the game pre level 6, and even after that, the fact that he heals a bunch is what offsets a HUGE factor.... He cant build any health. Other supports can. They can survive burst. Pyke cannot. Like have most of you even played against pyke or what lol? I don't see the big issue with him Ive had the easiest time killing pykes especially when I play aggressive supports
Well admittedly, while he can't survive burst, he's incredible at taking harass. Even so, I do agree that he's a lot squishier than people make him out to be.
: Seriously though, Where is Pykes punish window?
Think about it a different way. His punish window is simply being powerful enough to take him out when he goes stealth. That's what makes his stealth safety window not really that safe at all. It's hard to tell when Pyke is ahead, but it becomes blatantly obvious when he is behind. I think one of the most important things to note is that his defense from burst is mainly in his enormous innate armor and magic resistance. If you penetrate through it all, he becomes fairly squishy. His innate health levels are merely what you'd expect from most of the squishier bruisers, so it doesn't take much to eat away at it once you've taken care of the armor/MR.
Rioter Comments
: Daily reminder that 15-90 scaling hp is a meme and needs to be buffed
As a refrence, the olden 9 seals of scaling health gave 12-216 health.
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