: @riot socrates hows it feel to let millions of people down on a constant basis? hows it feel when u realize ur plan failed? hows it feels when even the pro's and everyone below them agree this is a trash system besides the ones being boosted? hows it feel to ruin one of the most popular games in the world? last but not least, how does it feel to just be a (insert bad terms here)? seriously, if you're so delusional that u take the benefits of new champ select and try to claim its bc of DQ. while also ignoring the facts that everything else got worse (from matchmaking quality, que time, etc)? like holy chet man, i want w/e ur smoking.... seriously tho, you need to be fired and if u dont know why, you need professional assistance also everyone takes an L sometimes, but its people like you who cant own up to em, say sorry then repeat the same thing over and over.... good PR btw....this is better PR than last time or the times b4 when you constantly say "we suck at communicating our bad we will get better".....so next time u lie about it, then ignore it for months then come in and say welp sorry we suck and we'll do better next time? next time has come and gone, time for you to leave honestly and take meddler/ghostcrawler with you plz -signed most people... BTW NICE thumb counts on your roundtable video....3-1 majority with simple upvote/downvotes and not biased surveys with choices like "do you like dynamic que?" "do you like grouping with friends?" that obv means people prefer to get rid of the game theyve played for half a decade for this new system thats been out for a day....oh there wasnt a this is total shet option and will ruin the game? dam we coulda saw this coming if only we put a choice that DIDNT AGREE with dynamic que.....or surveyed everyone.....and them statistics that NEVER get shown and constant apologizing for fking up.... at this point, any boss with a brain would have fired you and its sad you're still working at riot take a long break man, permanently
How does it feel that RiotSocrates is an employee and Riot is a company? At the end of the day he gets paid to do what he does right now.
: @Lyte why not make it 100% of the time as a solo player you CANNOT be with or against 4 man+ groups? I don't understand adding some absurd thing like a 95% chance to not run into them when you can just as easily make it 100% and cut away some annoyances people run into. It's not a giant deal, but I have played games where the enemy team was a 4-5 man in a normal game and our team wasn't and they'd do something like 4-5 man dives bot and top that are obviously coordinated beyond the level that normal solo players won't be able to handle. It does suck to play against because you effectively end up helpless. if you're say, that top laner being 4 man dived while your other 4 team-mates do their own thing because they're all queued up solo. Again, a rare situation, but I have had it happen. P.S, what is the % chance you get your primary role? 60% or is it dependant on the role you choose?
lmao Im sure you mained Karthus because you are not too bright
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: Hextech Crafting and Loot Q&A
Will this be unlocked for all levels or only at level 30?
: Looking to make a Silvers team, Bronze 1+ pref
IGN: dtoth10 Rank: Bronze 1 Best Positions: Top Best Champs: Gnar, Nasus, Cho, Garen, Jax, Lissandra, Rumble, Sion, Ryze, Yasuo, Wukong I have Skype, Curse, and Teamspeak 3. Note I have a lot of time this summer to play League and am looking for a serious team who is focused on winning but also looking to have a fun time with you guys. My brother also is diamond and teaches me so I am improving a lot. His name is Jenkz.

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