: Probably because defensive itemization is dependent on opponents and varies from match to match while offensive itemization is intrinsic to the champ you're playing and constant.
Pretty much this. There are two main reasons why we decided to not go that direction and leave adaptive for offense. First, adaptive is primarily useful for providing the same option to two characters that want to specialize in different stats. Defense, you generally don't have a strong push to specialize in. As a result, shifting a block of defenses from Armor to MR is sometimes useful, but often you want a more balanced approach. Second is predictability. Offensive scalars are intrinsic to your champion, with hybrids being the outliers. For defense its largely a reactive decision and creating the potential for your defensive profile to switch undermines the ability for your opponent to check your defensive profile and decide if buying pen is a good option vs other items. We don't want to create a way that your reactive itemization decisions can be undermined by an opponents defensive profile shifting in non-obvious ways.
: Stat checking is when you just beat someone, not because of skill, but because you just get more raw stats then them and beat them down. Should note on the complete opposite is a skill check where you beat someone because you executed like a combo better
Stat checking is a deeper conversation because the term doesn't just apply to whenever you beat someone with stats. We could make a champion with 1 movespeed and an insane amount of stats, but that champion would be high on strategic counterplay. Stat-checking becomes a negative when there is no way to outplay the opponent tactically (due to stats) or strategically. When early game champions have the capacity to lane-bully this problem arises. However, when making power curve tradeoffs such as with Gathering Storm while you may gain the ability to Stat-check people more in the late game, you also open yourself up to strategic counters earlier in the game due to relative weakness during that phase. In this case i'm not super worried, I think Gathering Storm is just more strategically slanted than tactical.
La Bello (NA)
: wait seriously.... so I can have both Gathering Storm and Berserk on Jinx? https://i.ytimg.com/vi/6THx8HXYugs/hqdefault.jpg
Yes, you can have Berserk and Gathering storm if you go Precision/Sorcery.
: And now you're at it, Gnar :)
Gnar's ultimate has a CD and it should be affected normally.
: What about Udyr? It's not even a matter of short CD on ult, it's just that his R spell is not an ult at all.
Udyr a special case insofar as he doesn't have an ultimate. I'd be interested in not making this a completely dead rune for him, but don't have specifics right now.
: Hey are you shopping around for name ideas for ultimore? I'm a big fan of the names that are nods to lore like greenfathers gift or grasp of the ruined king. How about "ne'zuks rising force" or something along those lines. It's a reference to ezreal's passive that lets you reduce his cds by using spells. Ne'zuk was the original user of ezreal's gauntlet. Also throwing this out there but you could name the new stormraiders surge after illaois god. She loves that talent/rune and it fits pretty well. Kraken's surge or nakagabouros surge
ƒeet (EUW)
: You could give the stacking portion an inherent cooldown (idk something like 30s) so champions with short ultimate cooldowns wouldn't get to stack it insanely quickly, while still giving it a purpose for those characters.
We will be keeping an eye on how champions with really low ult cooldowns make use of it. There are a number of tweaks we can make here if necessary to balance it across everyone.
: How does Shyvanna interact with the ultmore rune? since it by default her's doesn't have a cd only a rage requirement. faster passive rage gen?
We will look into this. I don't have a clear answer for you right now but we'll keep it in mind.
: > [{quoted}](name=SpearKitty,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=3THTrhmb,comment-id=001800000000,timestamp=2017-08-30T20:21:03.892+0000) > > Depending on how it works with them you absolutely would. If you could have 20% CDR at level 1-2, that seems pretty insane. Even if it doesn't increase the 5% CDR on basic abilities on each ultimate cast like I think it does, being able to switch forms basically whenever would be useful to the form change champions that don't have R cooldown resets. I'm almost certain that reducing the cooldown on a transformation ult doesn't reduce the cooldown of your basic abilities, that would be really odd. Furthermore, going from 4 second CD on a transformation to 3 seconds CD doesn't strike me as the most useful rune ever, but you're free to take it if you want it.
No, it will just reduce the cooldown of the ultimate itself, not the basic abilities on your kit.
patmax17 (EUW)
: I like the idea of late game runes, but I find raw stats to be pretty unexciting, especially compared to the other keystones you showed us so far. Not sure what could be a possible alternative, I'd go for something more related to gameplay, but I can't think of something concrete right now, sorry ^^
Keep in mind these two options aren't keystones. The really high impact, tactical effects we try to do on keystones. These are just normal runes.
: For the "adaptive" runes, how to they work for champs with dual scaling? For example {{champion:84}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:90}}
There is a Runes Corner that covers how Adaptive works in detail, but essentially it matches whichever stat you've built more of.
: I use scaling health yellows currently, so I'm much more interested in late game health options. What can you tell me about those?
Essence Thief was previewed before. Gain X permanent health when a minion dies near you.
: Why would I ever want gathering storm when games rarely last 30 minutes? Ultimore looks good though
On average game's don't last long enough for it to go insane, but if you got a massive bonus from it every game there would be no tension around picking the rune. There are a number of situations where you can predict a game will go long. Sometimes your team is running late-game champs, sometimes their team has a Ziggs/Anivia/other high waveclear champ and you can tell it will be hard to push for a win. Some people are interested in using the Rune as something of an insurance policy. If it doesn't appeal to you that's fine though, not everyone needs to like every rune.
Dirrty (EUNE)
: Pretty Cool, FIRST! Do i get reply from rito now? xD
  Rioter Comments
: Hey Sparkle, I tried to compile in a synthetic way everything that has been revealed so far. Do you mind having a quick look just to check I didn't make any mistake? I've highlighted the piece I'm not sure about to make it easy. Thank you very much ;) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vkFZ_wVoVG4f1gOcK_v8Hbb6_I98ExtcKKonf-GEG0A/edit?usp=sharing (The link should allow to comment directly on the doc, but not modify it. Or you can reply here.)
Bloodlust goes in the precision slot next to Overheal.
: why does stormlords only have 25% bonus ad ratio on it meanwhile it got a 10% ap buff? Even thunderlords has a 30% bonus AD ratio, isnt it supposed to be stronger?. Did you nerf ad and buff the ap ratios because you want mages to use it more?
We'll be continuing to look at those ratios as we balance it. It is intended to be an option for both AD and AP users and will be balanced accordingly.
: Could you change Spellslinger's Surge to a more general name? I feel like it implies that you need to cast spells in order to activate it, or that you need to be a spellcaster to pick it, even though attacks are also part of the unique three damages.
We'll keep that in mind. Getting physical characters to feel welcome in the Sorcery style is challenging but very important to us. There are a lot of good builds in there.
: 3 Unique attacks or abilities. So if I understand this right it means say a Cass won't be able to proc Spellslingers by using 3 E's?
You will be able to use 3 E's. Each of those casts is its own spell, compared to on live where the ticks of poison would trigger it by damaging 3 times with a single application.
: It makes it so champions like jayce and quinn can't proc thunderlords off of auto poke alone, if anything this is a well needed change. Basically jayce would have to Q+auto+use a melee hammer to ever get a thunderlords proc, rather than getting it for free poking. 3 Autos still won't proc it, Unique attacks (an auto + different spells or 3 different spells for instance) and spells proc the keystone.
3 autos will proc it as long as they are within the 2s window. Most champions can't easily auto 3 times in 2 seconds but if you can do it each auto does individually count.
: Jayce's W still needs a second of continued auto-attacking to apply it - unlike fire-and-forget abilities like Morg's pool or MF's Make It Rain.
Just loaded it up, Jayce W attacks will trigger Stormlords/Spellslingers by themselves. However, you do still need more time on target than the fire and forget abilities.
: Oo I like these. The low cooldown on Spellslinger's Surge seems kinda nutty though. Have you guys had any problems with that during testing? Might lead to low-counterplay lanes like new Ryze shield MS at release.
It might, we are looking at the cooldown as we balance it. Removing the slow reduction from ranged champions helps a lot here.
  Rioter Comments
Galihan (NA)
: That really is a good question. If Riot buffs every champion around what their usual meta runes are on Summoners Rift, that will inadvertently kill off-meta builds or champs with diverse build potential (particularly any marksmen who can be built AP instead of AD)despite Riot's claim that they do not decide the meta themselves.
Adaptive runes will have a much larger impact than champion base stat adjustments and we will be conscious of champions that have off builds and try to work around those as much as possible. Compared to the benefits you get from runes, which will adapat to the build path you choose, the stat changes we are making to champions are pretty minor.
: I can't wait to take this on Quinn with Mobility Boots rush. disappear from enemy vision for 2 seconds. They think "I'm gonna ping mia". Too late kid, I'm already ganking bot.
Skip mid, bot worth more gold....... As ADC I cry T_T
Bârd (NA)
: 60-140 **per level** http://blog.draperinc.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Thinking_Face_Emoji.png
Yeahhh thats based on level. Good catch.
Ralanr (NA)
: So for magical footwear, does this mean we get a free Tabi's or treads of our choosing at ten minutes or is it a whole other thing?
You get a free pair of Boots of Speed with an extra benefit on them, you have to upgrade them yourself but they keep the extra movement speed.
Sinlaire (NA)
: is magical footwear going to be looked into as a oppressive strategy for certain rabbits {{champion:92}} that like to abuse other forms of mobility? this could be a no downside rune for her as in many cases you really dont even need boots for the first 10 anyways and many would argue another 10 MS on her would just be even more oppressive.
The tradeoff in many of these cases is opportunity cost. Magical Footwear is strong but it is also delayed.
Zok72 (NA)
: I am a huge fan of the way adaptive works for off-builds, allowing the AP Ezreals and AD Kennen's of the world to take runes aimed at their playstyle and not just have random excess power from the other build's stats. If you guys can answer this, when are we likely to see a whole rune tree or even a mockup so we'll have a slightly better sense of how the system will work once finalized?
We will be continuing to reveal things gradually, but we can start mentioning what Path a rune is in when we discuss them. Would that help? All the paths have elements in rapid iteration.
: Will there be anything for people who rely on attack speed to jungle? (or rely on attack speed in general)
Currently we are exploring a version of Hunter's Machete with 15% AS vs Monsters on it. It is best if Runes Reforged doesn't let you optimize early clear speed because that rapidly compresses to a single viable build for jungling so we are looking at other ways than pregame to influence the jungle.
: Let's say i take Perfectionist as Kennen. I start game with Dorans blade, so it gives me AD? Then, after my first buy, i grab Hextech revolver, do i now get AP instead?
Yes, that's exactly how it would work. That's kind of the "advanced" use of it since very few champions build a different stat early than their main build.
: Shouldn't the Keystone Berserk (and other keystones) be weaker early game so early level trades aren't broke? Otherwise you might need to raise some base defensive stats for all champions. Also, can the CDR on Nashor's Tooth not be a unique passive?
We will be looking at that. Right now it is naturally weaker due to generally shorter combat times. Berserk is stronger in 15+ second teamfights than in shorter lane trades.
: Ok, I'm a bit slow, so can you clear this up for me. Does this replace both the runes and mastery system we have now with one single system?
Yes, runes reforged replaces both runes and masteries
: For Overcharger, does "excess" mean CDR past 10% or CDR past the cap of 40%. If it's the former, that would mean that at level 10, morellos would give an extra 40 ap which seems too good to be true. Also curious to know if Berserk will have a cooldown or not. Either way, these are pretty exciting details. I'm looking forward to seeing more.
CDR beyond the cap gets converted, so 40% or 45%
: @RiotWrekz
Vayne's W passive triggers when she hits people with arrows. Unbreakable still has Braum get hit with an arrow. He blocks it, and hes tough, but hes still getting hit with the arrow. While it doesn't seem like the most favorable interaction with Braum it is true to what is happening in both their abilities. Vayne could be too strong right now, but there are more direct ways we could look at that.
: Hey I have a few questions myself First. Will there, maybe in a future update if not now, be Keybinds for who on her enemy team she marks? Second. What makes this champion Pick/Ban worthy over other champions? It seems she is fairly weak early game and that she becomes pretty useless pretty fast if she/her team isn't ahead. Third. Do you expect any sort of need to Buff/Rework parts of her skill set to come up within the next few patches? Last. Did the people behind A Good Death get their Inspiration from Patrick Rothfuss' "Name of the Wind" book? The scene with the murdered traveling troop was almost exactly like the beginning of Kvothe's story
1) We do not intend on providing keybinds for the selection UI. The reason is that it is only intended to be used out of combat. Keyboard shortcuts are great for really quick accessing things, but in general that is not what the Lamb section of the passive expects you to do. Not providing keybinds helps makes it more clearly an out-of-combat objective setting thing. We don't want it to be confused with a spell or something of that nature. 2) Lamb's Respite is an exceptionally powerful skill. On top of that, I don't believe their early game is actually weak and as people get a better understanding of how to capitalize on early jungle camps they will continue to be powerful. Moving the discussion away from power though Kindred is intended to enable you to run new team comps (double AD while still having a standard mid, dual fighter bot maybe). Kindred is also a new type of carry jungler that benefits heavily from a strong marksman skillset. 3) We will evaluate balance after they release.
: Which other positions do you envisage Kindred being used, outside of the jungle, and will this inspire Riot to create more ranged junglers?
It would be awesome to see more ranged junglers. It doesn't make sense that only melees can jungle as a hard rule. That doesn't mean we are working on it in the near future, but it would certainly be interesting to continue exploring that space. Regarding roles, I look forward to seeing how people experiment with them. I believe they will be a primary jungler, but I am interested in seeing how they get played in other lanes.
: Does each of the projectiles from kindreds q proc on hit effects (im especially curious about {{item:3085}} ) would it mean that there would be 9 projectiles or would it not work at all?
Kindred's Q does not apply on-hits.
Rizesun (NA)
: What were your reasons behind giving a marksman a non-damaging ult? It seems odd to have a damage dealing carry, and then give them an ult that doesn't exactly help them carry. Not that i dislike the ult, but I love the champ design and can't wait to play them!
Glad to hear you like the champion! The reason Kindred have a utility ultimate (and this is something that we will be doing more in the future for carry classes) is so that they bring something unique to the team beyond damage ability x4. The result of this is that in games when you are not doing well your team can still depend on you to bring some benefit. This is particularly important as Kindred are snowbally and comparatively more likely to be snowballed against than champions that are able to farm safely in a lane, this makes having a good fallback pattern (deal some safe damage, use your ult to keep fed people alive, try to pick up hunts off assists) even more important to avoid feeling like you are really useless in some of your games.
: Can wolf proc on hit effects such as life steal or spell vamp?
Wolf does not proc on-hit affects. Wolf does apply 40% of the damage from Mark of the Kindred, and does apply spell-vamp (but spell-vamp is not an on-hit)
bigTmo (NA)
: i have 4 questions :)!!...sorry that's a lot.... So kindred music is amazing every single note that plays really tell kindred's story. i have always loved leagues music so i was wondering. Has league ever thought about holding a orchestra for league of legends music? (please take my money) (*___*)-~ My next question: Theres also been a lot of controversy on how kindred was made. Apparently before kindred was a really announced someone posted a similar picture of kindred pretty much presenting the same theme of yin and yang and gave out that idea for a champion.Some people are are stating that you stole the idea , as a artist i know league would never commit plagiarism. So could you please tell the world that you didn't steal the idea and maybe clear a few things up about that? lol Last Two! About how long did it take to finish kindred's art for the log in screen? Do you think you could release a speed paint of it? i think it would be cool to see along with other champions as well.
Sorry I can't answer your questions related to splash or music, those aren't my fields. The section of your post I can answer is regarding the fan concept Dha Ma. While that is a great concept and very cool, it was not a source of inspiration for Kindred. We had started working on Kindred long before that concept surfaced. Iniquitee made a longer post in that thread if you search for it. Thanks!
Rrryan (NA)
: Does Kindred prefer creamy, or crunchy peanut butter?
Lamb likes creamy, Wolf prefers crunchy. An eternal conflict.
: 1) where did you guys get the idea/concept on to making this champion ? 2) what made you guys make a adc/jg? 3) Why cant her ult heal allies and damage foes? 4) Can kindred support?
1) I was working on a kit with a passive very similar to this and we were working to create an awesome concept to match it. Lamb and Wolf was one concept that emerged during this phase and felt like it could become a really awesome champion. 2) We were working on the kit and it had a passive that was built around the idea of picking a target and finding a way to kill them for a reward. That passive ended up seeming really cool, but being boring in the bot lane position because you only really had two options and it felt like a coin flip at best. Junglers have a ton more access to roaming around and picking who they want to try and kill. It seemed like this would be a great combination with the kit and that it would give us a chance to make a really unique champion who plays very differently. 3) The ultimate is exceptionally powerful and is balanceable because the benefit it gives can also be shared by enemies assuming they are willing to come inside the zone. If the ultimate healed allies and damaged enemies it would be a trap for them to enter the zone, and you would essentially free win every fight. 4) I don't believe so
: > [{quoted}](name=ICanChoUTheWorld,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=H8socwE1,comment-id=0023,timestamp=2015-09-29T18:16:06.339+0000) > > What made you choose a lamb and a wolf for Kindred's two spirits? Why not other animals, like a fox, hare or bear? I'm gonna guess it has a lot to do with the common connections cultures make between the two animals. Wolves and sheep are very strongly tied as farmers who had sheep would constantly have wolves killing their stock. Not to mention, there's stories such as the Boy Who Cried Wolf or sayings such as "A wolf in sheep's wool." A very ying yang comparison.
We were looking for contrast between the two of them and felt that the contrast was most present with Lamb and Wolf as they are such polar opposites. It also let us play with their personalities (flipping the masks) more to challenge the expectations of what a Lamb or Wolf would normally be in that pairing.
Xytrel72 (NA)
: alright, so i know it's normal to have a champion release about 2 or 3 weeks after they appear on pbe, and it has been about a week, are they going to be released with 5.19 after words, or are they going to be released during worlds, but be banned in competition for worlds, like as a 7th ban, but not optional. like you guys put a little lock on them. if its going to be after worlds, then id like my pbe account now. Jk but really, that seems like a long time. why not do the announcement later say about now and released on pbe in a week or 2.
> [{quoted}](name=Xytrel72,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=H8socwE1,comment-id=003a,timestamp=2015-09-29T18:19:38.959+0000) > > alright, so i know it's normal to have a champion release about 2 or 3 weeks after they appear on pbe, and it has been about a week, are they going to be released with 5.19 after words, or are they going to be released during worlds, but be banned in competition for worlds, like as a 7th ban, but not optional. like you guys put a little lock on them. if its going to be after worlds, then id like my pbe account now. Jk but really, that seems like a long time. why not do the announcement later say about now and released on pbe in a week or 2. All of worlds is being played on the 5.18 patch, Kindred will be released next week (turned on during the 5.19 patch) but they will not be playable in competitive for some time.
: How will Kindred be played on the ARAM map? Are you cutting out the Wolf Mark completely or replacing it with some other function? Will she be available for selection in an ARAM match?
> [{quoted}](name=Temperamental,realm=EUW,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=H8socwE1,comment-id=001e,timestamp=2015-09-29T18:14:25.554+0000) > > How will Kindred be played on the ARAM map? Are you cutting out the Wolf Mark completely or replacing it with some other function? Will she be available for selection in an ARAM match? They will be available. Wolf's section of the passive will not be replaced with another feature. That said, I believe they will be quite strong on ARAM because Lamb's section of the passive will not be difficult to acquire stacks from in such a bloody environment.
: In the production process, how did Kindred's ult change? Was their ult always an ability that saves other champions?
> [{quoted}](name=Scarecrobot,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=H8socwE1,comment-id=001c,timestamp=2015-09-29T18:14:22.731+0000) > > In the production process, how did Kindred's ult change? Was their ult always an ability that saves other champions? Yes, it was always an ability that stopping others from dying. It started really huge and got smaller over time. It was semi-global at first but we wanted to shrink it to concentrate the big climactic finish when it expires.
Pykel (NA)
: Im going to ask the real and only important question... will there be a patch tomorrow? and if so will kindred be in that patch? or will we have to wait 4ever? :(
> [{quoted}](name=God Squad Mike,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=H8socwE1,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-09-29T18:09:55.269+0000) > > Im going to ask the real and only important question... will there be a patch tomorrow? and if so will kindred be in that patch? or will we have to wait 4ever? :( Kindred will be in that patch but will not be turned on initially. They will be enabled later during the patch.
: What are some skill removals / major changes that happened during Kindred's development?
> [{quoted}](name=Xerphy,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=H8socwE1,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-09-29T18:09:38.354+0000) > > What are some skill removals / major changes that happened during Kindred's development? The first iteration of the ultimate the ring was semi-global. It would affect everyone anywhere near a teamfight. Over time it shrunk down to isolate the good gameplay.
: Community PBE Spotlight - RedMercy Tests Jungle Kindred
This video is really hype. Its awesome how quickly everyone is picking them up.
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