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: JUDGMENTof both players for STEALING lane on ranked game 2018
: Unfair Bullshit Ban
Quick question. I'm looking at the kill map and the timeline of your last game. Did the "team" agreed that only you run it down? Because it seems like you were the only one running it down that game. Ekko has 116 cs in a 17 minutes game building normal items with no shoes. Lux and Urgot in bot lane have 108 cs total between them. Not sure why they agree to run it down but trying to cs like normal instead of you know, NOT kill the enemy minions to allow them to kill turret faster. It looks to me like you decided to int on your own to kill the game faster while your other 3 teammates didn't agree to end the game fast. Also, since this is ranked and you are on NA. You do know everyone of us who is in NA server can watch replay of this game right?
: Not every support kill is a ks
There is no such thing as "kill steal". I one-trick Annie support and secure any kills I can. I don't quite experience any kind of toxic flame from my adc or the team. Sometimes they complained, but never outright flamed. Maybe you are just having that one special bad game?
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: Annie has always been a burst mage, and sometimes kill steals can't be avoided if they help secure the kill. I will say that it is a bit unusual to see a Support Annie with that kind of score line, but I would just recommend as a support to try to not hog all of the kills if you can avoid doing it. Annie will get naturally bursty as she gets more items, so letting your carry get the kills whenever possible will usually be more beneficial in the long run. EDIT: I took a quick look through your match history and not only do none of them have that scoreline, but the last Annie game you played on this account was back on 6/23/2017, in which you went 7/10/17, so either you played this game on a smurf account or there's more to the story that you're not telling us here.
Unusual you say? I play nearly 100% Annie support this season. I secured and took kills left and right and never once had any adc go toxic on me. Sometimes they whined about it, but I don't experience toxic level of flame when I took many, many kills. Feel free to look lol.


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