: Legacy Client Officially Retires April 24
TLDR Move on and think about the bigger picture. Quite honestly, I'm glad they're updating the client for a a lot of reasons. For y'all that are complaining: _1) "Old client does the same thing. Why switch?"_ For us, yes, it does the exact same goddamn thing. For the devs? It's like replacing the old painted billboards with electronic ones. Judging from the tech used, the new client should be a lot easier to update, maintain, and streamline. When devs spend less time worrying about the small stuff, they can work on the bigger demands much faster. _2) "Riot is a heartless item set killer."_ From a logical standpoint, getting rid of the item sets makes sense. Only a small part of the community ever used it, there were TONS of obsolete items, the UI wasn't the most user friendly, etc. With THAT out of the way, I'm also glad that they're reconsidering it and are open to the community about it. Note that they didn't shoot it down completely, and although it may take them another few ~~years~~ months, they'll most likely do it if the demand and benefits are high enough. _3) "Client is laggy." _ Go get a couple more gigs of RAM or a better computer, and optimize your settings. With enough dedication, you can easily make a gaming mini-beast for around 300-400 USD, and RAM is cheap as hell these days. Even then, relatively speaking you really don't need much to run LoL. Still too costly? Well then, I'm sorry for y'all that can't afford it. With tech on the rise at this rate, you're gonna need to save up and invest some in order to keep up with the games that are coming out. _4) "Why ship it out when it's still 'unfinished'?"_ EVERY NEW SOFTWARE THAT COMES OUT IS UNFINISHED. Why do games, software, and your pet cat need constant updates and supplements? Cuz they're all growing constantly and fixing bugs (til they get outdated). Programming is surprisingly close to writing a legal document; one wrong character, word, sentence structure, and phrasing could mean complaints and exploits everywhere. You'd also be amazed at how many mistakes are in some of the most popular software out there right now. So when is it "finished"? When it's runnable, most bugs are squashed, and there's been extensive tests done on users. There's probably a better description (google it), but that's how it is.
: Why I gave up on support and switched to carry
Playing support is like being a waiter with s------- tips. Head Chef making really bad food? Can't do much. Customers complain about some random s------? Compensate, mitigate, but can't do much. Management not efficient? Best choice then, is to quit.
: Project Ashe is a P2W Skin
It's not just the particles: the sound effects are too similar as well.
: How to fix current Yasuo (6000+ Yasuo games Diamond 2)
What do you think about lowering the duration of wind wall? I actually don't mind yasuo except for his absurdly long wind wall. Braum takes a lil damage and can get cc'd through shield, Fio has a .75 second spell mitigation and immobility... etc. Yas has a wall that lasts 3.75 seconds that can block everything from one direction including ults. TLDR Is yasuo's 3.75 second wind wall justified enough to be kept in your opinion? or should it be shortened to around 2 seconds ish?
: Pra'Vus - The Vile Corruptor [void support champion concept]
Holy crap man, that's tons of effort into the voice lines o.o Not a bad concept, since we really don't have any true "corruptor" champions. He'd definitely be a lane bully with the minion mechanics, and feels like a cross between Trundle and Malzahar; a lot of stat checking and spreading splurge. The concept of corrupting the entire team with Corruptor Cores is also pretty interesting, since it acts like more of a global support that's not Soraka. It would be great on a team with a lot of autos for raw damage, and would synergize with Kog'Maw really, really well (32 True Damage x 5.00 Attack Speed x 6 seconds = 960 TRUE DAMAGE FROM THE PASSIVE ALONE assuming he got a kill prior). Sadly, Tahm patented the devouring mechanic x.x On an honest note, I can't see him as a support. Sure, Alistar can heal minions, but enough to control the wave slightly. I'd feel like it'll be difficult to control the wave with this guy around due to his more minion-centric playstyle. To maximize his potential, it'll involve infecting as many minions as possible, which would also involve tons of pushing and risky all-ins. The other option would be to treat him like Braum or Soraka, defensive support or healer, at which point either would be better choices. I can see him as Top/Split Pusher, but not as a support. Background: I play ADC frequently, and have this pet peeve where I'd get pissed when my support messes with my minion control. I've learned to work around it since some people never listen to "plz don't attack the minions", but it's still frustrating.
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Yenn (NA)
: This is really sad. Can a Rioter explain what is being done about these players?
Check their match history and elo history on some third party sites, might be boosted or hacked account.
: Your top 3 mastery champions create one super-champion...
{{champion:17}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:28}} Passive: Deal more damage if hitting enemy from behind. Invisible until noticed by enemy champion. Global Satanic laughter. Q: A point and click linear aoe blind that slows the enemy. Cooldown: 1.5 seconds. W: Set down an invisible jack-in-the box that fears enemy around it upon activation. Gives the user a burst of movement speed upon laying box. Movespeed burst is activated once the box is activated. E: Passive: Do bonus damage-over-time with every basic attack Active: Blink a short distance and become invisible. Your next attack during stealth hits twice and both attacks are guaranteed to crit. Gain bonus attack speed. R: Throws a shroom that becomes invisible upon landing. Upon being stepped on, it slows the enemy and gives a charge of Salt Shield per champion affected. Throwing another shroom will consume the Salt Shield charges, granting a shield that resists slows and absorbs damage for 5 seconds. Throwing a shroom on a shroom will cause the second shroom to bounce off. Up to 3 shrooms may be stored. Generate a double every 6 shrooms that takes 150% more damage. The double will gain the same stat buffs as the original. Upon death, the double explodes, granting a Salt Shield charge for every enemy hit. Playstyle: Lay traps. Run and blind em to death. Assassinate. Be annoying as f**k. Not my top 3, but someone had to do it.
: The one thing I hate to see as a Support
The one thing I hate to see as an ADC is... the exact same thing. Something in my soul rots when I see a support back with 3 wards in their pocket. ... and when I check out match results after the game, I consistently ward more than my support. All Heil low elo.
: Pick Intent being shown to enemy team when it's your turn to pick feels not right
Simple solution: Pick your troll, masking pick at the beginning, in pick intent, e.g. Teemo adc. Tell your team that you're actually gonna go Miss Fortune in chat. Communication is key here. Once your turn to pick, do the switching-at-last-second (whatever-feels-remotely-creative) shenanigans. Choose Teemo anyway.
: Love your support: Thresh and Tristana
TFW both of your main bot lane characters look ridiculously photogenic. If only I could support and adc at the same time...
: Cla...
I had this yesterday, and it's fixed today. Might just be a sizing error.
Sojs (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=WykiLoki,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=eKXYd8oE,comment-id=002c,timestamp=2016-01-15T22:29:48.818+0000) > > **I have a friend in Masters and he apparently played against the full roster of CLG. They won... hell no obviously lost :P** > > At lower elos, the skill levels (or the lack thereof) can somewhat compensate for the 5v1+1+3 or etc. Once it gets to a higher elo where there's less players and skill becomes around even, every little advantage would matter. There needs to be a rule to make sure that this elo's still climbable without being ganged up by pre-made 5s. > > Potential changes would be staggering lp gain based on number of people (30% less with premade 5, 20% at premade 4, etc.). Another would be to prevent pre-made 5s at higher elos and limit them as the tier goes up (diamond gets up to 4, masters 3, challenger 2). > > Note, these are ideas that I just pulled out of my ass. > > Honestly , smurfing and boosting would probably dominate the lower elos at this rate, while higher up, it'll become a question of **who has better communication and synergy, rather than individual strength.** Only time will tell at this point. > > My opinion though: it looks like a disaster, smells like a disaster, and feels like a disaster. It's probably a disaster, but I could care less living the silver life. It's not a bad thing being stomped by pro teams you get to look at the exact point it snowballed from and realize that is one area you're weak so it helps you improve It should be about who has better communication and synergy individual skill is a complete joke and shouldn't be the deciding factor in a 5v5 RTS game
Eh, true. I mean, I prefer teamplay too and value it over constantly trying to show superiority via 1v5 every single chance you get -cough- toxicyasuo -cough-. Putting that snippet aside, I agree with the synergy part as well as the communication. My fear is that the new pentaq would make it harder for solo people to climb (than god riot's changing it so that they match 5s with 5s etc more). There's a way to climb with your teammates, and a way to climb solo; the style and increased opportunities are too different. Also, although going up against extremely good opponents who play league all day together is a good learning experience, it shouldn't be the common experience. It's not just CLG that can do this. Think random groups of challenger "friends", smurfs in high diamond and masters, boosters and smurfs at lower elos. I'm probably over exaggerating, but with patience, master-challenger players and their smurfs can easily dominate their tiers if they only did premade 5s. Going up against a pre-made 5 smurf squad in lower elo's just make it frustrating (not that it wasn't in the first place, just an extra added factor now). Again, only time will tell. Might just be screaming out "THERE'S A FIRE!" when there's only a match. Won't stop me from trying to predict stuffs ._.
: Reasons why I think the Dynamic Queue isn't the best
I have a friend in Masters and he apparently played against the full roster of CLG. They won... hell no obviously lost :P At lower elos, the skill levels (or the lack thereof) can somewhat compensate for the 5v1+1+3 or etc. Once it gets to a higher elo where there's less players and skill becomes around even, every little advantage would matter. There needs to be a rule to make sure that this elo's still climbable without being ganged up by pre-made 5s. Potential changes would be staggering lp gain based on number of people (30% less with premade 5, 20% at premade 4, etc.). Another would be to prevent pre-made 5s at higher elos and limit them as the tier goes up (diamond gets up to 4, masters 3, challenger 2). Note, these are ideas that I just pulled out of my ass. Honestly , smurfing and boosting would probably dominate the lower elos at this rate, while higher up, it'll become a question of who has better communication and synergy, rather than individual strength. Only time will tell at this point. My opinion though: it looks like a disaster, smells like a disaster, and feels like a disaster. It's probably a disaster, but I could care less living the silver life.
Kikirino (NA)
: I get it, you deal a lot of damage... but can you stop trying to 1v5?
Forgot yasuo. Dude can 1v3 and makes a great split pusher sometimes, but doesn't know how to count.
: Suggest one small change to a champion that'd make them quite overpowered.
Due to seeing these too many of these beauties expiring before use, we decided to increase Teemo's shroom hitbox by 300 units. This should give it a more strategic niche in blocking every path in the jungle.
: How do we improve new player experience?
For me, I started off bot lane and intuitively got the ad/ap scaling things by looking up random guides online (was lucky cuz I played tristana, who could go both ap and ad back then). I started understanding the csing meta-mechanic by learning supp (since nobody wanted that position) as well as warding. I'd love it if they had tutorials on build path, supporting, and maybe one on clearing jungle; they never, ever mention what a "gank" is in any of the tutorials, and I had to google it to understand it. With that said, they do have a section on csing in the basic tutorial on the abyss. However, it's clearly not emphasized enough. Warding could also be taught on the first battle on the rift, but there's really no need there with the AI being what it is.
Krizalid (EUW)
: Holy shit, japanese Taric is even more fabulous than the english one
Translation of the quote right after orgasm: "Th-These diamond necklaces at this price....?! and I can't believe that they come with these matching ear pierces too~ <3" Like, srslywtfh?
: State of the Season: Preseason Progress
State of the Season: Urgutted.
: When you have less than 5% health left, and you see an exclamaiton point appear above you
When you smite raptors there's an enemy ward detected. And there's a rengar on the other team. On a side note, I wish the exclamation point/indicators were less similar ._.
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: What's the most toxic way to play Varus?
Go ap, auto -> auto -> ult -> q/w. The %hp damage with void staff destroys opponents late game, especially with the changes to his ult which now adds blight. Early game might be a bit of a problem though.
Pyro (EUNE)
: Icon Color Coding Nitpicks
For the sake of coherency, I agree with most of the color changes. The only one I'm a bit iffy about is the red trinket one. There's no reason NOT to upgrade it once you hit level 9, unless you love walking away after sweeping without destroying the ward... and let teammates get extra gold from destroying ward... which is like, friggin pointless. I'd even argue that it takes away from the coherency/unique identity since adding a purple trinket just to differentiate from the un-upped red makes it confusing. ... this is assuming people upgrade their reds, or even get it in the first place. #bronzelife
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: Increased ping since preseason
Ping spikes going from 60 to 300 seen on my league :'D
: Please Stop Complaining About Riot Games People. Please.
As much as I'd hate getting on the hate train... riot compromised the stability of the entire game ecosystem. It may be appealing to the newer playerbase, but for the older people who stuck around, it's an experimental nightmare for the majority. And you know something's wrong when 90% of the posts are compaining about something in this patch. Yeah, I know there's a typo in 'complaining', but it fit so well that I just kept it in there :P Whether this is growing pains or wounds is yet to be determined.
: Please.... for the love of god... bring back stealth wards in the shop.
At the very least, unnerf the ward trinkets. Ideally (idk, maybe plat+?), everyone wards, but even then, there's gonna be limited coverage. If the lack of vision is supposed to be something 'strategic', the vision game just got upped to the point of deterring new people from using wards in the first place. Why bother when the charges are so long?
: Yeah, this has been suggested 100s of times and I've never even seen Riot hint at ever implementing it. It seems to me they would have mentioned something before now if it was on their to do list. Fact is they have a lot more things to work on. Like fixing 5.22 and what not. In the hopes that they will someday I will continue to up vote every single one of these threads I find.
May our efforts not be in vain... vayne... whatevs. I do realize that the timing is probably one of the worst. Rito's at war and we're like asking for better looking uniforms or something. Hope is hope though...
Drugoth (NA)
: Although i agree with your idea 100% i'm ashamed to tell you, you are not the first to post this suggestion on the boards. IIRC Riot hasn't posted once on one of these suggestions so i wouldn't get my hopes up. Sorry, man. :(
Considering how much importance they're putting on the vision game, I'm surprised that it isn't available. I don't wanna call RIP on this yet. In respect to this, another pro to ward pings: indirectly advertise the importance of warding to people. Instill the fear of being seen. Understand strategy even just a bit more. *coughwardmorepplCOUGH*
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: Patch 5.22 notes
Mana regen buffs... I never thought I'd make a post like this... but where's my orianna? {{item:3070}}
: How to end a game with style
When our troll pure-movespeed nida who trolled around in enemy base half the game wins it for us by pulling off the xpeke.
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Tworie (NA)
: Will there ever be official Linux support?
I had it working on lubuntu, ubuntu, and xubuntu (just desktop differences for xubuntu). There's nothing wrong with the patcher getting stuck, it's a common problem with windows too. At around 80% usually, the patcher goes through a check of a sort (just what I heard lol) and pauses the downloading to 0mbps. This could take forever; I just leave mine to do the work overnight. After a while, the download should start up again and finish. I personally use PlayOnLinux to play league, so the next few paragraphs will be based on my experience from there. Following most of the steps on this site http://sysads.co.uk/2014/06/install-league-legends-ubuntu-14-04/ helped me to successfully install and play LoL about 95% of the time, barring the first few times since I had no idea what I was doing. You won't have to do the texture patching in the last few steps on most versions of ubuntu (from my experience anyway), and can play perfectly with only a few minor, aesthetic problems in your launcher and store. Some of the hands-on solutions posted for windows "should" work on linux. For example, going to C:/Riot Games/League of Legends/RADS/ and deleting lol_launcher worked for me (basic idea: delete faulty launcher and have it reinstalled automatically). Just go to your home folder, look for '.PlayOnLinux' or PlayOnLinux virtual drives and navigate/delete from there. Good luck, I'm trying to install it now on Kubuntu at the moment.
: Unique Lag Problem
it used to be ok on ARAM for me too. Now, teh lag infected it, and I'm getting this weird lag every 3-5 minutes .-. Just speculation, but it might be because of the pool-party server overload. Happens a lot in the MMORPG world when there's events involving tons of people.
: NA East server Lag?
I live in Indy, and using Comcast/xfinity. I've had perfect internet, no lag issues, and no league issues until about 4 days ago? Right now, I get sporadic "reconnecting" spikes where i can see stuff going on in-game but I can't control my character. Definitely not my side, since I tried out Dota2 with no lag whatsoever. Riot plz fix or at least look into it ;-;
Phreak (NA)
: What's your League of Legends Origin Story?
When I heard that most of my friends played it and I was the only one not...
Kuroi86 (NA)
: Gimmick build, what's your favorite!
Tankmo, annoying and unkillable.
VVolfi (EUW)
: Correct me if I'm coming to false conclusions somewhere. The main purpose of using attack-move is to prevent yourself from accidentally walking towards your opponent, even if it means attacking a minion instead. I think this concept needs to stay intact. - Assuming 100% mouse accuracy. The change does absolutely nothing. Good, our main purpose of attack-move is untouched. - Assuming a certain inaccuracy the following could happen. Let's say we have champions A,B,C. A has 550 units attack range. The constellation is A---550units---B---50units---C. A wants to attack B and uses the new attack-move on B, but misses by >25units towards C. The new attack-move would make move A towards B and C. Not good. > You will only walk forward a maximum of 50 units (this is almost nothing in league) I disagree on Vesh's statement about the impact of 50 units. For example, even small range changes (e.g. 550units -> 525units) had a big impact on a marksman's performance. Yes, I am kind of comparing apples to oranges (couldn't think of a better example right now), but I stick to my point. 50 units must not be underestimated. In the end I really like the concept of improving attack-move's "accuracy" by introducing a tolerance, but I don't think the "walk forward" mechanic is a good idea.
>but I don't think the "walk forward" mechanic is a good idea. Attack move without movement... sounds great actually... No seriously, our intent is to "attack from afar", not "go forward extra 30 units to attack". If the enemy chooses to step back a bit (which happens quite often): With attack move, you'll move forward slightly, which leads to positioning errors. I may be over-exaggerating, but right-clicking would pretty much yield the same result, with lesser degree of accuracy, but still pretty much the equal.
Vesh (NA)
: Experimental attack-move change going to PBE
I recently disabled attack move from my Left Mouse Button because 1) I attacked minions and enemies closest, not optimal, to me and 2) I could get by with right-click apm "highs". With this experimental A-Move, it could potentially solve it, but honestly, in terms of precision, I'd still prefer the RMB over attack moving. Though, as a random (sleepy) thought, what would be nice is a "Lock-On" feature, where you can lock-on to a target of choice and run without your mouse jumping everywhere. Compare: #1) Lock-on to an enemy, Run, pause to attack the target, run, pause-attack, repeat. vs #2) Run, click enemy (or near enemy in terms of attack-moving), run, click enemy, repeat. Mouse movement in #1, I would think, is a lot more clean and less prone to error than #2. Just past midnight here... dunno what I'm thinking.
: What champ should i play?
Just choose a champ that grabs at your gut feeling. I saw Tristana, and I was like, "she's the one", loved her character design from the get-go. I support a lot, so I got Thresh and Janna. Love getting people kills, it's weird. I also love poking. Found that out after I started playing Nidalee in ARAM, and Ziggs in the Free Rotation (Got em both lol). Which set me on the path to mid. Orianna fit the role perfectly for Supporting and Poking... Shockwave so useful Late-Game and does constant damage if built right. Just try the stuffs you like. I like almost all the champions I normally play, I tend to prefer yordles (cute n dangerous) , "elegance" (i guess?) with Orianna, and well-themed champs (Nidalee). One other thing to note: Pros finish fast as hell relatively. Late-game dominance usually means sacrificing early-game, sometimes to the point of fast losses. Just a thought. For ADC suggestions: Vayne - Vayne gets bullied a lot early game, but carries HARD late. Skill cap is high, tons of kill potential. Tank shredder, great chaser. Very all-in though. Corki - Bit less Late-game dominance, but spikes mid-game. Tristana - Nice n Simple, abysmal mid-game though. I rush Avarice Blade > Statikk Shiv on her to cover up for it somewhat. Lots of kill potential, great disengage, reset on "w" allows for dive-in>dive-out finishes. ... I feel like I'm just spitting out the top-tier ones lol :P
: I don't know which role should I play
Haha, I feel you. I just got to ranked, but honestly, try out tons of champions, see which ones you're in love with. If it can do multiple roles, go try it out in normals. My fall-back character (and fave) is Tristana, and I learned how to mid with AP Trist, though it got nerfed now with high cd's. Otherwise, I started out Nidalee Mid (spears OP), and moved on to Tanky Top Nidalee later. Only thing I can't do atm is jungling... fk jungling x.x... You kinda get the point though. As for being able to play more characters... I'd say stick to the ones you love. I'll be honest, I can't relate to the playstyles of 90% ish of all the champions, but the 10% I can play and the 5% that I absolutely love... I can and will make effort to get better at, even in odd roles.
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Cynikul (NA)
: Just won my first 2 VS 5
Upvoted. League's about strategically turning advantages, not curb-stomping enemies.
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play


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